Babidi Saga Episodes 205-216

The threat to earth is uncovered as the story of Bibidi, Babidi and Buu is revealed. Bibidi realizing the terrible threat of Buu had sealed him up in a cocoon. In his quest to rule the world, Babidi (Bibidi’s son) is now gathering the energy to release Buu.
Babidi and his henchmen, Pui-Pui, eliminate Yamu and Spopovitch after gathering him what he needed…the stolen energy from Super Saiyan Gohan. It’s a great start on the energy needed to release Buu. Dabura, the evil ruler of the underworld and accomplice with Babidi, turns Krillin and Piccolo to stone. Vegeta, Goku, Gohan and the Supreme Kai enter Babidi’s underground ship. It has three levels with guardians at each level. In order for our heroes to prevent the evil Majin Buu from being released into this world, they must beat the guardian at each level and reach Buu before Babidi gains enough energy to release Buu.
But the fight is not even. With magical powers, Babidi is able to change the location of the battle to wherever he wishes…which is always a place where his fighters will have the advantage. Vegeta approaches Pui-Pui to fight on the first level of the ship and find himself fighting Pui-Pui not on level one of the ship but on Pui-Pui’s home planet. Vegeta manages to win easily, and they move on to stage two of the ship.
It’s now Goku’s turn to fight the monster demon Yakon. Babidi transports the fight to the planet of Darkness… Yakon’s home. During the battle, Yakon is able to absorb some of Goku’s energy, which could then be used to release Buu. But Goku wins the fight and our heroes are now on the third and last level of Babidi’s ship.
This will not be an easy win. It’s Gohan against the evil Dabura.
Meanwhile, back at the tournament, they are tired of waiting for our heroes to show up for the competition. The decision to continue the tournament with a “Battle Royale” where the five remaining contestants will compete. Jewel and Kiillan are quickly defeated leaving Hercule, Android 18 and Mighty Mask (Goten and Trunks in disguise) as the final contestants for the title of World Champion. During the intense fight Android 18 realizes she is not battling Mighty Mask…but Goten and Trunks. They are disqualified. The world champion will be either Android 18 or Hercule.
There is something Android 18 values more than the title. Android 18 agrees to throw the fight in exchange for Hercule giving her twice the amount the winner will receive- a total of 20 million zenis. Hercule is declared the winner
Elsewhere, Dabura and Gohan begin their fight in a world similar to earth. Gohan’s seven-year lapse in training is obvious as he battles Dabura. He narrowly escapes being turned to stone, then breaks Dabura’s sword. But Dabura has cleverly discovered a better way to fight out heroes. They return to the ship. Dabura has discovered the evil lurking in Vegeta’s heart. This will allow Babidi to control Vegeta. Unknown to out heroes, Babidi is going to bring Vegeta under his control and then have Vegeta and Goku fight…releasing vast amounts of energy which can then be used to release Buu.
Babidi brings out all of Vegeta’s wickedness. Vegeta allows Babidi to control him in order to have his power increased so that he can beat Goku…along-term desire of his. With the “M” on his forehead, he heads to the world martial arts tournament where Hercule is celebrating his win. Vegeta creates chaos threatening the well being of the people of earth. Goku, always our hero, rushes to stop Vegeta and get Babidi to move their fight to another more remote location.
The now “Majin” Vegeta is going to fight Goku, as Babidi wishes, but Vegeta is still not totally under Babidi’s control. Goku and Vegeta battle with all of the energy they release being absorbed for Buu. In desperation Gohan and Supreme Kai confront Babidi and Dabura at the ship’s core to stop the “balled-up” Buu from being released from his cocoon. But it is too late.


205) The wizard’s curse
206) King of the Demons
207) Vegeta attacks
208) Next up, Goku
209) Battle Supreme
210) Eighteen unmasks
211) Pay to win
212) Heart of a villain
213) The Dark Prince returns
214) Vegeta’s pride
215) The long awaited flight
216) Magic ball of Buu

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