Android Saga episodes 111-124

They've arrived!

After a period of three years, Trunks fateful prophecy regarding the arrival of monstrous androids has finally come to pass. Two ruthless androids, namely Android 19 and 20, have come forth and are destroying everything in sight. As earth's special forces comes to the city looking for the source of the mayhem, Yamcha is the first to sight them and pays a heavy price as Android 20 strikes him with a horrendous blow. Goku and the others arrive just in time to save their fallen friend, and as Krillin hauls Yamcha to safety, Goku squares off to fight Android 20.

Downed by a virus?

Goku appears to be making short work out of Android 10, as he hits the maniacal monster with a flurry of blows. But strangely enough, Goku's power is fading, and Android 19 appears unimpaired. It seems Goku has fallen prey to the vicious attack of the heart virus as Trunks' predicted. Surprisingly, before Android 19 can finish off Goku, the Super Saiyan is rescued by none other than Vegeta!

Vegeta to the rescue!

Vegeta launches into Android 19 with a merciless assault (he goes Super Saiyan for the first time!), and quickly puts an end to the robotic menace. Android 20, realizing the danger he's up against, flees the scene. While in pursuit, earth's heroes make a shocking discovery-Android 20 is Dr. Gero, the evil scientist. A frantic race ensues. Android 20 speeds to his lab where he will activate his killer robots, being pursued by earth's forces intent on stopping him.

Android 17 and Android 18 awaken

Dr. Gero eludes earth's forces, and arrives back at his laboratory before the heroes can reach him. All hope appears lost as the worst fears are realized-Android 17 and Android 18 are brought to life! Dr. Gero appears to finally be achieving his dream of conquering the world. But all that abruptly changes as Android 17 and 18 rebel against Dr. Gero and destroy him and release Android 16.

Any hope?

Battling the Androids seems hopeless as earth's forces prove no match for their power. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Piccolo, in a brave move, approaches Kami with a proposal that they unite to form a Super-Namek! (Like the wounded Vegeta, who been training on another planet for months and has reached Super Saiyan level, that had his pride and arm broken by Android 18 and Trunks' sword chipped on Android 18's finger). Meanwhile, the androids make a joyride of destruction as they head to their new destination-Goku's house! (All because Android 16 was programmed to kill Goku). The androids plan to strike Goku while he's down. While Goku has been moved to avoid the Androids, Bulma makes another startling discovery. There is a second time capsule-identical to the capsule Trunks uses!


111) The Androids appear
112) A handy trick
113) Double trouble for Goku
114) Upgrade to Super Saiyan
115) The secret of Dr. Gero
116) More androids?!
117) Follow Dr. Gero
118) Nightmares come true
119) Goku's assassin
120) Deadly beauty
121) No match for the androids
122) Last ditch effort
123) Closing in
124) Unwelcome discovery

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