The Ultimate Super Saiyan Guide
By Greg Werner

You asked for it, and now you’ve got it. One of the most debated topics on the internet and among friends is Super Saiyans. And because of this topic, friends have become enemies, brothers have turned against each other and girls have hated men for never having seen a female Super Saiyan. But to be sure the topic of Super Saiyan is indeed furiously debated. Hopefully this guide will provide all the information for you and you can reach your own conclusion. The opinions will be kept to a bare minimum but if any sneak in you will know all about it. All of the information you see here will be directly from the Japanese version, as even fans that watch American DBZ hold the facts from Japanese DBZ to be true.

A Super What that surpasses a super which now? –Babidi

Saiyan is the English translation of the Japanese word Saiya-jin (Psy-yah-jeen). The Japanese symbol for Jin literally means “person”. When used without a country’s name before it, it usually means person, but when added at the end of a country’s name, it creates a nationality. For example, in Japanese Americans are called America-jin or “America Person”. Thus being of the Saiya race, Saiyans is the American equivalent to a country. This poses grounds for an argument that the name of the country Saiyans come from is Saiya. However, there is no other evidence to support that. If you were to refer to the Saiyans prior to their takeover of the Tuffles (Tsufuru-jin), both they and the Tuffles would be known as Plant-jin. At that time, the name of the planet was Plant. The name of a planet followed by Jin creates an entire planet’s population name. Example: We are known as Earthlings. In Japanese we are known as “Chikyuu-jin” or “Earth People”. After the Saiyans successfully defeated the Tuffles, they renamed the planet Vegeta. At that moment, all people living on the planet became Vegeta-jin, or Vegetans perhaps. So, pulling it all together, when a character is a Super Saiya-jin they are literally a “Super Saiya Person”.

Legend of the Super Saiyan

This is where a great conflict between anime and manga exists. In the anime, Vegeta states that only 1 in every 1,000 Saiyans is born a Legendary Super-Saiyan. In the manga, Vegeta states that once every 1,000 years a Super-Saiyan is born. It’s not a difficult choice which once you need to trust. Believe the manga, when it comes to pure facts. So, does this mean that most of the Saiyans are just incredibly lucky? No, of course not. A myth is a myth. Myths and legends were made to entertain and explain certain inexplicable events. A huge plot difference exists in the anime that validates events in Dragonball GT, but destroys DBZ (you’ll see why anime and manga must be considered two separate stories).

Anime: when Vegeta talks about the Legendary Super Saiya-jin, we see a shadow of a great monkey. This is the Golden Monkey form seen in DBGT. This was the form of a Super Saiyan held by the Legendary Super Saiyan. This form of Super Saiya-jin can be attained two ways, by absorbing an enormous (far more than are given off by any moon, they must come from a planet), amount of Brute Waves, or by having a tail and meeting the standard requirements for Super Saiyan (more on those later). This said, the Legendary Super Saiyan was either a fake, and simply absorbed that astronomical amount of Brute Waves or he actually was born with the requirements for Super Saiyan.

Manga: no form of the Legendary Super Saiyan is seen. This is very difficult when combined with the anime. Does having a tail affect how a Super Saiyan looks at all? (Yes.) It was said that the golden hair, and emerald green eyes was merely the result of not having a tail when turning Super Saiyan. Can this be trusted? (Again Yes.)

So you want to be a Super Saiyan?

What do you need in order to become a golden haired emerald green-eyed Super Saiyan? Well essentially there are three main requirements that need to be met.

· A minimum power level of 300,000
· A quiet, pure and calm heart
· Extreme rage
· No tail

The power level, although not set as the exact minimum power level, is what Goku’s power level was when he was fighting Frieza without the Gravity Kaioken techniques. As such this is defined as the minimum power level. Like Freiza’s transformations, such is the Super Saiyan form. The body of the Saiyan can only hold so much power in it’s normal form, hence the upgrades to Super Saiyan physically changes the Saiyan’s body and allows them to possess a greater power. (This is true for each level of Super Saiyan as well.) Having a quiet, calm and pure heart is a simple task mainly because it doesn’t matter if you are pure good or pure evil, as exemplified by Vegeta. Extreme rage is a challenge actually. It can’t be flat out anger. One must do a bit of soul searching to find what truly makes them hate. For Vegeta, he had to redirect his anger to himself for being weak and not at Goku for being stronger. The no tail rule was briefly discussed before. In the anime its clear that having a tail results in the Golden Monkey. While never clearly defined in the manga.

Super Saiyan Forms

The actual super Saiyan forms, this will be divided into three different sections. Manga Super Saiyan Forms, anime Super Saiyan Forms and Movie Super Saiyan Forms.

Manga Super Saiyan Forms

These are forms of Super Saiyans that are described and exist only in the original manga.

Super Saiyan (1)

1st appearance:
Manga: Issue 317
Manga volume: 27 page 65
Japanese Episode: 95
Airdate: June 12, 1991
First Character seen in this form: Goku
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Gohan
· Vegeta
· Future Trunks
· Trunks
· Gotenks
· Vegitto (Vegeto)
· Broly (Movies only)

Goku reached the first stage of Super Saiyan in the Frieza saga after Frieza killed Krillin. That was the event that created the rage within Goku completing his requirements to become a Super Saiyan. This form of Super Saiyan is only slightly distinguishable from Super Saiyan 2 by the golden hair that usually exists in a few large tufts. In this form, a Saiyan’s battle potential is increased 50 times. This form allows a Saiyan to increase their fighting potential beyond the limits of their normal body structure. However, this form uses up energy and will drain the user of energy faster than if they fought as normal Saiyans.

Stage 2 Super Saiyan (Commonly Ultimate Super Saiyan)

First appearance:
Manga: issue 377
Manga volume: 32 page 60
Japanese episode: 155
Airdate: September 2, 1992
First characters seen in this form: Vegeta
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Future Trunks
· Vegeta

This form of Super Saiyan is somewhat in-between Super Saiyan and Super Saiyan 2. The user’s body mass increases, which causes their fighting potential to also increase, however, the ratio of muscle to the body is unbalanced. As such, a Saiyan in this form is slowed down somewhat and this form is not effective.

Stage 3 Super Saiyan (Commonly (True) Ultimate Super Saiyan 2)

First appearance:
Manga: issue 385
Manga volume: 32 page 175
Japanese episode: 162
Airdate: October 28, 1992
First character seen in this form: Future Trunks
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Future Trunks

This is a step beyond stage 2 Super Saiyan. This form boasts massively increased muscle, which, as expected, makes the Saiyan even stronger. However, the Saiyan’s speed is also massively decreased. This is an extremely ineffective form of Super Saiyan and is only used in a real battle by Future Trunks against Perfect Cell.

Super Saiyan 2 (Super Saiyan beyond Super Saiyan)

First appearance:
Manga: issue 408
Manga volume: 34 page 168
Japanese episode: 184 (previously attained but seen first here)
Airdate: May 12, 1993
First character seen in this form: Gohan
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Gohan
· Evil Prince (Majin) Vegeta
· Gotenks

First achieved by Gohan when fighting Perfect Cell. This form is very difficult to distinguish from Super Saiyan but not impossible. Super Saiyan’s hair tends to exist in multiple spiky tufts, as opposed to Super Saiyan’s few smoothed tufts. This is the first form of Super Saiyan reached after Super Saiyan (1) that is very useful. The user’s strength increases, but muscle mass doesn’t increase, thereby granting the user the same speed they would normally have and actually increasing it.

Super Saiyan 3

First appearance:
Manga: issue 474
Manga volume: 40 page 25
Japanese episode: 245
Airdate: November 9, 1994
First character seen in this form: Goku
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Gotenks

The most powerful form of Super Saiyan seen in DBZ. This is extremely distinguishable from other forms by its incredibly long golden hair, extension of the brow and complete lack of eyebrows. Goku first showed off this form when he battled Fat Buu. Although Goku could have beaten Buu with his power at that time, he didn’t so that the others could defeat Buu on their own. The full-power version of this form is supposedly powerful enough to defeat Kid Buu, however, this full power Super Saiyan 3 is never reached as Goku runs out of energy before he reaches it.

Anime Super Saiyan Forms

These are forms of Super Saiyans that exist according to only the anime and DBGT. The other forms of Super Saiyan mentioned in the manga forms only exist there.
First seen as a shadowy figure during a monologue from Vegeta, this is first clearly seen in GT when Goku actually becomes this form. Goku had to have his tail restored in order to reach this form. In this form of Super Saiyan, the user will lose all sense of reason, and desire only destruction. However, should the user retain their human side, they will reach the most powerful level of Super Saiyan in the animated series.

Super Saiyan 4

1st appearance:
Manga- no manga GT
Manga volume: no GT manga volume
Japanese episode: 35
Airdate: January 29, 1997
1st character seen in this form: Goku
Characters who have attained this form:
· Goku
· Vegeta
· Gogeta

Only seen in GT, this is a very complicated form of Super Saiyan. It is not even technically Super Saiyan 4. Rather this is actually what could be called Legendary (True) Super Saiyan 2 this does not follow Super Saiyan 3. Instead it follows Legendary Super Saiyan (once again, the real Super Saiyan form according to the anime). This form even looks drastically different from “normal” super Saiyan forms. Instead of being golden, the user’s hair is black and increases in size, but does not stand up on end. The Saiyan’s body is covered in reddish hair and their eyes are outlined in red. An interesting fact, despite the fact that Goku is a child in GT, when he turns Super Saiyan 4, he becomes an adult while he is in that state. Super Gogeta who is perhaps the strongest good fighter in the entire series lasts in this mode for 600 seconds (10 minutes) before splitting because Goku runs out of energy. Super Saiyan 4 will increase the user’s fighting potential by approximately 10 times.

Movie Super Saiyan Forms

These are forms of Super Saiyan that only exist in the movie world of DBZ. They do not exist in the anime or story line.

First appearance:
Japanese DBZ movie 4 “Super Saiya-jin Son Goku”
Original release date: March 19, 1991
First character seen in this form: Goku
Characters who have attained this form: Goku

This is a form of Super Saiyan that isn’t Super Saiyan and it isn’t normal Saiyan either. Only seen once in DBZ movie 4, this was basically Super Saiyan ½. It’s not as powerful as Super Saiyan and Goku barely changes physically. However, it is stronger than Kaioken.

Legendary Super Saiyan

First appearance:
Japanese DBZ movies: Burn Up: Valiant Fight! Violent Fight! Super Exciting Fight!”
Release: March 6, 1993
1st character seen in this form: Broly
Characters have attained this form: Broly

This is “supposedly” the real form of the Legendary Super Saiyan (But was obviously not). In this form, Broly is literally a bloodthirsty monster that will not hesitate to murder his father, Broly’s muscle mass (body) increased to disgusting proportions during this form and looks like the size of a tank with arms. Because of his ki, his hair also appears to be a greenish-yellowish color.

Downside of Super Saiyan

As powerful as super Saiyan may be, it doesn’t come without a few qualifiers. While in Super Saiyan form, a Saiyan must be reminded of hate as such, Goku is unable to form a Spirit Bomb while he is a super Saiyan. However, this does not mean he cannot become a Super Saiyan after he creates a Spirit Bomb. Also, briefly mentioned before, a super Saiyan uses up a fighter’s energy faster than fighting normally would. This is why it’s advantageous for Gohan when he received Elder Kaio’s magical upgrade. He has the ability to use great amounts of power without turning Super Saiyan, thus greatly increase how long he can fight.

The Women! What about the Women!?

What better way to cap this guide off with a tribute to the unsung hero of GT, Pan. Never has a Super Saiyan woman been seen. Does this mean it is impossible for a female to turn Super Saiyan? Certainly not. In fact, it was inferred in the GT Perfect File. It’s suggested that if Pan did become a Super Saiyan, she may indeed become a new type of Super Saiyan never seen before. So why don’t we see a female Super Saiyan? Because Pan never fully met the requirements. Pan never became rage filled. Many times we’ve seen Pan become emotional, but never as mad as the males in DB. Don’t see this as sexist, just a sign that Pan can actually deal with difficult events better than most males can.

Super Saiyan Transformation by Brian Hyman

The race of a character in DBZ is very important in deciding the outcome of many of the fights and battles in the series. The most common of these is the Saiya-jin race, as they are the basis of the series and other races in the DB universe, such as Kanassan, Namekian and Human. Today we’re going to focus on the Saiya-jin race and their transformations into Super Saiya-jin.


The Saiya-jin is a fighter from the planet Vegeta that was blown up by Frieza long ago. Many of them are also a son or daughter of a Saiya-jin warrior from the planet Vegeta. Very few Saiya-jins survived, among them were Goku, Raditz, Vegeta, Nappa and Broly. The Saiya-jins are a powerful race, all born with black hair and quarter Saiya-jins, which may share the hair color from one of the parents. Their hair does not grow from birth, although half and quarter Saiya-jin’s hair does grow, and they can get a haircut. The Saiya-jins all have a brown tail from just below their back, which if pulled will cause the Saiya-jin to be virtually paralyzed, and open for attack. A true Saiya-jin can be very strong, as if he loses a battle, the closer to death he gets, the stronger his power gets after healing.


The Oozaru form of a Saiya-jin is the large monkey form seen in the Saiya Saga, and many times in the GT series. This form of a Saiya-jin can only be achieved if the Saiya-jin still has their tail intact, and they are exposed to a full moon, the Saiya-jin will transform into an Oozaru. The Oozaru is a large monkey with a power that is far greater than the normal Saiya-jin power. In fact, if you take the power level of the Saiya-jin at the time of transformation and multiply by ten, your result is what the power level of the Oozaru form of the Saiya-jin. The Oozaru is very large, and is virtually unstoppable due to his large size and unbelievable power. Very few Saiya-jins ever go into this form, those included are Goku, Gohan, Vegeta and the Legendary Super Saiya-jin Broly.

Super Saiya-jin

A Super Saiya-jin is an advance form of a Saiya-jin, with tremendous power. When the transformation from Saiya-jin to Super Saiya-jin takes place for the first time the Saiya-jin experiences great pain, and a tremendous explosion of power and ability. After their first transformation they become Super Saiya-jin more and more. And, the strength, necessary to transform is reduced each time. When the Saiya-jin becomes a Super Saiya-jin, not only his power, but also his speed and special moves increase in ability as well. The most noticeable change is the bright yellow hair that replaces that Saiya-jin natural hair color all through the body, and the bright golden glow that surrounds them when powered up. As the Super Saiya-jin grows stronger their muscles will bulge more, and increase in power up to two times stronger, and the Saiya-jin hair grows to more of a whitish color. After enough strength training, and enough anger, they will reach the next level of Super Saiya-jin.

Ultra Super Saiya-jin

This form of Super Saiya-jin was discovered while the Z warriors were training for their fight with Cell. Vegeta was the first to reach this form in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, however he decided not to use this strength, as it is more powerful, but too slow because his weight was too much. Trunks used it to fight Cell. Although Trunks was essentially stronger, he was too slow, and easily defeated by Cell. Once the Saiya-jins get enough anger built up, he will advance to the next level.

Super Saiya-jin 2

As if the Super Saiya-jin level itself was not advanced enough, the Saiya-jin can still extend his or her power more and more as they progress in the Super Saiya-jin levels. This level if Super Saiya-jin is far more powerful than the Super Saiya-jin, and has grown slightly longer hair. Their muscles are not as bulged out as the full power of a Super Saiya-jin, this enables the fighter to be faster, and stronger when necessary, enabling their abilities. The known fighters to reach this advanced level of Super Saiya-jin are Gohan during the Cell battle after Cell killed # 16 and the Cell Jr.’s attacked the Z warriors, Vegeta when under the influence of Babidi, Goku when fighting Vegeta, When Goku and Vegeta fuse for the first time into Gogeta, and when Goku and Vegeta fuse the second time using the Portara Earrings to form Vegeto. Many of the Saiya-jins that reach this level of Super Saiya-jin have blue bolts of lightning around their golden glow.

Super Saiya-jin 3

Once again, the Super Saiya-jin gets stronger. The Saiya-jin’s strength increases, far stronger than the change from Super Saiya-jin to Super Saiya-jin 2. This time there are many noticeable changes. In this highly advanced form the hair grows much longer, down to almost the knees, and the hair on their eyebrows totally disappears. The strangest part about this form is that it is considered the last true form of a Super Saiya-jin can get, Saiya-jins have gotten this far in strength, and it is extremely difficult to achieve, involving a tremendous amount of power, and even more anger! The few Saiya-jins to have reached this form are Goku while battling Majin Buu and Gotenks the fused form of Goten and Trunks. Still the Saiya-jin can get stronger.

Super Saiya-jin 4

This form is not considered a Saiya-jin, more along the lines of a Saiya-jin and an Oozaru hybrid. Their strength increases even more, and is virtually immeasurable. In this form, the Saiya-jin’s normal color is returned, and it grows longer than its normal length, just between that of the Super Saiya-jin 2 and 3 hair’s length. This form is very cruel, and expresses no feeling (that’s a big change for Goku!). This highly advanced form of a Saiya-jin does not wear a shirt, and his chest is puffed out quite far to boast his muscles. The entire body is covered with a dark red fur, that is quite thick. In order for a Saiya-jin to reach this stage, he MUST have his original tail still intact, and in the GT series, they are able to make their tails grow back using a special device Bulma makes called the Brute Ray. Goku and Vegeta both reach this highly advanced and final stage of the Super Saiya-jin, and when the fuse to form Gogeta.

Super Saiya-jin 5

Unfortunately, this and no other form past Super Saiya-jin 4 exist. There was a large rumor going around not too long ago about there being a Super Saiya-jin 5 Goku, and a picture was even created to show it. However, that was proved to be false when it turns out the picture was just fan art, and the whole idea was just someone trying to throw everyone off. However, it may be true that a new Japanese comic book series may be coming out, however it is highly unlikely.


The Saiya-jin race is very powerful and can almost not be stopped. With every battle lost a Saiya-jin grows stronger, therefore the Saiya-jins are invincible in strength, until they are overwhelmed, they will just become stronger by transforming into a Super Saiya-jin.

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