Great Saiyaman Saga Episodes 180-194

Other World Tournament

In the beginning of the saga, Goku participates in the Other World Tournament, a tournament being held in honor of King Kai. The winner will receive a private lesion from the Grand Kai himself. An incredible array of awesome fighters participate, but it all boils down to the final match between Goku and Pikkon.
Neither Pikkon nor Goku have revealed their true powers yet. Pikkon takes off his weighted clothing used for training. Goku turns Super Saiyan. The crowds watch in amazement as the tournament progresses. Pikkon has great speed. Goku unleashes the KameHameHa. Pikkon responds with a Hyper Tornado Attack. Then Goku throws a Kaio Ken followed by another KameHameHa. Pikkon does a Thunder Flash. Pikkon is out of the ring. Goku is declared the winner after Pikkon does a few more Thunder Flashes, Goku learns the point where he is most exposed and attacks with a KameHameHa.
But both Goku and Pikkon have broken a rule. Both are disqualified. They touched the ceiling of the stadium. Both fought well and are told they will receive personalized training-in 200-300 years.

Mysterious Gohan

Attending Orange Star High School, playing baseball and discovering girls, Gohan appears to be a normal teenager. Except for one important difference-he is the Great Saiyaman. Not wishing to bring attention to himself and his family, Gohan dons on a disguise with a touch of a button before performing heroic acts like saving an airplane full of people. He pushes a button on his Transformation Band, which looks like a watch, to change into his Great Saiyaman disguise.
But all are not content to let the Great Saiyaman keep his identity a secret. Among others, Hercule's daughter, Videl, wishes to unmask the Great Saiyaman. As the daughter of the famous Hercule and an awesome fighter in her own right, she is called by the police to help protect the police. Thus she often runs into the Great Saiyaman as he too is often helping out in times of crisis.
Videl discovers the Great Saiyaman's identity and threatens to tell the others of he does not participate in the upcoming Martial Arts Tournament. Her father Hercule won the last championship. Gohan's father Goku had also won previously. Videl learns the son and daughter of two previous world championships to compete.
Reluctantly Gohan agrees and alters the disguise of the Great Saiyaman so that he can compete. No armor of any kind is allowed so Gohan replaces his helmet with a scarf and sunglasses.
Gohan and Videl are not the only participants. The promise of prize money to the winners and the challenge of battling against the great fighters of the world attracts many of the Z fighters including Goku (Who gets a leave to come back from the Other World to participate in the tournament), Krillin along with his wife Android 18, Vegeta, Piccolo even Goten and Trunks' and the last world championship Hercule.


180) Warriors of the dead
181) Tournament begins
182) Water fight
183) Final round
184) Goku vs. Pikkon
185) Gohan goes to high school
186) I am Saiyaman!
187) Gohan's first date
188) Rescue Videl
189) Blackmail
190) I'll fight too!
191) The newest Super Saiyan
192) Take flight, Videl
193) Gather for the tournament
194) Camera shy

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