Red Ribbon Saga episodes 28-98

Goku reveals his plans to find the four-star dragon ball, his grandpaís memento the night of the celebration of Jackieís win. Krillin decides to keep training with Roshi, while Yamcha and the others return to the city. Bulma gives Goku her dragon ball radar and instructs him on how to use it. They all exchange goodbyes and Goku goes on his way.
Goku begins his search for the dragon balls when he comes up on Nam being attacked by a dinosaur. Rescuing him, Goku learns that the capsule full of water was running out fast, and that the river that normally supplied the village was being blocked somehow. They fly upstream to find Giran and his kind bathing in a pool they had made by damming the river. Nam pleads for them to break the dam if he can, as he says it is indestructible. Using a Kamehameha, the dam is destroyed and water flows into the village again.
Goku is not the only one after the dragon balls. The Red Ribbon Army is after them as well. Goku uses the radar to look for the dragon balls (which is far better than what the Red Ribbon has). Then Gokuís path crosses with the Red Ribbon Army, along with the Commander Silver but Goku defeats the men without much trouble. Goku found the first dragon ball, it was not Grandpa, and he decides to look more. The next ball is far to the north.
Goku arrives and itís very cold. To his luck a small girl, who explains, that a large Red Ribbon tower is nearby where the mayor is kept imprisoned. Goku (having a coat and boots and recovering from his unconscious state in the cold) sets out to set the mayor free. He arrives in the first area and defeats the people of the unit with ease. In the second area or stick, but more trouble arrived because he ran into a robot by the name of Metallic, which be defeats. In the third stick against the Ninja Purple, which is a good fighter, but Goku was having more trouble and weak from his previous fights. Thus the Ninja leaves the monster Number 8 (Looks like Frankenstein) freely, but the monster strikes Ninja Purple into the distance and makes friends with Goku. They finally defeat General White and Goku has found another dragon ball.
Once again it is not Grandpa and decides to look further and saying goodbye to the inhabitants of the village he heads off again in his search for Grandpa. Goku learns that his radar is broken and flies off to the western capital in order to have Bulma repair it. Bulma decides to come along for the ride to find the next dragon ball, which is easily found by the repaired radar. But it turns out that the dragon ball is deep in the ocean and they borrow Master Roshiís submarine to retrieve it. Krillin also comes along and they run into another robot, which is defeated by Goku. Which out friends do not know at present yet that General Blue pursues them. After Krillin and Bulma arrive at the vault (after defeating the robot) emerges General Blue and challenges Krillin to a fight. Krillin is superior to Blue, but General Blue uses hypnosis and Krillin is frozen. Goku comes along and rescues Krillin and defeats Blue. After a long pursuit they land in the village of Dr. Slump, where Goku gets his dragon ball back that were stolen from him by Blue.
Now Goku looks up for the next dragon ball. An Indian Bora and the small son Upa possess the dragon ball. Therefore another Red Ribbon Commander comes up (General Yellow) and talks to Bora and Upa. With Gokuís assistance, General Yellow is defeated and Bora gives Goku the dragon ball for thanks. This is the fourth star dragon ball. Next the Commander takes all that they can and hires the World-Best and strongest killer Tao Pai Pai. The Commander pulls Blue in and tells him that he can live if he fights Tao Pai Pai. Tao Pai Pai defeats Blue only with his tongue. Tao Pai Pai then attacks the village where Bora and Upa are and defeats Bora with ease. Goku hears of this and so furious with rage that he does not attack Tao Pai Pai with full strength but he still has a chance against him. Finally Goku fires a Kamehameha and Tao Pai Pai and only his clothes are damaged. Tao counters and Goku falls to the ground from the attack. Tao snatches the dragon balls and flees into the city in order to be made a new suit. Upa begins to cry and buries his father. Goku still has the fourth star dragon ball (Grandpa) tucked away and Tao does not have it.
Tao Pai Pai notices that a dragon ball is missing and he decides that heíll get the dragon ball when his suit is finished (three days). Upa explains to Goku that there is a holy water of Quittenturm, which makes people stronger. Goku notices that he holds no chance against Tao so he decides to get the holy water from Quittenturm. Within a day he arrives and becomes acquainted with the master of al kings, Master Korin. Goku is surprised that Master Korin is a white cat. He asks whether he can drink from the holy water and Master Korin says that Goku must earn the water. Goku tries to achieve the water but Master Korin simply too fast and strong. Goku asks is anyone succeeded at getting a drink. Master Korin says to him ďI remember exactly, it was a man before exactly 300 years. It was the man that trained you, Roshi.Ē And he asks how long it took him to get the water and Mater Korin replies ďaround three yearsĒ. That is all Goku needed to hear and declared he would get the water in three days. Master Korin is surprised at the abilities of his pupil. But Goku is frightened that the holy water is only normal water. Master Korin vowed that he would train Goku to make him stronger. Goku happy with that turns and heads back to Quittenwald, he was concerned with what Tao Pai Pai might be up to.
Tao Pai Pai is surprised at the fact that Goku was still alive and healing nicely. Goku begins the battle by sending a low direct hit to Taoís face. Tao is totally shocked, as the boy had become stronger in only three days. Tao and Goku start fighting and Tao notices that he has no chance to win against him so he ignites a hand grenade and Goku catches it and tosses it back and Tao explodes and dies (but only half of him is dead). Now Goku has the 4th star dragon ball and notices that two more balls are in the head quarters of the Red Ribbon Army. Goku flies back to the Head Quarters and defeats everyone alone even the new Commander. Still another dragon ball is missing and the radar doesnít show where it is. Then Goku runs across Yamcha, Bulma and Krillin and Master Roshi, which were concerned about Goku. Roshi tells them that they have to go to Uranai Baba. Superior to each radar, so Krillin and Yamcha decide to come along with Goku to get Upa.
Baba (Roshiís sister) requires a lot of cash that our friends do not have so they have to fight her henchmen and win. Krillin fights Dracula and loses but with help of Upa they had a better chance to defeat him. Yamcha, however, the mummy loses and Yamcha defeats him. Goku fights the third battle and wins with ease. The fourth opponent, Goku defeats as well even is he looked bigger and meaner than him. The fifth henchman carries a mask and is a genuine master and after a long and hard fight, it turns out that it is Gokuís dead grandfather, Gohan, which returned one day from the Other World. Gohan gives up and takes Goku near for joy in his heart from locating Goku. Gohan thank Roshi that he was beginning to worry about the boy (Goku) and comments on how strong he has become. Gohan turns back to the other world and Baba shows our heroes where the last dragon ball is. Emperor Pilaf has it in a particularly off looking box shielded from the radar.
Goku flies to the Emperorís castle to face Pilaf for the last Dragon Ball. A robot into battle challenges Goku and the robot merely plays with Goku. Goku defeats the robot, Pilaf and gets the last dragon ball. He then flies back to Quittenwald with Upa and calls Shenron and Goku wishes Bora back to life.
Goku returns back to his friends and he decides to train for the next tournament. Yamcha and Krillin with Master Roshi, he gives up on training Goku because Roshi discovers that Goku is far stronger than he was and he sends him away from him to learn on his own. After three years all meet up again and they run across an old friend of Roshiís, Kraniche (both trained under Master Motaito). Kranicheís two pupils Tien and Chiaotzu to work evil of the two like the Master (brother of Tao). In the final rounds are Yamcha, Goku and Jackie Chun (Roshi) including Tien and Chiaotzu. The first fight is Yamcha vs. Tien. Yamcha had learned the Kamehameha but is still defeated because he breaks his leg. Jackie Chun wins easily against the Kraniche. Next up was Krillin and Chiaotzu. Krillin has learned the Kamehameha first level but Chiaotzu wins because he can fly and use telepathic powers. Goku wins against his battle with the alleged mad Superstar Panputto with only three light punches in the gut. In the semi-finals Tien fights Jackie Chun. Jackie Chun tries his best to convince Tien of the right path throughout the fight because he read his mind and true intentions. Jackie jumps out of the ring voluntarily. Tien wants to know why he disguised himself to enter the tournament and Jackie explains to him that he has the advantage of his pupils to show to them that there is always someone stronger. He also wanted to show his pupils that they should continue to fight and become the best and not lazy, but he already knew his pupils were not going to give up. In the second semi-final Krillin against Goku and itís a really good fight. But even when Krillin holds/pulls on Gokuís tail and he loses power, Goku still wins. Tien and Chiaotzu fights and Tien wins leaving Tien and Goku in the final round.
Both are good fighters and evenly matched. Tien shows his whole technique, Dodonpa, four-fist technique and Goku sends a response to it. Finally Tien uses his trump card, the Kiku cannon and the ring is destroyed. Tien can fly and Goku has to fly since there was no ring any more to stand on. Tien wins after Goku is hit to the ground, he wanted to divide his prize money with Goku but he rejects.


Some is not translated as of yet, if they are I have not gotten the name of the American sagas yet, that will be updated once I locate them

28. Another Adventure! The Wandering Lake.
29. Pilaf and the Mystery Militia.
30. Egad! A Goku Impostor!
31. The Disappearing Fortress.
32. The Legend of the Dragon.
33. The Fanatic Red Ribbon.
34. Girl of the North, Snow.
35. The Terror of Muscle Tower.
36. The Purple Ninja Appears!
37. Danger! The Alter Eigo Technique.
38. The Mysterious Cyborg Number 8.
39. What will you do, Goku? It's a Monster Blob.
40. The End of Muscle Tower.
41. You're in Danger, Eightie!
42. To the City in the West and Bloomer's House.
43. Lots of Danger for Goku and His Friends.
44. Beware! The Airborne Trap.
45. Bloomer's Big Mistake.
46. The Turtle House is Discovered!
47. Commander Blue Launches His Attack!
48. Miss Lunch is in Danger!
49. The Pirate's Trap.
50. The Guardian Robot
51. The Treasure is Discovered!
52. Blue Blazing Eyes.
53. Flee, Flee! The Great Escape.
54. Pursued to the Penguin Village.
55. Arare Gets on the Cloud.
56. Arare vs. Blue!
57. Karin, the Holy Place.
58. Taopaipai, the World's #1 Hit Man!
59. Kamehameha vs. Dodonpa.
60. Lord Karin of Karinto Tower.
61. The Effects of the Holy Water...?
62. Songoku's Revenge!
63. The Last of Taopaipai.
64. Goku Goes on the Offensive!
65. The Red Ribbon's Desperate Defense.
66. Red Leader is Dead!
67. The Last Dragon Ball!
68. The Cute Fortune Teller.
69. The Five Fighters .
70. The Desperate Battle.
71. Goku and the Demon's Toilet.
72. The Demon's Beam.
73. The Mysterious 5th Fighter.
74. Formidable Foes Clash!
75. The Identity of the Masked Man...?
76. Pilaf's Second Attempt.
77. Shenlon Appears Once More.
78. The Man-Eating Gourd.
79. Goku vs. Tenlon.
80. Goku Visits the Spirit World.
81. Inoshikacho, the Monster.
82. To the World Championship Martial Arts Tournament, Goku!
83. Battle to be the Best!
84. Preliminary Round Survival.
85. The 8 Finalists.
86. Yamcha vs. Ten Shin Han.
87. Go Yamcha! Ten Shin Han the Formidable Foe.
88. Terror! Hatred of the Full Moon.
89. Oh My! It's the Dodonpa!
90. Krillian's Great Offensive.
91. Thanks for waiting! Here's Goku!
92. An Even Match: Jackie Chung vs. Ten Shin Han.
93. Solar Power -- The New Crane School Technique.
94. A Great Fight! Goku vs. Krillian.
95. Krillian's Great Attack.
96. The Final Match. Who is the Best in the World?
97. Battle Power.
98. Ten Shin Han's Distress.

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