Tournament Saga Episodes 14-28

Goku does not join them however, as he flies over to Master Roshi's island to receive his training. Little does Goku know that Krillin, a Buddhist monk from the Orion Temple, is also on his way for training. Goku, who arrives before Krillin, is given his first task, to find a bouncy girl. Not knowing anything about the opposite sex, Goku retrieves the largest, most repulsive woman ever. Roshi instructs Goku to try again and this time he succeeds. Roshi walks up to the good-looking female to find out that she is a mermaid. After asking to feel her up, Roshi gets smacked by the mermaid who promptly swims off. At this time Krillin finally arrives in his boat, but he is not initially accepted as a pupil. However, after offering dozens of porno magazines to Roshi, he quickly is assigned to help Goku find a bouncy girl.
During this time, a wanted criminal named Launch was causing havoc around the countryside. Launch is the split personality of Raichi, who changes back and forth between the two when she sneezes. Goku and Krillin happen upon Raichi in her docile form and take her back to Roshi. He is very excited and finally accepts both as students. Raichi is anxious to learn martial arts with the boys but Roshi makes sure she takes it easy. She cooks for the group and takes care of the house. Although Raichi turns into Launch every so often, she is not nearly as strong as her roommates and never causes much damage. Roshi decides that the island house is currently on is too small for training, he changed it into a capsule and they move to a much larger piece of land. The first test involves running 100 yards and seeing how long it takes. Goku and Krillin both run the length in amazing times, but Roshi whoops them both.
Roshi conducts another test and throws a rock with the turtle symbol onto the stone into the jungle below. He tells Krillin and Goku that whoever finds the rock first will get to eat dinner, while the other will not. Krillin attempts to make his own rock, but Roshi sees through the forgery and promptly tosses him out. Goku finds the real one, but Krillin, using his trickery, manages to take it from Goku. It is brought back to Roshi, who declares Krillin the winner. Raichi has prepared a huge fish dinner, who all but Goku devours. Unfortunately, the fish they ate was the poisonous puffer-fish. Raichi, Roshi and Krillin all fall ill and take the next day off.
The real training begins the day after, which involves milk delivering, plowing a field, swimming, studying and working at a construction site. The only thing that keeps them going is the thought of entering the 21st Martial Arts Tournament where all the greatest and strongest fighters meet and battle. After the first day Goku and Krillin are completely worn out, and Roshi informs them that they will be doing the same thing every day until the tournament, although from the next day on they would be wearing 20 kilogram shells on their backs. Both of them are shocked, but they are still determined to fight in the tournament. The training continues for the next few months, and one month before the tournament both Krillin and Goku are able to move a massive boulder. Roshi, impressed by their strength, tells them that for the last month of training both pupils would be wearing 40 kilogram shells. In the meantime, Yamcha has been preparing for the tournament by living out in the wild and fighting in a nearby village gym. He finally returns to the city to participate in the tournament.
After months of training the day of the tournament had finally arrived. Yamcha, Bulma, Puar and Oolong meet up with Goku, Krillin and Master Roshi as they were entering the tournament. The preliminary rounds take place and Goku, Krillin and Yamcha all moved onwards to the spot in the final eight man bracket.
The first battle is between Krillin and Bacterium, who has never bathed a day in his life, uses his horrid stench to distract his opponents and make them cover their noses. When Goku reveals to Krillin that he doesn't have a nose to smell the stench and only imaging the smell. Realizing what was happening Krillin easily dispatches the odorous Bacterium with Krillin's own odor.
The next battle is between Yamcha and Master Roshi (disguised as Jackie Chun). Yamcha uses his "wolf-fang fist" and he loses as Jackie Chun de-rings him with his special techniques.
The third match of the first bracket is between Nam and Ranfan. Nam entered the tournament for the prize money to get water to his village. Ranfan uses her looks to attempt to distract Nam and manages to get in a few heavy blows. However, Nam closes his eyes so that he would not be distracted and beat her easily.
The final first bracket duel is between Goku and Giran, a dinosaur-like creature that uses his spit to bind Goku. Goku grabs the dinosaur and throws him out of the ring. Giran flies back and does the same to Goku but he uses Nimbus to return. Goku was not disqualified but told he could not use it again. Giran spits on him and entangles him in his "merry-go-round gum". Goku grows his trail back and breaks the gum and Goku tests out his new tail and Giran sees this and gives up.
The first match of the semi-finals takes place between Krillin and Jackie Chun. Krillin puts up a good battle, but Jackie Chun proves too strong. He is knocked cold and the victory goes to Jackie Chun.
The other semi-final match is between Nam and Goku. Using his aerial attack, Nam manages to get the upper hand on Goku for a bit, but Goku proves too strong and wins fairly easily.
As Roshi/Chun reads Nam's mind, and seeing the drought problems in Nam's village, he gives Nam a large capsule to store water in and reveals that he is the Great Wise One. Roshi explains that in order to make Goku and Krillin strive to train, they must know there are stronger people in the world. He tells Nam to dress like him and enter the crowd as a favor to him. Jackie Chun orders Yamcha to look at the audience to prove he was not Roshi.
The final battle begins between Jackie Chun and Goku. Chun uses many varied techniques, but Goku seems to mimic and improve on them. Even when Jackie uses the Kamehameha, Goku counters it with one of equal strength. Both competitors manage to get knocked out of the ring a few times, but each time had their method of returning. Jackie, seeing that the battle was close, uses a technique where the body energy is converted to electricity. Goku is paralyzed in pain as Jackie runs thousands of volts through him. Goku is about to give up, but then he glances at the full moon. He breaks free of the bind and starts running amuck. Using an immense Kamehameha, Jackie blows up the moon, thus transforming Goku back into a boy.
Now both out of energy they agree to fight the rest of the match using only hand-to-hand combat. They fight for four hours like this, until Jackie realizes Goku's weakness. Both fighters leap into the air and exchange kicks to the face. Since Jackie's legs were far longer, Goku took on a much harder hit. Both fighters are down till the count of ten, and it is announced that whoever can stand up first, smile and say "I am the new champion" will win the match. Goku tries his hardest, but passes out before he can claim to be winner. Jackie slowly gets up and gleefully takes the victory. Jackie changes (takes off his wig) and joins Goku and company and he takes Goku (who was beyond the word of hungry) where he spends all of his prize money of over 700 zenies on his mean of several courses well over 50 servings plus desert. And the training continues.


14) Goku's Rival
15) Look out for Launch!
16) Find that stone
17) Milk delivery
18) The Turtle hermit way
19) The tournament begins
20) Elimination round
21) Smells like trouble
22) Yamcha verses Jackie Chun
23) Monster beast Giran
24) Krillin's frantic attack!
25) The fearful Aerial Karate Raid!
26) Goku in the biggest crisis
27) Crash! Force verses force!

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