Quotes from Dragonball/Z/GT and the movies

By now if you do not know that I am a Dragon Ball, Z, GT fan then allow me to show you the true nature of my obsession with quotes from the entire thing. There are quotes from Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT with some quotes from the movies.


Vegeta: You can get in my head, you can take control of my body, but there is one thing you can never take away from a Saiyan...his pride!

# 18: Really, the two of you are hopeless.

Tien: Piccolo just gave Cell everything he had and it didn’t even phase him.

Cell: Now that we have the vermin out of the way. You’re next Piccolo.

Bulma: Hey guys. Wow. You all have been working out haven’t you?

Piccolo: When we combine we use my body, understand?

Dende: Eternal Dragon, by your name, I summon you forth, Shenron.

Trunks: As long as I have the power to destroy you Cell, I’m willing to sacrifice everything.

Goku: It looks like they only want me, and that’s exactly who they’ll get.

Vegeta: Are you ready now to witness a power not seen for thousands of years?

Piccolo: Even with the energy you took from me, my power is still far greater than your own.

Piccolo: Not bad, for an early prototype.

Krillin: Piccolo, err Kami, that is um?

Yarijobe: Think again. There’s no way you’re leaving the kid here.

Cell: Perhaps these miserable humans would appreciate a light show.

Cell: I have got to show you, young warrior, what I’m truly capable of.

Vegeta: What went wrong? You had me!

Cell (destroying a building): They don’t make them like they use to.

Goku: I can go one step farther if I wanted to.

Vegeta: I’ll spend no more time playing with you.

Trunks: You should know, I’m much more powerful than my father.

Cell: That’s it, huh?

Cell (to #16): You are nothing when compared to my power!

Trunks (to Cell): You can be stopped! You will be stopped!

Cell (Before killing Piccolo): You are of no value to me anymore. You are just, refuse. Goodbye.

Piccolo (to #17): Well your speed is excellent, but your punches are lacking in stopping power.

Trunks (to Cell): You’ll need a lot more than patience to deal with me.

Piccolo (about Cell): What twisted mind would send you back in the time machine?

#17 (about Piccolo): It’s a shame you insist on getting in our way.

#17: Do you have any more tricks to share with me before I finish you?

#17: Piccolo was supposed to be nothing to us.

Cell: Silly Piccolo. My secrets aren’t unlocked so easily!

Vegeta (to Cell): What’s wrong? I hope I’m not making you uncomfortable.

Vegeta (about Trunks halting Cell): Stupid boy. This is too good of an opportunity for you to screw up.

Vegeta (to Cell): I don’t think so Cell. I’m afraid you’re outclassed in every way.

Vegeta (to Cell): You should see the look on your face.

Trunks (to Cell): I hope this isn’t a private party!

#17 (about humans): pitiful humans, what a bunch of shameless cowards they all are.

Trunks (commenting on the Time Chamber): I don’t know if I can spend an entire year in this place.

Piccolo (Cell blasting a beam cannon): Don’t try my own attack against me.

King Kai: I’m the King. When you get to be King, you’re not supposed to have to do all the work.

Goku: It would be meaningless to fight with you now. You’re too scared and ashamed. Live with the shock. Keep it bottled up inside you. Silently.

Vegeta: Let me ask you. Does a machine like yourself ever experience fear.

Vegeta: There’s only one certainty in life. A strong man stands above and conquers all!!!

Vegeta: Don’t remind me. I’m mad enough to hurt somebody and pounding you just might be the therapy I need.

Piccolo: Note to self: Tails grow back.

Piccolo: I’ve never had real feelings about anyone before…Grr…I don’t like it!

Piccolo: Fool! Never believe anything the enemy tells you!

King Kai: He is the destroyer of worlds. To anger him is to jeopardize the universe.

Raditz (to Goku): I see the fire in you, brother…it’s in your blood. You long for battle.

Gohan: Piccolo, can I have some help here?
Piccolo: Sure just one thing. There will be no help!

Piccolo: Shall I clean the trash of the universe. (GT)

Frieza (to Goku): You Saiyans are all like moths, rushing to a flame only to die!

Bulma (trying to get Zarbon’s attention): Yoo hoo, guess what? Green is my favorite color.

Vegeta (Big Bang Attack): Here! A little going away present for you! Ahhhh!!!!!

Piccolo: There is training of my own yet to be done, and should you manage to emerge unscathed the coming six months…I personally shall provide you hell’s own training. So much so that you shall think you were better off dead. Prepare yourself, for you are about to be remade in my own image!

Vegeta (after he kills Dodoria): Where are my manners? I completely forgot to say goodbye.

Vegeta: Nappa, remind me to look into getting you dewormed again.

Gohan: Hey, where did you get that? (After Vegeta stole the dragon ball on Namek)
Vegeta: It was a gift from your bald-headed friend, and that gorgeous girl he was with.

Piccolo: We can’t give up just because things aren’t the way we want them to be.

Arlian King: Kill those men, they’re very bad men.
Nappa: We’re bad?
Vegeta: Well, a little.

Piccolo (to Nappa and Vegeta): Bring it on!

Vegeta: Strength is the only thing that means anything to me!

Frieza (to Goku): You think this is funny toying with me?
Goku (zipping around trying to anger Frieza): No Frieza, there’s nothing funny about it.

Goku: I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster. (To Frieza)

Goku (shouting at Frieza): I’m going to slap some sense into you!

Goku (to Frieza while he begged for his life): How many people begged for their lives before you killed them anyway? Did you show mercy when I asked you to spare my best friend Krillin?!

Garlic Jr.: Everything will be sucked into the dead zone including you! All be locked away in total darkness for the rest of eternity, just as my father was!

Piccolo (after ripping his ears off): Gohan, whistle! Whistle like you did the other day!

Lord Slug (After Gohan whistles, and he falls down to his feet): You bastard! That’s why you ripped your ears off!
King Kai (speaking from heaven): I see, as humans cringe at the sound of high pitched screeching, the sound waves of a human whistling must affect a Namek in the same way! The whistling must be causing him unbearable pain!

Korin (to Gohan, letting him have the senzu beans): I’m aware of your father’s critical situation, so I’ll make an exception just this once.
Yajirobe (sarcastically to Korin): Gee, you’re so compassionate!

Vegeta (after breaking up from the fusion of Fat Gogeta): Kakarot, what kind of fusion was that? If we weren’t so incredibly weak then I’d say you deceived me!
Goku: I didn’t expect that…
Vegeta: Don’t bother me with those kinds of victories!

Shenron: Do you have a wish yet?

Vegeta: Kakarotto…sorry about have to fuse twice.

Sorcerer: I wish for you to unlock this oracle and release Tapion the brave from it.
Shenron: That will be a piece of cake!

SSJ3 Goku: If I can’t do it, then who else can! Exploding Dragon Fist!

Frieza (after blowing up the planet Vegeta): Wonderful! Look Zarbon, Dodoria, what beautiful fireworks.

Goku (to Garlic Jr.): I am your great, great, great…how many greats would that be?

Goku Jr. (to Goku): Am I also brave?
Goku: Of course you are! You’re my grandchildren’s grandchildren’s…anyway, you are son Goku!

Vegeta: Trunks, I never hugged you as a baby…let me hug you.

Vegeta: Kakarot, you’re quite impressive. I never stood a chance against Buu, you’re the only one who can fight him. I think I finally understand how a genius like myself can’t surpass you. I thought it was because you had something to protect. I thought your drive to protect allowed you to take advantage of your capabilities…this may have been a reason, but not I too have this drive. I fought to do as I wished, because it was fun to kill my enemies and feed my pride. But he’s different, he fights not to win but because he absolutely won’t lose, causing him to break his limits and he really doesn’t care who his opponent is. So when he didn’t kill me, it was because he saw I could care for others, like I do now…Go Kakarot, you’re number one!

Vegeta: While I was with you guys, I became more human. I didn’t like that. I even have a family and started to like living on earth.

Vegeta: Kakarot! Stop poking me in the eye you idiot!
Goku: It’s not my fault, you keep poking me in the mouth!
Vegeta: Shut up Kakarot! (Attempting to de-fuse)

Cell: Goku, if you quit I’ll destroy the planet. None of the others are up to my fighting level, not even Vegeta or Trunks…humph; they’re just a bunch of insignificant bugs!
Vegeta (thinking): That jerk! Not only did he steal my cells, but he stole my dialogue too!

(Cell Games) Goku: You don’t mind if I fight first, do you Vegeta?
Vegeta: Go ahead and do whatever you want. I’ll be the one to kill the green cockroach anyway.

Vegeta (Finally realizing who Future Trunks is): Trunks? How bizarre, he has the same name as my son! Wait a second…a Super Saiyan from the Future? Of course! It has to be! He’s my son, unbelievable!

Vegeta (after punching young Trunks in the face): Dry your tears; we’re going to the park now!

Vegeta: Whenever the journalists show up, I’ll just destroy them.
Bulma: Vegeta, behave yourself!
Vegeta: Fine.

Vegeta (before destroying to save the earth): Trunks take care of Bulma, treat your mother nicely…

Vegeta: ~evil laugh~ …And then there was one…

Trunks: Father, you’re so tough and proud, hard and cold like a rock. But still, deep down, your heart beats like mine does…I know you feel…I’m your son and I will always love you.

(At the tournament) Idasa: You sure you don’t wanna beg?
Trunks: You sure you wanna live?

Gohan: Piccolo! You big jerk! I take back all the nice things I said about you!

Bulma (to Gohan about Vegeta): Yep, that’s all you’ve been doing all right, I can vouch for that! How come you Saiyans can train all day but you can’t mow the lawn or take out the trash. (Gohan blushes)

Gohan: I’ll do it slowly, so you can watch me better.

Gohan: Well sometimes Piccolo…uh… a little on the paranoid side.
Videl: I guess you were right. He does seem a little bit high strung.

Goku (to Vegeta): I’ve got everything I need right here. All I need is my family. Besides, I’ve seen how you treat your partners. There’s not a lot of job security.

Goku (to King Kai): What’s the difference between a jeweler and a jailor? One sells watches, one watches cells!

Goku: What’s a wife?

Goku: How can androids have babies?

Master Roshi: Now, did you boys remember to pack your toothbrushes!
Krillin: Yes!
Goku: Tooth…what?

Goku (to milk bottle, dragon ball): Here’s your new home Mr. Bottle!

Goku (to Vegeta): I promise I’ll put you on the top of my things to do list when I get back! Just calm down will ya?!

Goku: Why don’t you come to Other World with me?
Krillin: What? No way! I’m married now bro! This is the good wife! Right babe?
Android 18: (blushing) Goon.

Goku: What did that Shin say to you? He wasn’t rude was he? Do you want me to set him straight for you? I bet if I told him you were once the Guardian of Earth he’d have a little more respect!
Piccolo: No! Don’t do that! Please! Don’t do anything! Please don’t!

Android 17: (clapping) A beautiful speech, I can see it now, you truly are a prince with the royal blood of a Saiyan.

Android 17: Tell me, are all you Saiyans so full of yourselves? Is this how you hide your incompetence? We androids will always be superior to your kind.

King Cold: I’m proud that I have taught you all the necessary skills in life. Use them well.

Piccolo: My ears do more than just frame my face.

Tournament Announcer: Is uh, # 18 your real name?
#18: My father was pretty dull.

Krillin: Look 18, you get to fight Hercule!
#18: Great, I’m jumping for joy.

Krillin: Hey hun! I’ve got a great idea, let’s trade! Yo take my spot and I’ll fight Hercule!
#18: Forget it! He’s mine.

King Kai: Goku, what’s that noise?
Goku: It’s my stomach, I’m hungry.

Goku (already dead): I’m dying for something to eat.

Goku (to Yamcha): Hey!!! Why do you want to kill us? (Dragon Ball)

Vegeta: Let’s see what you got Kakarot. Galic Gun Fire!

Goku: Kaio-Ken! Times Ten!

Goku (in Dragon Ball): I gotta stop. I’m too hungry to fight any more.

Raditz (dying words): H-how ridiculous…that the greatness of Raditz…should end up in the dust…of this…stupid…little…world.

Vegeta: All Saiyans are ruled by me, Prince Vegeta!
Brolly: Then try your best to make me kneel before you.

Master Roshi: Has he seen… Oh, I don’t know the full moon?
Goku: No we go to bed pretty early, why?
Bulma, Krillin, Master Roshi: No reason.

Piccolo (finding his duplicate self): Now where would I be hiding if I was me?

Vegeta: What’s wrong Frieza? Is your brain another one of your weak and under used muscles?

Goku (to Frieza after winding him): Your pride has been damaged. You have challenged and lost, and worst of all, it was to a mere monkey, right?

Trunks (To King Cold): You should know that the sword doesn’t make the man.

Vegeta: I’d rather die than fuse with you!
Goku: Vegeta, you’re already dead!

Gogeta: I am not Goku nor Vegeta, I am the instrument of your defeat.

Android 17 (to terrified civilians): I will give you 10 seconds to run as fast as you can.
Android 18: I don’t think it will do you any good.

Pan: Your real strength is your bravery.

Goku Jr. (To solitary Dragon Ball):Why? Why won’t you grant my wish! Darn! I don’t know why I came here!
Goku: You need to collect all seven.

Goku: rather than prevent the world’s destruction, you’ve guaranteed it!

Goku: the power comes in response to a need, not a desire, you have to create that need!

Piccolo: you slither around in the darkness waiting to capitalize on people’s weaknesses.

Goku: Ka-me-ha-me-ha!!

Goten and Trunks: FUUUU…..SION HAA!

King Kai: With your limited powers you wouldn’t be a very good match for me.

Yamcha: Cat loves food YaYaYa!

King Cold: What’s a Goku?

Mecha Frieza: I know you’re bored father but do try to keep up.

Goku: Being mortal is what makes us capable of doing the impossible.

Gohan: I was trained by the great Piccolo, I am the son of Goku, I will not give up, I am not afraid.

Vegeta: (When Tien’s arm gets chopped off) Wow, now he’s unarmed.

Vegeta: I don’t have anything left even to defend myself, let alone take him down, if only there were some way to summon up enough strength to destroy this over grown android, cause if I could, they’d need tweezers to pick up the pieces!

Vegeta: Being a good friend is like being a photographer, you have to search for the right moment.

Kami: my death is Piccolo’s death and Piccolo’s death is my death.

Dende: They didn’t say that Piccolo is a Namek, this is incredible, Go Green!

Krillin: That other guy seems okay, but Vegeta’s like he has a bad case of hemorrhoids or something!

Krillin: Man, who would’ve guessed that getting rid of Cell would be such a blast!

Yamcha: I bet you have a secret spy decoder ring too!

Chi-Chi: You can solve problems without your fists you know.

Frieza: Round and round the monkey goes, where he’ll stop no one knows.

Android # 17: Hi, can Goku come out and play?

Android # 18: Men, Hmph, they just have to destroy everything.

Goku: It’s all or nothing there is no in-between. (with Gohan in the Time Chamber)

Vegeta: I do plenty of sit-ups and drink lots of juice! (Battling with Cell)

Vegeta: I am the Prince of all Saiyans once again! (right before the fight with Android 19 and 20)

Vegeta: I will face the androids face to face and I’ll break them with my bare hands (when Android 17 and 18 first appear)

Vegeta: All that power and yet he desires nothing. (After seeing Goku’s power level on Namek)

Goku: Frieza you fool! I give you power to live and this is how you repay me?! (Goku telling Frieza right before he kills him)

Gohan: Is that all you got? (Right after Cell powers up to full strength)

Cell: Good fight kid but like all good things it must come to an end (As he blasts Gohan into a cliff)

Goten: Can I be like you now? (When Goten and Gohan are training and Goten asks Gohan if he could go Super Saiyan because he thought his mother (Chi-Chi) was afraid of him because she called him a monster)

Chi-Chi: Oh great another monster in the family. (sparing with Goten and he gets mad and goes Super Saiyan and kicks mom’s butt!)

Vegeta: If you give up now, I promise to turn you into something practical…like a toaster, or a washing machine. (To Android 18)

Vegeta: It’s amazing how every time you open your mouth you prove you’re an idiot! (To Bulma before/during Frieza’s landing on the planet Earth)

Trunks: I’m about to show you what it’s like to fight a real Super Saiyan, and I’m not talking about Goku! (to Frieza)

Janemba: Janemba…Janenba…Janemba! (Movie 12)

Vegeta: I’m a warrior! Not a variety of flowers. (Says to Bulma when he is forced to wear a pink shirt with Bad Guy (Man) on the back and yellow pants because he’s “dirty”)

Vegeta: Nice fashion statement Kakarot.
Goku: At least it ain’t pink.
Vegeta: Never mind! Forget it! (talking about Goku’s outfit after landing on Earth after being gone for three years on the planet Yardin)

Goku: Cool, I didn’t know the circus was in town. (after crash landing on the planet Yardin and learning the teleportation technique)

Goku: A fish full of dollars! (After catching Oolong that had ran away, Bulma used money to catch Oolong after he transformed into a fish and jumped into the lake)

Frieza: Do you think I’ll let you insects go home alive!

Vegeto: I am the strongest coffee candy in the world!

Goku: I’m glad I got hit on the head as a child, rather then grow up to be like you!

Trunks: We’re facing the greatest threat in history…a threat to the whole galaxy…and he wants to play my-ki-is-bigger-than-yours? With his own son!?

Broly: You should just give up.
Goku: Hehe I never learned how.

Goku: Words? I don’t have any favorite words. I have a lot of favorite foods though.

Frieza: There are three things I cannot stand: cowardice, a bad hair cut and military insubordination. Too bad our friend Vegeta possesses all three.

Yamcha: Heh heh heh…you know…I wish more idiots would attack Goku.

Vegeta: (to Guldo) Hey four eyes, you ever had four black eyes?

Piccolo: No man comes into another man’s house and starts telling him what to do. You’ve out of line. We’re not here to bow down to your demands, we’re here to fight!

Trunks: It takes some balls to come to earth half-dead in a tin suit… just to be killed. (Future Trunks to Mecha Frieza)

Akira Toriya: (creator of Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z): Too much fantasy loses reality, too much hope may seem somehow empty.

Vegeta: (before he dies the first time) He made me what I am. Don’t let…him do it…to anyone else…Please.

Vegeta (in GT): What? You messed up my hair now how are you going to explain my foot up your butt?

Trunks(to clone Broly) Hey Broly! Here is your target, my butt see if you can catch it!

Goku (During Frieza saga):You can destroy planets, but you can’t destroy what I am!

Krillin: Oh no! Sprout heads, at least they’re shorter than I am.

Raditz: hahaha! Goodness you managed to singe some of my leg hairs!

[Trunks looks at Vegeta]
Vegeta: What are you looking at?
Trunks: Oh, ah, nothing, its just that I, ah, like your shirt.
Vegeta: You would.
(time passes, Gohan talks to Piccolo, Krillin talks to Bulma)
[Trunks looks at Vegeta again]
Vegeta: Why do you keep looking over here? Haven't you ever seen a pink shirt before? If you like it that much you can have it
Trunks: No, no thank you
Vegeta: Then Knock It Off Kid!

Raditz: (After blowing away Piccolo’s arm) Excuse me, but have you seen my arm? You can’t miss it, it’s green!

Trunks: I guess it wasn’t’ just the sword. I’m not compassionate like Goku. (To King Cold)

Vegeta: My heart is quiet. My heart is calm and pure. But make no mistake, it’s pure evil! (After going Super Saiyan)

Gohan: I’d invite you to my party, but my mom doesn’t allow fighting.

Trunks: Okay that’s two! I’ll give you one more chance to hit me with everything you’ve got.

Garlic Jr. : My army of darkness has always been here! We’ve just have to wake it up!

Goku: Call me what you want. It doesn’t matter. The outcome will be the same.

Piccolo: Enough Shoot. I’d like to do this while I’m still young.

Spice: Oh yeah! Now that’s what I call getting properly pumped up!

Frieza: Okay, maybe I exaggerated about the just fine part, but hey, who’s keeping score right?

Vegeta: You’re going to get a kick out of this (to android 19)

Vegeta: No body kills Kakarot while I’m around. Destiny has reserved that pleasure for me. (Vegeta verses Android 19, as he arrives on the scene)

Frieza: Let me give you a piece of advice…he who acquires his skills quickly is he who is the first to perish!

Android 20/Dr. Gero: What are you doing to do with that? (To Android 17 holding the turn off switch to them)

Piccolo: (Right before he merges with Kami to perform SuperNamek) You can wait as long as you want. But remember the clock is ticking.

Android 17 (to Tien): Is this the best you can do?

Goku: Kaio-Ken!! Times Two!!

Nappa: C’mon your Highness! Bring on the cricket brigade! We’re ready!

Vegeta: You’re not dealing with you common Saiyans here!

Vegeta: So it’s the old giant under the ground trick, eh?

Goku: kami-ahhh me….ahhh

Trunks: Why didn’t you block?
Goku: I searched your heart and knew that you would not carry threw.
Trunks: Well this time I am not going to stop. Got it! (Goku returning from Yardin and meeting Future Trunks)

Dodoria: Your attack felt about as strong as a bumble bee sting.

Chi-Chi: Come here Gohan, I have something for you. (During the Black water mists on earth)

Garlic Jr.: When people breath this mist any evil tendencies that they’re resisting takes control of their character!

Vegeta: If Goku trained at 100 gravities! I will train at 400!

King Kai: Channel your anger. Use it to enhance your training.

Vegeta: I think you have an oil leak. (Fighting with # 18)

Vegeta: Fresh out of the factory with no warranty and already broken. (fighting with the androids)

Trunks: You will not hurt my father! (right before he breaks his sword on # 18’s finger and right as Vegeta’s arm gets broken by # 18)

Nail: You should check with the Chamber of Commerce, friend. They have that sort of information. (Frieza looking for the password to call the Namek’s Dragon)

Piccolo: Are you sure getting a driver’s license is a good thing? (Chi-Chi forces Goku and Piccolo to take a day off from training to go get driver’s license to drive her back and forth from town, why she couldn’t is beyond me)

King Cold: Myyy, I’d say that was all rather anticlimactic, wouldn’t you?

Porunga: I don’t have all day for this! If you can’t make up your mind, just wish for “nothing” three times so I can go!

Piccolo (to Gohan): If you can’t help. Just go home to your mother!

Garlic Jr. It’s not easy taking over the universe!

Piccolo: Your preparation has been excellent! Have faith in yourself.

Frieza: So, earth-sum, they’re just like weeds! You have to get ‘em by the roots!

Zarbon: For someone who looks like you, you’ve no right to call me hideous!

Chiaotzu: No way! I’m coming! I didn’t train so hard for nothing!

Dr. Gero/# 20: So many victims to choose from.

Trunks: He’s right though…you really don’t have all day…more like five minutes.

Frieza: It is with great honor, that I present the most amazing transformation ever witnessed!

Garlic Jr.: Ahh, in the darkness they have taken wing, never to return again!

Trunks: Now we’ll both be Super Saiyans.

Yamcha: So what now? I guess Goku’s on his own. Man that bites.

Captain Ginyu: I’ll take care of Vegeta. The rest of you do that rock-paper-scissors thing.

Gohan: No one hurts my friends and get away with it!

Trunks: I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you face to face. (To Goku)

Trunks: Thanks for the advice (about to battle Frieza)

Goku: I’ll stop your attacks with just one finger. (Trunks and Goku sparing and showing off)

Gohan: Cell, I can never forgive you for what you’ve done.

Android 16: Do not disturb the little creatures.

Trunks: “Know your enemy” You’ve already made some pretty big assumptions about me and that’s a mistake that’s going to cost you dearly!

Trunks: So I’ve heard! Well sorry, Frieza…but I’m canceling your date with Goku.

Trunks: Everything I’ve heard is true! You’re good, no, you’re great!

Vinegar: Yeah so be afraid, be very afraid!

Vegeta: So what say we put an end to all of this pathetic whimpering.

Gohan and Krillin (said during the sagas by both): Bring it on!

Yamcha: I’m not gonna bow down to those Saiyan jerks.

Goku: A wise man once said, the stronger you get, the stronger you smell.

Captain Ginyu: Frieza, would you like me to perform the dance of joy?
Frieza: Uh, not now Ginyu, maybe some other time.

Ginyu Force: Rock, paper, scissors….rock, paper, scissors…rock, paper, scissors…
Gohan(in reply): We’re being captured by a bunch of goofballs.

Vegeto: It wasn’t suppose to be like this, I am amazed that I was able to toy with you this much.

Turlis (after being hit by Piccolo’s Beam Cannon): Oh I believe you singed my fingernails.

Krillin: Gohan, if we don’t get out of here, you’re going to be neck-deep in trouble…
Gohan: Solid!

Purple Guy (extra): There are no longer races of people, just two kinds of people, those who obey Frieza and those who oppose Frieza, and they don’t live to long.

Goku: Shoot this is making me mad
Frieza: (yelling at Goku while battling on Namek) Where and how are you getting all this power?
Goku: (saying this to Frieza while battling him on Namek): well you didn’t say please…

Frieza: Saiyans seem to linger like a bad odor.

Piccolo: Alright, but after we beat Frieza, I’m charging you rent.

# 17: At least someone around here wants to have some fun.

Bardock (to Frieza before attacking him): I will change the destiny of Planet Vegeta…The destiny of myself, Kakarot’s destiny…and your destiny!

Pan: Don’t take us girls for granted!


Bulma: They’re called “dragon balls”.
Goku: Y’mean some poor dragon…?


Bulma: Hey, why does a “turtle hermit” have a magic cloud? I mean, where’s the logic?
Roshi: Deal with it.

“In an enchanted world of treacherous evil awesome magic, there exists seven sacred dragon balls scattered throughout the land. Any soul who brings together all seven will awaken the Eternal Dragon and be granted one wish…But who would be so brave? Or foolish?”

Goku: Why are you always complaining? Why don’t you try thinking happy thoughts of Bulma?
Master Roshi: Maybe by giving Bulma the dragon ball, I’ve made the world a better place to live! Maybe not. (Goku’s first encounter and ride on the flying Nimbus)

Vegeta: You shall never beat me for I am PRINCE of all Saiyans…ha…ha…ha!

Vegeta (after Dende heals him): I guess I should say THANKS! (kicks Dende) Little Punk. You’re just lucky you caught me in a god mood.

Goku (Vegeta is dead at this point): Well if having feelings is a weakness, why am I the only Saiyan left?

Frieza: What….what are you! (Stands in horror looking at the transformed Goku into a Super Saiyan)
Goku: I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am the protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good. Nightmare to you!

Bulma (to Vegeta): Unwind a little and see what life has to offer you…you’ve actually kind of cute.

# 18—My hair! It doesn’t grow back you know?
Trunks—Then allow me to even it out.

Vegeta—So we failed after all. Frieza’s still alive and he’s coming.
Yamcha—Wait! How do you know? Maybe it could be somebody else come on.
Vegeta—I know I make it my business to know, unlike you.
Yamcha—Huh! What is that suppose to mean?
Bulma—Hey Vegeta would you like a little more barbecue sauce on your spare ribs?
Vegeta—Sure what not.

Krillin—Hey talking ain’t bad at least it’s a lot better than fighting.
Gohan—At least he doesn’t have his sword out any more.
Krillin—Yeah and your dad put his finger away too.

#20—yes there are a lot of people here. I’ll make certain they not get in the way.

Goku—Leave these people out of this.
#19—There are no people left to leave out.

Vegeta—Silly robot do you think you have a chance against a Saiyan like me?

Vegeta—So are you scared yet?

Vegeta—Pity such a fragile unit.

#19—Until I have all your power I’ll never let you go.
Vegeta—Never huh? We’ll see about that.

Vegeta( to #19)—Yes that’s the spirit android. Never say die!

Vegeta(to #19)—So I guess it is true, androids do experience fear.

Vegeta( destroying #19)—here it comes, a little going away present for ya.

Vegeta(to #19 after destroying him)—I just wish there was a junkyard nearby to give him a proper barrel.

Krillin—Wow that android’s toast.
Piccolo—More like burnt toast.

Vegeta—What makes you think you’re going to win? I bet your head rolls just like 19.

#20—Thanks for the charge you fool.
Vegeta—Darn, he tricked me.

#20—Perhaps the great Vegeta can be defeated after all.

#20—It seems that I have just solved my energy problem.

Krillin—Just my luck I’ll be the person that finds him.

Trunks—you must never underestimate the power of these androids.

Vegeta—So these are the scary androids?
Trunks—That’s them.

Trunks—If they set that android free it will be the end of all of us.

Vegeta—Never let a boy do a man’s job.

Vegeta—For someone made of metal you sure do move fast.

Vegeta—what’s wrong, batteries getting low?

Vegeta—Your warranty ran out with me along time ago. You’re ready for the scap yard.

#17(to #16)—I suggest you loosen up before you rust.

#18(to Vegeta)—How sad to work for so little.

Gohan—Mom’s what up?

Trunks—Alright then.

Korin—Uh-oh there goes trouble.

Lucky Food Driver #1—Well say something.
Lucky Food Driver #2—Something.

#17—18 why not take an outfit from one of these goons.
#18—Nothing is my size.

Trunks—That old guy is a clown.
Goten—No clowns are funny.

Goku—I’m trembling with excitement.

#17—you mean you can sense power levels?
#17—then why did you never tell us?
#16—because you did not ask.

Vegeta—What are they doing? Sleeping?

Hercule—The Ultra Megaton Punch!

Goku—How sad I never knew you were weak enough to be controlled.

Supreme Kai—Same on you.

Vegeta—Answer me this! Is it slavery when you get what you want?

Vegeta—Stand aside this fight is between me and your father of a circus clown.
Goku—Circus Clown? That’s a new one.

Supreme Kai—If you truly believe this is the only way, then you have to get threw me first.

Supreme Kai—Fine I can’t stop you, do as you will.

Vegeta—I won’t be distracted by this any longer…

Babidi—How does this happen? When the possessed says no to the possessor?

Dabura—Master may I make a suggestion?
Babidi—Go ahead Dabura, but make it good, I’m feeling very temperamental…

Vegeta—Well Kakarot the table has been set…

Vegeta—You see! This is our fight, our battle…

Vegeta—You’re not going to win! Not this time!

Goku—I don’t know why I’m surprised, he has been training for the past seven years…

Vegeta--…Every breath you take is an insult on my honor…

Videl—I thought you said your dad was with another woman?
Gohan—No he’s dead. Didn’t you see the ring over his head?
Videl—I think…I need to lay down…

Krillin—Boy this is as fascinating as watching wallpaper dry.

Krillin—Do your best Trunks…oh wait your best could hurt someone…Do okay Trunks…

Trunks—oops I shouldn’t have hit him so hard, but at least he’s quiet.

Imperfect Cell—I have sniffed the bouquet and now it is time to drink.

Piccolo—boy that was smart.

#18—Wow, there’s something boiling down there.


#18—Brilliant! What an attack!

Imperfect Cell—Your one man army amuses me…

Tien—Piccolo! That fiend!

Gohan—It’s not fair!
Goku—I know it ain’t fair but we only got one chance and we have to fight to win!

Imperfect Cell—For some reason it was especially satisfactory destroying Piccolo…indeed…

#16—This world is a good place and Cell wishes to destroy it, that’s not good.

#16—Living in fear is not worth living.

#16—Our time together has been cool.

Tien—that big guy is walking right into it. He is either really strong or really nuts!

#17—I don’t believe it 16, how did you get him off me?
#16—I used one of my harder punches.

#16—Blasters Fire!

Trunks—What are you going to buy with your prize money?
Goten—I don’t know, toys?
Trunks—I know maybe a better haircut.
Goten—What’s a hair cut?

#18—Why not go back to where you came from?
Cell—I’m on the verge of being God, what do you think?

Tien—I might be a pot hole in the road to you, but it’s going to be one deep pot hole.

Tien—Tri-beam attack!

Tien—There you go Cell, a greetings from the no count.

Goku—Wait! (stomach growls) can we eat, I’m hungry.
Gohan—ah dad…

Goku—Over here is the food that’ll last us an entire year.
Gohan—Dad, the way you eat I don’t think there is enough.

Vegeta—I can’t believe you have part of my cells in your body and turned out so ugly.

Vegeta—You started this game and now that you are losing it’s not fun any more.

Vegeta—Darn kid, just like his father.

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