Trunks Saga Episodes 103-110

Unfortunately Frieza has survived the Planet Namek’s destruction. He is found floating in the debris of Namek by his father, King Cold. Frieza is reassembled by his father’s minions. Frieza is bent on revenge and eliminating all Saiyans. Because Saiyans are such powerful beings…they pose a great threat to him and his family…the strongest family on earth.
All of a sudden, the people on earth sense a strong evil power approaching. No, there are two strong powers approaching earth. Frieza and King Cold arrive. Earth appears to have no defense against such a team. In despair, earth ponder their fate.

From the future?

Suddenly a boy appears out of nowhere. The mysterious youth defeats all of King Cold’s henchmen with his sword. Vegeta, wonders where this Super Saiyan came from, and is jealous of his strength. Frieza throws a fireball at the youth that is ten times the size of the one that destroyed Namek. He catches and shatters the blast with little effort. To everyone’s amazement, both Frieza and King Cold are easily defeated by the teenager.
The mysterious stranger meets the gang from earth and says he’s going to wait for Goku. He invites everyone to come with him. Sure enough, Goku shows up after a small wait of only 2 hours.
The youth asks to talk to Goku alone. He introduces himself as Trunks. He is the only surviving warrior from a battle that is in the future. Even Gohan perishes in this war. Trunks has come for two reasons. He wants to warn Goku of the Androids that will arrive in three years, and gives Goku heart medicine for a heart condition that will take Goku’s life. Trunks explains that the Androids were created by Dr. Gero of the Red Ribbon Army. He also lets revealed that Vegeta and Bulma are his parents, but not to reveal this to them or he might not be born.
Trunks leaves and says that he will return in three years. The Z fighters start training in preparation and Teenage Trunks returns to his own time


103) Frieza’s counterattack
104) The mysterious youth
105) Another Super Saiyan?
106) Welcome back Goku
107) Mystery revealed
108) Goku’s special technique
109) Z Warriors prepare
110) Goku’s Ordeal

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