A different type of Attack List


Enerugii Kyuushuu:

Allows the androids to absorb their opponents energy and ki through holes on the palm of their hands.

Rocket Punch:

Android #16's massively powerful well-ranged attack technique.


Food Change:

Hungry but don't have any food in sight? Fear not, with the "Food Change" you can turn your opponents into edible delicacies. Bon Appetite!


An attack that fires multiple beams, each honing in on its own target.

Captain Ginyu:

Body Change Beam:

Beam that switches bodies. Chiaotzu:


The Chonoryoku gives temporary control of a targeted opponent.


Powerful self-destruction technique.



An invisible beam that cuts through obstacles like a hot knife through butter.

Death Ball:

A small (but super slow-moving) black ball of energy that is used to destroy planets.



Gohan's version of the Kame Hame Ha.



One of Goku's favorite moves and most powerful attacks. The Genki-dama (spirit bomb) is a ball made from the ki of all life on a planety. The attack takes forever to charge and seeks out evil ki to target.


Ability for Goku to grow up to 8 arms for increased attacking ability.


Allows Goku to gain a temporary boost in power and speed. However, if done too often, can damage/exhaust the user.

Kame Hame Ha:

The Kame Hame Ha is an energy beam that is usually used for projectile countering purposes being too powerful to use in any other situation. [Goku]


Super powerful "dragon-fist" technique.


Kame Kame Ha:

Goten's own version of the Kamehameha.


Kamikaze Ghost Attack:

Allows Gotenks to create several copies of himself (ghosts). Each ghost causes severe damage.


Mind Freeze:

Freezes the opponents in place.

Time Freeze:

Temporarily freezes time, stopping objects even in midair. When the move is performed however, one's breath must be held and if exhaled then time starts again.


Kienzan (Destructo Disk):

Super-thin, razor-sharp energy projectile that can slice through anything in it's path.

Mr. Satan:

Dynamite Kick:

Almost worthless kick used by everyone's favorite charlatan, Mr. Satan.


Eraser Cannon:

Eraser Cannon-Ki Beam hot from the mouth.


Arm Extender:

This technique extends the arms of the user for a surprise attack/grab.


Creates a large energy blast that destroys everything standing in its way.


A large spherical energy projectile.


A yellow, straight energy blast (with a spiraling one around it). Takes a little while to charge.



A powerful energy projectile that is almost impossible to doge and can be done only after excessive charging. Self-sacrificing.


Tien's improved version of the Kikoho.


Gives Tien up to 4 arms for better, stronger, faster attacks.


Finish Buster:

A quick and powerful move used to finish off still-breathing opponents.

Burning Attack:

Mirai Trunks' ultra-bright, yellow attack that (while weak) is very easily distracting.



A ball of energy generated around the person destroying everything in its area.

Big Bang Attack:

The Big Bang Attack is a large energy beam that is slow moving but extremely powerful.

Final Flash:

The Final Flash is a powerful blast oft-used to finish off opponents (hence the "final").


Resembles the Kame Hame Ha, but is less powerful.



Energy projectile that can be controlled so that it follows the opponent.



Using one's ki to fly.

Chou Kame Hame Ha:

Stronger charged up Kame Hame Ha where the user drags the name out longer than regularly saying it. (ex. Kaaaaaammmmmeeeeeee Haaaaaammmmmeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.)

Chou Masenko:

Gohan's stronger Masenko, charged up. (The one he destroyed Cell with.)


Using one's ki to fly.

Eye Beam:

A beam shoots out from the user's eyes.

Frieza Beam:

Beam shot from the fore and middle fingers. (ex. Makankosappo, but it's red and equal in power.)


As a last resort, two similarly-powered warriors may "fuse" with one another. This is done by correctly doing a special "fusion dance" and then touching fingers. After 30 minutes however, the fusion is worn out and the single all-powerful warrior is reverted again to two less-powerful warriors.


A ki blast that fires into the air and then bursts into numerous fragments that rain down upon enemies.

Kamaiya-Maya Wave:

Less powerful version of Kame Hame Ha.

Light Speed:

The person that uses this technique can travel the speed of light, thus making them invisible.

Renzoku Senkoudan:

Fires many, many ki packets that engulf the opponent and cause massive damage.

Shunkan Idou:

Instant teleportation done by placing fingers on forehead. They must, however, transport to a locale that has ki.


Initially used by Tien, the Taiyoken causes an intense bright light that blinds everyone around.


Communication over long distances via the mind's power.

Triple Strike:

Tien and Krillin's technique to make 2 other duplicates of ones self, splitting their power, making it easier to surround the opponent in lots of punches. They use it on the fight with Nappa. Cell also uses it on Goku.


The ability to move so fast that the person leaves their image at a location while he is really elsewhere. "Blurring".

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