Dragonball Z's Character List

As before there are no pictures on this page only character bios. I am certain that might not be a problem. I believe that all are in English but some might not be, like before it all depends on what movie that I was watching at the time. Other then that I hope that you enjoy the site.

Dragon Ball Z

Mecha Frieza—Frieza was found floating around the remains of Namek by his father (King Cold) who had come to investigate the planet’s destruction. Frieza was then partially “mechanized” thus being made much faster and stronger but unfortunately we never get to see how strong because 17 year old Trunks from the future comes and destroys both King Cold and Mecha Frieza too quickly, which is amazing since the first battle with Frieza went on so long.

Pui Pui- The guardian of the first floor of Babidi's ship. He comes from the planet Zun, a planet where the gravity is ten times the gravity on Earth. Babidi creates the arena they fight Pui Pui in to resemble Zun, and it even has gravity ten times that of Earth's. Babidi did this expecting it to be very difficult for Goku and the rest to move around, but as we all know, they've all done training which exceeds 400g's. Vegeta kills Pui Pui easily.

Chapuchai—from the East Quadrant of the Other World although known for his speed Chapuchai lost in the first round of the Other World Tournament. The victor in his match was the legendary Earthling Olibu.

Maron- Maron is Krillin and Number 18's daughter. As a baby she resembles her father, but when she gets older she looks more like her mom. Not much is seen of her in DBZ, and she doesn't fight at all, but it's clear that she loves both of her parents very much. What's funny is seeing a character like Number 18 interact with her so well.

Maitei Masuku "Mighty Mask"- Mighty Mask is a..........masked competitor, (as you might have guessed), in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. =Unfortunately for this poor guy, Goten and Trunks REALLY want to compete in the Adult's Division, and since no one has seen Mighty Mask's face, they assume his role. They lure him into some bushes, knock him out and steal his costume. Trunks stands on top by the eye holes, and Goten stands on the bottom and does the walking with Trunks on his shoulders. And they even go as far as when they are fighting Number 18 to switch with Goten on top and Trunks on bottom just because Goten wanted to fight for a change and saw that it wasn’t all that easy so they switch back when Number 18 knocks them to the ground once again. Even though it's a fairly awkward setup, they do pretty well when they fight Number 18 in the Battle Royale at the end. However, 18 figures out that it's them, and slices their costume in half, exposing them.

Olibu—from the North Quadrant of the Other World. King Kai said that most of earth’s heroic legends are based on Olibu and a few cartoons too. The well-known Olibu lost early during the Other World Tournament to Pikkon who lade it all the way to fight Goku in the last match.

Ma Junior no Tamago o Hirotsu Taroufuuhu "The married couple that found Ma Junior's egg"- An old man who finds the egg containing Ma Junior AKA Piccolo. The egg hatches later and Piccolo burns down the couple's house.

Mahou Tsukai no Kunbaba "Magical Errand Witch"- A witch who worked for the Kaioushins. One day she was admiring Rou Kaioushin's Potara earring and she took it off and tried it on. That was of course very stupid because by doing that, she fused herself with Rou Kaioushin for eternity. But on the bright side, after fusing with her, Rou Kaioushin gained the ability to perform magical spells.

Maboroshi Saiya-jin "Illusion Saiya-jin"*- The pair of fake Saiya-jin that Yamcha, Krillin, Tien and Chiaotzu face off against in Kami's room of illusions.

Maron*- Krillin's girlfriend who is a complete moron. She looks similar to Bulma and many people confuse the two, but she's very different as far as brain power. Krillin tries proposing to her, but just as he's about to, she leaves him for a guy in a red sports car, (she's not loyal either). She shows up later during the Android Saga, but just for a little while.

Hebi Hime "Princess Snake"*- A giant snake temptress who lures people into her castle on Serpent Path. She became the Snake Princess in 739 BC. and the only person who she ever tried to capture was Enma Daiou, and that was 500 years ago. When Goku comes along she tries to steal his heart, but his sense of loyalty to his family and friends is of course far too strong, so, she just turns into a giant fire-breathing snake and tries to eat him, that's fair right?

Bokujyou no Oyaji "Stock Farmer"- The cigarette smoking farmer seen in the first couple minutes of the first episode of Dragon Ball Z. He's killed by Raditz in the manga,. but in the anime, he can be seen from time to time.

Bulma- a mixed teenager with blue hair and a personality quirk that wouldn’t allow her to shut up for a second. Now, she’s blossomed into a mixed up woman with that same quirk. She is a mechanical genius who can operate and fix anything. She is the one that discovers the capabilities of the saiyan scouter and enhances it for their own use. She also takes the lead in finding a space ship capable of flying to Namek. Designed the Dragon Radar which is used to track dragon balls. She is also fashion conscious and changes clothing and hairstyles during the series. She often wears clothing with either her name or “Capsule Corporation” on the item. She has known Goku since he was a young boy. She also had a crush on Yamcha but it was no permanent. As she grows she focuses in on Vegeta. They have a son, appropriately named Trunks. The original name for Bulma stands for bloomers {girl’s underwear}. Her father is Dr. Brief, of the famous Capsule Corporation.

Bulma no mama "Bulma's mom"- Bulma’s mom is a certified ditz. She is always interested in flirting with Goku and Vegeta. In the anime she even suggests that she'd like to go on a date with Vegeta. Not much is known about her, but in the anime she's characterized as the stereotypical blonde air-head who loves shopping and eating expensive cakes.

Bun*- The leader of the ship Gohan, Krillin and Bulma stumble upon on their trip to Namek. His parents were killed in front of his eyes by Kiwi.

Punta- A large Turkish competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. His opponent is Krillin, (and naturally when one looks at Krillin, they would automatically think, "Wuss"), so of course he bad-mouths him before the match and talks about how badly he's going to wreck him. Krillin is so embarrassed about having to fight such a weak competitor that he KO's him with a single punch with his eyes closed.

Bee- Bee is the little dog who Buu finds and befriends along with Mr. Satan. The dog is an important part of Buu's reformation, (and the creation of Old Buu). Buu bonds with the puppy and is playing catch with him, when the dog is shot by two sick humans who are going around hunting people. Buu heals the puppy, but he's enraged by the event, and of course the morons go and shoot Mr. Satan which causes him to flip and create Old Buu. The dog stays with Mr. Satan during the entire Buu fight and even saves Gohan at one point in the anime. Bee lives with Mr. Satan and Buu after the Buu Saga.

Chyapu—a midget competitor in the Other World Tournament who is able to overcome his opponents by making many duplicates of himself, overwhelming his competitors. He comes from the East Quadrant.

Bejiita "Vegeta"- Vegeta is the Prince of the former Saiya-jin race. He was born in 732 AD and was destined for greatest when as a child, his power level exceeded that of even his father's. Vegeta comes to Earth, with his former bodyguard Nappa, searching for Dragon Balls so that he can become immortal. However, as we all know, his plan is foiled when Goku shows starts to show up, but he comes to the realization that the Planet Namek must have Dragon Balls as well, so he loses interest in the ones on Earth and after getting rejuvenated from his fight with Goku, he heads over to Namek where he eventually meets up with his old adversaries and is forced to team up with them. After the Frieza saga, Vegeta is basically stuck on Earth, (although in the anime he flies around the Universe searching for Goku), so he learns to live with it. He really doesn't care about the Earth, and he probably would destroy it, if he didn't feel the need to defend his pride and become stronger so that he can face off against Goku again and beat him. Vegeta is pulled into the fights against the Androids, Cell and the like because he feels the need to establish his superiority, not because he has any regard for Earth. However, eventually he reforms himself and fights for the sake of the Earth when he invokes his suicidal attack to kill Buu. He later admits his faults, including the fact that Goku has always been stronger than him, and is resurrected when all the GOOD people who died since Buu arrived are brought back to life. Vegeta does marry Bulma, although the exact date is unknown. It can be assumed that it was sometime between the end of the Cell Saga, and before the Buu Saga. He has two children, Trunks and Bra. a powerful saiyan. A super elitist and a prince, the son of King Vegeta, past ruler of the saiyans. Him and Nappa are two of the last remaining saiyans. They come to earth to destroy all life and sell the planet. He is always wanting to reach levels of power higher and higher then Goku he wants the dragon balls to gain immortality. Later he is determined to destroy Frieza and fights on the good guy’s side.

Vegeta Ou "King Vegeta" - The ruler of planet Vegeta, and the strongest adult Saiya-jin on his planet. King Vegeta is only mentioned in the manga, but he's seen in the movies and during the anime. There's one scene in particular in which King Vegeta gives his son about how important pride is, and that he must never lose it. (hence Vegeta’s strong sense of pride). Vegeta is killed by Frieza, in the anime, when he leads a small revolt against the Emperor.

Bejitto "Vegeto"- Vegeto is a result of the fusion caused by the Potara earrings between Goku and Vegeta. Vegeto is extraordinarily powerful, however, like all Fusion characters, he's also extremely cocky and thus plays with Buu, rather than getting right to the point and killing him. In the anime, Vegeto is around for quite a few episodes, but his role in the manga is short lived. Fusion by the Potara earrings is supposed to be forever, however, Buu absorbs Vegeto and in order to break down his components so that he can actually gain power from him, Buu's enzymes break down Vegeto into Goku and Vegeta again.

Frieza no Tei "Frieza’s Scouts"- Two of Frieza’s unlucky scouts who happen upon Gohan and Krillin. There power levels are both a mere 1,500. I don't think there's any need to say that they die quickly.

Buriifu Hakase "Dr. Briefs"- Born sometime around the year 700 AD, Dr. Briefs is the founder of the Capsule Corporation. As it's founder, he first invented the Hoi Poi Capsule which allows fast and easy transportation of anything from magazines to entire houses. The Capsule Corporation then delved into the vehicle industry and entered the world market of auto industry in 750 AD. at which time it held a whopping 40% of the market. It's main competitor was the Red Ribbon Army which held 16% of the market, but in 778 AD, the Capsule Corp. dominated with 48% of the market to itself. Although he's a genius, Dr. Briefs is a bit eccentric, and a bit of a pervert, (some of his personal capsules are filled with nothing but porn). Some of his best used inventions were Goku’s modified space ship and Vegeta’s 300+g gravity ship. intelligent, friendly and easygoing, he is Bulma’s father and president of Capsule Corporation. Makes objects that turn into large things from capsules. He repairs the spaceship so Goku and the others can go to Namek.

Fuuragu "Frog" “Froug”*- From the South Quadrant of the Other World. He was destined to lose to Maraikoh in the Other World Tournament but not before putting up a good fight. He attempted to push Maraikoh from the ring by swelling up to the size of the arena but his efforts weren’t enough.

Fuku Ya no Oyaji "Clothing Store Man"- The owner of a clothing store who is gets clothes stolen from him by Number 18 right before his eyes. He notifies the police, and two patrol-car men are dispatched to intercept her.

Binega "Vinegar"*- The largest of the minions Garlic Jr. brings with him when he returns in the anime. Vinegar is one of the last minions to be killed.

Pyon Tatto- A competitor in the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai who wins his match by default when his opponent throws a crying fit.

Piiza "Pizza"*- Mr. Satan's sexy promotional agent who makes announcements for him and basically tells everyone how wonderful Mr. Satan is. She only appears in the anime during the Cell Game.

Bideru "Videl"- 17 years old when we first meet up with her in the beginning of the Saiyaman Saga. Mr. Satan's daughter and the strongest non-Z Soldier human. Videl was born in 756 AD and grew up for the most part with just her dad. She becomes suspicious of Gohan when he shows up suddenly at Orange Star High School, and shadows him for a short time to find out more about him. Eventually she discovers his secret identity as the Great Saiyaman and forces Gohan to teach her how to fly. Eventually she learns how to fly under and starts to develop a liking to him. Over the course of time, Videl learns everything about Gohan and his family and friends, (such as the fact that it was Gohan who defeated Cell and her father is actually a weakling compared to all of them). Videl and Gohan get married sometime after the Buu Saga and have a daughter named Pan. You'll notice that Videl's name is a pun along the line of her father's name. When you rearrange the letters it spells "devil". She also cuts her hair at Gohan’s suggestion that it might be better for her to fly because there would be less hair flying around and she does thinking that Gohan likes her and she starts to like Gohan.

Bideru no mama "Videl's mom"- Not much is known about Videl's mom. However, she did die of complications of some sort a while after Videl was born.

Bibidi- Bibidi is Babidi's father and the person who created the great magical device of destruction known as Majin Buu. Millions of years before Dragon Ball began, Bibidi lead Buu on a rampage which extended even as far as the holy planet Kaioushin Kai. However, Buu eventually became too threatening and Bibidi decided to seal his creation in a sphere. He hid it so that no one would be able to discover it.

Ningen o Utsu Otoko "Human Gunman"- During the time when Buu is starting to settle down with Mr. Satan, a very sick individual stops caring about life and goes around killing people for sport. In the anime and manga, I was actually shocked when it showed him and his partner gun down an old man and woman. This idiot and his partner are basically responsible for the creation of Super Buu. They chance upon Buu while he's playing catch with Bee and shoot the puppy. Mr. Satan locates the two and beats them up, then goes back to Buu who heals the puppy instantly. But then the idiot returns and shoots Mr. Satan through the chest. Buu heals Satan, but his anger explodes and Old Buu is released from his anger. Luckily this guy has a pleasing death. Old Buu blasts him into a million pieces with a point-blank ki blast.

Ningen o Utsu Otoko no Tsukibito "Human Gunman's Associate"- A fat British-looking bloke who occasionally picks off people with his buddy. Fortunately, he has one of the most horrible deaths in DBZ. Buu liquefies and shoots himself down the guy's throat, then expands, turning him into human confetti.

Neiru "Nail"- The most powerful Soldier Type Nameckian and the Saichourou's personal guardian. His max power level 42,000. He faces off against Frieza, but is beaten horribly by him, and left to die when Frieza finds out that the dragon has been summoned. Later on, Piccolo chances upon him, and has a quick conversation with him about his roots. Then he convinces Piccolo to let him merge with him. After they merge, Piccolo goes off to fight Frieza with his new strength.

Nise Supa Senshi "Fake Super Soldiers"*- In the anime, when Goku and Vegeta are wandering around Buu's stomach, they're ambushed by copies of Gotenks, Gohan and Piccolo. Of course they're not the real deal so they're beaten fairly quickly, but the fight is sort of cool since it's Z Soldier VS Z Soldier.

Namekians"- Three young Soldier Type Namekians who try to defend Muuri's village. They each have a power of 3,000 and are, unfortunately, all killed very quickly, (and violently), by Dodoria.

Nappa- An Elite Saiya-jin soldier born on the planet Vegeta. In the anime, he's shown to be sort of a bodyguard for Vegeta, (Like Vegeta would really need Nappa to guard him), when he was a child. In the manga, they're just shown as fellow soldiers. Nappa is not stupid, although he would appear to be that way. He loses control of himself at times when someone shows him up, but he's usually well composed, (for a killer that is). His power level is 4,000 which is light years beyond most of the Z Soldiers' at the time he and Vegeta show up on Earth, except for Son Goku’s of course. At the time of his death he was 50 years old. I'd also like to point out that Nappa is not bald. He apparently shaves his head by choice because, later in the manga, Vegeta explains that once a Saiya-jin's hairstyle reaches a certain length, it will never change, or grow longer. fellow warrior and Saiyan with Vegeta, he comes to earth with Vegeta to destroy it. This muscular saiyan does much of the early fighting on earth including eliminating Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu either directly or indirectly through the Saibamen. He may have more brain then brain and gets over excited and careless when fighting. Vegeta coaches him to calm down and states that he can with the fight. It is during his Kamehamena bean attack on Gohan and Krillin that Goku swoops in with his Kaio-Ken attack to thwart him. He is inferior to and afraid of Vegeta-and for good reason. When he loses to Goku, Vegeta turns on him immediately and eliminates him for his weakness.

Torubi*- a competitor in the Other World Tournament who looks like a cross between Frieza and Cell.

Mirai no Trunks "Future Trunks"- The Daizenshyu lists both Future and Little Trunks as the same character, but since they're so different, I'm dividing them into two separate sections. Future Trunks comes to the present from the year 784 AD. His future is a bleak one. Son Goku died from a viral heart disease he picked up on the planet Yardrat and soon three years later, the Artificial Humans showed up, and killed all of the Z Soldiers, except Gohan. As Trunks grows older, Gohan trains him, but eventually he is killed by the Artificial Humans. (In the anime, it was Gohan's death that made Trunks angry enough to turn SSJ, in the manga, he was able to turn SSJ prior to Gohan's death). His mother, Bulma, invents a Time Machine which will allow him to travel back through time to the year 764 AD and give Goku the medicine to cure his disease. (The medicine had not been invented till many years after Goku’s death). He also came to warn Goku of the arrival of the Artificial Humans three years from then. With this accomplished, he returns to his future, and waits 6 months for the Time Machine to recharge. (It can only be assumed that he trained during this period of time). When the Time Machine is fully recharged, he returns to the same time he was in before, but three years later. From this point he sticks around, and his identity is slowly revealed to everyone. In other words, the fact that he's Vegeta and Bulma’s son. During the Cell Game, Trunks is killed, which causes Vegeta to FLIP (proving that he actually does care for his son) but he's quickly resurrected by the Dragon Balls. Soon after that he returns to his future in 785 AD. and is finally able to kill Androids 17 and 18, as well as the Cell in his time period three years later in 788 AD. Trunks then returns to the past again, (in the anime story-line ONLY), just to say "hi" to everyone and participate in a martial arts tournament, the events of which are shown in DBZ Movie 9. I don't normally go into this much detail, but I'd say Trunks is a pretty popular character, and this should answer most of your major questions about him. As a person, Trunks is fairly quiet. He doesn't say much except when he has something VERY important to say, or he's invited into a conversation. Trunks use a formal type of language. That's not to say he's uptight, he's just normally very polite. Even when fighting Cell, he keeps his cool and carries on a conversation with him. It's safe to safe that he's the type of person who would be willing to sacrifice himself so that others could live.

Chibi Trunks "Little Trunks"- I've been waiting to do this one, because I want to kill a myth which seems to be spreading. A lot of people say that Trunks is "spoiled and a complete brat". They say he's a complete contrast to Future Trunks. That's not true. Trunks is simply like any normal eight year old. Although Future Trunks is very polite and acts very different from an eight year old, (which would seem obvious since he's a young adult), Chibi Trunks can be seen developing into the same type of person that Future Trunks was during the end of DBZ, and through DBGT (If you count GT that is). However, there is a BIG difference between the two which no one ever seems to touch upon. Chibi Trunks is filled with pride much like his father. He has little faith in Son Goku when he arrives, and doesn't believe that he's any stronger than his father. (Until he feels Goku’s ki when he turns SSJ3 of course). Trunks also defends his father valiantly when Buu attacks him, and is angered by the fact that someone like his dad could be beat up on so easily. Chibi Trunks is also very adventurous and is always looking to fight strong opponents. Another myth is that Goten is hesitant to embark on adventures with Trunks. Goten and Trunks both go nuts when they hear about Majin Buu and can't wait to see him, (and fight him). Trunks was born in the year 766 AD. and was eighteen years old when DBZ ended. Like Goten, he had the ability to turn Super Saiya-jin from an early age.

Toto Oyako "Toto Family"*- A family of Pterodactyls that Gohan and Goten befriend. The father and mother aren't given a name, but Gohan and Goten call their baby "Chibi" which means little or small. Chibi is captured by the circus and the Great Saiyaman tries to rescue him, but before he can, Chibi's momma and papa go on an angry rampage searching for their child.

Dodoria- One of Frieza’s top soldiers. He doesn't appear to be powerful, (since he's a fat pink blob with spiky bones stretching his skin), but for his size, he's remarkably fast and powerful. He's ruthless and is willing to do any evil task for Frieza. Dodoria is killed by a ki blast from Vegeta. His power level was approximately 22,000.

Baata- Baata is the tall blue member of the Ginyu Tokusentai who possesses incredible speed. He's very confident in the ability of himself and The Ginyu Tokusentai until Goku shows up and makes a mockery of Baata's speed. Baata is KO'ed by Goku and later killed by Vegeta.

Dende- Dende is the Saichourou's 108th child. He is a Dragon Type Nameckian who is rescued by Gohan and Krillin early in the Frieza saga. At first he is very quiet and reserved, but later he becomes one of Gohan's best friends. After the fight on Namek is finished, Dende eventually leaves the Earth and goes to New Namek. Several years later, Goku comes to New Namek looking for a new Kami. Muuri suggests that Dende would be a great choice, so Goku takes Dende to Earth to become to new Kami. Dende powers up the Dragon Balls after he arrives and allows three wishes to be made at one time. He also cheers Piccolo on into joining the Tournament, Gohan invites Dende to join in but he states “I am a healer not a fighter”.

Tsuno- The elder of the village of Namekians that Vegeta kills off. There were nineteen Namekians living in his village before Vegeta killed them all.

Tsufuru-jin*- The Tsufuru-jin were the people who inhabited Planet Plant before the Saiya-jin took over and re-named it Planet Vegeta. Their name (Tsufuru) is a play on the Japanese word for fruit, and the name Saiya is a play on the Japanese word for vegetable. So basically, it was the fruits VS the vegetables. (Puns run amok in DBZ). The Tsufuru-jin were wiped out by the Saiya-jin when a full moon occurred, causing the Saiya-jin to become Oosaru and overcome the Tsufuru-jin. Now of course, if you want to go by GT or the two OVA's then you could of course say, "Dr. Raichi and Dr. Myuu were still around!". Well, yeah, but the Tsufuru-jin were actually only in the anime anyway so :P

Chyapa Ou "King Chyapa"- A competitor in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, famous for his strength, who loses to Goku twice in the preliminary rounds of the 21st and 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai's. he's 6' tall and weighs 182 lbs. His home address is SSR249905C.

Chyapu Chyai*- A midget competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who is able to overcome his opponents by making many duplicates of himself and overwhelm his competitors.

Chi-chi- Goku’s wife and task-master extrordinaire. She is the daughter of Gyuu Maou who promised his daughter's hand in marriage to Goku when they were just children. Chichi later meets up with Goku at the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai and loses to him. After their match she reminds him who she is, and asks him if he wants to marry her. Goku says, "Sure", (but unfortunately he has no idea what marriage is). Chichi is known for being very hard on her son's academic life, and although it doesn't play upon it quite as much in the manga, in the anime, she goes ballistic at some points over her son's study habits, (or lack there-of), and Goku’s influence on him. Although it's not always shown, she REALLY does love her husband a LOT and in the anime there are some sweet scenes between the two.

Zeshin*- One of the leaders of the of the group of orphans whose space-ship Krillin, Bulma and Gohan mistakenly board on their trip to Namek.

ZTV no Jikyou Anaunsa "ZTV's Male Announcer"- Throughout DB/Z there are lots of TV reporters. This particular guy plays the largest reporter role in the series. He's the brave soul who covers the Cell Game with the help of his trusty camera-man. Throughout the Cell Game he provides almost a comic relief at times, and at other times, he hightens the intensity with his description of the amazing events he witnesses. He's the World's only link to the Cell Game since no other TV stations covered the event. (Uranai Baba helps out Chichi in the anime, but her magical ball eventually phases out due to the large concentrations of energy).

Supopo Bitchi "Spopovitch"- One of Babidi's servants. He was a normal martial artist who did quite well in the 24th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but Babidi got his hands on him and possessed him to do his bidding. During the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, he seriously beats the living hell out of Videl and almost kills her. (I'm not kidding. This scene in the manga and anime is extremely brutal. In one part he bashes her face with his knee and knocks out some of her teeth.). But Videl doesn't give up and only loses because she's so badly beaten that she can't move and Supopo throws her out of the ring. Later he works with his cohort Yamu to steal Gohan's energy and meets his grisly demise when he outlives his usefulness and Babidi causes him to explode.

Jinzouningen Juuroku Gou "Artificial Human Number 16"- Number 16 is another "failure" of Dr. Gero's. However, he's only a failure in that he's a pacifist, but not to the degree that Number 8 was. Number 16 is willing to carry out his mission to kill Goku, but beyond that, he doesn't wish to harm anybody or anything. He loves nature, and this is more than clear throughout the anime, (birds constantly flock to him). Anyway, back on topic, aside from that fact, Number 16 is probably Gero's greatest success. Unlike Numbers 17 and 18, he is entirely mechanical, and unlike Number 19, he is not an Energy Absorption Type. He has an infinite power supply like Numbers 17 and 18. In addition to that, he is surprisingly also the strongest of the Artificial Humans. He is able to lock arms with a full power First Stage Cell and hold his own surprisingly well, when even Piccolo was nearly killed by him. Number 16 is also the only Artificial Human capable of sensing ki energy and locations of its output. Like Numbers 8, 17 and 18 Number 16 has a self-destruct bomb inside of him. The only difference is that his bomb causes a massive explosion with enough power to wipe out even Perfect Cell. He tries to utilize his bomb as a kamikaze technique against Cell when all seems lost, however, when Bulma and her father repaired Number 16 in their lab a few days before the Cell Game, they removed the bomb. Unfortunately they forgot to inform 16 and when he realizes it's no longer inside of him, Cell blasts a hole through him the size of Kansas. Later, 16's decapitated head gives Gohan a little speech about releasing his true feelings. Cell is annoyed by the interference and crushes 16's head completely destroying him. Big mistake.

Jinzouningen Juunana Gou "Artificial Human Number 17"- The brother and sister team, (Androids 17 and 18), are a bit hard to explain, so please stick with me on this one. Doctor Gero obtained a brother and a sister. His means of obtaining them and their past lives are never revealed. He experimented on them, and basically re-created several aspects of them. They refer to themselves as, "Humans with a few extras". He obviously also took away many of their past memories since they never refer to themselves by their former names, nor do they show any care for what they used to be. This brother and sister obviously became what we know as Androids 17 and 18. 17 is the brother. He's a typical male with a love for fast cars, and all sorts of adrenaline rushes. He loves his ultimate power and refers to himself as the strongest being ever. Unfortunately for him, that's not true when full power Stage One Cell shows up. Contrary to popular belief the Androids of the present are VERY different from the Androids in Trunks' time. In Trunks' future 17 drives around in an air car and mows people down for fun. In the present he may rough up people, but he never kills a single human. The only person he intends to kill is Son Goku and after that he just wants to enjoy himself by fighting strong opponents. Both 17 and 18's deadliest trait is that they do not have ki, and thus cannot be sensed, and they also have an infinite supply of energy inside of them. In other words, even if they're lying near death on the ground, if they have enough strength left to lift their arms, they can still shoot out blasts of energy. Number 17 also has a bomb inside his body which can be triggered by an Emergency Stop Controller, but the explosion is not as powerful as Number 16's is. After the Cell saga Number 17 becomes a recluse and lives in the woods by himself. The only time he's seen again is when he gives his energy to Goku to help create the Ultimate Genki Dama.

Jinzouningen Juuhachi Gou "Artificial Human Number 18"- Number 18 plays a larger role than her brother, mainly because she becomes romantically entwined with a main character, Krillin, and eventually marries him. When she was a "villain" she was different from her brother in that she doesn't enjoy fighting per-say, but she has a "just for the hell of it" kind of attitude. Whenever she's seen fighting she's always very laid back and calm, and meanwhile she's doling out heavy punishment, (she dis-locates Vegeta’s arm). Aso like her brother, she never kills a single human and has only one goal which is to kill Goku. She also retains some of her human quirks. Whereas her brother likes adrenaline rushes she loves shopping for clothes. In one part, all three Androids take a pit-stop at a clothing store and Number 18 tries on all sorts of clothing and steals a dress that she takes a particular liking to. In the anime she also browses through Chi-chi's clothing looking for any good out-fits, but she's bored with what she finds. She has all of the same traits as her brother ex. infinite energy, no ki and of course a bomb inside of her which is later removed from her and her brother's body by Shenron. Anyway, after the Cell saga she settles down with Krillin and they have a daughter named Maron, (like I said before, although some parts of them are mechanical, they're mostly human). She competes in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and bribes Mr. Satan to give her 20,000,000 Zeni (Zeni is DBZ's unit of money), if she lets him win the tournament, which he agrees to, regrettably.

Jinzouningen Juukyu Gou "Artificial Human Number 19"- Number 19 is completely mechanical and is an Energy Absorption Type. He had red balls on the palms of his hands which can absorb any ki attack, and suck the energy right out of a person by touching them. He's pretty um....boring as a villain. Once again, think of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, but this time, shrink him to human size, and cross-breed him with a Chinese Frosty the Snow Woman and he's what you'd end up with. Goku starts to fight him, but gets beaten horribly because he starts to suffer from his heart disease, so he gets carried off the field by Yamcha, and guess who shows up to take his place? Mr. Fancypants Vegeta. The fight between him and Vegeta is fairly short, but it's one of the few moments where I actually love Vegeta’s attitude. "You're an Android right? Tell me, can Androids feel pain and fear?". Vegeta rips off 19's hands so he can't absorb energy and then blows him up with Big Bang Attack. Serves him right. But fighting wasn't 19's main purpose. He was created by Dr. Gero so that he could transplant the doctor's brain into an Android body so that he could continue his research. That Android's name was.....

Jinzouningen Nijuu Gou "Artificial Human Number 20"- You'll notice later on that Dr. Gero isn't on this list. There's a reason behind that. In the manga, the real Dr. Gero is never actually seen, and in the anime, we only see him in brief flashbacks. The real Dr. Gero was a scientist for the Red Ribbon Army and was its only known surviving member after Goku eliminated it. He invented 20 Android bodies in his life-time and began work on one ultimate biological warrior known as Cell. Most of his Androids were failures and were never shown. He invented the Androids primarily to kill Goku, but Trunks infers that his larger scheme is something much larger than world domination. Keep in mind, in Trunks' future, Androids 19 and 20 did not exist, and Number 16 was either destroyed by Gero or never completed. Before creating Number 20, he created Number 19 (DUH) to transplant Dr. Gero's brain into Android 20, which was built to look exactly like Gero's human body. After his brain had been moved into Number 20, Gero was able to continue his research and live on without fearing death due to old age. Number 20 is a particularly vicious villain. In the manga he squeezes off a human's head like a blemish. He's not much of a match for the likes of Piccolo, Goku or Vegeta even after absorbing energy. His only advantage is that he is an Energy Absorption Type Android who can absorb any ki attacks with a red ball in the palms of his hands, but Piccolo rectifies that problem simply by slicing of Number 2's right hand. Number 20 is killed by his own creation Androids 17. Number 17 slams his fist through 20's chest, kicks off his head, and then smashes his head under-foot.

Jinjya Taun Ichi Erai Kanemochi "Ginger Town's Prominent Rich Man"- A victim of Cell's absorption spree. He offers Piccolo tons of cash to save his life seconds before Cell messily drains him of life.

Misuta Satan "Mr. Satan"- The World Champion, MR. SATAN! Mr. Satan is basically the luckiest guy in all of DBZ. Majority of the people on Earth believe that he's the strongest man in the World who defeated Cell and Buu, thus rescuing the entire human race. He becomes a huge celebrity and even has a city named after him. In reality, Mr. Satan is indeed a very strong human, but he's absolutely NOTHING compared to Goku and Co. And he lied about defeating Cell and Buu, (obviously). When Cell was killed, there was a huge flash of light and no one could see what happened so Satan claimed victory. During the Buu saga it's a different story. He sort of saved the world. When Goku was gathering energy, he pleaded for the people of Earth to give him their energy, but barely anyone knows Goku and they all thought it was a trick of Buu's, so they ignored him. Mr. Satan becomes infuriated with their insubordinate and screams at them telling them that they, "You had better raise your hands because it is Mr. Satan who's fighting Buu!". And of course everyone knows Satan's voice so they all raise their hands and give up their energy, thinking that he's the one who's fighting Buu and once again, Goku doesn't get credit for saving the World, (not that he actually wants any either). None of the Z Soldiers ever let on that they actually saved the World. They don't care for fame of any type and besides, if they ever need money all they need to do is bribe Mr. Satan. Regardless of the fact that he's definitely an ego-maniac, Mr. Satan's heart really is in the right place. He loves his daughter more than anything, and would do anything for her. He befriends Fat Buu and lets him live with him. Fat Buu and Mr. Satan share the dog Bee. always been famous for gaining credit for himself. A coward that when he steps up to a challenge with Cell {with him cheating to win against Android 18 is a martial arts challenge} he fakes a stomachache and leaves the ring.

Misuta Satan Fyan Kurabu "Mr Satan's Fan Club"*- A group of screaming young girls who try to chase Mr. Satan down for even a glimpse of him.

Misuta Popo "Mr. Popo"- Mr. Popo is Kami's faithful servant. He's lived a very long time and has served all previous Kami's. His tasks are basically to tend to the Palace, and to take care of Kami. He is quite strong and fast, even though he doesn't appear to be. When Goku first arrived at Kami's Palace, Popo was far stronger than him. He trained Goku for three years and taught him techniques that would later prove invaluable, such as the ability to sense ki. servant to Kami. Been on earth longer then the present Kami and will remain to serve the next guardian of earth. through small and silly in appearance he is a powerful fighter, wise, truthful and reliable. He assists Kami in saving the Earth from Garlic Jr.

Muusu Kazoku "The Moose Family"*- In the anime, during his training with Mr. Popo, Goku is sent on several tasks which require him to find something, or do some sort of spiritual soul searching. One of his tasks, Goku meets a family living in the woods. The family is HUGE. There's two parents, nine kids, and one grandfather. All of the family members' names are puns on sweet foods. I haven't been able to pick them all out yet, but the parent's names are Muusu "Moose" and Ekure "Eclair". The children's names are as follows: Kuuki "Cookie". Puri "Pudding" Bisuke "Biscuit". Babaro (I don't know). Donatsu "Donuts". Chyoko "Chocolate". Zeri "Jelly". Shyuku "Sugar". Kurepa "Crepe". The grandfather's name is Korinto.

Muuri- Muuri is Dende and Kargo's father and the elder Namek of his village. Just before Saichourou dies, he selects Muuri to be his successor. After the Frieza ordeal, Muuri powers up the Nameckian Dragon Balls, allowing them to return multiple people back to life with one wish.

Musuka*- The corrupt owner of a circus in Satan City. He steals a little Pteradon baby named Chibi from his parents and makes him a part of the circus.

Jinjya "Ginger"*- Piccolo's cutesy, (but road rage prone), driving instructor in the infamous driving school episode. She’s nice and calm until she gets behind the wheel of the car and becomes an absolute rage head, yelling at people, impatient at red lights and later impatient because Piccolo is driving like an old woman until Goku comes racing by recklessly because he can’t drive. They have a race and both Goku and Piccolo crash into each other but are able to save themselves and their instructors.

Jyosei Kyasuta "Women Newscaster"- A woman who reports on the terror that Cell is causing across the Earth by absorbing entire towns-worth of people.

Shyuusai Aku "Evil Tutor"*- Chichi gets a tutor for Gohan to help him with his studies, but the guy turns out to be a real SOB. He whips Gohan when he doesn't do his work right and constantly corrects him. Chichi doesn't realize that any of this is going on, but one day she hears him badmouth Goku and she FLIPS out. She puts him, through the window and chases him away.

Jyueru "Jewel"- Jewel thinks he is a god’s gift to women. He too fights in the Battle Royale during the World Martial Art’s Tournament Three with the last four remaining contestants. He hits on Number 18 and tries to get her to throw the match, she answers with a hard blow that sends him soaring out of the ring and gets him disqualified.

Kilah—Kilah is a participant in the World Tournament Three and fights in the Battle Royale well. He doesn’t last very long and with one punch from Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks in disguise) launch him from the ring.

Maraikoh—From the West Quadrant of the Other World Tournament. He has to fight Froug at the beginning of the Other World Tournament and beats Froug by throwing him from the ring. His efforts were wasted after Goku decided to triumph over Maraikoh the same way he had taken out Froug.

Zaabon "Zarbon"- Frieza’s right hand man and all around crony. Not much information is given on this character, but he does have the ability to transform in order to increase his power level. However, in his transformed state, he's a disgusting creature, as opposed to his handsome features in his normal state. He hates transforming because he doesn't like his beautiful figure to become distorted, (he's a pretty boy), but he does it none the less to take on Vegeta. His normal power level is 23,000.

Zaakuro*- One of the two aliens who disguise themselves as Namekians and try to trap Bulma, Krillin and Gohan on their desolate world. They almost succeed and steal their space ship, but Krillin and Gohan put an end to their treachery.

Jiisu- A member of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Jiisu's specialty is his combination of speed and powerful techniques. He's not as fast as Baata, or as powerful as Reekuumu, but he's a happy medium between the two of them. He's killed by Vegeta.

Shen- The alias that Supreme Kai enters the Tenkaichi Budoukai under. He possesses the body of a typical nerdy looking guy to disguise himself so he can defeat Piccolo. His name is a bit of a pun. It's the first part of the dragon's name, Shenron.

Shen no Mutsuko "Shen's son"- Just as the name infers, this is the son of the guy who Kami possesses.

Shenron- Created in the year 470, Shenron is the dragon god who appears when all seven Dragon Balls are gathered in one place and a person utters, "Come out Shenron!". At first, Shenron can only grant one wish, and bring someone back to life once, but later, he receives a power-up from Dende which allows him to grant three wishes at one time and grant the same wish twice. However, after all three wishes are made, the Dragon Balls will scatter across the Earth and turn to stone. In one year's time, they will return to normal and can be used again. If not all three wishes are not used up at one time, the waiting period is shortened. Shenron is linked to his creator Kami, thus if Kami dies, the Dragon Balls become useless. Later when Kami merges with Piccolo, the Dragon Balls turn to stone, but Dende replaces Kami and becomes the new God, at which point he powers-up the Dragon Balls and restores them. Shenron was killed once in the series by Piccolo Daimaou. The dying process does not work in reverse, in other words, if Shenron dies, Kami does not. After Shenron's death he can be reborn by a simple procedure. In Kami's Palace is a mini statue of the Dragon. If the dragon is dead, the statue will be broken into pieces. In order to resurrect him, you must simply put the statue back together again. Shenron cannot grant wishes that exceeds laws of nature, or the power of his creator. (Power meaning fighting strength). Shenron cannot resurrect someone who has been dead for more than one year, (which makes the Time-Line is DBZ Daizenshyu 7 a bit of a plot hole since Goku was listed as being resurrected more than a year after his death). And he cannot resurrect someone that has died of natural causes. Whew! That's a bit complex. Hope you got it all.

Super Shenron AKA Porunga- This is the Nameckian equivalent of Shenron. He is much larger than Shenron, (5 times larger to be exact), and when he's first introduced, he has some advantages over the Earth's Shenron. For starters he can grant three wishes instead of one. The downside is, that he only resurrect one person per wish, so he could wish back three people total at one time, as opposed to Earth's Shenron which can bring back any number of people. However, after Muuri becomes Saichourou, he upgrades Porunga and allows him to bring back any number of people per wish. Porunga can also grant the same wish more than once. The last advantage he has is that his waiting period after the balls turn to stone is only 130 days as opposed to Earth's one year. As with Earth's Shenron, he's linked to his creator in the same ways. Confidentially, I think Porunga is the cooler looking of the two dragons, but to each his own. His shape was based on a figure the Saichourou saw in a dream.

Shishi Garyu no Ken Pau Ka- A competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai who uses Ken Pau as his form of fighting.

Gotenks- The mini-washboard stomached result of Fusion between Trunks and Goten. Gotenks looks small, but he's a powerhouse. He battles against Majin Buu on two separate occasions. The first time is when he first successfully becomes Gotenks, (Goten and Trunks previous attempts were VERY unsuccessful), and he loses pitifully. In the manga the fight isn't shown, but it is in the anime. The second occasion is the famous battle in The Room of Spirit and Time between him and Super Buu. The battle later expands to Kami's Palace, (which gets completely destroyed), and even further along, down it concludes on Earth. During the fight, Toriyama returns to his gag style of animation and writing. This is evident through the attacks which he makes up for Gotenks, such as Miracle Super Punch, Great Kick Special and Galactica Donut. While many of his attacks are just a waste of time, he's the only other Saiya-jin besides Goku who attains Super Saiya-jin 3, which is a valuable assent in his battle against Buu. Unfortunately, he toys with Buu because of the cockiness that results from Fusion, and defuses before he can destroy Buu. Goten and Trunks form this nee entity by the metamour art of fusion, which was taught to Goku who is back from the other world. The fusion must occur between two beings of equal power {Trunks has to lower his power level to fuse with Goten} and is accomplished by a goofing-looking, mirror-image dance. This type of fusion only lasts 30 minutes and they must recuperate for one hour before fusing again. Goten and Trunks are trained in the art of fusion by Goku and then by Piccolo. They try several times before getting it right, creating 2 awkwardly formed Gotenks in the beginning once perfected, the fused Gotenks is an incredibly powerful fighter. Like Goten and Trunks, Gotenks has an amazing ability to learn moves quickly and quickly manages to go to super saiyan after watching Goku do it once.

Piroshiki*- One of Mr. Satan's students who "competes" against Cell in the anime. He's a large guy with the power of a wild boar, but he obviously doesn't hold a candle to Cell.

Kouryu*- A ten year old competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai's Children's Division.

Guregori "Gregory"*- This is Kaiou's motor-mouth pupil, a little flying cricket named Gregory. He only shows up in the anime and in a couple movies. He's very respectful of his master and always speaks highly of him, but he'll talk trash to anyone he doesn't believe is better than him.

KTV Jyosei Intabyua "KTV's Female Interviewer"- A reporter for station KTV.

Gureto Saiyaman "Great Saiyaman"- Gohan's "alter-ego" during his high-school life. He dons a helmet, a green suit and white mantle, and special watch invented by Bulma which helps him change his outfit from normal to super-hero. Later on, he replaces the helmet with a bandanna and sun-glasses so that he can legally participate in the Tenkaichi Budoukai, (wearing and type of armor is a no-no). In the manga he performs a couple good deeds, but in the anime he's elevated to Super Man status and does all sorts of wonderful things for Satan City. A movie is even made about him. Aside from being a hero, he's also famous for his "cool" poses which is a direct blow to Sailor Moon. He makes a series of ridiculous movements while spouting off phrases like, "Wherever evil lurks and destroys the hopes of good people, the Great Saiyaman will be there for protection!". During high school Gohan adopts a secret identity when fighting bad guys. The Great Saiyaman. He transforms into the Great Saiyaman with a simple push of a button on his transformation band watch. Initially Great Saiyaman wears a helmet Gohan eliminates this from his wardrobe when entering the world martial arts tournament. Any type of armor is not allowed. When he eliminates the helmet from his disguise he uses a scarf and sunglasses instead.

Genki Dama ni Kyouryoku Shytotsuru Otoko "First normal man to give his power to the Genki Dama"- What a mouthful. While Goku is gathering energy for his Ultimate Genki Dama, Vegeta pleads with the people of Earth to give their raise their hands and offer their energy. VERY few people do it because they think it's another mind trick of Buu's, but one man in an arctic environment gives up his energy. He's the first person outside of the small group of people who actually knew it was Vegeta’s voice that gave his energy to Goku.

Gurudo- The smallest and least powerful member of the Ginyu Tokusentai. Gurudo is a squat green alien with four eyes. While he may be weak, he possesses some fantastic abilities. He can freeze time for as long as he can hold his breath, and his ultimate move is his ability to telepathically freeze his opponents in place. He is decapitated by Vegeta.

Karugo "Kargo"- This is Dende's brother. He was killed by Frieza when he started to run away from the villain with his brother. He is later revived with the Earth's Dragon Balls.

Kan Fu Otoko "Kung Fu Man"- A competitor in the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai who looks and acts very much like a certain Chinese Martial Artist named Bruce.

Kiira "Killer"- A big black dude who participates in the Battle Royale at the end of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's KO'ed by Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks). His role is minimal in the manga, but in the anime he has some plot-developing flashbacks.

Basu Jyakuhan "Bus hijackers"*- A group of three criminals who hijack a Satan City Bus filled with seniors. The Great Saiyaman and Videl work together to arrest the criminals and then stop the bus from falling off a cliff.

Kigurumi Z Senshi "Kigurumi Z Soldiers"*- In the anime, during the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, there is a HYSTERICAL scene where a short "movie" is shown which portrays the events of the Cell Game, Power Rangers style. The Z Soldiers, Cell and Mr. Satan are all represented by men in Super Deformed costumes, (The Kigurumi Z Senshi). The movie is a laugh riot because it's so Japanese, and it was done on purpose. There's guys flying around on high wires, and explosions are set off by stepping on switches. It's all done to make the flying and ki blasts that the Z Soldiers performed look fake. At the end the "hero" appears, the "mighty" Mr. Satan, and he defeats Cell with one swift kick.

HTV no Jyosei Intabyuaa "HTV's Woman Interviewer"- Just what it sounds like. An interviewer for channel HTV. She tries to interview Piccolo and Vegeta at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, but they ignore her.

Gariku "Garlic"*- The father of Garlic Jr., born in the year 300 AD. He competed with the original Piccolo for the seat of Kami, but was not able to ascend to the throne because the previous Kami saw his evil ambitions. He revolted, but was sealed away in an negative space.

Gariku Jyuniya "Garlic Junior"*- Garlic's son born to complete his father's dream and take vengeance. He was the main villain in DBZ Movie 1, "Return My Gohan!". At the end of the movie he was sealed in the Dead Zone, but he later reappeared in the anime after the Frieza saga with some more evil comrades, but was sealed away in the Dead Zone again.

Oribu "Olive"*- A big hulky competitor in the Other World Tournament. He looks like Hercule. He and Goku becomes friends.

Umigame "Sea Turtle"- Kame Sennin's pet turtle. During DBZ he celebrates his 1,000th birthday in episode 117. He plays a relatively small part in the manga, but he has quite a few large roles in the anime. When he first appeared, he was in the wilderness, alone and lost. He was picking mushrooms when he got separated from his friends and had since been wandering around on land for over a year. Goku kindly takes on the task of returning him to the ocean. It is Umigame who introduces Kame Sennin to Goku, Bulma and Oolong.

Intabiyuaa "Interviewer"- The man who interviews Mr. Satan during his first appearance in the manga.

Ireeza "Eliza" “Erasa”- A blonde girl in Gohan's class at Orange Star High School who has a bit of a crush on him, but never directly approaches him about it. She sits right next to him. She is also good friends with Videl and Gohan.

Ikose- The cocky fourteen year-old who faces off against Goten in the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai and gets KO'ed with a mere tap from Goten's fist. He was born in 760 AD.

Idaasa- This is Ikose's fifteen year-old brother. He's dealt a similar defeat in the Children's Division by Trunks. He was born in 759 AD.

Kiyatapi- This is one of the competitors in the Annoyoichi Budoukai that Goku faces off against. He tries to tickle Goku into submission, but that doesn't work, so he goes into a pupa state, (he's a caterpillar creature), to grow into a much more powerful adversary. The only problem is, he has to remain in his cocoon for 1,200 years, so the match is forfeited in favor of Goku.

Idaasa no Mama "Idaasa's Mom"-This ball of blubber is rude and crude to Bulma and Chichi while sitting in the stands at the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. She boasts about how her sons will defeat both of their children, and when both of her children lose pathetically, she absolutely flips out, but Chichi knocks her lights out. She later reveals the location of Trunks' hometown to Babidi.

Annin*- The female guardian of the Furnace of Eight Divination at a border between the world and the after-life.

Iedei "Yeti"*- The giant mutant monster that Vegeta and Nappa kill on the planet Arlia.

Annai Oni "Ogre Intern"-The effeminate Ogre who escorts Goku to the Serpent Path.

Apuuru "Apple"- One of Frieza’s henchmen on Namek. His life is extinguished by Vegeta when he escapes from the healing tank.

Kyo Dai Kani "Ultimate Crab"*- A gigantic species of crab that lives in the deep waters of Namek. Bulma encounters a female one in the anime.

Frieza—Haughty, malicious, seemingly invincible and power hungry with absolutely no compassion feared as the most powerful and evil being in the universe with no rival being even close to his strength. His goal, upon learning about the Namekian Dragon Balls {when all seven are gathered and awaken the dragon that wishes are granted} he is consumed with a desire to obtain the dragon balls, summon the dragon and gain his wish for immortality. Then he can rule the entire universe unrivaled, forever. Understanding the capability of the saiyans as fighters, he eliminates their planet to destroy the competition. In his search for the dragon balls on Namek, he ruthlessly and predictably eliminates all who get in his way. The very mention of his name strikes dead and fear across the universe. Zarbon and Dodoria are Frieza’s two evil right hand men. They carry out his request promptly and without question, knowing his character too well. he also employs the legendary Ginyu Force to take care of his business. He is a lizard-like creature who can shape-shift into four stages of forms with each form more powerful then the last. 1st stage-space pod, 2nd stage-has 2 horns on his head and his body is larger, 3rd stage-is in his biggest body with back bend, 4th stage-perfect. He is a small body with no angle on his body. He has a fifth appearance. After being beaten by Goku, he is rebuilt with robotic parts and once again poses a threat to our heroes.

Burter—evil and powerful, the Ginyu Force is hailed as the most powerful team in the universe. It is composed of five members, each one very powerful and possessing unique attacks and fighting advantages. When Dodorina and Zarbon are unable to eliminate out friends and collect the seven dragon balls, Frieza summons the Ginyu Force. Between battles, they enjoy such goofy things as playing “paper, rock, scissors” to decide who will fight who, watching soap operas and making beats over chocolate nut bars, their favorite food. The Ginyu Force strikes poses during their battles while individually and collectively they are very strong, each member is conceited and competitive which leads to their downfall. They hesitate to ask each other for help because they don’t want to share the credit for the victory. The members of the Ginyu Force don’t seem to care about each other, willing to stand back and watch while their teammates are destroyed. Burter is giant, blue creature he is one of the fastest beings alive. Attack is Spiral Flash Attack.

Captain Ginyu—with purple skin and black horns, he is the strongest of the team and its leader. He has the powerful ability to switch bodies with the opponents. He switches bodies with Goku giving him the advantage of fighting with Goku’s powerful body and also confusing the team of good guys. This capability does lead to his ultimate demise as he accidentally and forever changes bodies with a frog.

Dodoria—is Frieza’s top of two henchmen. A fat, pink spiky-haired alien. On Namek, he runs into Vegeta while chasing Gohan and is killed by Vegeta.

Dr. Gero—Evil Scientist responsible for creating Android 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and other creatures in the hopes of destroying the heroes.

Garlic Jr.—a small guy who is both evil and intelligent. He resembles a blue dwarf with big pointed ears, but he is an evil being with keen mental powers and devilish plans to take over the universe. He can and does transform into a large monstrous tyrant. His biggest desire is to destroy the Namekain guardian of earth, Kami, one of the wisest and purest beings ever. In this way, he can rule the earth. his father had competed for this position of Earth Guardian but he was stopped by Kami who discovered his evil intentions. He was granted immortality by the Eternal Dragon Shenron after collecting the seven dragon balls. But he is locked in the Dead Zone, a black void he created. He is from the Makyo Star and his power level is proportionate to the Makyo Star’s distance. This when the Makyo Star is near him, his power is increased and he bursts forth from the dead zone to once again put earth in peril.

Guldo—a short, pudgy, four-eyed creature, he makes up for his lack of strength with his ability to manipulate space and time. Able to read minds, control objects and stop time, he can easily conquer a much stronger foe. He makes up the force of the Ginyu Force.

Jeice—Part of the Ginyu Force with an orange face and huge white hair, he is neither super fast or super powerful. Instead he is a more balanced combination of strength and speed. Making him very dangerous. He also has an Australian Accent.

King Cold—is a massive monster with evil ambitions and he is also Frieza’s father and similar to Frieza in many ways. His brutal personality, desire to destroy the world and even his glacial physical appearance and uniform makes the family resemblance to Frieza obvious. He ‘resurrected’ Frieza following the destruction of Namek when all believed Frieza had been destroyed with a new android-like shape, Frieza and his father are headed to earth to destroy Goku and his friends for what they did to him.

Raditz—a strong, powerful, saiyan warrior, he comes to earth originally to look for Goku, his brother. Angry and intolerant, he can’t understand why it has taken so long for his little brother to destroy the helpless humans. Ruthless like all the other saiyans, he plays on Goku’s emotions lying to confuse his brother to avoid being destroyed. The minute he is saved, however, he instantly turns on Goku. His last words reveal that two even more powerful saiyans will come to earth in one year to destroy it. Unfortunately his scouter {technologically advanced eyepiece which gives the locations and power ratings of opponents} transmits information about the dragon balls to the saiyans.

Recoome—a big, redheaded brute of the Ginyu Force, possessing great strength but slow in speed. Attack-Recoome Boom Breath Blast

Saibamen—are beings grown from seeds for the sole purpose of fighting. Introduced on earth by the saiyans, they take orders from Nappa and Vegeta and battle the good guys. With fighting power each of 1200, these six saiyans are worthy opponents but are defeated. These are little foot soldiers that Saiya-jin can utilize whenever they don't want to get their hands dirty. The creatures are actually grown in soil. First a seed is planted, then a special solution is poured on top of each seed, and voila! Instant chaos! The creatures are brutal and random, but they always obey their master. Each is fairly strong with a power level of 1,200, but their best technique is a kamikaze explosion tactic. An example of this can be seen when Yamcha is killed.

The Spice Boys—consisting of four evil warriors who are under the command of Garlic Jr. They are strong, brave, evil and totally devoted to Garlic Jr. They give the Saga a bit of a commercial edge with their names: Mustard, Spice, Salt and Vinegar. Leader-Spice, a white haired villain and the most handsome of the four. Salt-is a short and stubby orange-colored rogue. Both Vinegar and Mustard are large, brawny, muscle men.

Zarbon—the other top man of Frieza. A very handsome green-haired fighter. He even catches the eye of Bulma despite the fact that he’s a bad guy. He cannot keep up the flawless appearance forever, he has to transform into a huge reptilian-like creature to beat Vegeta. He beats Vegeta once, but loses and does at their second confrontation.

Aqua “Arqua”—from the East Quadrant of the other world. He is unfortunate enough to get paired up with Goku in the 3rd match of the quarter finals during the Other World Tournament, in honor of King Kai’s death. His strength comes in the water, which is why he turned the tournament right into a block of water (after East Kai reminded him of his special gift). He fought a good fight but Goku triumphed in the end after a Solar Flare to escape from the near drowning “death” and a Kamehameha wave from above that turns the tournament ring back to normal and de-rings Aqua in the process.

West Kai—short and chubby, West Kai controls the universe’s west quadrant, which is the home of many incredible warriors. Pikkon is his prizefighter.

Baburusu "Bubbles"- Kaiou samma's pet monkey who serves as a training exercise. The exercise is to catch Bubbles. It seems easy, but the gravity on Kaiou's planet in 10x earth's gravity and Bubbles is perfectly used to it. It takes Goku 11 days to catch Bubbles.

Caterpy—from the South Quadrant of the Other World. He never had a chance in the Other World Tournament since his first opponent was Goku. Caterpy actually only lost because during the fight he decided to morph into his actual form, which takes 1200 years, so the Grand Kai declared Goku the winner by default because he did not want to wait that long.

Kiui "Kiwi"- One of Frieza’s top men who is the first to die by Vegeta’s hand on Namek. He had a power level of 18,000.

Gyuu Maou "Ox Demon King"- Despite his threatening sounding name, Gyuu Maou is really quite harmless and fun loving. He was slightly peeved when his castle became engulfed in flames on Mount Frypan and wreaked havoc through the village at the foot of the mountain, but hey, whaddya gonna do? He's Chi-chi's father and thus Goku’s father-in-law. He's very strong And trained along-side Gohan under Master Roshi's tutillage. As the series he becomes less and less of an important character, and eventually just fades into being background filler. In the anime, he has a few large roles though from time to time. this giant of a man is Chi-Chi’s father once a great fighter, the trained under Master Roshi alongside Goku’s adopted father, Gohan, but he rarely fights any more. he trained his daughter to be a formidable fighter, so that she could protect herself and family. He visits Goku and Chi-Chi often and loves meatloaf.

Chiaotzu—a master of telepathy, he has the power to stop people in their tracks and to communicate telepathically. White-skinned, red-checked little being is the devoted companion of Tien. A strong fighter in the early days he does not hesitate to throw himself onto Nappa’s back and self-destruct in an attempt to save his friends. His power level does not increase as dramatically as the other Z fighters, however. Thus, he is not a major warrior in the later episodes of DBZ.

Dende—the lone survivor from his village on the planet Namek, he was rescued by Krillin and Gohan. He does not possess strong fighting abilities. He does, however, have the power to heal, resulting in him being important in the battle with Frieza. He is loyal to Guru and his fellow Namekians. Later Dende replaces Kami as the Guardian of earth.

King Kai—Lives in the next dimension, he is knows throughout the universe as one of the greatest fighters and martial arts teacher {although his teachings are rather unorthodox} his house is on a tiny planet at the end of Snake Way. The small planet has ten times the gravity of earth and is thus an ideal training site. His companions include a goofy monkey named Bubbles and a grasshopper named Gregory. Possesses a humorous, corny sense of humor {he’s always telling jokes or puns} as well as great wisdom. He can communicate with his friends via telepathically, giving them good advice and warnings in critical situations. Goku {now wearing symbol}, Yamcha, Tien, Chiaotzu and Piccolo also trained under him. Teaches Goku to catch Bubbles {not an easy task} and catches Bubbles after only 3 months. Next task is to hit Gregory with a hammer. Performs the task in three weeks, this leaving Goku’s strength to increase as well as speed. He tried to stop the reapportion of Majin Buu and he had to fight with Babidi. Even because he is one of the guardians of the universe his powers were no match for the Z soldiers powers. The earth is in the North Quadrant of the universe, thus the being we know as King Kai is also North Kai. This is the Kaiou Samma that we all know and love. He's the one who trained Son Goku as well as Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha, (Piccolo is debatable since he kind of did his own thing). He was killed in the year 767 AD. when Goku brought Cell to his planet so that he would detonate "safely". In the anime, the other Kaious made fun of his death and held the Annoyoichi Budoukai ("After-Life Martial Arts Tournament") in "honor" of his death.

Pato Kaa o Kowa Sareru Keikan "Patrol Car Police Officers"- An unfortunate pair of police officers that try to pull over Androids 16, 17 and 18 for stealing from a clothing store. Number 18 gets annoyed by them so she flies out the window of their van and destroys the policemen's car. She spares the lives of the officers though.

Babidi- Babidi is the son of the evil magician Bibidi who created the monster known as Majin Buu millions of years before Dragon Ball began. (Catching the pattern? Bibidi, Babidi Buu). In order to resurrect Buu, he needed to gather a large amount of Battle Damage Energy. He thought that it would take thousands of years to accumulate the energy he was searching for, but when he discovers Goku and gang, his process is sped-up quite a bit. He's able to control people with evil in their hearts. And takes advantage of the King of Evil, (Dabura) and two humans with his method, not to mention countless aliens and soldiers which inhabit his underground ship. After finally gathering all of the necessary energy, he resurrects Buu, and declares himself Buu's master (see also: Ruler of the Universe). Buu ignores Babidi at first, but then Babidi threatens to seal Buu away again. Not wanting to spend the next couple million years sealed away again, Buu concedes and does Babidi's bidding. However, much later after Goku finishes his SSJ3 fight with Fat Buu, he asks Buu why he's obeying Babidi when he could easily kill him. Buu think about it for a minute and gets an evil grin. Babidi threatens to seal Buu away again, but it's too late. Buu rears back and punches Babidi's head off. That's the end of that scum. is a magickal creature who wishes to bring Majin Buu back to life. He has unusual magickal powers. He uses his powers to bring out the evil in people’s hearts and thus confusing them. His father was Bibidi, the creator of Buu. Bibidi has an underground ship with three levels, the third and lowest of which house the ‘balled-up’ Buu or Majin Buu in his cocoon. Babidi seeks to gain enough energy to break Buu’s seal and ‘re-hatch’ him by draining energy from fighters on earth.

Papoi- Papoi is the Southern Kaiou's best student. Southern Kaiou claims that Papoi could mop the floor with Goku. Both Northern Kaiou and Southern start to debate who's stronger, (meanwhile Goku is training in the background with 2 ton weights on his arms and legs). Both Kaiou's get competitive, so Northern Kaiou tells Southern Kaiou to increase each weight on Goku to 10 tons. Southern Kaiou says it's absurd but he does it anyway. At first Goku can barely move, but he simply turns Super Saiya-jin and starts zipping around like lightning. Southern Kaiou's jaw hits the ground, and he quickly says that Papoi shouldn't waste his time fighting Goku. ( Yeah sure ;P ). Papoi is actually seen in the anime. He looks like a giant blue Italian chef, equipped with one of those puffy white chef hats.

Karoni*- One of Mr. Satan's pupils who tries to beat Cell in the Cell Game. Cell doesn't even bother trying to fight him. He sends Karoni flying straight into the air and when he hits the ground, he makes a cartoon-ish hole shaped like him. Karoni is a very vain individual who's very popular with the ladies and prides himself on his swiveling hips.

Krillin—as a young boy he studied martial arts with Goku under Master Roshi. Originally Goku and him were fierce rivals but now best friends. A short, bald warrior, he provides a comic relief in tense situations as he tries to keep up with Goku and some of the other more powerful warriors. A good fighter on his own accord, he’s always there to help Goku. He can release an incredibly powerful energy blast shape like a flying disk that can slice through mountains. Loyal, courageous and dedicated to his friends, he is willing to fight against the saiyans even through he doesn’t want to die and knows that he can’t be brought back to life by the dragon balls. Later marries android 17 and had a daughter, Maron.

Piccolo—Goku’s one time archenemy, he is the second strongest being on earth, born as a concentration of Kami’s negative spirits. He has powerful energy blasts, can split into two or four separate entities and has the ability to regenerate limbs. He is also seen in a white cape. In the end he befriends Gohan and sacrifices his own life to save him. When battling with Frieza, Piccolo merges with Nail, the last Namekain warrior and former guardian of Guru. From this merging he gains Nail’s ancient Namek fighting style, greatly enhancing his powers and abilities. Piccolo-- is the reincarnation of his father Piccolo Daimaou. Many people think it's a plot hole that Kami is still alive after Daimaou is killed. Well it's not because Daimaou lives on in Piccolo. Piccolo retains all of his father's memories and abilities, however, he does have something that his father didn't. A conscience. When Piccolo first appears during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he's severely brutal and seriously has it in for Goku. The next time he shows up to assist Goku in defeating Raditz, he still has no feelings for Goku and would kill him just as soon as he'd kill Raditz.....which....uh...he does. But that's besides the point. The point is, he still leads his own evil path which is being obstructed by the Saiya-jin, so he's forced to train Goku’s child to be a warrior. As the one year of training progresses, Piccolo becomes attached to the child, but never ONCE hints to it. (As opposed to the English version where he practically pampers the kid). Piccolo finally becomes reformed when he sacrifices his life to save Gohan's. From that moment, he loses his desire to conquer the Earth. Later on, Piccolo merges with Nail increasing his power level over 1,000,000 allowing him to go one-on-one with Stage 2 Frieza. And in the middle of the Android Saga, he merges with his other half, Kami, and becomes the true original Piccolo once again. His various merging do not change him physically, but internally he retains the memories of both Kami and Nail. After merging with Kami, Piccolo becomes even more philosophical than he normally is, and takes actions that put him in danger for the sake of the Earth, (such as sealing himself, Gotenks and Buu in the Room of Spirit and Time). After fusing with Kami, Piccolo makes Kami's Palace his home, and he always has a special place for Gohan in his heart through all of Dragon Ball.

Tien—a three-eyed man intent on training to be strong. Trained originally by Master Roshi’s rivals, he switches sides to become a Z fighter. He beat Goku at a worldwide martial arts tournament, is able to stop a waterfall with a blast and can crush rocks on his head. The ability to hover in mid-air, throw concentration bombs, blind with flashes of light and split into 2 or 4 separate entities. He volunteers 1st to fight against the saiyans. He can communicate telepathically with his best friend Chiaotzu. He was one of the strongest fighters on earth and he was one of the ones that escaped the extermination that Buu caused. Buu beat him very easily.

Yajirobe—good guy that is not interested in fighting. Usually on the sidelines with food in his mouth, he doesn’t willingly go near danger and isn’t willing to go into the Pendulum Room to train to fight the saiyans. He does come through in the end when he sneaks up behind the Giant Vegeta Monkey and cuts off his tail. He works for Kami and Korin.

Yamcha—a long time friend and ally of Goku, although he was once a notorious bandit. He is sometimes seen with Puar his devoted cat companion. He is anxious and willing to be trained by Kami and to join the upcoming battle against the saiyans even though he understands the odds will be against him. He challenges Saibamen because Krillin had already been brought back by the dragon balls. He and Bulma was formerly an item and often illicit sparks fly for each other. Eventually she moves onto Vegeta. He is defeated and sent to the next dimension under King Kai.

Baba—comical sister of Master Roshi. Short and squat she uses her crystal ball to see into the future or to see what is happening in the present or other locations. When the TV program of the saiyan fight is interrupted Master Roshi, Bulma, Chi-Chi, Ox-King and Oolong gather around her ball to see how their friends and loved ones are faring.

Kami—guardian of Earth is originally from the planet Namek. Created the dragon balls on earth. Desiring to be good and sure he casts all negativity aside and becomes Piccolo. Thus the two are mysteriously linked. Id one does so does the other as well as the earth’s dragon balls. Can somewhat see into the future and can feel when Piccolo becomes a better person. He brings Tien, Yamcha, Chiaotzu and Krillin together to train in the famous Pendulum Room, the center of all past, present and future and then sends then back to prepare for the saiyans. When Goku is killed by Raditz, Kami sends him to train with King Kai. King Kai lives with his friend Mr. Popo on Kai’s lookout, a tower which floats right above earth. Later Kami fuses with Piccolo to make him stronger.

King Yemma—most powerful and most fast ogre in the other world. He sits at the entrance desk to the next dimension and admits people into the upper world or the lower world. He was also the first to make it all the way to Snake Way.

Korin—is a wise martial arts master that lives in Korin’s Tower. Grows the magickal healing Senzu Beans that often helps the Z fighters in battle. He hangs out with Yajirobe.

Master Roshi—an ancient and wise master of martial arts has accumulated great power and knowledge. Completely bald and has a long, white beard. He has lived on a deserted island with a turtle for a companion and is also referred to as the Turtle Hermit. His home is the Kande House, which is also a gathering place for the good guys. Although he appears frail and helpless he is rather a great warrior.

Oolong- Everyone's favorite perverted pig. He plays a large role in the beginning of Dragon Ball, but by the end of DBZ, he just shows up from time to time. His favorite hobby is collecting women's underwear. He ends up saving the world when he interrupts Pilaf's wish to be ruler of the world, and gets a pair of panties instead. He was born in the year 740 AD. He's 3' 9" tall and weighs 71 lbs. Oolong is capable of Change, where he can transform into any form he desires, but since he was thrown out of Shape-Changing School for stealing the teacher's underwear, he did not perfect the technique and can only hold a shape for five minutes, at which point he will return to normal. However large he may become, he still has the same amount of power as his real self. He used this technique to his advantage when he first showed up in the series. He terrorized a village and stole the young women in it to be his brides. But the plan backfired and all the women he stole became spoiled brats whom HE served.

Princess Snake—has been princess of Snake Way for the last 1500 years. She is pretty and winner of beauty awards. Having been 500 years since her last guests she tried to trick Goku into staying by placing sleeping grass into his food. She has a dream mirror which she uses to discern Goku dreams.

Puar—the devoted companion of Yamcha. They meet Goku and Bulma together in the first series of dragon ball. A shape-shifting blue cat who went to the same school as Oolong. He can shape-shift non stop and not have to rest like Oolong does.

Gozu*- The big blue ogre in Hell who sumo-wrestles with Goku.

Pikkon—spends his life in the West Quadrant of the galaxy as a great and honorable warrior, then becomes West Kai’s prizefighter when he passes into other world like Goku wants to train under the Grand Kai and join the other world Tournament. He advances to final round to face Goku. Goku beats him but both are disqualified for touching the ring’s ceiling, results the battle ending in a draw. Like Piccolo, Pikkon likes wearing weighted clothes to train himself between battles.

Pintar—Pintar is a participant in the World Tournament Three. He goes up against Krillin in the first match of the World Tournament. But he doesn’t get any farther than that after Krillin knocked him out of the ring with a slap-kick combo.

Cell- Cell is one of the "major" villains of DBZ. Others being Vegeta, Nappa, Frieza and Buu. All other villains are indeed vile etc. but DBZ is generally divided into sagas named after the largest villain of the period. Cell is no exception. If you were to describe his personality, he has the manners of Frieza and the temper of Vegeta, (which makes sense since those are two people he's made up of). The general concept of Cell was brought forth by Dr. Gero, however, Dr. Gero's computer is what really "makes" him. Dr. Gero combined blood samples of Piccolo, Goku, Vegeta, Frieza and King Kold, (which were collected by a robot drone disguised as a bee), and created a small life form which would one day become Cell. Unfortunately, the amount of work needed to input data into the being and make it intelligent takes a ridiculously long amount of time, so Gero sealed the larva Cell in his secret lab and let his computer tinker away at creating the creature for 24 years. After 24 years, voila! Instant killing machine! However, when Cell emerges as an intelligent being, he's far from being what Dr. Gero dreamed that he would one day become. He basically resembles a walking cockroach. In order to reach perfection, Dr. Gero created two components for Cell to absorb, and once he absorbed the components, he would then become "Perfect" and have no equal in strength. Those two components were of course, Androids 17 and 18. Now here's the tricky part. The Cell that you all know is NOT from the normal time-line. He comes from a third time-line, and was born in the year 762. In this time-line, Trunks had defeated Androids 17 and 18, unfortunately for Cell, that meant he could not absorb them and become "Perfect". In the year 786, he emerges from Dr. Gero's lab in his first form and begins to absorb the people of Earth to gain power. In the same year, ( after absorbing enough people to increase his power beyond Trunks' ), he seizes his chance to accomplish his dream. He sneaks up on Trunks, just as he's about to make a departure in his Time Machine to help Goku and the rest with their fight against the Androids, however, he doesn't get very far. Before he leaves, Cell kills Trunks and steals his Time Machine. In order to fit in the Time Machine, he reverts to an egg state and launches the Time Machine. He ends up in the normal time-line sometime in the year 764. After his arrival, he hatches from his egg and at this point resembles a giant cicada. He crawls several yards away from the Time Machine and burrows down into the Earth to enter his pupa state which he needs to stay in for three years to absorb the necessary nutrients to reach his first form again. In the year 767 her makes his grand appearance and the Cell Saga begins.

Cell is a unique being. Since he is composed of several different species, he has many diverse abilities and fighting techniques. In the anime he can use just about anyone's techniques, but in the manga, he sticks to the techniques that his "genetic parents" could perform. For example, he can regenerate any limb or appendage from any cell in his body. However, his main core is a nerve in his brain. Even if every part of him is destroyed except that nerve, he can still regenerate. He can utilize Kame Hame Ha, and just about any move Goku can do, the only catch is, he was created from Goku’s cells before he knew certain moves, so Cell needs to see the moves that Goku learned after his cells were taken in order to perform the specific move, like Shinkan Idou for example. When Goku’s cells were taken, he didn't know the move yet, so Cell wasn't aware that he could perform it, but after he sees Goku use it, he gains the ability to teleport. Cell is finally killed on May 26th, 767 AD by Gohan with help from the Z Soldiers.
The most dangerous of all of Dr. Gero’s creations, Cell, was created in Dr. Gero’s lab as a genetic experiment. He comes complete with a self-destruction feature, a scorpion-like tail that opens up to absorb the energy of his opponents and instructions to wreak revenge on the Androids which caused Dr. Gero’s downfall. He contains the DNA of the mightiest of warriors of the universe including Goku, Piccolo and Vegeta. Possessing the DNA of these great warriors, he is able to fight with their attacks. With these great forces combined, he is almost an invincible being. One of his greatest advantages is being able to regenerate himself at any given time from even the smallest component of himself. He is destroyed but a single part of Cell {brain cell} remains and he regenerates himself and appears out of nowhere once again threatening earth. Only weak point is that his energy is infinite. He gains power by draining the energy of his enemies using his tail. He has three forms, 1st-imperfect form, 2nd-contains more form and features with power, 3rd-perfect cell. Stage 2 is reached after draining Android 17. When Android 18 is consumed, Cell changes into his most powerful form, perfect cell. Cell can and does create smaller versions of himself.

Cell Juniors- Another one of the traits Cell picks up from his Nameckian blood is the ability to asexually reproduce. He can shoot out little copies of himself called Cell Juniors from a tube in his back, (which was once the end of his tail). The cell Juniors are fiesty little guys who seem to have about as much brains as Saibai Men, the only difference here is, these suckers are STRONG. They're nearly as strong as Cell and prove it by beating the snot out of the likes of Vegeta and even Goku. Cell created seven of them, one for each Z Soldier, to beat them up and to make Gohan angry. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, but Cell doesn't care, he just enjoys seeing everyone get maimed by them. Each is eventually killed violently by Son Gohan when he reaches SSJ2 and then Cell.

Super Buu—is the most powerful bad guy in all of DBZ. He looks like Fat Buu without the cape and the fat, and stops using kid words. He also is very evil. He kills every person on the planet except for Trunks, Goten, Dende, Piccolo, Satan, Satan’s Dog (Bee), Tien and Chaiotzu. He can change is form by absorbing people and can adopt their powers. He absorbs Gotenks, Piccolo, Gohan and Vegeto this way. Eventually he gets all the people out of him by Gohan attacking from the inside after Vegeto is absorbed and is turned into original Buu, who looks like a child version of Super Buu.

Original Buu—is the final form of Majin Buu we get to see. The first form of Majin Buu without anybody absorbed, he possesses merely animal intelligence being unable to speak outside and merely growls, but is still extremely dangerous. Original Buu us slightly weaker than default-unfused Super Buu, which allowed Goku, Vegeta and Fat Buy to stand a chance against him, Gotenks and Gohan being “incapacitated” at the moment. With some help from Mr. Satan, everybody on Earth, the Dragon Balls (Vegeta’s third wish of having all of Goku’s energy back), and the Nameks gives Goku enough energy to make a Spirit Bomb (Genki-Dama) strong enough to defeat him.

Senshi Taipu no Namek Seijin "Warrior Type Namekian"*- Three soldier Nameks who show up and try to defeat Frieza at the Saichourou's hut, and end up dying violently.

Sentai no Kami "Previous Kami's"*- The previous God's spirits that exist in the Spirit Zone at the bottom of Kami's Palace. Their job is to keep living Kami's out of the zone, and if living Kami's do enter the Spirit Zone, then they will kill the Kami for disobeying the laws of nature. the supreme Kai-15 generations before the current supreme Kai, after his death, Elder Kai was trapped in the Legendary Z sword. When Gohan snaps the sword in two while training, he appears. He agrees to use his power to bring out Gohan’s talent or hidden capabilities. For helping Gohan, Goku promises him a woman and that woman was Bulma

Korudo Ou "King Kold"- Frieza’s "Papa" who accompanies him on his trip to Earth to seek revenge on Son Goku. It's a wonder that Frieza is so tiny, because this sucker is huge. Think, that devil guy from the movie Legend, but without all the red makeup. He's stronger than his son, but as Trunks proves, the bigger they are...... He's killed when Trunks makes a breathing hole through his chest and then annihilates him with a point blank ki attack.

Buu—Buu or Majin Buu was conjured into existence long ago by the evil wizard Bibidi. A powerful fighter who has destroyed many planets in his past, Buu’s body is “rubbery” giving him great advantages in battles. He has now been unleashed by Bibidi’s son, Babidi, to destroy the earth. Like most bad guys Buu exists in forms. He is often times just called Buu mostly seen as a child-like Buu or Majin Buu mostly just Buu. More evil and powerful form he’s called Super Buu. He’s in the evil Buu form briefly until transforming into Super Buu. And then later he shall be called simply Buu. He shall also take in the power of a good person that is so good that it shall cause the two hales of good and evil to split and the good Buu shall join forces with the Z’s to destroy the evil Buu.

Shyamo Seijin "People of Shyamo"*- The race of people who lived on the planet Shyamo, all of them were enslaved and their planet was destroyed before their eyes by Brolly.

Grand Kai—rules over the four Kai’s. He is second only to supreme Kai as the overseer of the entire universe. He is also the overseer of the other world tournament. He is reputed as the greatest fighter in the universe, but he’s been out of training for centuries.

Kibito—he is the loyal bodyguard of Supreme Kai. A strong fighter, he’s lived along time, through he’s not as old as Supreme Kai. He has the ability to transport himself and others to any other part of the universe. He also has the power to heal those who are injured or near death. This character is the large hulking guardian of Kaioushin. Almost nothing about his past is revealed, aside from the fact that his purpose is to protect Kaioushin from any harm. He has the ability to heal people near the brink of death and to teleport to anywhere he pleases. He later fuses forever with Kaioushin by way of the Potara earrings.

South Kai—is the ruler over the south Quadrant of the universe. His quadrant has the reputation of being a peaceful area of space because all the fighters from this quadrant are comparatively weak.

Supreme Kai—is the highest ruler remaining after Buu’s elimination of all the other Kai’s years ago. He becomes the supreme Kai by default, ruler over grand Kai and thus all live in the universe. He comes to earth during the world martial arts tournament to warn Goku about Babidi’s plan to revive Buu and to prevent it from happening.

Shyapuna "Sharpener"- Your typical High-School jock. He participates in almost all sports and in college he would probably be a likely candidate to major in Phys. Ed. in college. He torments Gohan for a bit in school, (which Gohan doesn't even recognize as such), but later befriends Gohan when he sees that Gohan is capable of catching baseballs 20 feet in the air and taking a fast-ball directly to the face without flinching, (these scenes in the anime are absolute side-splitters!). In the anime he embarks on a quest to reveal the identity of the Great Saiyaman during the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai, which Gohan reveals anyway. He also has a crush on Videl that turns him down every single time that he attempts to ask her out on a date.

Torbie—From the South Quadrant of the Other World. Torbie goes up against Topcar and doesn’t even have to lift a finger to claim his victory. Topcar wore himself out parading around the Tournament ring as fast as he could until he was too tired that he chose to give up.

Topcar—a little runt from the East Quadrant that goes up against Torbie and loses. East Kai makes him and all her fighters run as punishment for loosing easily and so quickly in the Other World Tournament.

Saichourou "Ultimate Elder"“Guru”- The elder of Nameks. The Saichourou is a Nameckian who has an almost infinite wisdom and some fantastic techniques. He can read minds, asexually reproduce, awaken hidden powers and even create Dragon Balls. Saichourou created the Nameckian Dragon Balls and modeled the Namek dragon, Porunga, after an image he saw in a dream. He dies due to Frieza’s influence, but is later resurrected for a short amount of time so that the Namek Dragon Balls can become active again and grant one last wish. He dies permanently on Earth. Just before he dies, he chooses Muuri to be his successor as Saichourou. wise, peace loving, selfless and good, he is the eldest of all Namekians and father to all his kind. {Namekians are unisex and hatch from eggs also creator of the Dragon balls, when he passes on so shall summoning dragon Porunga and have wishes granted, also will pass away. } He brings out the secret abilities of Gohan and Krillin and bestows a powerful healing ability to Dende. He’s guarded by Nail, a strong Namekian warrior trained in all the ancient Namekian fighting techniques.

Mez and Goz—two ogres that gives Goku a test; they promise that they will show him the way back to Snake Way if he wins a competition against them.

Grandpa Gohan—found Goku when Goku was lost and not aware of what and what he was or his purpose. Goku later names his son Gohan after Grandpa Gohan because of all the things he taught him as a child.

Zaacro and Raiti—they are friends to Bulma and the Z warriors from Namekian. They trick the Z friends and they are able to escape from a trap that Zaacro and Raiti set and they land on the real planet Namek that Zaacro and Raiti tried to trick them into believing where they were located was the real planet Namek.

Enjiira "Angela"*- The girl who develops a quick, but fickle crush on Gohan. She goes on one date with him.

Enma Daiou "Great Demon King"- The giant god of the ogres who decides if people go to Heaven or Hell when they die. He grants Goku permission to tribal on the Serpent Path to try and reach Kaiou's planet.

Otoko Ookami "Man-Wolf"- A wolf who turns into a man when he looks into a full moon. He faces Kame Sennin in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai and is disqualified, but Kame Sennin cures his problem. He was born in 719 AD. He's 5' 7" tall and weighs 177 lbs. His address is XS89001JB.

Kaichyuu Oyaku*- A family of worms that live in Buu's stomach. Vegeta and Goku encounter them during their journey through Buu in the anime.

Gashyu "Cashew"*- One of Garlic Junior's cronies when he returns in the anime. This dude is pretty tough and he's one of the last guys to die. Like Garlic Jr. he receives more power when the Makyo-sei nears Earth.

Ginyu- Leader of the Ginyu Tokusentai, Frieza’s elite squad of five fantastic fighters. Ginyu possesses the strongest power of any of the Ginyu Tokusentai (120,000) but even more devastating than his power, is his ability to change bodies with a victim. Ginyu is the only member of the Ginyu Touksentai to live through the encounter on Namek. His body is switched with a frog and in the manga, his story ends there. But in the anime, he switches bodies with Bulma and goes through some antics before getting switched back into the frog's body and he even shows up on Earth from time to time in his frog body.

Zorudo "Salt"*- One of Garlic Junior's lackeys. He looks like a squished red version of the villain in Mulan with a tentacle mustache. He's fairly weak and he's one of the first to die.

Son Goku- Well, not much is known about this character. He doesn't appear to be have a very large part in the story-line and seems like more of a character Toriyama just threw in the manga to take up extra space. I'm just kidding of course. Son Goku is the main character of Dragon Ball. He was born in the year 737 on the Planet Vegeta and came to Earth to destroy the earthlings living on it, and prepare it for sale by Emperor Frieza. Fortunately, he fell over a cliff one day when his adoptive grandfather Gohan was strolling through the forest with him. he bonked his noggin and lost the memories of his mission. Although Goku is by blood a Saiya-jin, he refers to himself as, "The Saiya-jin raised on Earth", because although he doesn't want to deny his roots, he also doesn't want to declare himself a member of a group that destroyed galaxies without a second thought. In the year 756 AD. he marries his wife Chichi, and in May of 757 AD. she gives birth to their first child, Son Gohan. Skipping ahead, sometime before May in 767 AD. their second child Son Goten is born. Goku dies twice during Dragon Ball. The first time is by Piccolo's hand while restraining his brother Raditz and the second time was when he teleported Cell to Kaiou Samma's planet so that Cell would detonate "safely". After his first death, he was brought back to life with the Dragon Balls and after his second death, Rou Kaioushin gave Goku his life to Goku. Later in GT, Goku leaves with Shenron, but whether he's dead or not is not revealed, it's up to the viewer to decide. Goku’s home address in Mt. Paozu is 439 East District. At the end of Dragon Ball Z Goku is 48 years old, and that's even including his year spent in the Room of Spirit and Time. At his fully grown state he stands 5' 7"tall and weighs 137 lbs. Goku is the hero of DBZ, the most powerful warrior on earth and the 1st to become super saiyan in over 1,000 years. When the saiyans arrive, he learns the mysterious secret of his own past. He is a saiyan formally named Kakarot. He was sent to earth as a baby to grow up and destroy the planet but a head injury as a child scrambled his programming. Instead of growing up to become a destructive super warrior, he becomes innocent and pure of heart, fighting for good. He is peaceful, good natured, honest, loving to his family and friends, loyal, trustworthy and brave. If he has a weakness it is his trusting nature. He always finds the ‘good’ in people when others don’t see it, though his enemies sometimes takes advantage of his naïve trust. He originally trained under Master Roshi and ears his symbol until he trains under King Kai. Then he wears King Kai’s symbol. He grows up and marries Chi-Chi and they have two children, Gohan and Goten. Attacks—Kamehameha-an energy attack launched with both hands from his side, taught by Master Roshi. Kaio-Ken-boosts power levels turning him red-hot, taught by King Kai. Spirit Bomb-an enormous attack drawing energy from all living things, taught by King Kai.

Son Goten- Goku’s second son born in the year 767 AD. Goten is able to turn Super Saiya-jin at a much earlier age than his brother and father due to the fact that he was born when his father was much stronger, (which is actually scientifically impossible since the Theory of Inheritance of Acquired Traits has been disproved, but what the hell, it's just a manga). Goten resembles his father very much, and his facial features are almost identical to Goku’s except that his face is just slightly rounder. Goten is famous for his mis-pronunciation of his father's move, "Kame Hame Ha!", and aside from that has only one other attack which is called Totsugeki, which translates to......Attack! Goten has apparently inherited his father's sense of adventure. During most of his time in DBZ, he's a mere 7 years old, but is still searching for "strong guys" to fight, and is always looking for adventure. In fact, he goes absolutely out of his mind with excitement when he hears about this "Majin Buu guy" and can't wait to see it and fight it. Like Gohan, he neglects to train as he grows older and never really gets much stronger than his during the Buu Saga, although that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy fighting. He's the only male member of his immediate family who can't turn Super Saiya-jin 2. 2nd son of Goku and Chi-Chi and Gohan’s little brother. He loves to train in martial arts. He quickly develops incredibly strong powers {he just naturally goes super saiyan} that enables to fight alongside the adults in their mission to defend earth. Best friend is Trunks who is one year older then him. They are often seen together and he goofs around when he fights especially when fused with Trunks as Gotenks where he makes up countless, silly-named attacks. Pure of heart, he’ll quickly jump into danger to help his friends and family.

Son Gohan- Gohan is Goku and Chi-chi’s first son who is named after Goku’s adoptive grandfather Gohan, (although the anime makes up another reason for it). He was born in the year 757 AD. and when he first appears in the series he's four years old. If he were any normal child, he would probably have been traumatized by the age of five. In a single day, he's kidnapped, beaten up, his father gets killed, he's taken away from his family, dropped into the wilderness and then told to survive for 6 months. Pretty severe. His trainer/mentor/idol is Piccolo who trained him during the 6 months before the Saiya-jin arrived. He's basically entirely responsible for Piccolo's reformation due to his kind heart, and the boy grows on Piccolo, (although not as much as the English version would have you think he does). Later on he fights the Ginyu Tokusentai and Frieza on Planet Namek and does fairly well, but at that point, he's still not a powerhouse. The only time his true potential shines is during the Cell Saga when he basically becomes the savior of the world by being the first Saiya-jin to attain Super Saiya-jin 2 and then completely destroying Cell. After the Cell Saga Toriyama wanted the manga to focus on Gohan, and make him the hero, but that's not what the fans wanted so he backed off of Gohan and his adventures as the Great Saiyaman. In the end of DBZ, Gohan is still a remarkable fighter, but nowhere near what he should be. As Gohan grows older, he has less and less of an urge to train on his own, and since evil doesn't threaten the Earth, he has no reason to. He basically becomes a so-called "nerd" but this is one "nerd" you seriously wouldn't want to mess with. He settles down and marries Videl. They live in a house next to Goku’s and have a daughter named Pan. Gohan named after his adopted grandfather, Gohan is Goku and Chi-Chi’s eldest son. He is idealistic, good and pure like his father. He reveals his tremendous fighting as part saiyan and part human, made him stronger if he were of one race alone. With Goku’s departure to the next dimension and the eminent arrival of saiyans stronger then Raditz, Gohan is key to the survival of Earth. Thus Piccolo, a former enemy of his father, joins forces and trains him for the upcoming battle. Later he becomes great friends and looks up to Piccolo wearing similar clothing as Piccolo. Although initially a wimp, his training in the wilderness and subsequent fighting makes him both brave and loyal. Following the fighting on earth, he is determined to go with Bulma and Krillin to Namek to collect the seven dragon balls and help out his friends on earth. Especially since he feels he let then down during the fighting on earth. he is key to the good guys success on Namek, risking his own life to save Dende, collecting the dragon balls, traveling to see Guru who awakens a power sleeping within him, battling the Ginyu Force and more. he will be the first to reach super saiyan II stage.

Taado*- One of Garlic Junior's minions when he returns in the anime. He looks like an over-sized bull with the face of a frog. He does down the same time as Zorudo.

Dabura – Ruler of the underworld. Dabura has existed for thousands of years and has done countless acts of evil. Dabura possessed by the dark mage Babidi to do his biding. Dabura can change his enemies into stone by spitting on them and will not hesitate to obey his master’s commands. That is, until Buu is released and Dabura tried to eliminate Majin Buu. Dabura also changes Piccolo and Krillin into stone and kills Kibito and even fight against Gohan, that is about all that he did that was evil in the show.

Meido Roboto "Maid Robot"- A maid robot who works in the Capsule Corporation.

Moai Ou "King Moai"*- The evil king of Arlia who took rule of the planet by force. Vegeta kills him by shooting a rock through his chest.

Moumoku no Shyonen "Blind Boy"- A Blind Boy who becomes Buu's friend. Buu wonders why the boy isn't terrified of him, (it's because he can't see). Buu heals the boy's eyes so that he can see him, (Buu figures that when he does, he'll be frightened). But when the boy regains his site he thanks Buu very much and the two chat for a while. The boy asks for some milk, so Buu happily finds a human, turns him into a carton of milk and brings it back to the boy. The two chat for a little bit, and finally decides to leave. The whole scene sets you up for a gag because it's designed to make the reader think that Buu somewhat reforms himself after meeting the boy, but in the last panel of the comic, Buu happily blows up a nearby city.

Yaochyun*- A large man Goku meets in the Goro Goro Mountains during his training for Mr. Popo. Goku thinks that the man is supposed to teach him to be "Quiet Like the Sky", but the guy is actually just a nobody.

Yakon- A huge demonic creature with enormous blades on his arms, Yakon is one of Babidi's guardians. Goku has to face Yakon in complete darkness, so in order to locate Yakon, he turns Super Saiya-jin, and locates him with the light of his ki, unfortunately, Yakon eats ki! But Goku uses that ability against him. He pushes his ki to the max, and Yakon explodes when he absorbs too much.

Yamu- Yamu is paired up with Spopovitch and sent to the World Tournament to gather energy by Babidi the evil wizard. The energy they are sent to gather is needed by Babidi to awaken Majin Buu. Once Yamu and Spopovitch had completed their task for Babidi he had them killed by his henchmen. Babidi kills Spopovitch by making him explode and Pui-Pui takes out Yamu, one of Babidi’s loyal head cronies.

Future Android # 17—only different from his counterpart of the past is his lust for blood, he still has the same adventure-seeking attitude of present day # 17. But you know, there’s a slight twist, like how he drag races air cars…on people! He’s killed by Future Trunks.

Future Android # 18—Very much like # 18 of present day, she has the same vain attitude and apathy for her brother’s reckless habits. But of course, she has her violent side too and can get very….touchy if she doesn’t like an opponent or they cut off some of her hair. She’s killed by Future Trunks.

Yuzukaa*- Goku’s ancient and feeble driving instructor who miraculously survives Goku’s many attempts at driving. After he encounters Goku and Piccolo rescue a school bus from falling off a cliff, he tells them that people like them don't even need to know how to drive, (which of course delights Goku and Piccolo).

Yoodon*- A ten year-old motorcyclist who provides the getaway bike for Gohan and the other orphans when they steal apples from a local market. He leads Police on a wild chase through the town's streets.

Raichi*- A mind-altering alien who tries to trap Gohan, Krillin and Bulma on a desolate planet by clouding their minds, and then stealing their space ship with the help of his alien friend Zaakuro. His plans are halted by Gohan and Krillin.

Raimu "Lime"*- A girl Gohan meets one day in the forest after completing his training for the Cell Game. He rescues her from a fast moving river and mistakenly grabs her breasts in the process. She runs off calling him a pervert. Later, Gohan meets her in Chazke Village and finds out that her parents were killed by Cell. An old bartender took her in and cared for her.

Radeitsu "Raditz"- Goku’s older brother who is one of the four survivors of the destruction of planet Vegeta. He comes to Earth searching for his brother to force him to come work with him and the remaining Saiya-jin. Although the word "work" really means destroying planets and wiping out entire civilizations. Goku wants no part of it, so Raditz steals his son as an impetus. He threatens to kill Gohan if Goku doesn't kill 100 Earthlings by the next day. Goku and Piccolo team up to take down Raditz, (who at the time is absurdly stronger than either of them). During the battle, Gohan reveals his hidden power for the first time, (well, that is if you're not counting the movies or anime). In order to defeat Raditz, Goku sacrifices himself and holds him in place while Piccolo fires the Makkankosappo straight through both of them. Raditz dies, but not before gloating about how Piccolo, and everyone on Earth will soon feel pain and suffering when his Saiya-jin buddies arrive to utilize the Dragon Balls. Piccolo delivers the final blow which is not seen in the manga or anime.

Rikuumu "Reekuumu"- Reekuumu the second strongest member of the Ginyu Tokusentai, and also the cockiest. He's constantly talking trash to Vegeta, and beats the hell out of him at the same time. (Which succeeds in sending Vegeta off the deep end). Reekuumu has a plethora of attacks to his credit, and most of them are named simple stupid things like "Reekuumu Kick!" or in the anime "Reekuumu Body Attack!". Reekuumu is KO'ed with a single punch from Goku and later killed by Vegeta.

Rito Sei-jin "People of planet Rito*- I'm not totally sure but I believe the people of Rito are the orphans that Gohan, Krillin and Bulma meet in outer space. All of the adults on the planet were killed by Frieza's men and the children escaped on a large mirrored space ship.

Redo Shyaku Dan "Red Shock Organization"*- An evil crime syndication which pulls off several heists in Satan City. Videl and the Great Saiyaman put an end to the evil gang by defeating their leader and having him arrested.

Rou Kaioushin "Revered Kaioushin"- The ancient Kaioushin sealed in the Z Sword by an evil magician 15 generations ago. Apparently, Kaioushin's live a realllllllly long time since he was sealed in the sword around 75 million BC. Rou Kaioushin in released from the Z Sword when Gohan shatters it while testing it on hard materials. Rou Kaioushin then begins his power-up spell on Gohan, however, he needed a little impetus, (Goku offered him nude pictures of Bulma). Rou Kaioushin is able to do magic because he is fused with a witch by the power of the Potara earrings.

Roboto "Robot"*- Robot Number C-6 SSS Type who Gohan finds in the underground ruins of an ancient civilization. The robot was trapped in the ruins for 80 years and was sleeping for eternity, until Gohan awoke him. At first he finds Gohan annoying, but the boy grows on him, and he rescues Gohan from being crushed in a cave-in. The robot dies at the end of the episode, but the whole event makes Gohan mentally and emotionally stronger than he was before.

Wakusei Furiiza Nanba 79 no Kanseiin "Frieza Planet Number 79 Communications Leader"- The first person who sounds the alert that Vegeta was returning from his trip to Earth and was in need of medical support.

Atora "Atla"*- Atla is Lemlia's husband and was imprisoned by the cruel King Moai. Atla is released from prison by Nappa and Vegeta, (well, actually, Nappa and Vegeta just escape and Atla follows them). He is reunited with his wife at the end of the episodes, and then blown to bits when Vegeta destroys their planet from outer space.

Annoyoichi Budoukai Anaunsa "After-Life Martial Arts Tournament Announcer"*- The announcer for the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He has a mushroom for a head.

Aruhua Sei-jin "People of the planet Aruhua"*- A civilization wiped out by Buu 5 million of years ago.

Eigo no Sensei "English Teacher"*- Gohan's English teacher at Orange Star High School, (English as in the language, not literature).

Eme "Amy"*- An adolescent orphan who Gohan meets when he escapes from his training.

Emi "Amy"*- One of the children aboard the ship of orphans that Krillin, Gohan and Bulma become trapped in, on their way to Namek. (She's the one who kicks Krillin in the shin). (The creator of DB and Z had an obsession with Amy didn’t he?)

Oo Tokage "Great Lizard"*- A lizard that Goten plays with while his brother is busy training.

Isha san "Mr. Doctor"- Goku’s doctor who fixes him up after his fight with Vegeta.

Kairiki Otoko "Guard Man"*- A hulking guard who watches the animals' cages in the Satan City Circus. He has a short fight with the Great Saiyaman when he rescues the stolen Pteradon baby.

Kagaku no Sensei "School Teacher"- The teacher who introduces Gohan to his new class at Orange Star High School.

Kangofu "Nurse"- The young nurse who takes care of Goku after his battle with Vegeta. Master Roshi has the hots for her.

Karinto*- An old fisherman who teaches Goku to be "Quite Like the Sky".

Kyoryu "Dinosaur"- The large T-Rex who chases Gohan around. After Gohan's six months of survival training, he actually chases the dinosaur around, and chops off pieces of his tail for food.

Seeberu Taiga "Sabertooth Tiger"*- A large wildcat who appears in the very first episode of Dragon Ball Z and attacks Gohan. He later meets up with the Sabertooth Tiger during his survival training in the anime, and the two become friends.

Shoboshi "Fire Fighter"*- A fireman who is on the scene when a large fire breaks out on a high floor of a building in Satan City.

Taro- Umigame's child who literally drops in for a visit in the anime.

Dai Gyo "Huge Fish"- The huge fish which Goku kills in the first Dragon Ball comic. The same type of fish shows up throughout Dragon Ball/Z in the anime and movies.

Chinpira A and B "Troublemaker A and B"*- Two rowdy guys who try to make everyone in Chazke Village move into a Shelter Dome.

Choukyoushi "Circus Trainer"*- A cruel ringmaster who ceaselessly whips the baby Pteradon Chibi and forces him to perform for on-lookers.

Dokutaa "Doctor"- The head doctor on Frieza Planet Number 79. He takes charge of tending Vegeta's wounds when he returns from Earth.

Babidi no Buka "Babidi's Subordinate Staff"*- A bunch of weak low-level soldiers who are killed instantly by Gohan when he descends to the bottom of Babidi's ship with Kaioushin.

Buruberi "Blueberry"*- One of Frieza’s scouts who finds Bulma. She tells him about the Dragon Balls and what they can do, which intrigues him, so he follows Bulma into the sea searching for them, but she traps him, and he's eaten by a giant crab along with his companion.

Raochyuu*- The old man living in Chazke Village who takes care of a little girl named Lime whose parents were killed by Cell. He may be old, but he's a skilled Martial Artist.

Razuberi "Raspberry"- A human-like scout for Frieza. He finds Bulma with his companion Blueberry. When Bulma tells them about the Dragon Balls' power, he doesn't believe her, but Blueberry drags him into following Bulma, which just results in both of them getting eaten by a giant crab.

Romu*- The little boy who finds Gohan stranded on a beach. He takes Gohan to a safe place, and cares for him until he wakes up. Romu and Gohan become good friends.

Higashi no Kaiou "Kaiou of the East"- The only female Kaiou. She isn't very strong but she is the After-Life's greatest Hover Bike rider, and is always looking for a good challenger. She's also very hard on all of her pupils. the only female among the 4 ruling Kai’s. she controls the East Quadrant of the universe which is known for it’s speedy fighters.

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