Perfect Cell Saga Episodes 138-150

Vegeta has the upper hand in the battle with Cell, but his pride will be his downfall. Cell throws down an irresistible challenge to Vegeta-allow Cell to absorb 18 and become complete and then fight Cell in the ultimate challenge. Despite Trunks' warnings, Vegeta, falls for it.
Android 18 should have been deactivated by then, but Krillin starting to fall in love with 18 and does not de-activate her. Instead she ends up being absorbed by Cell who becomes perfect!
Goku and Gohan continue to train. Vegeta picks up the challenge of fighting Perfect Cell only to be defeated. Trunks jumps in to give Krillin a change to rescue Vegeta. Trunks has amazing power-strength beyond the strength of Cell. But it takes more than strength to win a battle. He has traded speed for power and cannot catch his enemy. Cell defeats Trunks but gives our heroes another chance. Cell is going to host a World Martial Arts Tournament in 10 days where he will fight each of earth's warriors, including Goku.


138) Sacrifice
139) Saiyans emerge
140) Super Vegeta
141) Bow to the Prince
142) Hour of temptation
143) Krillin's decision
144) The last defense
145) Cell is complete
146) Vegeta must pay
147) Trunks ascends
148) Saving throw
149) Ghosts from tomorrow
150) The Cell games

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