Cell Games Saga Episodes 151-179

Cell calls a World Martial Arts Tournament, ďI am Cell! I have a message for all the people of earth! Iíve decided to hold a Martial Arts Tournament. Iím calling the competition, ĎThe Cell Gamesí! Bring me your best fighters and I will face them one by one in a contest of strength. This is the last chance for planet earth. If I am not defeated, it belongs to me.Ē
The future of the earth is at stake, but fortunately the Z fighters have been training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Even with the enhanced training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, do they stand a chance against Cell in his perfect form?
Cell dispenses the first contestants with ease. Goku choose to fight next. He knows how strong Cell is, one slip and the contest is over.
Goku and Cell both radiate with energy. For a while, the fight looks even. Then Cell unleashes a series of attacks including Krillinís Destructo Disk and Tienís move where Cell separates into four separate beings. King Kai quickly realizes, ďNo, that is not Krillinís move. Thatís the last technique Frieza used against Goku! And if Cell feels he cannot win, he may destroy planet earth just as Frieza destroyed planet Namek!Ē Cell gathers all of his energy to launch a huge attack that would surely destroy earth.
Is this the end of earth? Not unless the great Gohan comes and saves the day. By Goku sacrificing himself to save the earth by teleporting Cell to King Kaiís planet did he save earth. But the remaining brain cell of Cell remains and by learning the teleportation move and appears before the Z fighters and shoots a terrible blast threw Trunks that sends him out of the game.
Gohan takes all that he can take and he steps forth and challenges Cell. Android 16 (now part of the good guys thanks to Bulma and father) is destroyed again and with the coach of 16 (before Cell steps on his head) Gohan steps up and he begins to fight but not with his true power. (It takes the death of his father to do that, when Gohan was fighting with Cell the first time and got cocky and Cell was starting to blow himself up to destroy himself because he knew that he was not going to win.)
It takes his best friends getting beaten up by Cell Juniors that sends Gohan over the edge. He goes Super Saiyan and kills all of the Juniors without a scratch and divides the Senzu beans among the remaining fighters. (Gohan even saves Vegeta from being destroyed by stepping in front of the blast) Now Gohan goes Super Saiyan 2 does his form of the Kamehameha wave and destroys Cell, with the help of his friends, forever.


151) What is the tournament?
152) The doomsday broadcast
153) Meet me in the ring
154) No worries here
155) A girl named Lime
156) Memories of Gohan
157) A new Guardian
158) Dendeís Dragon
159) The puzzle of General Tao
160) The games begin
161) Loser fight first
162) Goku vs. Cell
163) Cellís bag of tricks
164) No more rules
165) The fight is over
166) Faith in a boy
167) Gohanís plea
168) Android explosion
169) Cell juniors attack
170) Awakening
171) The unstoppable Gohan
172) Cellís breakdown
173) A heroís farewell
174) Cell returns!
175) The horror wont end
176) Save the world
177) Gokuís decision
178) One more wish
179) Free the future

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