Dragonball Z Episode Summary

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Saiyan Saga

1 - A Sheltered Boy: My Name is Son Gohan
The episode begins with the telling of events that have happened since the end of Dragonball to the present time. Out in space a space pod approaches and lands in a field below. To a local farmer's surprise, a strange man in habits the space pod, the man kills the farmer, then takes off to find something. Meanwhile, Son Gohan, Son Goku's son (a surprise in the first episode) is rescued from a cliff by his father. The two converse and head off to Master Roshi's house. Arriving at the Kame house, Son Gohan is introduced to Son Gokuís friends, this is the first time Son Gohan meets Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi. Elsewhere, the strange visitor from space confronts, Piccolo. After realizing that who he was really after was close by the strange man takes off towards Son Goku and the others at the Kame House.

2 - History's Greatest Warrior is Gokuís Older Brother...
Back at the Kame House, Son Goku and Krillin become distressed when they feel a strong ki approaching them. The strange man lands and confronts Son Goku and Krillin, he then explains that he is Son Gokuís brother Raditz, and explains that Son Gokuís real name is Kakarot, and that he is from an ancient warrior race called the saiya-jin! Raditz explains that the saiya-jin conquer planets and sell them to buyers. After realizing that Son Gokuís boyhood concussion caused him to lose his saiya-jin mission, he tells Son Goku to come join him in space, and become a saiya-jin again. Son Goku refuses; angered Raditz takes Son Gohan and flies off.

3 - This is it! The World's Strongest Team.
After Raditz leaves, Piccolo arrives and suggest him and Son Goku team up against Raditz, because they aren't strong enough by themselves. Meanwhile, Raditz locks up a crying Son Gohan in his space pod, and then goes walking nearby. Shortly after Son Goku and Piccolo the world's strongest team arrive to fight Son Gokuís evil brother.

4 - Piccolo's Secret Ace! Son Gohan the Crybaby.
Son Goku and Piccolo begin their struggle against Raditz, and soon realize that they have met their match. During the action Piccolo loses an arm to Raditz, then realizing what he must do he tries out his new technique, the Special Beam Cannon, on Raditz. He easily dodges Piccolo's attack, and continues his attack; out of nowhere an enraged Son Gohan show awesome power and bursts out of Raditz's space pod.

5 - The Death of Son Goku!
Surprised by Son Gohan, Raditz stops his assault on Son Goku, to get smashed in the stomach by Son Gohan. Taking this to his advantage, Son Goku grabs Raditz and tells Piccolo to try his technique again. Piccolo successfully executes the attack, striking down Raditz, and Son Goku in the process.

6 - The King is shocked. Fighting in his Netherworld?
With his last dying words, Raditz explains to Piccolo that his scouter device is a communicator, and that two much stronger saiya-jin that will be arriving in a year. Roshi, Krillin, and Bulma then arrive on the scene. Son Goku takes his last breath and his body fades away. Son Goku then finds himself in Heaven with Kame-sama, he is told by King Enma, the one in charge of heaven and hell, that in order to beat the saiya-jin he must travel 10,000 miles to receive training from the ancient god Kaio-sama. Son Goku then goes to start his long journey. Back on Earth, Piccolo takes Son Gohan to train him to use his special powers to help beat the saiya-jin.

7 - Son Gohan's Harsh Survival Training with Dinosaurs.
Arriving at a deserted spot Piccolo explains to Son Gohan of his special power, he then tells Son Gohan that he is going to leave him out in the wilderness for survival training. Left by himself by Piccolo, Son Gohan soon discovers that living in the wild alone will not be an easy task. After he is attack by what looks like a T-rex and he ends up getting stuck on the top of a lonely plateau.

8 - A Full Moon Transformation: The Secret of Son Gohan's Power.
In the middle of the night Son Gohan awakens to the surprise of a full moon, a sight he had never seen before. Son Gohan's saiya-jin blood begins to take over and he transforms into Oozaru (Were-Monkey) form. Piccolo witnesses the event from near by and is attacked by the Oozaru Son Gohan, nearly getting killed Piccolo realizes that the moon is what made Son Gohan transform, Piccolo then destroys the moon with a ki blast. Son Gohan goes back to his real self and falls asleep. Piccolo then rips off the other part of the problem, Son Gohan's saiya-jin tail.

9 - Sorry Mr. Robot. The Tears that Disappeared in the Desert.
Son Gohan awakens to realize that his tail is gone, and is almost eaten by a giant bird. Not watching where he was going Son Gohan falls into a hole to discover a robot in some ancient ruins, he then activates the robot, his new friend. The re-activated robot tells Son Gohan how an earthquake buried him there 8 years ago when the ruins were being excavated. Suddenly the cave begins to crumble, the robot throws Son Gohan out of the ruins just in time, the ruins crushed the robot, and Son Gohan has lost his first friend. Sad over the loss of his friend, Son Gohan wipes away his tears and continues on.

10 - Don't Cry! Son Gohan's First Battle.
Not much happens in this episode. Adapting to his life out in the wild, Son Gohan play's doctor to an injured dinosaur that was attacked by that T-rex thing. Son Gohan had earlier got in a fight with the "T-rex", and cut off his tailÖfor food! Meanwhile, elsewhere Krillin arrives at a baseball game to find an unhappy Yamcha, as a baseball player, getting into a fight. Krillin then tells Yamcha about the saiya-jin; Yamcha accepts the invitation and leaves with Krillin to train.

11 - The Saiya-jin, Greatest Warriors in the Universe, Awake.
Vegeta and Nappa, the two evil saiya-jin stop on a planet to investigate it for sale, or "galactic market potential", they are soon discovered by the cricket-type people that inhabit the planet. The Saiya-jins allow themselves to be captured in order to have a little fun. The two encounter the strange prisoners planning on rebelling against the planet's monarchy, the two are then taken to fight, the saiya-jin easily kills all those around them. Vegeta then claims the planet is worthless and the two take off, before leaving Vegeta easily destroys the planet with a ki blast. The two continue their way to Earth.

12 - Napping on the Path of the Snake... Son Goku Falls Off!
Not much happens here either. The duo of Tien and Chaiotzu make their DBZ debut in this episode, they are living in a house with Lunch (someone which is almost never heard from again later on during the series). Meanwhile Son Goku after taking a nap on a street cleaner's truck (why are there street cleaners in heaven?) falls off into hell (oh no!).

13 - Keep your Hands Off! Lord Enma's Secret Fruit.
Son Goku awakens in hell, thinking he has reached the end of Snake Way, he soon realizes where he really is from two strange ogres that he encounters. The ogres tell him that if he wants to escape he needs to pass several tests; Son Goku of course passes them with ease. The ogres then show him the way out which leads toÖEnma's Desk! Son Goku now has to start his journey over again.

14 - Sweet Seduction...The Snake Princess' Hospitality.
Son Goku has already past where he was before he fell off; along the road he finds a strange house. Inside the house he finds a princess that makes him stay with her. Son Goku doesn't even try in his efforts to leave, but the princess realizes that she will not be able to keep him there. In her last attempt the princess shows her true form, that of a giant snake! Son Goku escapes her (of course) and succeeds in tying her in a knot. Meanwhile, Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, Chaiotzu and Yajirobe gather at Kami-sama's temple and begin their training.

15 - Escape from Piccolo! Son Gohan and the Storm.
While Piccolo is off somewhere training, Son Gohan decides that he wants to go home, Son Gohan does this by launching himself into the sea on his home made raft, shortly after he becomes the victim of a treacherous storm.

16 - Run Son Gohan! Back to Mt. Paozu Where Chichi Waits.
Son Gohan's body drifts onto a lonely beach somewhere; he is then revived by seven orphan children, which he makes friends with, Son Gohan later helps fight off the police trying to capture them. Later, there is another police raid, and all but Son Gohan and Pigero, the oldest of the orphans, are captured. Pigero takes Son Gohan home to Mt. Paozu, but just as he is nearing his front door, Son Gohan decides to be brave, and returns to the forest. There he finds Piccolo, who reminds him of his obligation to save Earth, and they both return to the island to continue their training.

17 - The Road to Victory is a Long One.
Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chaiotzu continue their training at the palace, when Mr. Popo has an idea. He leads the warriors to a special room where they can travel through time and space. After entering the room, they find themselves on Planet Vegeta (also called Planet Plant, it is the home planet of the saiya-jin), 100 years in the past. They face two brutal saiya-jin that easily kill them all. After the battle they awaken back in the room and decide to train even harder for the saiya-jin arrival.

18 - The End of the Path of the Snake.
While still training in the wild Gohan sees the image of a full moon being projected from Son Gokuís old saiya-jin pod when he landed on Earth years ago. Once again Son Gohan transforms into his Oozaru (Were-Monkey) state, after almost killing Piccolo, he is able to destroy the old ship with his Special Beam Cannon technique. Meanwhile, Son Goku finally reaches the end of the snake way path and comes face to face with legendary Kaio-sama!

19 - Catch Bubbles! The Struggle With Gravity!!!
Son Gokuís first test begins, as Kaio tests his sense of humor. He agrees to train Son Goku, and Son Goku REALLY begins his training, by having to catch Kaio's pet monkey Bubbles. This task proves harder than expected as the odd gravity on Kaio's planet significantly reduces Son Gokuís speed. This making Bubbles faster. Eventually Son Goku succeeds in capturing Bubbles.

20 - The Legend of the Saiya-jin... Gokuís Roots.
The next of Son Gokuís tasks is revealed as he must now try to successfully hit Kaio's companion, Gregory (he is some weird grasshopper freak thing). To pass, Son Goku must successfully hit Gregory with an extremely heavy hammer, a challenge that Goku has a lot of difficulty completing. Later Son Goku and Kaio go inside his house, and Son Goku is told more about his race the saiya-jin, and eventually of the destruction of planet Vegeta (spoiler: later on in the series we find out that the planet was destroyed completely differently than how Kaio described). With a renewed sense of urgency about his responsibility to Earth, Son Goku then catches Gregory easily. Kaio sees a great deal of potential in his new student.

21 - Appear Shenlong! The Saiya-jin Are About to Arrive.
Son Goku has finally arrived with his last day of training with Kaio. They review his learned techniques, the Kaio-ken, and the Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb). Then with the help of Kaio's telepathy Son Goku contacts Master Roshi and asks him to summon Shenlong and wish him back to life. Son Goku bids farewell to Kaio and his new friends and dash off on Snake Way back to Earth. Elsewhere, back on Earth, the two saiya-jin Nappa and Vegeta finally land on Earth.

22 - That's Ridiculous! Saiyba-men Sprout from the Ground.
Nappa and Vegeta find Piccolo and Son Gohan and engage them, Krillin then arrives. Unimpressed by their power Nappa plants six seeds in the ground, which a few seconds later sprout into strange plant-like monsters.

23 - Yamcha Dies! The Frightening Saiyba-men.
Yamcha then arrives on the scene with Tien and Chaiotzu. Tien who wants to fight first, steps up to the Saiyba-men. Yamcha then declares that he wants to go first instead; he then begins his fight with one of the Saiyba men. Yamcha defeats his opponent with ease, but as he is walking away the Saiyba man grabs onto him and self-destructs, killing them both. Enraged by the loss of his friend, Krillin steps up next to fight.

24 - Goodbye Tien... Chaiotzu's Sacrifice.
The enraged Krillin begins his attack with an enormous energy attack, which he directs at the Saiyba-men. Krillin manages to successfully kill 3 of them; the last one attacks Son Gohan and is killed by Piccolo. Now the real battle begins and Nappa begins his attack. The giant saiya-jin begins by taking off half on Tien's arm, in an effort of bravery Chaiotzu grabs onto Nappa's back and self-destructs in an effort to destroy Nappa. The saiya-jin surprisingly emerges unscathed by the attack.

25 - Tien's Final Scream! His Last Energy Beam.
Saddened and enraged by the loss of his companion Chaiotzu. Tien then decides to attack Nappa. He is just no match for the saiya-jin, Tien then falls. Piccolo, Son Gohan, and Krillin then prepare to attack Nappa. When out of nowhere Tien uses his last bit of energy to launch a Hugh attack on Nappa, but again he emerges without a scratch.

26 - Waiting Patiently For 3 Hours. The Candy Cloud Flies
The remaining three begin to talk, Vegeta hears that Son Goku, or "Kakarot" will be arriving, and hence Vegeta calls a three-hour break in the fighting. A bored Nappa decides to go off and have a little fun, destroying not only warships and fighter planes, but an entire city as well. He returns to the battlefield, the three hours expired, and Vegeta allows the battle to re-start. Meanwhile, Son Goku finally arrives back to Enma's Great Hall, meets Kami, and teleports back to the physical plane. He wastes no time and zooms off toward the battle site, grabbing a few Senzu beans from Karin on his way down the tower.

27 - Leave It To Me. Gohan's Explosion of Anger.
Piccolo devises a strategy to grab Nappa's tail, while Krillin and Son Gohan attack head-on. The plan fails, however, since Nappa's "evolved" status as a fighter makes his tail no longer a weakness. Krillin's new technique, the Kienzan, fails as well, only managing to cut Nappa's cheek. All of those assembled begin to sense a powerful Ki approaching, which Vegeta knows can only be Kakarot (Son Goku). He orders Nappa to finish off the three remaining warriors, and Son Gohan attacks with a last-ditch effort against Nappa, which only makes the Saiya-jin furious. He launches a massive energy beam at the boy, and at the last second, Piccolo, acting as a shield and taking the full brunt of the blast.

28 - The Savagery Of The Saiya-jin! God And Piccolo Die.
Nappa's attack hits Piccolo full force, and he falls to the ground. Son Gohan begs his mentor to hold on, but Piccolo is beyond help, and dies soon. Kami vanishes as well, taking the power of Earth's Dragon Balls with him. Son Gohan retaliates, but to no avail, and he collapses in defeat. Nappa stands over him, planning to simply crush the boy, when nimbus suddenly whisks Son Gohan to safety. Son Goku has finally arrived. The sight of his dead friends drives him over the edge, and he and Nappa begin to fight.

29 - Wow, Daddy! Lord Kaio's Killer Technique.
Nappa grows angrier by the moment as Son Goku avoids his every attack easily. Vegeta tells Nappa that he will take over now, and a frustrated Nappa suddenly attacks Son Gohan and Krillin! Son Goku notices this at the last second, and uses the Kaio-ken technique in order to catch up in time. He injures Nappa badly, who then begs Vegeta for help. Instead, the heartless Saiya-jin berates Nappa's weakness, tosses him into the air, and vaporizes him. Son Goku tells Son Gohan and Krillin to return to the Kame House, and he and Vegeta fly off to do battle.

30 - A Battle Beyond Imagination: Goku vs. Vegeta!
Son Goku finds his fight with Vegeta a lot harder than he had thought. Son Goku then uses his Kaio-ken technique but it does not do much good against the saiya-jin. Vegeta has now increased his power level fully. Son Goku decides that his only hope is to up the stakes; the only way he knows how to is with a triple Kaio-ken!

31 - Now Son Goku! The Last Great Effort. Kamehameha x3.
Son Goku powers up with a triple Kaio-ken and attacks Vegeta, who, to his surprise, is soon overwhelmed. Enraged, Vegeta decides to use one of his most powerful techniques, the Galic Gun, with which he plans to destroy not only Son Goku, but the planet Earth as well. Son Goku counters the blast with a Kamehameha, and is forced to bring the Kaio-ken up to level four. Vegeta's beam is overwhelmed, and he is blasted away into the sky. He returns minutes later more furious than ever, launches an artificial moon energy ball into the sky, and begins to transform into a giant Oozaru!

32 - Battle Power Ten-fold! Vegeta's Great Transformation.
Son Gohan senses that his father is in trouble, and he and Krillin turn back towards the battle site, despite Krillinís protests that there is nothing they can do. Meanwhile, the transformed Vegeta is even more powerful and agile than in his normal state, and Son Goku is hopelessly outmatched. He uses Tienís Solar Flare attack to blind Vegeta, and collects energy for a Spirit Bomb while his opponent is blinded by the technique. However, Vegeta regains control just as Son Goku launches the attack, and he counters with a beam that takes Son Goku down, and scatters the energy he gathered. After breaking Son Gokuís legs, the giant ape picks Son Goku up and begins to crush him like a bug.

33 - Don't Die Daddy! Gohan's Inner Strength.
Son Gohan and Krillin arrive at the battle site to find Yajirobe, who tells them that he has been hiding and watching the whole time. Krillin attempts to slice Vegeta's tail off with his Destructo Disk , but Vegeta avoids the disk. To everyone's surprise, Yajirobe suddenly comes out of nowhere and cuts the tail off with his katana (Japanese sword), returning Vegeta to his normal state. A furious Vegeta and Son Gohan begin to fight, and Son Goku passes what is left of the dispersed Spirit Bomb energy to Krillin.

34 - Hit Him, Krillin! The Energy Ball of Everyone's Prayers.
As Son Gohan and Vegeta fight, Krillin launches the Spirit Bomb at Vegeta just as he is about to finish Son Gohan off. Vegeta sees it coming toward him, however and leaps out of the way at the last moment, leaving the attack headed straight for Son Gohan! Son Goku contacts his son telepathically, and tells him to bounce the Spirit Bomb back towards Vegeta, which he does, scoring a perfect hit. Vegeta falls to earth a little later, and is taken for dead. But to everyone's horror, his eyes snap open, and he counterattacks with an energy wave that knocks everyone unconscious. Vegeta then notices that Son Gohan's tail has grown back, and decides that he must be eliminated immediately.

35 - Super Saiya-jin, Son Gohan, Performs a Miracle!
Son Goku instructs Gohan to look at the artificial moonlight in the sky, and son Gohan goes Oozaru to the dismay of a now frightened Vegeta. He manages to stay away from the giant were-monkey, and is eventually able to cut his tail off with an energy disc. However, as Son Gohan falls de-transforming, Vegeta gets trapped beneath the giant beast, and is crushed under his massive bulk. Finally accepting defeat, Vegeta calls his space pod via remote control, and as he crawls toward it, Krillin limps over to him, ready to finish the Saiya-jin off with Yajirobe's sword. At the last second, however, Son Goku makes a telepathic plea that he let Vegeta go, and Krillin reluctantly obeys.

Namek Saga

36 - Leap Into Space! The Planet of Hope is Piccolo's Home.
Not much happens in this episode unfortunately Bulma, Master Roshi, Chi Chi and Karin arrive to pick up the weary survivors, and also carry out the much more grisly task of retrieving the bodies of their dead friends. They hear from Kaio, and decide that their last hope is to go to Namek and seek the Dragon Balls that exist there.

37 - The Mysterious Yunzabit... Find God's Spaceship.
Son Goku, Son Gohan, and Krillin are taken to the hospital to have their wounds mended. Everyone wonders how it will be possible to get to Namek, and Mr. Popo shows up with the answer. He takes Bulma to see Kami's old, abandoned spaceship, which is still in perfect working order. They take it for a little test drive and appear in the orbit of Jupiter within a matter of seconds. Bulma and Mr. Popo celebrate the success, knowing that this is their one and only ticket for bringing their friends back to life.

38 - Take off for Namek! The Terror that Awaits.
Bulma returns to the hospital, and excitedly tells the others about the successful launch of Kami's spaceship. She, Krillin, and Son Gohan decide to make the journey to Namek, and they depart soon after.

39 - Friend or Foe! Children of the Mysterious Giant Spaceship.
Our heroes are now well into their journey, Bulma is relaxing, while Son Gohan and Krillin train. Suddenly, they are attacked by a squadron of tiny spacecraft, and are captured by a large, invisible vessel. The three of them explore the ship, avoiding traps and obstacles, and suddenly find themselves surrounded by dozens of children, who are armed to the teeth.

40 - Really? That's the Planet of Hope, Namek?
Bulma, Son Gohan, and Krillin find themselves in the clutches of a group of young space voyagers who have been driven from their home planet by something called 'Frieza,' who they believe our heroes are allied with. Bulma saves their ship from a meteor shower, proving that they are indeed on the same side. They take their leave, and are soon excited to see a lovely sight filling the forward viewport: the planet Namek.

41 - The Kind Aliens... A Dragon Ball Suddenly Appears.
The crew straps in for a rough landing on Namek, a landing that knocks all three of them out. They awaken in a room and are greeted by two aliens who they assume are Namek-jin, since they look just like Piccolo. The pair, Raichi and Zakuro, seems friendly enough, and our heroes already locate their first Dragon Ball. Meanwhile, Vegeta returns to planet Frieza No. 79 to heal from his wounds.

42 - Planet Freezer #79, Vegeta Recovers.
Son Gohan, Krillin, and Bulma continue in their quest for more Dragon Balls, and are faced with increasingly dangerous hazards in their efforts to retrieve them. Their search leads to a huge castle, where they end up fighting a giant for their very lives. Meanwhile, Son Goku escapes from the hospital, lying in bed for all of this time has practically driven him mad. And on planet Frieza, Vegeta emerges from the rejuvenation tank healed, and ready to seek his revenge.

43 - All the Dragon Balls are found. Mr. Piccolo Can Be Resurrected.
Vegeta, fully recovered, armors up and prepares to leave for Namek, and is threatened by Cui, a minion of Frieza, to straighten up and stop pursuing his own selfish interests. Meanwhile, the search for the Dragon Balls continues, and our heroes have only one more to go. Suddenly, they find that they have been pawns in a game by Raichi and Zakuro, who are not Namek-jin at all, nor is Namek the planet that the ship landed on. The entire incident has been an illusion, and Bulma, Krillin, and Son Gohan are trapped in the clutches of the evil aliens.

44 - A New Enemy in the Universe, Evil Lord Freezer!
Bulma, Son Gohan, and Krillin manage to escape from Raichi and Zakuro, and take off for the real Namek, where they arrive shortly thereafter. No sooner than they land, however, do they see a Saiya-jin spacecraft in the Namek sky and are horrified when they realize that there is only one person it can be. Elsewhere, a Dragon Ball has been wrested from the hands of the Namek-jin by a group of aliens led by a being of unimaginable power, the almighty Frieza.

45 - The Ambitious Vegeta... I'm the Greatest Warrior!
Frieza's men detect some unexplainable power readings and send out two men to investigate. Son Gohan and Krillin are, of course, the source of the unexplainable energy, and the fight begins. Our heroes easily defeat the rather weak soldiers, but not before they cause quite a bit of damage to Kami's spaceship. Meanwhile, Vegeta begins to battle Cui, an old nemesis, and dispatches him without any difficulty.

46 - Son Gokuís Power Restored! Six days to the Milky Way!
Krillin and Son Gohan sense an incredible force, which turns out to be Frieza and his henchmen, with the Dragon Balls in hand. They hide in a cave as the group flies by, but are overwhelmed by the incredible power they sense coming from Frieza. Meanwhile, Yajirobe comes to visit Son Goku in the hospital, and brings along Senzu beans, which patches Son Goku right up. He goes to visit Bulma's father, who has just finished restoring Raditz' space pod, and not one to waste time, Goku takes off for Namek immediately.

47 - A Surprise Attack! The Target is the Scouter
Frieza and his henchmen interrogate a group of Namek-jin, and demand to be told where the remaining Dragon Balls are. They prove to be very difficult to persuade, however, and Zarbon kills two of them to show that Frieza means business. Just then, a group of "fighter" Namek-jin shows up, and defeats several of Frieza's lower-class warriors. The Elder realizes that the scouters Frieza's men are wearing are what give away where the Namek-jin, and hence the Dragon Balls, are, so he destroys those being worn by Frieza's men with precise blasts. Dodoria gets furious, and attacks the Elder.

48 - Son Gohan is in danger! The Death Warrior, Dodoria!
Dodoria attacks the Elder and the fighter Namek with full force, all of whom are brutally killed by the evil warrior, along with a young Namek boy trying to escape. Dodoria is about to finish off the only remaining Namek, another child, when Son Gohan, unable to control his anger any longer, bursts from the top of the cliff where he and Krillin have been watching. He attacks Dodoria, Krillin grabs the bewildered child, and they fly away, with a furious Dodoria in hot pursuit.

49 - The Explosive Dodoria and the Fearsome Shock of Vegeta!
Dodoria, frustrated by the escape of his prey, launches an energy blast that destroys everything in the area. Satisfied that they are dead, Dodoria returns to his master, but is knocked out of the sky by Vegeta, who challenges him to a duel. Dodoria is no match for him however, and Vegeta finishes him off easily.

50 - The Burning Escape- A desperate Kamehameha
Son Gohan, Krillin and the young Namek return to the cave where Bulma is hiding, and learn from her that Son Goku is coming soon. Meanwhile, Son Goku is having problems of his own; his ship has been damaged and knocked off course by an asteroid. While outside making the repairs, he sees that the ship is flying directly into a star. He narrowly avoids disaster by shooting a massive Kamehameha into it, which propels the ship away, and back on course.

51 - 100 Times Stronger! The Warriors gather at Kaio-sama's
Vegeta invades a Namek village, kills its inhabitants, takes their Dragon Ball, and throws it in a nearby lake for safekeeping. Back in the cave, Dende tells Son Gohan and Krillin that they are Namek's only hope, and that he will take them to see the Great Elder to awaken sleeping powers within both. Meanwhile, Kai contacts Son Goku telepathically to tell him that Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu, and Piccolo have arrived on his planetoid to be trained.

52 - Listen Up Son Goku! Hands off Freezer!
Son Goku tells everyone on Kai's world that there is an incredibly powerful force on Namek that he has been warned about. Kai finds to his horror that the power belongs to Frieza, and he immediately forbids Son Goku and the others to face him. Kai then tells the aspiring students that they must pass the first test in order to be trained: Each must make him laugh. Yamcha and Chiaotzu pass easily, Tien manages to succeed after some difficulty, and Piccolo does so purely by accident. Meanwhile, Vegeta runs into his old nemesis Zarbon, and the fight begins.

53 - Goosebump Time! Zarbon transforms into a demon!
Zarbon and Vegeta are locked in a fierce life or death battle, which, despite his best efforts, Vegeta loses. Zarbon pile drives him into a lake, and it seems that death is inevitable for the Saiya-jin prince. Meanwhile, Dende and Krillin arrive at the Great Elder's house, and are led inside by Nail, the Elder's attendant.

54 - Protect The Planet of Hope! Krillin Powers Up
The Great Elder decides that Krillinís intentions are good, and he not only gives him a Dragon Ball, but also releases a dormant energy residing within that will bring Krillinís power level to new heights. Krillin decides that Son Gohan can benefit as well, and returns to the cave to get him. Elsewhere, a frustrated Frieza orders Zarbon to bring back Vegeta alive so that he can be questioned.

55 - Back from the Brink of Death, the Miracle Man Vegeta!
Zarbon finds Vegeta nearly dead, brings him back to Frieza's ship, and places him in the rejuvenation tank. On Kai's world, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu continue training, and Piccolo joins them in a round of grappling. To his surprise, the three of them do very well, and he is amazed that they have improved so dramatically through Kai's methods, which Piccolo had written off as nothing more than time wasting nonsense. Meanwhile, a revived Vegeta emerges from the rejuvenation tank, and sets out to make his escape.

56 - Huge Battle Power! Freezer's Plan Crumbles
Vegeta tosses Frieza's Dragon Balls to the wind and escapes from the ship, finding the balls later and hiding them behind a rock. He then sees Krillin flying with the seventh ball, and immediately gives chase. Zarbon senses Vegeta, and makes the pursuit a three-way. All three arrive at the cave where Bulma is hiding within moments of each other, and Vegeta and Zarbon begin a decisive, life-or-death battle.

57 - Son Goku Regains his strength in 100g's
Son Gokuís space pod is passing through a massive magnetic storm, which begins to wreak havoc on the gravity machine. The force raises to 100G's, a setting Son Goku was never meant to experience. He manages to turn off the machine, after sustaining some major injuries, and patches himself up with a Senzu bean. He then decides to train in 100G's from now on. On Namek, Vegeta finally overcomes Zarbon, and kills him with a massive blast. Krillin, knowing that he is outmatched many times over, hands his Dragon Ball to an immensely satisfied Vegeta.

58 - Freezer's Secret Weapon, The Demonic Ginyu Force
Frieza's elite fighting force, the Ginyu Force, blasts off from planet Frieza No. 79 on their way to Namek. Meanwhile, Son Gohan finds the Dragon Ball Vegeta hid, and brings it back to the cave where Bulma and Krillin are waiting. He meets Vegeta along the way, and narrowly avoids having the Dragon Ball discovered. Krillin and the others leave the cave immediately, and seek a new hiding place, where Bulma stays while Son Gohan and Krillin set off to meet the Great Elder. A furious Vegeta discovers that his Dragon Ball has been stolen, but is unable to find the Earthlings, and realizes that his only choice is to wait until he sees them again.

59 - Bloomer's in danger! Freezer gets the Dragon balls!
Frieza, unable to control his fury, shoots energy beams blindly across the surface of Namek, in the hope that one of them will hit Vegeta. The earthquakes caused by the blasts send the Dragon Ball Bulma is guarding into deep water, and she uses a Capsule submersible robot to go after it. After a few confrontations with Namek sea creatures, she finds the ball and returns with it to the surface, where she is discovered and captured by two of Frieza's men.

60 - Frontal Collision! Kamehameha and the Kaio Fighting Style
Bulma lies to her captors, and tells them that there are many more Dragon Balls in the sea, just waiting to be found. They don't trust her, and bring her along to lead the way. They find a giant mother crab, whose eggs Bulma tells them are Dragon Balls, and she takes the opportunity to escape. They surface soon after she does, but the crab pulls them both back into the sea. In the space pod, Son Goku attacks himself with a Kamehameha in order to build his body's endurance.

61 - The Ultimate Battle Nears, The Ginyu Special Forces Arrive!
Son Goku decides that his 100G training is complete, and sets the machine back to normal, instantly noticing a dramatic speed increase. On Namek, Son Gohan and Krillin arrive to see the Great Elder, and are followed closely by Vegeta, who mistakes a great power within the Elder's temple to be that of Kakarot. He is surprised to see that it is Son Gohan after all, but everyone is interrupted by Dende's announcement that something powerful is headed directly for Namek: The Ginyu Force. The five of them land near Frieza's spaceship and emerge from their pods with a campy introduction that leaves their master lost for words, but pleased nonetheless.

62 - Son Goku Approaches Rapidly! Break through Freezer's Defense!
Vegeta demands to be made immortal immediately, and tells Son Gohan and Krillin that it is their only hope for fighting the Ginyu. The three of them fly off towards Vegeta's stash of Dragon Balls, and arrive soon after. Krillin is reluctant to hand his Ball over to a former archenemy, but his decision is muted by the sudden arrival of the Ginyu Force. They easily out match Krillin, Son Gohan, and Vegeta, and take the Dragon Balls away without any difficulty. Ginyu heads off towards Frieza's ship with the Balls, and leaves the rest of his squadron to do, as they will with the three warriors.

63 - Awesome Magic or Trick? Mr. Guldo is Mad Now!
Guldo steps up to fight the two Earthlings first, and is forced to use his time-stopping technique several times in order to keep from being hit with their energy blasts. Son Gohan and Krillin are simply too fast for him, however, and Guldo plays his trump card - a paralysis technique, which holds them frozen in the air. After having a little fun attacking the helpless warriors, he decides to simply skewer them with a tree that he fashions into a spear. It flies toward them, but the paralysis breaks at the last second, as Vegeta cleanly slices Guldo's head off with a thin, controlled Ki blast.

64 - Now Recoome! He's Bad! He's Strong! He's Unbelievable!
Recoome takes his turn next, and Vegeta begins to fight him, launching a massive Ki blast that does nothing but destroy Recoome's armor. The counterattack is very damaging, and Vegeta finds himself half buried in the ground. Helpless, he almost absorbs Recoomeís next attack, a fearsome mouth blast, but Son Gohan pulls him to safety just in time while Krillin knocks the gigantic Ginyu's mouth closed. Recoome counters this, and takes Krillin out with a single kick. Son Gohan decides that it is up to him, and walks boldly towards his seemingly invincible foe.

65 - Don't Die Son Gohan! Goku Finally Arrives.
Frieza cannot get the Dragon Balls to work, and is becoming frustrated. He flies off to find a Namek, any Namek that he can "persuade" to tell him what needs to be done in order to get them to function. Meanwhile, Son Gohan's battle with Recoome could not be going any worse, as the titanic warrior easily evades and defends every attack. Finally, Son Gohan lunges at him in desperation, and Recoome jumps, whips his leg around, and hits Son Gohan's neck, breaking it easily. Near death, Son Gohan lies on the ground twitching. Just then, the three Ginyu turn to see a spaceship coming through the atmosphere; Son Goku has finally arrived.

66 - Son Goku, The Legendary Super Saiya-jin?!
Son Goku passes out Senzu beans to Krillin and Son Gohan, and, upon reading Krillinís mind to see what has transpired on Namek, tosses one to Vegeta. Son Goku then faces Recoome alone, and easily takes him out with one punch. Upon witnessing this, Vegeta begins to realize that it must be Son Goku who is the warrior of Saiya-jin legend: the Super Saiya-jin.

Captain Ginyu Saga

67 - The Red and Blue Lightning Bolts...Jace and Baata Attack!
Son Goku stands over the defeated Recoome, while Jeice and Burter look on dumbfounded. They attack him with incredible speed and ferocity, but not a single blast succeeds at touching Son Goku, whose movements are so fast that they are imperceptible to everyone watching. Jeice and Burter join forces to perform the Comet Crush Attack, and a frustrated Jeice attempts his Crushed Ball, both of which Son Goku avoids easily.

68 - Finally... The Clash! Commander Ginyu Appears!
Son Goku defeats Burter with one hit, and Jeice, realizing that he is outmatched, flies off to get reinforcements in the form of Captain Ginyu. Vegeta finishes off the helpless Burter and Recoome, and Jeice returns with Ginyu, ready for battle.

69 - Son Gokuís Full Power is Awesome!
Krillin and Son Gohan leave the battlefield to find the Dragon Balls, and Vegeta leaves Son Goku to fend for himself against Jeice and Ginyu. The Captain asks Son Goku to show him his full power and Son Goku complies, sending a wave of fear through his opponents.

70 - The Hand of Evil Closes in on the Senior Elder.
Krillin and Son Gohan go to find Bulma, who has just taken off with the Dragon Radar. The Great Elder bestows a special healing power on Dende, and Frieza arrives soon after. Three Namek show up to defend the Great Elder, but are easily defeated. Nail remains as the last line of defense.

71 - What a Surprise! Goku is Ginyu, Ginyu is Son Goku!
Nail battles Frieza in an effort to stall him and give Dende and the Earthlings enough time to use the Dragon Balls and summon Porunga. Gohan and Krillin intercept Bulma to borrow the Dragon Radar, and fly off towards Frieza's ship. Meanwhile, Captain Ginyu mortally wounds himself, and then successfully uses his "change" technique to switch bodies with Son Goku.

72 - Appear Super Shenlong and grant my wish!
Krillin and Son Gohan arrive at Frieza's ship and attempt to summon the dragon, but are unable to do so successfully. Ginyu-Goku, with Jeice in tow, arrives soon after and attack. The crippled Ginyu-Ginyu finally arrives at the ship, and a five-way confrontation begins.

73 - He is not me. Attack your father Son Gohan!
Both Goku and Ginyu are having trouble adjusting to their new bodies, neither able to use their full potential. Krillin, Son Gohan, and Ginyu-Ginyu have no choice but to fight Ginyu-Goku, even if it means destroying Gokuís body. Meanwhile, Vegeta easily kills Jeice, and the badly crippled Ginyu-Goku sets his sights on Vegeta's body.

74 - Ginyu turned into a Frog! Ouch!
While attempting to switch with Vegeta, Ginyu-Ginyu intercepts Ginyu-Gokuís change beam, and both return to their own bodies. Ginyu attempts switching with Vegeta next, but the badly crippled Goku manages to throw a Namek toad into the beam's path, leaving Ginyu in a useless body. Vegeta leads everyone into Frieza's ship, puts Goku into a rejuvenation tank, and gives Son Gohan and Krillin new battle suits.

Frieza Saga

75 - One Who Has All Seven Balls... Say the right words!
Krillin leaves to ask the Great Elder what the proper words are for summoning the Dragon, and he runs into Dende on the way. Meanwhile, Nail admits to Frieza that their battle has been nothing but a stalling technique, and Frieza leaves enraged. Dende, Son Gohan, and Krillin call Porunga at last, unbeknownst to Vegeta, who is napping in Frieza's ship.

76 - Kami Also Lives Again! Piccolo is Restored by Super Shenlong
Porunga offers three wishes, and after some debate, the first is made. It brings Piccolo back to life, and the second brings him directly to Namek. Before the third can be made, however, the Great Elder dies and Porunga disintegrates. Frieza arrives soon after, furious that his one chance at immortality is gone.

77 - The Birth of The Strongest Warrior!? Nail and Piccolo Unite
An angry Frieza begins to power up, and Piccolo, sensing this monumental power, rushes toward its source. Along the way, he encounters the dying Nail, who begs him to perform the Namek-jin fusion technique. The fusion absorbs Nail completely, and more than doubles Piccolo's fighting power. Meanwhile, Vegeta tells Frieza to show his true form, and Frieza begins his transformation.

78 - The Nightmarish Super-Transformation!! Freeza's Battle Power at One Million!
Frieza tells Vegeta about his father, King Vegeta, and about the destruction of the home planet of the Saiya-jin. Frieza's now completed transformation doubles his size and increases his power dramatically, and in a demonstration of sheer brutality, he impales Krillin on his horn.

79 - Is This It? A Brutal, Tremendous Power Attacks Gohan
Frieza cruelly toys with the helpless Krillin, eventually tiring of the game and tossing him into the water. Gohan, enraged, attacks Frieza with a stunning amount of power, but the onslaught does little more than surprise everyone. Frieza sets his sights on Gohan next, and begins his attack.

80 - At Once The Situation Reverses, The Warrior Who was Late- Piccolo
Frieza beats Son Gohan mercilessly, and all Vegeta can do is watch in horror. Suddenly a Kienzan cuts Frieza's tail off, and Krillin appears, leading Frieza into a chase. The distraction allows Dende time to heal Gohan, as he did Krillin, and the battle is joined with the welcome arrival of Piccolo.

81 - Piccolo's Self Confidence, I will Stop Freeza!
Piccolo and Frieza begin to fight, and the Namek-jin warrior declines the Earthlings' offers for help. Vegeta and Krillin are skeptical of Piccolo's chances, but Son Gohan has faith in his mentor's abilities. The battle continues to rage, with no clear indication of who has the upper hand.

82 - Come Out and Fight Goku, An Angry Freeza's Second Transformation
Frieza redoubles his efforts against Piccolo, who then removes his weighted clothing. Frieza decides to transform into his third form, and he becomes still more powerful, finally proving to be too much for Piccolo. Frieza begins attacking with a barrage of rapid-fire energy blasts, leaving Piccolo completely helpless.

83 - Be terrified! Freeza Transforms a 3rd Time
Desperate to help Piccolo, the enraged Son Gohan unleashes an attack that nearly topples Frieza. Inspired by Son Gohan's powerful display, Vegeta reveals his daring plan: he will let Krillin beat him to near death, and force Dende to heal him, as a Saiya-jin's power increases after healing from a serious injury. Could this tactic finally transform Vegeta into a legendary Super Saiya-jin? Meanwhile, it seems Frieza has a plan of his own, his final transformation!

84 - Dende Dies...Bring out the Ultimate Power
Having reached his ultimate form, the evil Frieza begins a merciless assault. To start, he takes out the only one who cannot be healed by Dende, Dende himself! As Frieza's onslaught continues, it becomes clear that Piccolo, Krillin, and Son Gohan don't stand a chance. Surprisingly, the fully healed Vegeta comes to the rescue, wanting to fight Frieza single-handedly! Are Vegeta's claims true? Is he really a Super Saiya-jin?

85 - Having reached his ultimate form, the evil Freeza begins a merciless assault.
Despite his new powers, Vegeta proves to be no match for the all-powerful Frieza. With each painful punch, Vegeta's dreams of becoming a Super Saiya-jin fade away, and Piccolo, Son Gohan, and Krillin can do nothing but watch, frozen with fear. Back on the spaceship, Son Gokuís healing is almost complete! Can Vegeta survive Frieza's relentless beating long enough for Son Goku to arrive?

86 - Bitter Regret! The Proud Vegeta Dies.
The revitalized Son Goku arrives on the battlefield of Namek, but not in time to save Vegeta from Frieza's vicious attack. Beaten and broken, Vegeta hangs on to his life by a thread; using the few minutes he has left to share the secrets of his violent past. Will this shocking revelation help explain Vegeta's ruthless nature? And why does Son Goku look so familiar to Frieza?

87 - The Battle Begins! I'll defeat you myself.
Feeling a new sense of brotherhood with his long-lost Saiya-jin race, Son Goku wages a determined battle with the evil Frieza. As the fight ensues, it appears that Son Goku is holding his own! In an attempt to defeat Son Goku, Frieza directs his energy blasts at Namek itself, turning the planet into a deadly, lava-spitting war zone! Can Son Goku stop Frieza before Namek is torn to pieces?

88 - The Second Super Power of the Clash!
Son Goku and Frieza continue to match strength and wits on Namek. A clever underwater attack puts Son Goku on top until Frieza traps Son Goku in an energy ball. It's pinball style fun for Frieza as he bats Son Goku around, but being trapped in the exploding ball proves to be a deadly game for Son Goku!

89 - Freeza Declares, "I'll beat You Without Using My Hands"
To prove his superiority, Frieza vows to beat Son Goku without using his hands. But after a few painful lessons, the mighty Saiya-jin has Frieza eating his words. Elsewhere on Namek, Ginyu manages to use his body change technique on Bulma, leaving her trapped in the body of a frog!

90 - He's Not Bragging... Son Goku is Wonderful!
Ginyu returns to the battlefield, but this time, in Bulma's body! Can Piccolo, Krillin, and Son Gohan handle this Femme Fatale? And when Frieza powers up to fifty percent of his maximum, Son Goku is totally outclassed by the evil superpower! Without any more cards up his sleeve, where does Son Goku go from here?

91 - Life or Death Decision! Kaio-ken x20!
Son Goku is in hot water when even his Kaio-ken Attack has no effect on Frieza who is only at fifty-percent of his maximum power level! But when it looks like Frieza has dealt the final blow, a dreamlike vision helps Son Goku to awaken to an even higher level of power and strength!

92 - A Mega Energy Ball...His last Ace!
Once again Son Goku is rescued from the depths of despair by a vision! This time Vegeta talks to Son Goku from beyond the grave to offer the ailing Saiya-jin new hope and encouragement! But when the renewed Son Goku realizes that the battle against Frieza is futile, he turns to his last resort: the Spirit Bomb!

93 - Piccolo Stakes His Life To Attack and Aid!
Yamcha, Tien, and Chaiotzu are shivering in their boots when the members of the Ginyu Force pay them a surprise visit at Kaiís planet! Meanwhile, back on Namek, Frieza puts a stop to Son Gokuís struggling efforts to gather enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb, and Piccolo has to intervene to buy Son Goku the precious time that he needs!

94 - Who Survives the Incredible Power of the Genki Dama!
Chaos erupts on Kai's peaceful planet as the Z warriors battle the Ginyu Force! Back on Namek, a life and death struggle between Piccolo and Frieza buys Son Goku the time he needs to finish gathering enough energy to form the Spirit Bomb! And when Son Goku scores a direct hit on Frieza, it looks like the battle is over at last!

95 - Son Goku Becomes The Legendary Super Saiya-jin!!
A tender victory celebration comes to a crashing halt when Frieza reappears on the battlefield! With no reserves left, Son Goku watches helplessly as Frieza fells Piccolo and destroys Krillin. Enraged by the loss of his friends, Son Goku suddenly undergoes a wild transformation! What does this mean? Who is the man of gold?

96 - His Rage Explodes! Avenge Everyone Goku!
Engulfed in a shimmering aura of golden light, a completely rejuvenated Son Goku announces that he is now a Super Saiya-jin! Frieza is curious but unimpressed - until the fighting begins, that is! In a raging battle Frieza is horrified when he realizes that Son Goku is now superior to him in every way!

97 - An Attack of Evil... Will Namek be Destroyed?
Finding Son Gokuís newfound Super Saiya-jin strength to be too much for him, Frieza directs his attack at the planet Namek itself! Unable to react in time, Son Goku is forced to watch helplessly as Frieza's energy blast tears through the heart of the once tranquil planet. Things look bleak for the mighty Saiya-jin and his friends as the fiery explosion rips through Namek's core! Can anyone survive such incredible destruction?

98 - I'll be the Winner! The Final Attack.
With only minutes to go before the planet explodes, Son Goku launches a ferocious assault against the weakened Frieza. But Frieza proves that he has a few tricks left up his sleeve as he begins to gather the energy he needs to achieve 100% of his true power! Can Son Goku defeat the evil titan in time to escape the dying planet, or is the fully energized Frieza too powerful for even the Super Saiya-jin to handle?

99 - Shenlong! Fly Through Space! Namek's Destruction Nears!
The two most powerful forces in the universe collide as the battle between Son Goku and Frieza rages on. Back on Earth, the seven Dragon Balls have been collected, and Kai devises a plan that may save his friends on Namek and put an end to the evil Frieza. But with Namek's final destruction imminent, can Kami and Popo use the Dragon Balls before it's too late?

100 - I am Son Gokuís Son! Son Gohan Returns to the Battle.
The first stage of Kai's plan is complete, and all of Frieza's victims have been wished back to life. But while the people of Namek begin to rise again, the mighty Super Saiya-jin Son Goku falls as Frieza launches a devastating final assault. Sensing his father's defeat, Son Gohan rushes to the scene as the universe's last hope against the seemingly invincible Frieza. Can Son Gohan succeed where Son Goku failed, or will this be the end of both father and son?

101 - His Last Wish... I will Stay on The Planet!
Guru and the people of Namek have been brought back to life, and the dragon Porunga has reappeared to grant the last of three wishes. While a newly enraged Son Goku resumes his onslaught against the evil Frieza, Dende races to make the final wish of Kai's plan. But Frieza has his own wish in mind, and he too speeds toward the dragon!

102 - Battle to the End on a dying planet.
With all of his friends evacuated to the safety of Earth, Son Goku has chosen to remain on the doomed planet of Namek to finish Frieza once and for all. But Frieza refuses to go down quietly, and it looks as though the mighty Saiya-jin still has the fight of his life on his hands. And with Namek about to explode, there seems no way for Son Goku to defeat Frieza and escape from the planet in time! Has Son Goku made the greatest - and final - mistake of his life?

103 - Pitiful Freeza Cannot Stop Shaking, His End Nears!
Time is growing short for Son Goku, as each passing second brings Namek closer to its ultimate destruction. But the Super Saiya-jin's powers seem to know no limits, and it looks as though the once unstoppable Frieza has finally been outmatched! As Son Gokuís strength continues to increase with every blow, it appears that the battle has at last reached its conclusion!

104 - Goku Declares Victory...
As his desperation grows, Frieza's attempts to destroy Son Goku become more and more reckless. Son Gokuís power proves to be far superior, and he easily counters the evil tyrant's attacks. It seems that Frieza's greatest fear has been realized - defeat at the hands of a Super Saiya-jin! But the clock is ticking! Can Son Goku escape from Namek before it explodes?

105 - The Defeat of Freeza!?
Frieza may be down, but he's not out yet. And even after being sliced into pieces by his own energy disk, the evil tyrant isn't quite ready to release his stranglehold on the universe. Calling upon what little power he has left, a desperate Frieza fires a final energy blast after Son Goku leaves the battlefield. Will the Super Saiya-jin sense this sneak attack in time?

106 - Son Goku Vanishes in the Universe.
The Namek-jin Dragon Balls have followed their guardian Guru all the way back to Earth. And even though it looks like Son Goku is going to be trapped on the exploding planet Namek, Dende has a good reason to celebrate - the Dragon Balls have the power to bring Son Goku back! But if that's the case, why does everyone still look so sad?

107 - Warriors Z Come Back to Life.
It is a time of joyful reunions as old friends long absent are finally wished home with the Dragon Balls. While Krillin and Yamcha are easily brought back from the spirit world, Porunga, the Namek-jin dragon, reveals that he is unable to restore Son Goku to life - because the Super Saiya-jin isn't dead! But if Son Goku is still alive, why hasn't he come home?

Garlic Jr. Saga

108 - Garlic Jr. Becomes God!
Son Gohan's going fishing, Krillin's found a girlfriend, and it looks as though peace has once again returned to the Earth. But a terrible evil lurks beneath this tranquil surface in the shape of Garlic Junior, who has escaped from the Dead Zone with only one thing on his mind - revenge. And with Son Goku, the Earth's most powerful fighter, still missing, will the world be ready to withstand this dark new threat?

109 - The Black Mist of Horror
With the help of his henchmen, the Spice Men, Garlic Junior has released the Black Water Mist upon an unsuspecting world. As the dreaded fog spreads, so does Garlic Junior's control over the Earth, for all who breathe it are transformed into mindless slaves with insatiable appetites for evil! Can anyone escape the reach of the Black Water Mist, or will the entire world be drafted into Garlic Junior's army of darkness?

110 - Heaven Turn's into a Battlefield
As Piccolo attempts to hold off the Spice Men and the infected Z Fighters, Son Gohan and Krillin race toward Kami's Lookout in hopes of retrieving the one thing capable of reversing the effects of the Black Water Mist - the Sacred Water. But this won't be easy, because Garlic Junior himself closely guards the Sacred Water! It's two against the world as Krillin and Son Gohan prepare to take on Garlic Junior and his army of evil servants... And against those odds, can they possibly succeed?

111 - Face-to-Face Encounter with Piccolo...
Son Gohan and Krillin reach Kami's Lookout, but come face to face with Garlic Jr.'s new watchdog -- Piccolo! With Piccolo infected by the Black Water Mist and Kami and Mr. Popo suspended in glass bottles, Garlic Jr. relaxes and allows his Spice Men to "have sport" with the Earth's last defenders. Will Salt's energy blast finish off Krillin for good, and what ending has Piccolo planned for Son Gohan?

112 - The War for Super Magic Water.
Son Gohan continues to suffer Piccolo's brutal stranglehold, as Krillin, already injured from a serious Spice Men beating, makes an attempt to free Kami. But he also falls prey to the Black Water Mist! Now Gohan must face both Krillin and Piccolo! Son Gohan is the only one left who can save the Earth, but can he do it with his two best friends against him?

113 - The Death-or-Alive Journey of God.
Piccolo and Krillin reveal that they have only pretended to be infected by the Black Water Mist! Kami and Mr. Popo are released from their glass prisons and break for the Sacred Water. Enraged, Garlic Jr. transforms using the energy of the Makyo Planet! Can Piccolo, Krillin and Son Gohan defend against Garlic Jr.'s increasingly powerful forces much longer?

114 - The Mega Vigorous Battle.
Garlic Jr. and his Spice Men have harnessed the evil power of the Makyo Planet to become stronger than ever, but Son Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo are ready to meet this new threat head on! In the recesses of the lookout, however, the Former Guardians of Earth are draining Kami's life force -- and Piccolo's strength along with it! How much longer can Piccolo hold Garlic Jr. at bay?

115 - The World Awakens From the Nightmare.
In a last ditch effort to save his friends; Son Gohan launches an all out assault on Garlic Jr.! But even the mighty young warrior can't slow down the immortal giant for long. Meanwhile, deep within the lookout, Kami and Mr. Popo are still besieged by the Former Guardians!! Will they be able to spread the Sacred Water in time to foil Garlic Jr.'s plans?

116 - The Last Chance, Strike Makyo Planet...
Blinded by rage and desperate to destroy his enemies, Garlic Jr. uses his power to open up the terrible Dead Zone! And with Piccolo and Krillin out of commission, Son Gohan is the only one left who can stop him! But will Son Gohan be able to do what it takes to put an end to Garlic Jr. and save the Earth, even if it means sacrificing his friends?

117 - The 101st Proposal of Krillin...
Even though peace has once again been restored to the Earth, Krillin still faces his toughest challenge ever -- surviving a shopping trip with Maron! And it looks like she's picking out a wedding dress!! Are Krillin and Maron really planning to tie the knot?

Trunks Saga

118 - The Revenge of Freeza and his Father...
At the remains of the destroyed Namek, King Cold finds the remains of his destroyed son Frieza. Frieza explains to his father to head toward Earth to destroy it, while back on Earth Son Gohan has re-stared his studies with a new tutor. From nowhere, everyone's greatest fears are realized as Frieza and King Cold begin their approach to Earth, will this be the end?

119 - I'll Stop Freeza, A Mysterious Boy Awaiting Goku...
The Z fighters realize the on coming arrival of Frieza, without the Super Saiya-jin Goku how will Frieza be stopped? And who is the mysterious boy that has appeared from nowhere?

120 - Freeza Decisively Defeated! Another Super Saiya-jin!
The Mysterious boy turns out to be a legendary Super Saiya-jin! He proves his superiority and is able to cut Frieza to ribbons. The Youth then turns his attack to King Cold, destroying him in a blast. Vegeta and the others are stunned by the appearance of another Super Saiya-jin, what does this mean?

121 - Hiya! Its been a while! The return of Son Goku
At the beginning of the episode Trunks finishes up Frieza by cutting him into about 500 pieces then blasting him into a pile of dust! Then Trunks takes care of King Cold. The Z fighters are baffled. At the very end Son Goku returns to Earth!

122 - My Father is Vegeta-san...The Mysterious Youth's Confession
Trunks tells Son Goku that in 3 years Dr. Gero will create 2 cyborgs with incredible strength. In the battle with them, all the warriors will die. Son Goku will die due to a heart condition and Trunks will be the only fighter left. He also tells Son Goku he is Vegeta's and Bulma's son. Son Goku goes back and tells the others to train hard, for in 3 years they will have the battle of their lives. Trunks goes back to the future, and everyone is shocked.

123 - Son Gokuís New Special Attack!? Look at my Instantaneous Movement
Son Goku shows off his new technique, which lets him transport himself to anywhere in the universe just as long as he can feel another's ki. So Son Goku transports to Kame-House and takes Master Roshi's sunglasses back as proof he was there. Everyone is amazed. So everyone goes to train for 3 years, not knowing what awaits them.

124 - I'll Surpass you Son Goku!! The Warrior Race Saiya-Jin's King
Vegeta is obsessed with surpassing Son Goku, so he trains in 400 times gravity and injures himself. Bulma finds herself starting to care about Vegeta. The other fighters also continue their training, all they can do is train, for the battle of their life is coming up.

125 - A Normal License? Son Gokuís new ordeal!
This is just a funny episode. Son Goku and Piccolo go to get a driver's license. The others continue their training. Vegeta goes to 450 times gravity!

Android Saga

126 - Killers without a trace? Who are the artificial humans!?
3 years have passed, and everyone but Vegeta have met at the place where Trunks told them the artificial humans will be. Everyone (but Son Goku and Piccolo) is shocked to see Bulma had a baby with Vegeta. Near the end of the episode 2 androids attack Yamcha. Are these the Artificial Humans!?

127 - The cold blooded #20's Evil Path, Son Gokuís Transformation of Anger
Yamcha gets hurt bad but is healed by a senzu bean. Son Goku and the others go with the Artificial Humans to a far away island. Even after Son Goku turns SSJ the 2 cyborgs still arenít afraid.

128 - Son Gokuís double shock!! Trapped between sickness and the enemy
The fight between Son Goku and #19 escalates, Son Goku fires a Kamehameha at him, #19 can absorb energy blasts! Son Gokuís heart condition kicks in and he is badly weakened. Also Maron goes to the Kame-House looking for Krillin, but all she finds was Roshi, Oolong, and Chiaotzu. Roshi tells her all about little Son Goku destroying the Red Ribbon Army.

129 - Vegeta-san's Strength! The Super Saiyan-Jin blood has awakened!!
Son Gokuís heart problem is getting to him, #19 pins him and starts absorbing energy out of him. Suddenly, out of nowhere Vegeta steps in, and he turns to a Super Saiya-jin! Everyone is surprised but the artificial humans are still confident! Vegeta starts fighting #19.

130 - The Invincible laugh of #20! Dr. Gero's Secret
Vegeta gets in a duel and kills #19 easily. Vegeta bluffed to him that #19 did drain some energy from him, but is still a lot stronger than him. #20 gets scared and runs away to hide. That's when Vegeta asks Krillin for a senzu bean. Vegeta now takes off to find the android in the basin's, androids don't show ki, so he has to do it the old fashion way. The others want to see the fight so they go along and help him too.

131 - The present is more frightening then the future? The questions of Trunks-san!
#20 comes out of hiding and drains some of Piccolo's energy. Son Gohan hits #20 across the head and he releases Piccolo. Krillin throws him a senzu bean and Piccolo was stronger than before! Vegeta lets Piccolo fight #20 and Piccolo shows his true power and mops the floor with #20. Then Trunks shows up again, tells the fighters that the whole time they have been fighting the wrong androids!

132 - Pursuit Dr. Gero! Lets find the mysterious laboratory!
Trunks describes #17 and #18 to Vegeta and the others so that no more mistakes are made. Bulma shows up on the scene with baby Trunks and #20 attacks them. While Future Trunks has to save his mom and himself, #20 escapes, Bulma tells them that itís Dr. Gero and shows them where Gero's lab is. So the fighters race to Dr. Gero's lab to take care of #17 and #18 before they can be activated!

133 - Horror becomes reality!
They get to the secret lab and Dr. Gero awakened #17 and #18. #17 has taken the self-destruct device from Dr. Gero and destroyed it. Dr. Gero complains about how the two androids are failures.

134 - We were to late! The ultimate weapon to kill Son Goku
#17 and #18 have killed their master, Dr. Gero. They also awakened another android #16. The 3 androids take off to find Son Goku, ignoring the others. Vegeta is pissed and takes off after them. Vegeta thinks he can kill the androids and starts to fight #18.

135 - A cutie with super powers! #18 has no blind spot
Vegeta and #18 get it on! At 1st the fight was dead even, but being an artificial human #18 has an unlimited ki supply. Vegeta got tired and sloppy, and finally #18 hurts him bad. Without thinking Trunks jumped in to help, looks like #17 will join the action soon.

136 - No one can stop them! Will the Z warriors be killed!?
The androids injure everyone but Krillin badly, they tell Krillin that if his friends ever get stronger they are welcome to try and fight them again. #18 gives Krillin a kiss and the androids fly off to have some fun.

137 - Piccolo-san's resolve! The last trick up his sleeve
Krillin gives the fallen warriors a senzu bean each, and they think of what to do. Vegeta storms off angrily, saying that the androids will regret that they let him live. Piccolo goes to Kami and demands that he fuse with him, but Kami refuses saying that he wont unless he is convinced that the androids are a threat to the Earth.

138 - Walking Super weapons of death!! The androids search for Son Goku
Son Goku gets moved from his house to Master Roshi's. The androids steal a car and mess around with local gang and the police.

139 - A Evil Premonition! Bulma learns of a new mystery!
Trunks tells everyone that even if they destroy the androids in this timeline, they will still be around in his timeline. He tells them that his mother wished there was a world out there without the androids. He hopes to find the androids weakness by watching them fight Son Goku and then he could defeat them when he comes back to his own time. Or he will just bring Son Goku with him to the future. #16 tells #17and #18 Son Goku's address. Bulma finds another time machine, has someone followed Trunks from the future?

140 - A Evil egg discovered!! Trunks-san is afraid!
Bulma, Son Gohan, and Trunks locate the 2nd time machine and find the remains of a hatched egg inside. The time machine log says that whoever used the machine arrived on this timeline 1 year before Trunks. Near the time machine they find a skin shredded by whoever used the time machine, and it doesnít look good. Kami senses the world is in grave danger.

Imperfect Cell Saga

141 - For an enemy never known before, a Super Namek is born!
15 thousand people have mysteriously disappeared in Gingertown, and Bulma doesnít think it was the work of the androids. Kami fuses with Piccolo and the new Super Namek goes to Gingertown and sees the new monster. Trunks is on his way to Gingertown to meet this monster that has traveled from the future.

142 - KAME-HAME-HA! The monster with Son Gokuís Aura
The monster begins to fight the new Piccolo (Kamicilo), Piccolo isnít doing too bad against him and can go all out since there are no humans left in Gingertown. The androids sense the fight, and #16 says one of the two fighters is as strong as #17 and #18 combined!! Could it be this mysterious monster, who says he hasn't even reached perfection yet, and what's this, he's charging up for a KAMEHAMEHA attack!?

143 - Hatred and Destruction being its name is the Android Cell!
The monster known as Cell does a KAMEHAMEHA and surprises Piccolo, he then catches him off guard and absorbs most of his left arm. Piccolo got away and told Cell he had no chance of winning, and he just wanted to ask a few questions before being absorbed. So Cell told Piccolo how he was Dr. Gero's best creation and how he was made from the cells of the Son Goku, Vegeta, Frieza ,King Cold and others. He also said he needs to absorb #17 and #18 to obtain total perfection. After finding out all he needed to know, Piccolo simply regenerated his left arm.

144 - Piccolo-san's huge mistake! Cell is set free on the town!
Just as Piccolo is about to fight Cell again, Trunks and Krillin show up. Seeing he canít win Cell uses Tien's flash attack to momentarily blind Piccolo, Trunks and Krillin. Cell gets away and absorbs a traveling football team and gets ready to attack another town. Tien and Vegeta join Piccolo, Trunks and Krillin and they find out whatís happened.

145 - The mystery of Cell's birth! What is in the basement of the Laboratory?
Krillin and Trunks thrash Dr. Gero's basement where Cell (in this timeline) is being made. They also find blueprints for #17, maybe Bulma can show them a weakness? Cell continues to absorb people, and Tien and Piccolo are hot on his trail. Trunks went to train with Vegeta, can they surpass Super Saiyan?

146 - Son Goku awakening for the battle! Surpass Super Saiyan!
Piccolo and Tien encounter Cell again, but he escapes. Everyone goes looking for Cell via plane hoping they wonít be detected. Meanwhile Son Goku wakes up, he says he wonít fight yet, but he will train to surpass Super Saiyan like Vegeta wants too!

147 - Saiyans hurry up with the training inside the room of Time and Space!
Son Goku tells Vegeta there is a room in Kami's palace where one year will pass in one day outside it, but the room can only handle 2 people at a time. So Vegeta and Trunks go inside in the hopes of surpassing Super Saiyan!

148 - The explosion that shatters heaven!! Piccolo-san vs. Android 17!
The fight between Piccolo and #17 begins, looks like Piccolo is winning, but how can he possibly kill #17? Cell thinks he is ready to become perfect so he is making his way to the island where Piccolo and the androids are. Trunks and Vegeta are still in the Room of Spirit and Time, will they surpass SSJ?

149 - Today is the day, Cell becomes Perfect!
#17 admits Piccolo is as strong as him, after a long dead even fight, but #17 canít run out of energy so Piccolo canít win. Cell shows up at the end, looks like he's ready to fight.

150 - The Desperate counterattack is no use Piccolo-san burns out!
Piccolo does his best to try and hold off Cell, but Cell is just too strong! Piccolo gets attacked and get thrown into the water, is he dead? #17 tries his luck against Cell.

151 - The only hope left! The only hope warrior number 16 rises up!
#17 wasnít doing so well against Cell, and he was just about to be absorbed. #16 had no choice but to step in, #16 seemed pretty well matched with Cell. #16 pulls off Cellís tail hoping without it he wonít absorb, but having Piccoloís cells in him Cell simply regenerates it!

152 - Cell Transformed! Number 17 is really quite a gourmet meal!
Finally Cell absorbs #17, not only does his appearance change, but he gets faster and stronger! Tien, who's been watching the battles jumps in and keeps Cell busy with a technique while 16 and 18 escape!

Perfect Cell Saga

153 - Son Gokuís letter of challenge
Tien runs low on ki and canít keep Cell occupied any longer. Cell starts attacking Tien but Son Goku uses his Instant Movement technique to get to the place they are. Son Goku tells Cell to give him one day, and then he will beat him. Piccolo shows signs of life so Son Goku teleports the injured Z warriors to Godís palace right before Vegeta and Trunks come out after a year of training! Cell goes to look for #18

154 - The New-born Vegeta-san and Trunks-san Strike!
Trunks says that Vegeta surpassed SSJ in just 2 months in the room! Son Goku and Gohan go in for their turn to train. Vegeta seems very confident that he can beat Cell so he goes to look for him, Trunks follows. Meanwhile, Cell destroys islands 1 by 1 in search of #18

155 - The Dazzling super power of Vegeta-san!
Just as Cell is about to find #18, Vegeta shows up, Vegeta says how he is going to destroy Cell! Vegeta starts powering up, and Cell looks quite impressed. The fight begins!

156 - I am Super Vegeta-san!
The fight heats up, Vegeta has a big advantage, Cell only manages a couple of shots on the new Vegeta, and those only made him laugh! At the end Cell asks "is this the real Vegeta?" and Vegeta replies "no I am Super Vegeta" having strength and confidence, looks like Vegeta could win it easily

157 - Challenging Perfect Cell!
Cell tries one of Vegetaís attacks, Vegeta easily counters it and mocks Cell, and the two continue to fight. It seems clear that Cell canít win and Cell starts throwing a hissyfit!

158 - Krillin is Destroying 18!
Cell manages to talk Vegeta into fighting him in his perfect form. Vegeta being a proud Prince of the Saiyans wants a good challenge. So Vegeta helps Cell look for #18. Meanwhile Krillin has found #18 already, but for some reason he doesn't want to use the self-destruct device that Bulma has made to destroy the Androids. At the end Cell spots #18.

159 - Cell has Evolved as a Whole Body
As Cell spots #18 Trunks tries to attack Cell. Cell burrows underground and #18 and Krillin start running away. Cell shows up in front of #18, as Trunks goes after Cell again he is attacked by Vegeta, his own father. Trunks manages to blow Vegeta away, buying him some time. Cell blinds everyone using Tienís flash technique. Cell absorbs #18 finally, and his amazing Ki is felt even on Namek!

160 - The Birth of the God of Destruction, Cell
Cell has finally obtained his perfect body! Krillin attacks Perfect Cell, and Cell basically ignores him, and then swats him away like a bug. Krillin also threw a Destructo Disk right at Cellís neck, but it bounced right off. Son Goku and Gohan continue to train in the room of Spirit and Time, while protecting himself against Son Gokuís Kamehameha, Gohan turns Super Saiyan for a little while, but then loses it and collapses.

161 - Super Vegeta-san in Grave Danger
Gohan has learned to control himself while SSJ. Meanwhile, Cell asks Vegeta to help him warm up his new perfect body. Not even at full power Cell is untouchable. Vegeta is trying his hardest, and he wants cell to use all his power!

162 - Breaking through the Level of Super Saiyan
Trunks tells Krillin he is much more powerful then Vegeta, but he doesnít want to make Vegeta angry, so he will wait till Vegeta passes out to reveal he true strength. Vegeta tries his best but itís not good enough, Vegeta is down for the count. Trunks starts powering up

163 - Rage of Trunks-san
Cell notices Trunks power level going up. They fight for a while, Trunks seems to be winning, and then Trunks lets Cell hit him in order to distract Cell while Krillin takes the passed out Vegeta to safety. With Vegeta gone Trunks starts powering up, soon he will be at full strength and the real fight will begin!

164 - The Man who lived through hell, Trunks-san
Trunks continues his battle with perfect body Cell. Trunks figures out that his power doesn't last forever and he finds himself growing tired. Meanwhile Gohan and Son Goku continue their training in the room of spirit in time training. It gets harder and harder for them as time passes by, but the training has really been paying off.

165 - The Battle comes to an End
Trunks and Cell are finishing their fight, Trunks has no chance. Vegeta is revived by a senzu bean and watches on. Cell has an idea to host a tournament, called the Cell games. Cell explains the Cell games to Trunks. He has no fun with one person at a time and wants to face all the strongest people in the world. He says that there will be no mercy and promises death there. It is Trunks' responsibility to go tell everyone about it

166 - Myth of the New World Top Martial arts competition!
Trunks leaves his battle against Cell to go tell the others about the Cell Games. He goes and meets up with Vegeta and Krillin but he sees something on the way. He sees Android 16. Krillin and Vegeta fly toward there also. After convincing Trunks to fight along with him and to get repaired, he goes with Trunks to Bulma to get repaired. Cell finds a good location for his competition to be held, he starts to construct a platform.

Cell Games Saga

167 - Viewer Rating 100% Live Coverage of the Deadly Cell Games.
Master Roshi is watching a fitness video (perverted part) and something interrupts him. Cell was on TV. Trunks and Vegeta run to the TV to hear what he has to say. He says for all the strongest people in the world to come and challenge him at his Cell Games. He flies out. Trunks tells Bulma to cut his hair and that he will be going in the Room of Spirit and Time Training.

168 - Super Power To Son Goku and Son Gohan. Increase your power to the max.
The training continues to become the strongest. Son Goku and Son Gohan still continue the training, which is now soon coming to an end. They finally come out. Son Goku gets back into his original costume and Son Gohan is deciding what he will wear. He wants to wear what Piccolo is wearing and Piccolo snaps his fingers. He is very happy now. Tien tells Son Goku and Son Gohan to go back into the training because even after he trains there, he will not be strong enough. Son Goku and Son Gohan say it is fine and now Vegeta and Trunks go in.

169 - Son Gokuís Composure? Just rest and wait for the Cell Games.
Son Goku and Son Gohan return to their house to tell Chi-Chi that they are alright. Chi-Chi completely freaks out when she sees Son Gohan in SSJ form and says " My Son Looks Like A Freak." He said he had to do it. Son Goku and Son Gohan completely forgot their power and almost break everything in their house. Son Gohan was about to train for Cell, but Son Goku stops him and says they will be relaxing the whole next 7 days.

170 - Son Gohan's Determination!
Son Gohan go to a small village to by some spices and stuff. He befriends the storeowner and the small girl he is looking out for. Son Gohan learns that this guy has built a Dome outside of the village. The guy claims the Dome is strong enough to hold off Cell. So people pay money for staying in this Dome. After a few small fights with security, Son Gohan destroys the Dome with a weak blast, and tells the people if he could destroy it Cell would have no problem in getting in! He also tells them about the Cell games and how Cell may be gone soon!

171 - The Childhood of Son Gohan
Chi-Chi announces that today is the day to celebrate the birthday Son Gohan missed while he was in the Room of Time and Space. Son Goku goes to catch a big fish for the party. Chi-Chi prepares cake and stuff and both of them remember when Son Gohan was little, how he got his name. How he made a hole in this big tree outside their house. Then when it comes time to blowout the candles. Son Gohan gets a little carried away and blows out the whole table.

172 - Looking for a new God
The army foolishly attacks Cell. They waste billions of dollars worth of missiles and they donít even scratch Cell. Cell simply kills them all with a single blast. Son Goku get pissed (it was televised) and uses his Instant Movement to go to Godís Palace and he tells everyone that he will go to Namek and bring back a Namekian and hope that the Dragon Balls will be restored if the Earth has a God again.

173 - Dende Brings the Dragon balls Back to life.
After stopping at Kai's place, Son Goku goes to Namek and talks to Dende. Dende agrees to be the new god of the Earth and he comes back with Son Goku to be the Earth new guardian. The Dragon Balls are restored!

174 - Wisely Snatching the Dragon balls, Mr. Satan shows his stuff.
This is the first episode Mr. Satan appears in. Krillin is watching TV and a man comes on the TV screen. It is a big arena. An announcer comes on and says " Mr. Satan, the man who will beat Cell." You see him in the middle and with his arms out. He carries a tow truck with 6 cars in it. Everyone is impressed. Krillin and Yamcha are not impressed at all. Meanwhile, Son Goku borrows the Dragon Radar from Bulma and looks for the Dragon balls.

175 - Prelude to the Final Battle
Mr. Satan, the self-proclaimed strongest fighter on Earth is the first one to show up at Cellís arena. Vegeta shows up next by himself. The rest of the gang shows up later. Mr. Satan wants to be the first to fight Cell. The Z fighters are amazed at how stupid Mr. Satan is.

176 - Here comes Satan's Army!
Mr. Satan and Cell are about to fight, when suddenly Mr. Satan's 2 person army consisting of the 2nd and 3rd strongest fighters (In Mr.Satanís opinion). Satan told them to fight Cell because the great Mr. Satan shouldnít get his hands dirty. Cell takes care of the 2 weak fighters without touching them. Mr. Satan launches an attack on Cell. Cell simply swats him away like a bug. Looks like itís Son Gokuís turn, the real fight will now begin.

177 - The extremely exciting Cell Games
Cell and Son Goku begin their battle! They move faster than the eye can see. Everyone is amazed at how Son Goku is keeping up with Cell. Son Gohan says that Son Gokuís not using his real power yet. Cell isnít either. Meanwhile, Mr. Satan tells the news reporter who is recording the Cell Games that they are actors, and that soon he will get in there and kill Cell (yeah right). Son Goku starts powering up to full, after that small warm-up. Can he keep up when Cell goes all out?

178 - Direct Hit on Earth, Cell's Kamehameha
Both Son Goku and Cell are at their full powers now. Cell does however, have an advantage. He cannot lose KI, while Son Goku can. Cell charges up a KAMEHAMEHA while at full power. Son Goku tells him to stop since it could destroy the Earth. Son Goku flies up into the sky, Cell fire the KAMEHAMEHA up away from the Earth. Son Goku teleports to avoid it. The fight continues.

179 - Lose or Die! Son Gokuís secret Turnabout Plan
The battle continues at full power. Son Goku and Cell are dead even still fighting like they just started, Cell blows up the fighting platform. But whatís this? Son Goku charges up for a KAMEHAMEHA at full power while he is in the air, and Cell is on the ground. Cell doesnít think Son Goku will risk shooting it at him and risk hurting the Earth. The KAMEHAMEHA is charged, and Son Goku warps right in front of Cell and fires at him. Cells head is blown off! Is this the end of the battle?

180 - The End of the Desperate Struggle! Son Gokuís Surrender
Son Goku manages to hurt Cell with a barrage of ki blasts, but now he is all out of energy. Son Goku has too much pride to eat a senzu bean and continue the battle. So Son Goku says he quits. Everyone is very shocked. Son Goku has never gave up before!

181 - Someone Who Will Succeed the Strongest! His Name is Son Gohan.
Son Goku admits he cannot beat Cell, but he has a plan. Someone will fight for him. Everybody got very nervous. He announces it is Son Gohan. Vegeta starts screaming he is not strong enough and that he shouldnít do it. Goku has a secret plan.

182 - Son Gohan Get Mad! Release The Sleeping Power Within.
Son Gohan is now fighting Perfect Cell. It is very balanced. Son Gohan beats Cell up then Cell beats Son Gohan up. Son Goku finally reveals his plan since he was getting beaten. It was to get mad. Son Gohan has his true power to get mad. Cell heard this and wanted a challenge in his games. He kept punching him to get mad. Son Gohan was getting frustrated and kept trying to get mad, but nothing worked.

183 - Small Wonders! Cell Juniors Attack!
Cell keeps trying to get Son Gohan mad. Son Gohan and Cell stand head to head. Son Gohan tells Cell why he is not getting mad. It is because he is scared he would kill him. He has a flashback of all the anger times he has had. After it, Cell does not care and has the perfect plan to get him mad. To make little DNA creatures of himself to kill his friends. He makes them out of his back. He calls them the Cell Juniors. They attack everyone, but Son Gohan.

184 - The Tragedy of Number 16. Super Son Gohan's Anger Explodes.
Number 16 gets an idea. He will self-destruct on Cell to save everyone. He tries going on him, but Cell kicks him and all his particles fly. His head flies toward Mr. Satan. The Cell Juniors attack and Son Gohan just stands there doing nothing. The head starts talking to Mr. Satan. He asks if he can bring his head to Son Gohan. He does so. Number 16 says some pretty sad stuff about how much he loved Earth. Cell stomps on his head. This is the best part in dbz. Music is playing in the background and Son Gohan turns SSJ2 emotionally for the first time.

185 - Real Power Blowup. Exploding Cell Juniors.
The renewed Son Gohan is ready to battle Cell, but before that he has something else to do. To kill the Cell Juniors. Cell commands the Cell Juniors to kill the others this second, but Son Gohan stops them and kills them in one punch. Everyone was amazed. Vegeta was sort of mad that he had such power. Now it was time to face Cell.

186 - Cell is shattered. Beaten in two punches!
The name sort of tell the episode itself. For 15 minutes of this episode, Cell try's to fight Son Gohan, but he keeps dodging. Son Gohan lands two punches on Cell and he is very hurt. Shattered if you may.

187 Ė Cellís Perfect Body Breaks Down!
Cell is now just standing there screaming. Saliva is coming out of his mouth. All of a sudden he grew double his size. He tries going after Son Gohan again. He is even slower than before, but punches can land harder. Son Gohan shoots a beam at him and he is standing there again. His mouth opens wide and he spits out Android 18. He goes back to his previous form. Cell grows really fat now. He tells everybody that he is going to self-destruct and blow up the Earth and not even he can stop it.

188 - Bye Bye Everyone. Son Gokuís Last Teleportation.
Son Goku tells everyone he is thinking something over. He is deciding on something that would save the Earth. Vegeta kept telling him to spit it out (this goes on for 10 minutes.) He agrees to do it. Everyone is sad. He teleports to Kai's place and he blows up there. Kai, Son Goku, and everything there died. Son Gohan kept crying and Krillin calmed him down.

189 - A Nightmare is Reborn.....The Absolute Terror.
Everyone is relieved that Cell is dead. All of a sudden a big amount of dust surrounds them and a hand comes out and shoots a beam. It hits Trunks. He falls to the floor. The dust clears up and Cell is there. Everyone is shocked. Cell explains why he is alive. When he self-destructed, the main part of him didn't die, and he regrouped himself. He also got Son Gokuís cells and has his teleportation technique. He mentions it was a fluke what happened. Also He is powerful from before since he has a Saiyans DNA Vegeta gets pissed. He goes super Saiyan and says he will beat Cell not Son Gohan. He gets his butt kicked and is thrown into a mountain. Cell shoots a beam to Vegeta but Son Gohan blocks it. His arm gets crippled and he can use only one arm.

190 - From Father To Son. Son Gokuís Spirit is Passed Down.
Cell is happy that Son Gohan is crippled on his arm. He is going to get ready to end Son Gohan forever. He prepares for a Kamehameha. Everybody flies off somewhere safe. Son Gohan was about to surrender, but a voice came to his mind. It was Son Goku. He encourages him to save the world. He shoots a single hand Kamehameha and so does Cell.

191 - The battle is over. Thank you Son Goku.
Son Gohan and Cell are now fighting. Son Gohan starts to lose. Son Goku is shocked. Everybody decides to help him. They all shoot Cell. It's no use. Vegeta shoots a big one. Son Gohan has a chance now. A spirit of Son Goku helps Son Gohan now. He now kills Cell. His DNA splits and dies. Everyone is now unconscious from all the power.

192 - I'll Be up there. Farewell with a Smile
Son Gohan is really hurt, everyone is hurt, and Cell is dead. Everyone is very happy. The Z warriors (all but Vegeta, because he ditches them after the battle) Go to Godís Palace. There Dende heals Son Gohan and #18. Mr. Satan gets credit for killing Cell, and he gets a big parade and everyone continues to think he is the Earthís strongest fighter. Back at Godís place, they summon Shenron and wish back everyone killed by Cell. They try to bring Son Goku back but they canít because he has already been wished back before. Just then Son Goku talks to them via King Kai and congratulates them, and says that he will be ok up here in Heaven.

193 - Son Gohan tells Chichi about Son Gokuís death. Trunks-san Leaving for the Future!!
Son Gohan gets the job of telling Chi-Chi that Son Goku is dead, that doesnít go to well, and Chi-Chi throws a hissy fit (she would of been much more sad if Son Gohan died!). Trunks says goodbye to everyone and he goes back to his timeline!

194 - I'll protect the Future!!! Trunks-san eradicates No. 17, No. 18 and Cell
The title says it all. Teenage Trunks returns to his own timeline. With all the training he got in the Room of Spirit and Time. Also after fighting all these enemies Trunks strength has improved so much, after he left his timeline. He takes out #17 and #18 (who are weaker but meaner then they were in the timeline Trunks visited) and he also kills Cell (who was also weaker too).

Great Saiyaman Saga

195 Ė The Strongest in Hades. Son Goku confronts the Ginyu Force, Freezer, Cold and Cell
In this episode we visit Son Goku up in the after life. Grand Kai is introduced and he had Pikkon, a prized fighter of the West Quadrant, summoned to go to Hades and confront the trouble being stirred by some powerful fighters. Son Goku and Pikkon head to Hades and straighten things up pronto with Son Goku congratulating Pikkon for his quick work of those guys that has taken Son Goku so long to beat in the past.

196 - An Assembly of fighters from all Era's, Son Goku enters Dai-Kaio's tournament
There is an assembly of fighters there, but none of them are really a match for Son Goku. Some Son Goku has faced before and others are new to the series.

197 - Hold that breath! The Son Goku Hurricane.
The Grand Kai tournament starts. Son Goku wins all his matches. He easily over comes all his opponents, and everyone is surprised at how strong Son Goku has become!

198 - Son Goku makes it to the final round. Son Goku VS. Pikkon
After facing numerous challengers Son Goku makes it to the last round of the tournament. His opponent is someone named Pikkon. This fighter is stronger then the others, and Son Goku has a little trouble with him. The fight is quite even.

199 - Son Goku vs. Pikkon, the battle continues. What, disqualification?
The fight continues. Itís a good fight but Pikkon is disqualified and Son Goku is declared the winner of the Tournament but Son Goku is also disqualified when Grand Kai points out the rule book where if a fighter touches the ceiling of the ring it also means touching the outside of the ring, both are disqualified.

200 - Seven Year's since that Event!! From now on I'm a High School Student.
7 years have passed since Son Goku died in the Cell Games. Son Gohan is all grown up now, Krillin has hair, and lots of other things are different. Son Gohan is finally a high school student in Satan City (yes Mr. Satan got a city named after him after he too credit for killing Cell)

201 - The Debut of the Champion and Lover of Justice, The Great Saiyan-Man
Son Gohan decides to use his powers to help people in need. So, Son Gohan becomes a super hero. He doesn't want his identity revealed. So he asks Bulma to make him a costume. Son Gohanís hero name is "The Great Saiya-Man". One of Son Gohanís classmates is a girl named Videl. She is the daughter of the famous Mr. Satan, the one who defeated Cell (or so everyone thinks). Videl is also a super hero, she is stronger then most guys. The Great saiya-man saves a bus full of elderly people. We also meet Goten, Son Gokuís second son, and we see Trunks now like 8 years old.

202 - Son Gohanís mixed up first date
One day, Son Gohan is late for school, so he flies extra fast to get there. When he lands, he changes back to his regular clothes. A girl named Angel sees him. To prevent Angel from telling everyone that Son Gohan is the Great Saiya-Man, Son Gohan goes out on a date with Angel. The date doesnít go well, but Son Gohan has to do it. On their way to the river, they notice that a building is on fire. Videl is on the top trying to put out the fire. Videl is about to get hurt, but Son Gohan transforms and saves her. At the end it turns out that Angel was talking about some other secret of Son Gohan's. The secret that he wears Teddy Bear underwear. Videl is getting suspicious.

203 - Son Gohan you must move quick!! Save Videl-
Videl wants to find out the identity of the Saiya-man more then ever. She gets called off to help the police. A gang has kidnapped the Mayor. They are saying that unless Mr. Satan doesnít show up, they will kill the Mayor. Mr. Satan is too scared to come, but his daughter Videl does. Videl fights the gang leader for a while. She is doing good, but then the other gang members try to shoot her. The Saiba-man shows up and takes care of the other gang members. Videl finishes off the boss.

204 - A great thief!! And the culprit is the Great Saiya-man!?
Some circus guy kidnaps Son Gohanís and Son Goten's baby dinosaur friend. Son Gohan goes to get the dinosaur back, so the big parent dinosaurs donít go on a rampage. Son Gohan gets the baby dino and runs away with it. He is accused of stealing and he is forced to fight Videl. Son Gohan tries to convince Videl he is doing the right thing (this whole time Son Gohan is in his Saiba-man suit) The two big dinos show up. Son Gohan has to scream "its me Son Gohan" to get them to stop destroying stuff. So now Videl knows who he is. The baby dinosaur leave with its parents. Videl promise's not to tell anyone The Great Saiba-mans identity if Son Gohan participates in the upcoming martial arts tournament and teaches her how to fly.

205 - Son Goku resurrected as well!? He's coming to the Tenkaichi Budokai!
While at Bulma's place, Son Goku talks to everyone there. He tells Son Gohan,Trunks, Vegeta, and Bulma that he will be coming back. He will only be on Earth one day, and that day will be the day of the Martial Arts Tournament. Son Gohan goes around telling everyone the news and he gets Krillin and #18 to enter, along with Piccolo. Him and Son Goten commence training.

206 - Son Gohan's Surprised too! Goten's Explosive Power!
Son Gohan and Son Goten go to train. At first Son Goten is just fooling around and bugging Son Gohan. They have some practices and Son Goten turns in a Super-Saiyan as if it were nothing. Son Gohan is amazed he was able to transform at such a young ago. The two Super-Saiyans start to spar. Son Goten doesn't know how to fly. Videl shows up, and Son Gohan gets ready to teach them both to fly.

207 - Ah! I Flew! Videl learns how to Fly
Son Gohan starts teaching Videl and Son Goten to fly. Videl doesnít know what ki is. So Son Goten goes to play while Son Gohan explains ki to Videl. After eating, Son Goten and Videl are ready to try to fly. Son Goten has no problem, he floats then gets the hang of it. While all Videl can do is float. Videl says she will be back tomorrow for more lessons. Meanwhile, Trunks shows Vegeta he can turn SSJ. Videl returns the next day with short hair.

208 - Welcome back Son Goku! The whole Z Team is Gathered
Videl finally learns to fly after 10 days. Everyone who is going to participate in the tournament continues their training. On the day of the tournament, the Z gang flies via plane to the island, where the tourney is held. They meet Son Goku there, everyone is happy. Son Goten is shy for a bit, but is hugging his dad within minutes. They all register. Trunks and Son Goten are mad they canít fight the adults, but have to register in the children tourney.

209 - You're in Danger Saiya-man!! Guard yourself against Camera Attacks!?
Everyone gets changed, and the tournament begins. There are 194 people in the 15+ division. Only 15 qualify. There is this pouching machine, a fighter hit it and it gives a fighterís a score, top 15 scores get it. Mr. Satan starts, he gets 137. Some weaklings go. Then #18 goes, she gets 700+. They think the machine is busted. She taps it as lightly as she can and gets 200+. The other z fighters all beat Satanís score. Vegeta hits the machine so hard it falls apart.

World Tournament Saga

210 - Not Bad!! Little Trunks!
Everyone but Son Gohan (because he hasnít punched the dumb machine yet) goes to watch the youth tournament. The 1st few fights are boring. Then later Trunks have to fight a boy almost twice his ago. The older boy is really cocky but Trunks knocks him out in about 3 seconds. Everyone is amazed at how strong this little boy is.

221 - Its my turn! Son Goten's nervous first fight!
After Trunks easily defeated his opponent, a few matches later, its Son Goten's turn. His opponent is a 14-year-old, but since when does ago matter to the Z gang? Son Goten wins with one punch. Meanwhile Son Gohan and Videl continue to wait for their turn at the punching machine. Son Goten and Trunks continue to beat kids. Of course both of them make it to the final to fight each other. Trunks says they shouldnít hold back. The fight begins, and it is dead even.

212 - A Million Times more Exciting! The battle to Decide the Championship of the Youth Division
The battle between Son Goten and Trunks heats up. They fire a few fireballs, but decide to stop since they might wreck things and hurt people. Son Goten has to turn ssj for a second to get out of Trunks hold. In the end Trunks wins due to Son Goten going outside the ring. Trunks is crowned the Champion by disqualification. The Youth Champion now gets to fight Mr. Satan.

213 Ė What will you do Mr. Satan?? The Greatest Crisis in History?!
Mr. Satan now has to fight Trunks. Mr. Satan is scared and knows he cant win. He tells Trunks to hit him lightly on the face at the beginning of the match. Trunks hits him as lightly as he can and Mr. Satan goes flying out of the ring. Everyone wonders how a little kid can beat Mr. Satan. Satan gets up and says he let the kid win. Everyone thinks Mr. Satan is so nice and they all love him. Mr. Satan goes to his locker room and falls down in pain. Meanwhile, a stranger comes up to Son Goku and says that he hopes that they get to spar. Piccolo says that the stranger isn't from Earth

214 - Deciding the opponents for the competition! Let's hurry up and start the first fight!
The random selection of who will fight who in the adult tournament begins. Meanwhile Trunks and Goten are bored. They decide to enter the adult competition. They mug a fighter named Mighty Mask and take his costume, both of them fit in it, so Son Goten is on the bottom and Trunks is standing on his shoulders. They make some eye holes and they are all set. At the end the officials decide who will fight who, of course itís Son Goku vs. Vegeta. Krillin is in the 1st fight.

215 - Whatís wrong Piccolo? The impossible non-fight!
The adult tournament has begun. Krillin easily defeats his first opponent. The second fight is Piccolo vs. Shin (the strange person who talked to Son Goku in episode 213). Piccolo is really nervous before the fight. As the fight begins Piccolo canít even attack. Piccolo knows Shin is way to strong for him, and he gives up. Everyone is surprised. The next fight is Videl vs. a guy named Supopo Bitchi.

216 - Disgusting and Immortal!? The mystery of Supopo Bitchi
Piccolo finds out that Shin is the god of the universe, he is above all other gods. That is why he is so strong, but why is he in the tournament? Meanwhile Videl starts fighting Supopo Bitchi, Videl is doing really good, and she is winning. She canít knock out Supopo, he just keeps on getting back up. She even breaks his neck, but it heals right back. What is Videl supposed to do, he looks to be immortal, though Mr. Satan defeated him easily in the last Tournament.

217 - No Mercy for Videl!! Will the Anger bring Super Gohan!?
The fight between Supopo and Videl continues. Since Supopo canít get hurt he starts to get the upper hand. He knocks Videl down several times, but Videl gets back up. Videl canít win, Supopo is just playing with Videl now. All he has to do is throw her out of the ring to win, but he just keeps hitting her. Son Gohan gets mad and turns SSJ, he is just about save Videl when Supopo's friend tells him to end it. So Supopo throws her out of the ring and wins. Son Gohan swears he will get revenge on Supopo Bitch.

218 - Unmasked!! The Great Saiya-man is Son Gohan!!
Son Goku comes back with senzu beans for Videl. Son Gohan goes over to Videl and gives her them. Videl is now ok. Son Gohan goes back to the ring where he is supposed to fight Shin's assistant. Son Gohanís two classmates recognize him so he takes off his glasses and fights as Son Gohan, not the Great Saiya man. Shin's assistant wants Son Gohan to go Super Saiyan

219 - A sneaky play!! Gohan's power gets stolen
Son Gohan starts fighting Shin's assistant, Supopo Bitchi and one other guy show up and they attack Son Gohan. They steal his power. Shinís assistant revives Son Gohan and everyone goes after the two bad guys, including Shin. What will happen to the Tournament now? On the way, Shin explains who the bad guys work for and that their master plans to resurrect a great evil.

Babidi Saga

220 - The Appearance of Darkness! The Evil Magician Babi Dee
Shin gives everyone more information on Babidi and on Majin Buu. The two possessed henchmen of Babidi stole Son Gohan's energy so they could use it so summon Majin Buu. Videl goes back to report to Bulma. The Z gang locate Babidi's headquarters and notice the other posed people. One of them is called Dabura, he is very strong. Babidi kills the guys that brought them the energy because he has no use for them anymore. The fans at the Tournament are bored and angry that all the good fighters suddenly left.

221 - A Trap in Waiting!! A challenge from the Darkness
Dabura sees the Z gang and he attacks. He turns Piccolo and Krillin into stone. Then he runs away into the hideout. Shin says that once Dabura is killed they will no longer be stone. So Son Goku, Son Gohan and Vegeta go inside the hideout. On the first floor one of Babidi's assistants is waiting. His name is PuiPui. He says he will kill them and collect their energy to bring back Majin Buu. Vegeta is chosen to fight him.

222 - Don't Mess with me. Vegeta's first Attack is filled with Anger.
The fight between Vegeta and PuiPui starts. Vegeta is easily winning, but Babidi makes the room 10x gravity. PuiPui laughs and says he grew up in 10x gravity so itís easy for him. Vegeta laughs because he trained in 300x+ gravity. Vegeta quickly kills PuiPui and they proceed to the second level of the headquarters. On the next floor Son Goku has to fight with a monster named Yakon. Dabura and Babidi think this monster can easily win.

223 - Goku at full Power? Take that Yakon!!
Son Goku and Yakon start fighting, itís pretty even. Babidi and Dabura think Son Goku is no match for Yakon. Babidi makes the room dark so Son Goku canít see, while Yakon sees good when its dark. Son Goku can sense Yakon so he manages to dodge his attacks. Son Goku then turns Super Saiyan and he lights up the room. Yakon being able to absorb energy, absorbs Son Gokuís SSJ energy and gets bigger. Son Goku has a plan, he goes SSJ again. When Yakon is taking his energy he powers up some more. Yakon gets so big from the energy that he blows up. Next itís Son Gohanís turn to fight.

224 - A Huge mistake! Mr. Satan vs. the 3 Super Warriors??
Back at the martial arts tournament, Mr. Satan has an idea. He decides they should have a 5-person battle royal to decide the champion. Thinking Mighty Mask (aka Son Goten and Trunks) and Number 18 are weak, he takes it as an easy win. The battle royal starts, the 2 weaker people are eliminated right away. Number 18 and Mighty Mask are having a good fight while Mr. Satan is just watching. Meanwhile, Dabura is powering up and getting ready to fight Son Gohan.

225 - The Kid's are Strong! A tough fight for Number 18!!
The fight between Number 18 and Might Mask continues. Mighty Mask is winning, but itís hard for Son Goten and Trunks to move together. They switch place a couple of times. They decide to both turn Super Saiyan. They do so and Number 18 figures out that the 2 brats are posing as a fighter. She cuts their costume in two, and everyone sees that two kids were posing as a fighter. They are disqualified. Now Number 18 has to fight Mr. Satan for the championship. Dabura is now fully powered up and ready to fight Son Gohan

226 - The Debut of the King of Evil! Its your turn Son Gohan!
The fight between Number 18 and Mr. Satan begins. Number 18 could easily win the championship and the 10,000,000 zeni (dbz money). She makes a deal with Mr. Satan that she will let him win if he pays her 20,000,000 zeni. So Number 18 lets Satan win and everyone is happy. Meanwhile, Dabura finally shows up, and begins fighting Son Gohan. Son Gohan goes SSJ and the real battle is about to begin.

227 - The heart of Evil Found!! Doubler's Good Idea!
The fight between Son Gohan and Dabura finally starts. Son Gohan is more powerful, but he is out of practice. He hasn't trained for 7 years and has lost his touch. Vegeta is pissed that the fight is taking so long. Vegeta canít wait to fight Son Goku again. Dabura hears this and runs away back to Babidi. Dabura tells him that he discovered that Vegeta has an evil heart and can be possessed.

228 - The rebirth of Vegeta, Prince of Destruction! Confusion enters the ring!
Babidi possess Vegeta. By being possessed Vegeta surpassed his power and is now stronger then ever! He has a big M on his forehead and is now known as Majin Vegeta. Babidi transports them back to the martial arts competition to fight. Everyone is shocked, and the Z gang is sad that Vegeta got possessed. Now itís time for Majin Vegeta and Son Goku to fight!

229 - The Fated Battle! Son Goku vs. Vegeta
After killing some spectators in the martial arts tournament Vegeta is ready to fight. Son Goku demands that Babidi transports them to a place that isnít populated. Babidi brings them back to the area by his spaceship. Son Goku and Vegeta both go Super Saiyan level 2. The fight is going to start soon. Vegeta isnít fully controlled by Babidi because he refuses to kill Son Gohan and Shin. Son Gohan and Shin go back into Babidi's ship to try to kill the wizard.

230 - Wait for us Babi Dee! We won't let you continue your Evil
Son Goku and Vegeta start fighting. Itís even at the beginning. Then Vegeta traps Son Goku and starts pummeling him. Son Goku breaks free and starts winning. Vegeta counter-attacks and itís even once again. Meanwhile, Son Gohan and Shin locate Majin Buu's egg. Babidi and Dabura are guarding it. Looks like Son Gohan gets to fight Dabura again

231 - The Seal is Broken!! The Ultimate evil Majin Buu appears!
Son Goku and Vegeta continues fighting. The battle is more fierce then before. Majin Buu's egg keeps on collecting their damage energy. Son Gohan canít do anything to stop the rebirth. Son Goku and Vegeta's fight heats up. Majin Buu's egg is finally at full energy and it starts to hatch. Shin is very scared and angry.

232 - I won't let you Be Reborn! The Kame-Hame-Ha to change fate!
Majin Buu is about to hatch. Shin tells Son Gohan that they should run for it. Son Gohan decides to pummel the egg with attacks. He thinks that it worked, but Majin Buu is hatched. Majin Buu looks nothing like everyone expected. He is a fat pink blob that jumps around and does weird little dances. Majin Buu is really powerful though.

233 - A Straight Path to Destruction!? Kaiou in Despair
Majin Buu tests his power against Dabura and easily wins! He continues to jump around and act all happy. Back at the fight, Son Goku suggests that him and Vegeta team up to kill Majin Buu. Vegeta knocks out Son Goku, eats a senzu and says that he will defeat Buu by himself. Babidi tells Buu to kill Shin and Son Gohan. They try to run away, but Majin Buu is much faster and he catches up. Buu hits Son Gohan once and he is defeated.

Majin Buu Saga

234 - The Terrifying Majin Buu! It's feared That Son Gohan is on the Brink of Death!!!
Son Gohan tried his luck against Majin Buu and he failed. Son Gohan is now near death. Shin also tries some techniques against Majin Buu but he is of course defeated. Dabura gets back up and tells Babidi that Majin Buu wonít be a good servant. Majin Buu gets angry and says he will eat Dabura?

235 - Iím going to Eat You! The Starving Majin's Psychic Powers!
Dabura attacks Buu once again. He does some good strong attacks and gets tired. Babidi thinks Buu is dead. Then they hear Buu chanting "I'm going to eat you" over and over. Majin Buu turns Dabura into a life size cookie and eats him. Trunks and Son Goten have arrived on the scene and have been watching. Now that Dabura is dead Piccolo and Krillin are no longer stone. Vegeta shows up and the fight begins.

236 - A Warrior's Resolve!! Iím going to Destroy Majin Buu myself
The battle begins, Vegeta is really doing good. Vegeta is pummeling Buu with attacks but Buu isnít going down. At one point, Vegeta even makes a hole in Buu's fat stomach but it just heals itself. It is clear now that fat Majin Buu is only playing with Vegeta. Buu powers up a little and attacks Vegeta and knocks him down easily. Buu traps Vegeta and starts pummeling him with punches. Trunks gets mad, turns SSJ and wants to go help his father.

237 - For The Sake of my Loved ones! Vegeta Falls!!!
Trunks and Son Goten hit Majin Buu away from Vegeta. Vegeta shows some emotion and hugs Trunks and tells him to look after Bulma. Vegeta is thinking that he will self-destruct killing himself and Buu. Vegeta then knocks out Trunks and Son Goten for their own good. Meanwhile Piccolo confronts Babidi and kills him. Vegeta then tells Piccolo to take Trunks and Son Goten to safety. Majin Buu comes back really mad and Vegeta self-destructs to kill him.

238 - The Nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still Alive.
Majin Buu is still alive. He was blown to lots of pieces, but the pieces just got back together. Vegeta's sacrifice was all for nothing. Majin Buu also resurrects Babidi. Together they head for a city to have some fun.

239 - Videl's Struggle! Searching for the Dragon Balls
Videl, Bulma, Chi-Chi and a few others set out to find the Dragon Balls. Piccolo and Krillin arrive at Godís palace with the sleeping Son Goten and Trunks. Shin gets back up and starts looking for Son Gohan. Son Goku also recovers and he teleports to Godís Palace where Dende heals him back to normal.

240 - A big hope! The kids new ultimate attack!
Son Goku has an idea on what could defeat Buu. He tells everyone at Godís Palace about a technique he learned in Heaven. This technique is called fusion. It allows to similar warriors to join into one for 30 minutes. There is a big boost in power when you join. Trunks and Son Goten are the only ones who can fuse. So Son Goku decides to teach them before he has to return to the afterlife. Buu and Babidi are heading for a city. Bulma and the others summon Shenron and wish to have everyone who died restored. Son Goku takes everyone to Godís palace for safety.

241 - Goten and Trunks! The Whole World's Ordered to find them
Shin and his assistant Kibito (who came back to life when Bulma made the wish) locate the now almost dead Son Gohan. At Godís palace, Son Goku tells everyone that Son Gohan and Vegeta were both killed by Majin Buu . Babidi and Majin Buu attack a city, Buu turns the people into hard candy and eats them. They hope this attack will lure out Goten, Trunks and Piccolo.

242 - Gohan's Resurrection, Is that Kai-oo-Shin's secret weapon!?
Kibito and Shin, bring back Son Gohan using a secret energy restoring technique. They take him to Shin's planet. Shin tells Son Gohan that there is a way to beat Buu. Shin says that on this planet there is a weapon called the Zed Sword. You have to pull it out of a rock. Kibito says that there is no way a human can do it. So they head for the Zed sword. Back on Earth Son Goku explains what happened to Trunks and Son Goten and will teach them how to do fusion.

243 - I Pulled It Out! The Legendary Zed Sword!
Kibito and Shin show Son Gohan the Zed sword. At first he canít get it out. Son Gohan turns Super Saiyan and finally gets it out of the rock. Kibito says that in order to get the swordís power, you have to master it. On earth, Son Goku continues to teach Trunks and Son Goten fusion. Babidi and Buu find another city, and turn some people into chocolate. Trunk and Son Goten communicate with Babidi telepathically and tell him that they will kill Buu soon.

244 - He's After the Western Capitol!!! Stop Majin Buu!
The fusion training goes on. Babidi announces that he has located one of the three people he is looking for. He knows where Trunks lives and is on his way now. Not only are Trunks grandparents home, but the dragon radar (which canít be replaced) is there too. Son Goku send Trunks to retrieve the dragon radar. Son Goku teleports to Majin Buu in order to delay him. Son Goku announces that he is going to show Buu something stronger then Super Saiya-jin 2.

245 - Oh! What a Surprise!! The Super Saiya-jin 3!
Son Goku explains to Buu and Babidi about Super Saiyan. He shows them the regular Super Saiyan form. The 2nd form of Super Saiyan where your hair gets a little longer and lighting flashes around you. Finally Son Goku says that there is something even stronger. He starts powering up and he goes to the 3rd level of Super Saiyan for the first time. His ki is so great even Son Gohan can feel it. The fight begins, Son Goku attacks but Buu isn't hurt.

246 - Bye Bye Babi Dee!! Majin Buu Rebels
The fight between Son Goku in SSJ3 and Majin Buu continues. Son Goku finds out that Majin Buu can copy attacks. Son Goku isnít hurting Majin Buu very much even in SSJ3. Son Goku finds out that Trunks has the dragon radar and is on his way back to Godís palace. Son Goku needs to continue the fusion teaching. So he uses his teleport to get back. Babidi is pissed that Majin Buu let Son Goku get away. Majin Buu is tried of hearing Babidi complain so he kills him.

247 - Incredibly Ugly!! The Special Transformation Training
Son Goku thinks that Majin Buu will relax more now that Babidi isnít bossing him around. Buu however gets more violent and attacks more cities simply because he is bored. Trunks gets back with the dragon radar. Son Goku continues the fusion lessons. He only has 30 minutes left on the Earth before he has to go back to the afterlife.

248 - See Ya all!! Son Goku returns to the afterlife!
Majin Buu gets tired from killing people. He makes himself a little house out of clay. He relaxes a little and goes back to his killing. Back at God's palace, Son Goku tells Piccolo to continue teaching the kids fusion. Son Goku says his goodbyes and goes back to heaven.

249 - Where's Gohan!? The Harsh Training on Kai-Oo-Shin's Planet
Son Goku is back in the afterlife. He asks if they seen Son Gohan come through. No one seen him. So he must still be alive. Son Goku feels Son Gohanís ki and teleports to Shin's world to see him. Son Gohan fills him in on the Zed sword. Meanwhile on earth, the fusion training goes on. Majin Buu helps a blind kid get his eyesight back. Buu done this because the blind kid wasnít scared of him because he could see.

250 - This can't be true! The Zed Sword gets Broken
Son Goku wants to test how good the Zed sword is. So he throws a huge block of the strongest metal in the universe. Son Gohan tries slicing it in half, but the Zed sword breaks!? As the sword breaks a strange man appeared. He says he was trapped in the sword. Now that he is free he will make Son Gohan the strongest fighter in the universe.

251 - The Birth of Super Fusion, The Name is Gotenks!
Son Goten and Trunks are now ready to try fusion. On the 1st try, they form a fighter thatís too fat. On the second try they make a skinny fighter. The third try is good. They name Trunks and Son Goten fused Gotenks. Gotenks is so cocky he think he can defeat Buu without even turning SSJ. So he goes to try and gets his ass kicked and comes back. Gotenks needs more training. In a single day Majin Buu has destroyed 80% of the Earthís population.

252 - The Last Weapon Mobilized. Mr. Satan will save the Earth!
Mr. Satan, the hero who killed Cell so easily (or so everyone thinks) decides he will stop Majin Buu. He goes to Buu's house and shouts out that Buu will die. Majin Buu appears and suddenly Mr. Satan gets really scared. Mr. Satan gives Buu some chocolates that are coated with poison, they donít work. Mr. Satan tries some more tricks, they donít work either. Majin Buu decides that Mr. Satan is funny. Buu declares that Mr. Satan is his new servant!

253 - I've given up Killing! Majin Buu's Boy Scout Pledge!!!
Majin Buu finds a dog all alone, it didnít run away from Buu when it saw him. Mr. Satan points out that its leg is broken. Majin Buu decides to fix the leg, and he did. The dog is now attached to Buu and Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan asks Buu why he kills people and destroys things anyway. He continues on by saying itís bad. Majin Buu think and promises he wonít do it anymore.

254 - Run Away Mr. Satan! The Appearance of the evil Majin Buu!!!
Two idiots think they can take down Mr. Satan and Majin Buu with a bazooka. They attack Buu's house and hurt the dog. Mr. Satan gets mad about the dog and knocks out both guys. Majin Buu restores the dog and they are happy. One of the guys gets back up and shoots Mr. Satan. Buu restores Mr. Satan. Buu gets very pissed now and tells Mr. Satan to run. Buu splits into two forms, a pure evil one and the fat innocent one.

255 - Who Will Win?! A Battle Between Good and Evil Buu's
The two forms of Buu start fighting. When they split up most of the power went to the evil skinny Buu. Fat Buu tries to turn skinny Buu to chocolate. Skinny Buu reflects the attack and Fat Buu becomes chocolate. Skinny Buu eats him and gets stronger and less skinny. Piccolo says that this Buu can sense Ki. Evil Buu appears at Godís Palace in front of everyone.

256 - The impatient destruction! The extinction of Humanity!
Evil Buu shows up at God's palace and talks to Piccolo. Evil Buu demands that the strongest fighter come out. Piccolo says that this strong fighter isnít ready yet. Evil Buu shoots several ki blasts down at Earth from God's palace. He pretty much kills all humans. Piccolo brings out a hourglass and tells evil Buu to wait one hour for this strong warrior.

257 - The training was a success!! You're finished now Majin Buu!!
Chi-Chi goes up to Buu and slaps him for killing Son Gohan. Buu turns her into an egg and breaks her. Son Goten and Trunks go into the Room of Spirit and Time for 15 days. After the 15 days, they are very cocky. Piccolo takes Buu to meet them and the fight begins. Gotenks attacks without going SSJ and doesnít hurt Buu at all.

258 - Iím really going to fight this time!! Super Gotenks goes all out!
Gotenks turns SSJ. He attack evil Buu with a bunch of attacks with stupid names. Buu isnít hurt at all. Gotenks then gets beat up a little by Buu. The 2 warriors headbutt each other in the air. Gotenks now says its time for his ultimate attack. A little Gotenks ghost appears. Is this the attack thatís supposed to kill evil Buu?

259 - I did it!! The ghosts succeeded in defeating Buu!?
It turns out that the ghosts explode the second they are touched. Gotenks summons up 10 ghosts. The ghosts all bombard evil Buu and the last one explodes in his mouth. This attack does nothing to Buu because he can regenerate. Gotenks has one more secret attack. He decides to play around and act like itís all over. Piccolo believes his act and destroys the exit to the Room of Spirit and Time. Piccolo says that Buu will forever remain locked away now.

260 - Extra-Dimensional Escape. Super Saiya-jin Gotenks 3!
Evil Buu powered up and created a portal that got him out of the room. Once outside he got pissed and turned all of the Z gang to chocolate. He ate them all. Gotenks went SSJ3 and got out of the room along with Piccolo. Gotenks now in Super Saiyan level 3 swears he will destroy Buu for what he did to his family and friends.

261 - Have I gone to far!? Buu Buu Volleyball
SSJ3 Gotenks attacks Buu. The fight is going pretty even. Buu rolls up into a ball and starts smashing things. Gotenks has an idea, he seals Buu in his ball form. Gotenks is now holding the helpless Buu ball. He passes it to Piccolo, who sets it up for him. Gotenks then smashes it to the ground like a volleyball. It isnít enough to kill Buu though

262 - Even Greater! The reborn Son Gohan returns to Earth!
Buu gets out of the ball. He starts attacking Gotenks. Trunks and Son Goten have run out of time. The fusion ends and they are now helpless. Back on Shin's planet, Son Gohanís powering up has finished and it actually worked. The old man who was released from the Zed sword wasnít bluffing. The new super powered Son Gohan heads back to Earth ready to take on Buu

263 - He's Overwhelming Buu!! Son Gohanís Miraculous Power!!
Instead of fighting Son Goten and Trunks, Buu takes a nap. Piccolo and the kids are about to run away. They sense a great power coming their way. Its Son Gohan, he looks very strong now. Buu and Son Gohan stare at each other for a while and the fight begins. Son Gohan is landing his attacks and appears to be winning. Buu looks very pissed off.

264 - Gohan can't be Beat! Buu self Destructs
Son Gohan continues pummeling Buu. Buu is too strong and isnít getting hurt that much. Buu suddenly self-destructs to try to destroy Son Gohan. It doesnít work. Son Gohan is still alive, but so is Buu since he can regenerate. Buu tells the kids to fuse and fight him again. Looks like Buu lost interest in Son Gohan.

265 - Buu Commits a foul!! Gotenks is Absorbed!?
Buu manages to get the kids to fuse again. When they arenít looking he releases two pink blobs from his body. Those two blobs sneak around and jump and cover Gotenks and Piccolo. Then the blobs fly and connect to Buu. Buu's appearance changed a little and he gets stronger. Son Gohan is surprised and mad. Buu now is stronger then Son Gohan again.

266 - Come Back Goku! Save the Universe!
Buu is wiping the ground with Son Gohan. He has almost kill Son Gohan now. Back on Shin's planet, the elder that was freed from the Zed sword gives his life to Son Goku. This will let Son Goku go to Earth to save Son Gohan. Lord Enma also let Vegeta go back in hopes of killing Buu. The elder on Shin's planet gives Son Goku two magic earrings. If him and Son Gohan put them on they will instantly fuse. This way they donít have to waste time practicing the Fusion technique.

267 Ė One more Miracle. The Super Fusion with Son Gohan
Son Goku shows up on Earth right on time. He tosses Son Gohan one of the earrings but Son Gohan doesn't catch it. The earring is somewhere on the ground in the ruble. While Son Gohan looks for it, Son Goku fights Buu. Finally when Son Gohan finds the earring, Buu absorbs him. There is no one left to fuse with but Mr. Satan. Meanwhile Vegeta is heading back to Earth.

268 - Vegeta's Pride and Son Gokuís Anger! The Birth of the Invincible Hero Vegeto!
The fight between Son Goku and Buu continues. Son Goku wonders what he would look like if he fused with Mr. Satan or Piccolo. Then suddenly Vegeta shows up. They fight Buu for a while. Itís clear that they can't win. Vegeta refuses to fuse, but then he realizes he has too. So they fuse and a new strong fighter is born.

269 - The Ultimate Power! Vegeto, The lethal Warrior!!
The battle between Vegeto and Buu begins. Vegeto needs a while to get used to his new body. He quickly gets used to it and starts winning against Buu. Buu is pissed and he makes a huge energy ball and get ready to blow up the Earth. Vegeto deflects the energy ball just as it is about to come in contact with the Earth. Vegeto then turns Super Saiya-jin.

270 - The Dimension is shattered! Is Buu out of Control!?
Buu is really no match for Super Saiya-jin Vegeto. Itís clear that Vegeto is much stronger. Buu is very angry, because he thinks that no one can beat him. Buu turns into liquid and gets into Vegetoís body. Buu says he will kill Vegeto from the inside. Vegeto manages to get Buu out and he slaps him around some more. Dende says that if Buu gets really mad he could shatter the dimension. Buu gets up after another strong attack and the two warriors stare at each other.

271 - Buu's favorite Technique!! Become Candy!!
The fight between SSJ Vegeto and Buu goes on. Buu is still losing and itís clear SSJ Vegeto is stronger. Buu gets his tail blown to dust and gets mad. He tries Gotenks ghost kamikaze technique. Buu makes several little ghosts and gets them to follow Vegeto and shoot fireballs at him. This fails and Buu ends up getting blown to bits, yet again. The fight goes on and suddenly Buu turns Vegeto into chocolate. Buu is really happy he won and he does a little dance. He holds the little chocolate in his hand while grinning.

272 - Buu Fighting SSJ3 candy drop, and losing. Vegeto gets Absorbed
Buu is holding the Vegeto chocolate and somehow it attacks him. It turns out that the piece of chocolate can move and talk. This is very funny. The little Vegeto chocolate attacks Buu some more. The piece of chocolate is kicking Buu's ass. It knocks him down a few times. The chocolate suddenly turns back to Vegeto. Everyone is relieved, Vegeto continues his ass whooping. He destroys Buu's body once again. For the 10th or so time, Buu simply regenerates it. Buu catches Vegeto of guard and absorbs him.

273 - No more fusion, Buu's Digestive system attacks
With Vegeto now absorbed Buu is very happy. He runs around laughing destroying cities and stuff. We now go to the inside of Buu's stomach where Vegeto is. Vegeto is unfused and Son Goku and Vegeta are separated. They start exploring Buu's stomach. They almost drown in some sort of liquid. They cause some havoc in Buu's stomach and give him a tummy ache, poor Buu. Buu's digestive juices attack Son Goku covering him up. Then some big worm like thing shows up and gets ready to attack the helpless Son Goku.

274 - Is That you Gohan? Buu's Victims Attack!
The worm thing tried to eat Son Goku. Son Goku turns SSJ in its mouth and kills it. More worm things show up. Itís like a big family of worm things in Buu's stomach. Buu's stomach is messed up now and Buu has to rush to the bathroom to take a crap. Son Goku and Vegeta meet up with Son Gohan, Trunks, Son Goten, and Piccolo. These are just evil clones of the actual fighters. Vegeta and Son Goku fight the clones. The clones suddenly turn into cakes. Buu's stomach doesnít make much sense. Buu raids cake shop and starts stuffing himself. Son Goku and Vegeta find the place where Piccolo and the others Buu ate are located. They are in some sort of cocoon thing.

275 - Buu's inner body experience, The Great escape!!
Son Goku and Vegeta free Piccolo, Trunks, Son Goten, and Son Gohan. Buu suddenly loses a lot of power. Vegeta and Son Goku are thinking on how to get out when Vegeta spots the fat good Buu in a cocoon. They think about whether to free him or not. Buu somehow gets into his own stomach and confronts Son Goku and Vegeta. Buu is beating them both.

276 - Where's the exit!! Escape from the falling Buu!!
Buu injures Vegeta and Son Goku saves him. Buu starts attacking Son Goku and is about to finish him off. Vegeta breaks fat Buu's cocoon and Buu starts sparing. His insides look like they are about to blow. Son Goku and Vegeta snatches everyone and tries to get out. They do get out and everyone returns to normal. Buu got stronger during the whole escape thing and is now at his normal form in which he is small but very strong.

277 Ė Goodbye, Earth! Buu falls into evil
Shin explains more about Buu, about what happened when Babidi's dad made him. He explains that this small Buu is the strongest and most evil one. Buu in his final form makes a really big energy ball and throws it at the Earth. It comes slowly at the Earth, Son Goku grabs anyone he can and tries to run. Shin shows up on Earth and teleports them off it right before the Earth is blown up. Yes Buu actually destroyed all of Earth. Son Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan and his dog are now on Shinís planet. Vegeta is wondering why Son Goku didnít take Gohan and the others.

278 - Buu get over here!! Finish it off in Kaio-Shin-Kai!!
Mr. Satan thinks itís all a dream and tries to fly and gets hurt. Everyone thinks he's an idiot. Meanwhile Buu in space teleports to a random planet and blows it up, and then he blows up 2 more planets. Buu then teleports to Grand Kaiís planet (where Yamcha, King Kai, and other Kai's and other fighters are) where he is about to blow it up. Son Goku and Vegeta decide to power up a lot to get Buu's attention. Buu teleports to Shin's planet and gets ready to face Son Goku and Vegeta.

279 - Seize the Future!! The Big Battle of the Universe!
Shin teleports the old Kai and Dende off the planet, not remembering to take Mr. Satan. Son Goku and Vegeta decide to fight Buu one at a time. Son Goku gets to go first. Son Goku goes to SSJ2 and knocks Buu around a little. Of course, Buu was just playing around. Buu gets serious and he starts winning. Buu is making a mess on the planet. Son Goku also gets serious and he goes SSJ3. The battle has just begun Son Goku says.

280 - Vegeta's Hatís Off!! Son Goku you are the #1
Son Goku is now going all out. But Buu can regenerate his body so thatís a problem. Everyone in Hell is watching too. We see Cell, Freeza, Babidi and the other Z villains. They of course want Buu to win and Son Goku dead. Back at the fight Buu split into like a 100 little Buu's who then blasted Son Goku. All these attacks made him go back to non-ssj, and he goes down. Vegeta flies over and gets ready to fight. He attacks the little Buu's and makes them go back to being one big Buu. Vegeta has no chance against Buu and loses his energy fast. Buu gets ready to kill Vegeta (but isnít Vegeta already dead?) Son Goku saves him though. Son Goku goes back to SSJ3 and starts fighting again. Vegeta admits that Son Goku is much stronger. He has a flash back to the past and remembers all the times Son Goku proved he is the best. Son Goku is doing fairly well vs. Buu for a while.

281 - Hold On, Vegeta!! A Minute fight the Risk of Life!!
The fight goes on, after numerous attacks from Son Goku Buu isnít looking tired at all. Son Gokuís attacks donít seem to be affecting Buu anymore. Son Goku regrets not killing Buu when he was Vegeto. Son Goku says he needs one minute to gather his aura for an attack that could kill Buu. Vegeta says he will give Son Goku that one-minute he needs. Son Goku says that if Vegeta dies again he will be gone from the afterlife, he will be simply erased. So Vegeta starts fighting and Son Goku starts powering up. Vegeta is on the brink of death after fighting Buu for a while

282 - Don't Bully Mr. Satan!! The original Buu comes Back!?
Buuís tail is choking Vegeta, then he gets electrocuted. Vegeta is about to die and Son Goku is going to step in to save him. Suddenly, Mr. Satan gets up and challenges Buu. Buu stops playing with Vegeta and turns his attention to Mr. Satan. Mr. Satan thinks this is all a dream, thatís why he is acting so brave. Buu is about to hurt Mr. Satan when suddenly Buu gets a headache or something. Mr. Satan thinks that Buu is scared. Suddenly the fat good Buu pops out. Fat good Buu starts fighting the evil Buu. Son Goku also went back to his regular self from being in SSJ3 too long.

283 - Vegeta's Secret Plan! Porunga's Two Wishes
The battle of Buu's goes on, good Buu tries his Become Chocolate technique but it doesnít work. Vegeta has an idea, he tells Dende to get the people of Namek to gather their dragon balls. So Shin teleports to Namek with Dende and they find out that the Nameks know what going on. The Nameks have already gathered the balls and are ready. Vegeta states the two wishes he wants. The first is too bring back the Earth. The second is the wish back all good people killed after the last Martial Arts Tournament. Both wishes are do-able and the Earth and its people are restored!! Even Vegeta is restored because he wasnít considered evil. Vegeta tells Son Goku to prepare a Genki-Dama (spirit bomb). He wants everyone on Earth to give Son Goku energy.

284 - Our last hope!! A really huge Genki-Dama
Everyone on Earth is happy that they are back. Bulma and the rest of the gang are restored also. As are Son Gohan, Piccolo, and the kids. Son Goku starts his Spirit Bomb. Vegeta communicates via King Kai with the people on Earth. He tells then that they are fighting Buu and that they need help. He says for everyone to raise their hands in the air and give Son Goku their energy. Of course everyone in the Z gang does it, but the Earthlings donít. They think itís a trick of some sort since Vegeta isnít exactly a people person. So they donít help out at all. Meanwhile fat Buu is losing to evil Buu. Mr. Satan begs Vegeta to help fat Buu.

285 - Big Appreciation! It's Here, Everyone's Genki-Dama
The Earth people continue saying they wont raise their hands. Fat Buu is now almost dead. Buu sees the Spirit Bomb Son Goku is making, he heads for it. Vegeta intercepts Buu and tries to stall. Its Son Gokuís turn to try to talk to the Earth people. Some Earthlings recognize his voice, along with old friends like Tien. The majority of the people on Earth still donít buy it. Buu is whooping Vegeta now. Mr. Satan gets pissed and lie's to everyone, telling them that he is the one fighting Buu. Everyone believes the hero Mr. Satan so they raise their hands. The Spirit Bomb is much bigger and is now almost complete. Son Goku prepares to fire it.

286 - Son Goku is finally the Strongest! Majin Buu is Destroyed!
Buu steps on the fallen Vegeta so Son Goku canít fire the Spirit Bomb. Buu then starts pummeling Son Goku with energy attacks. Fat Buu returns and knocks Buu off of Vegeta. Mr. Satan then comes and gets Vegeta out of the way. Fat Buu gets knocked away, and Son Goku fires the Spirit Bomb. Piccolo, Son Gohan, Son Goten and Trunks meet up with the others at Godís palace. Back at the fight it turns out that Son Goku is too week to control the Spirit Bomb very well. Buu is able to hold it off due to Son Goku being so weak. Vegeta suddenly has an idea. He uses the Namekian dragons 3rd wish to restore Son Goku to full health. He pushes the Spirit Bomb forward and defeats Buu. For real this time, itís finally over. Vegeta and Son Goku give each other thumb up.

287 - Peace is Restored! Friend of Justice, Majin Buu!
Buu is really dead, everyone is really happy. Mr. Satan announces to the world that Buu is dead. Mr. Satan gets credit for defeating Buu of course. Shin, the old Kai, and Dende teleport to Shin's planet. Dende heals Vegeta and Son Goku and they debate on if they should heal fat Buu or not. Son Goku says that they should, so Dende heals fat Buu since he is a good guy. Everyone returns to Earth and is reunited with loved ones. Fat Buu was accepted and everyone lived happily. Then half a year later the dragon was called. They wished for the memory of evil Buu to be erased from everyoneís minds so that the good fat Buu could walk amongst the people without being feared. Buu and Bulma go shopping and Buu ends up stopping a bank robbery. Videl is now the Great Saiyan-man 2 and fights crime with Son Gohan and peace is restored!

288 - You're Late, Son Goku! Everyone's partying!
Everyone is together and happy that it is finally over. And everything is back to normal.

289 - Grandpa Son Goku, Iím Pan!
10 years have passed since evil Majin Buu was killed. Trunks and Son Goten are now teens. Son Gohan has married Videl and they have a 4-year-old daughter named Pan. Son Gohan is now a scholar (what Chi-Chi always wanted him to be). The next Martial Arts tournament is starting up again. Even little Pan is entering the tournament. Mr. Satan is going bald, Bulma and Vegeta have a daughter also, her name is Bra. Even fat Buu is participating in this tournament! Son Goku says that there is someone with great power at this tournament!

290 - My Name is Uubu. Now 10 years old. Formerly Majin Buu!?
Fat Buu uses his magic too make sure that Son Goku faces Uubu in the tournament. The first fight is Pan against a really big guy. The spectators think this little girl has no chance, even if she is Mr.Satanís granddaughter. Pan easily knocks out the big guy. The second match is Son Goku vs. Uubu, Vegeta is shocked that Son Goku thinks this little kid is so strong. The fight begins, Son Goku insults Uubu's parents to get him angry and ready to fight.

291 - To become stronger! Son Gokuís dream is to surpass!
The fight between Son Goku and Uubu goes on, it is clear that Uubu is the reincarnation of Majin Buu. The fight is pretty even, but Son Goku didnít even go SSJ. Uubu being only 10 hasnít mastered his powers completely yet. Son Goku gets the idea that he could train Uubu. So he says goodbye (yet again) and goes off with Uubu leaving yet another Martial Arts tournament in confusion. So ends Dragonball Z.

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