World Tournament Saga Episodes 195-204

All the Z fighters pass the qualifying rounds for the World Martial Arts Tournament. The tournament is about to begin with the Junior Division for those 15 years and younger. 35 youths will participate with the inner receiving a monetary reward and a lesson from Hercule.
Our heroes are amazing fighters. 8 years old Trunks wins over 15 year old Idasa in the 9th match. 7 years old Goten wins over 14 year old Ikose in the 16th bout. The final round will be Goten versus Trunks. As the battle progresses, they both turn Super Saiyan- something they had previously agreed not to do. The match is incredible with Trunks emerging as the winner.
But Hercule is worried. How can he possibly get in the ring to give a lesion with a fighter this strong? He saves face by appearing like he lets the young Trunks win on purpose.
Now what we all have been waiting forÖitís time for the adults to fight. The World Martial Arts Tournament begins! Krillin easily wins the first match. Next itís Piccolo against Mr. Shin (the Supreme Kai in disguise). Piccolo unexpectedly forfeits. Videl fights against Spopovitch but something strange is happening. He is fighting with power not his own. Videl loses the match.
As the match proceeds, Gohanís identity is revealed. He powers up to Super Saiyan levels (when he goes up against Kibito, Supreme Kaiís right hand man) to fight Spopovitch who steals Gohanís power and escapes with Yamu. The Z fighters race after him while the story of Bibidi, Babidi and Buu is revealed (and after Kibito heals Gohan and the three, Gohan, Kibito and Videl is following up behind the other fighters, Supreme Kai, Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and Krillin. Videl falls behind and heads back to run into Goten and Trunks and they rush out to see the ďwizardĒ).


195) The world tournament
196) Trunks vs. Goten
197) Best of the boy
198) Big trouble, little Trunks
199) Who will fight who?
200) Forfeit of Piccolo
201) A dark and secret power
202) Videl is crushed
203) Identities revealed
204) Energy drain

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