Buu Saga Episodes 217-238 ?

Buuís seal on his cocoon is broken. Gohan fires at the egg and appears to have succeeded but the feared Majin Buu appears. Vegeta and Goku sense Buuís tremendous energy, but continue to fight. Goku tries to convince Vegeta to stop fighting Goku and fight with him against Buu, but Vegeta will not listen to him.
Vegeta defeats Goku, steals his last Senzu bean and rushes to defeat Buu because Gohan was already dead as well as Kibito and Supreme Kai and even Dabura (that killed Kibito and turned Krillin and Piccolo to stone by spitting on them). Vegeta realizes that he cannot defeat Buu, says his goodbye to Trunks, gives him a hug telling him to take care of his mother and self-destructs to defeat Buu.
But failing the last DBZ warriors rush to locate the Dragon Balls in an attempt to bring back those killed due to Buu. But in the wish being made the dragon states it would be four months before the wish can be carried out. Soon Buu takes up more strength and beings to kill people and turn the remaining Z fighters to candy. Goku ascends to Super Saiyan 2 then to # and still he did not have the power to defeat Buu.
Gohan is sent to Kai's planet for training. Then before Gokuís time is up on earth he teaches Goten and Trunks the fusion technique, then they get training by Piccolo so they can be strong enough to beat Buu. They fuse, the go Super Saiyan then Super Saiyan 3! But Buu has made a twin of himself but he is a lot more evil than Buu, he even absorbed Buu and thus turning him into Super Buu. Since with fusion one becomes arrogant Gotenks is absorbed and then Piccolo. Grand Kai then sacrifices his life so Goku can live.
Goku then gets a pair of Potara Earrings for fusion, this way the fused person wonít defuse in 30 minutes. Goku now alive teleports to the battle and tells Gohan to fuse with him. Goku throws an earring to Gohan but Gohan drops it and Buu absorbs Gohan turning him into Ultimate Buu. Then Vegeta comes to the scene and they fuse to become Vegeto. Vegeto defeats Buu but purposely gets absorbed to rescue his friends. This somewhat wears off the permanent fusion. They rescue Goten, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Fat Buu through Ultimate Buuís pores. Resulting turning Ultimate Buu to Majin Buu. Then he destroys the earth.
Kai teleports to help Goku teleport Vegeta, Satan, his dog and Dende to Kaiís planet. Vegeta gets angry because he rescued them instead of his son and the rest of the Z fighters. Goku was speechless but there wasnít time for that, Majin Buu also teleports to the planet Gokuís on and starts to fight. (Even the hours of training was not enough to defeat Buu that Gohan went threw so Goku thought of a way to defeat Buu.) Vegeta jumps into the battle while Goku gathers enough energy for the Ultimate Spirit Bomb (Genki-Dami). The Namek Dragon Balls are gathered to wish back the earth and to wish back everyone killed by Buu. The third wish is stored for later use. Gokuís Spirit Bomb (energy given by the Nameks, the people in the heavens, and everyone on Earth that Satan, or Hercule coached everyone to give up their energy; even if they died, he stated that he was making a magic move to defeat Buu). It is ready to throw, Goku throws it and Buu pushes it back. Vegeta tells Dende to wish back all of Gokuís strength back. Now with all the strength back Goku throws the Spirit Bomb back to Buu. Buu canít counter it any longer, so he is killed.
Ten years after the battle against Majin Buu, Fat Buu is revived into an evil cleanest form called Ubuu. Goku decides to train him since he has great potential. Gohan and Videl get married and have a daughter named Pan. The End of DBZ!!


217) Buu is hatched
218) The losses begin
219) The terror of Mr. Buu
220) Meal time
221) The warriorís decision
222) Final atonement

The rest are not English dubbed yet so the title is not for certain but it will be updated once the list is revealed

223) The nightmare continues! Majin Buu is still alive
224) Videlís struggle, search for the Dragon Balls
225) A big hope. The kids ultimate attack
226) Goten and Trunks! The whole worldís ordered to find them
227) I pulled it out. The legendary Zed Sword
228) Heís after the western capital! Stop Majin Buu
229) Oh what a surprise. The Super Saiyan 3 classic
230) Bye Bye Babidi! Majin Buu Rebels
231) Incredible ugly? The special transformation training
232) Bye bye everyone. Son Goku goes back to the after life
233) Whereís Gohan? The harsh training on Kaioshinís Planet
234) This canít be true! The Zed Sword gets broken
235) The birth of super fusion. The name is Gotenks
236) The last weapon mobilized. Satan will save the earth
237) Iíve given up killing. Majin Buuís boy scout pledge
238) Run away Satan. The appearance of the evil Majin Buu
239) Who will win? A battle between good and evil Buu
240) The inpatient destruction. The extinction of Humanity
241) The training was a success your finished now Majin Buu
242) Iím really going to fight this time. Super Gotenks goes all out
243) I did it. The Ghosts succeeded in defeating Majin Buu
244) Interdimensional escape! Super Gotenks 3?
245) Have we gone too far? Buu Buu Volley Ball
246) Even greater, the remade Gohan goes to earth
247) Heís overwhelming Buu. Gohan Miraculous Power
248) Gohan canít be beat. Buu self destructs
249) Buu commits a foul! Gotenks is absorbed?
250) Come back son Goku. Save the universe.
251) One more miracle. The super fusion with Gohan
252) Vegetaís pride and son Gokuís anger. The birth of the invincible hero
253) The ultimate power. Vegeto the lethal warrior!
254) The dimension is shattered. Is Buu out of control
255) Buuís favorite technique. Become candy
256) Buu fighting SSJ3. Candy drop and losing. Vegeto gets absorbed
257) No more fusion. Buuís digestive system attacks
258) Is that you Gohan? Buu victims attack
259) Buu inner body experience, the great escape
260) Whereís the exit? Escape from the failing Buu
261) Good-bye earth. Buu falls into evil
262) Buu get over here. Finish off in Kaioshin-Ka
263) Seize the future. The big battle over the universe
264) Vegetaís hatís off. Son Goku you are number one
265) Hold on Vegeta! A minute at the risk of life
266) Donít tease Satan. The original Majin Buu returns
267) Vegetaís secret plan. Porungaís two wishes
268) Our last hope. A really huge Genki-Dami (Spirit Bomb)
269) Big appreciation. Itís here, everyoneís energy ball.
270) Son Goku is the strongest after all. Majin Buu is destroyed
271) Peace is restored. Friend of justice, Majin Buu
272) Youíre late, son Goku. Everyoneís partying!
273) Grandpa Goku Iím Pan
274) Iím Uubuu. Now 10 years old, formerly Majin Buu
275) To become stronger! Son Gokuís dream is to surpass it

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