Emperor Pilaf’s Saga Episodes 1-13

In the Beginning

Our story begins with Goku, a small and naïve young man, who at the age of 12 is living on his own in the wild. His grandfather Gohan, Earth’s second greatest fighter, was killed several years earlier when Goku unknowingly turned into an Oozaru and crushed his (adopted) grandfather. One morning, a young girl crashed her car into Goku. She thought she had killed Goku when suddenly he arose and began attacking her and her car. She soon reasoned with the boy that she wasn’t some kind of monster and introduced herself as Bulma. Realizing that she was a girl, Goku invites Bulma home for lunch. Goku has never seen a girl before.
Upon reaching Goku’s home, Bulma noticed he had what she was after, a Dragon Ball. She quickly convinces Goku to follow her on her quest to find the mystical dragon balls, as he insisted on carrying his Dragon Ball. In addition to the Dragon Ball, which Goku possessed, Bulma figured he would make an excellent bodyguard. She notices Goku’s tail, but figures it’s just an ultra tricky accessory.
As they headed out on their journey, we learn that Lord Pilaf, who is bent on world domination (what villain isn’t), is also after the Dragon Balls. Goku has his first encounter with Lord Pilaf’s henchmen Shou and Mai during a hunt on the first night of his journey. He thinks their plane is a bird, and knocks it out of the sky. This begins Lord Pilaf’s long-standing hate of Goku, which carries all the way over to GT.
The next morning, Goku comes across a lost sea turtle and decides to help it return to the ocean. Upon doing so, he is rewarded with flying Nimbus. Bulma notices Master Roshi is wearing a Dragon Ball around his neck. She offers him a peek at her belly button (because Master Roshi had a thing for belly buttons {American Version} [Japanese Version: was he has a thing for panties, with her not wearing any she flashes him for the ball, Goku had removed her panties the night before to se if she had any “family jewels”]. Continuing their journey, Goku and Bulma run across a small town, which is being ravaged by a shape-shifting monster, Oolong. Goku reveals Oolong has no real strength and they bring him along on the journey.
With Oolong at their side, they begin their trek towards, “Fire Mountain”. On their way they meet up with Yamcha, the desert bandit. He tries to rob them of their capsules, but is scared off by Bulma (he has a fear of girls). As they continue their trek, Yamcha follows and find they are after the Dragon Balls. He figures he should help them out and steal the Dragon Balls when they find all seven. Then he can ask Shenron to rid him of his fear of girls. After several failed capture attempts by Lord Pilaf’s henchmen, Shou and Mai, Goku and gang followed closely by Yamcha reach Fire Mountain. They eventually meet up with the Ox-King, who was a good friend of Grandpa Gohan one of Master Roshi’s pupils; he is kept from his home by a huge fire that engulfs it. Goku uses his flying Nimbus to fetch Master Roshi to put out a blaze that keeps Ox-King and his daughter, Chi-Chi who’s mother died shortly after she was born, and it also keeps them from the dragon ball. Along the way he finds the Ox-King’s daughter lost and running away from a monster, he takes her with him to Roshi’s house to fetch a fan to put out the blaze. Learning that the fan had been lost Roshi uses his Kamehameha technique to put out the blaze, but unfortunately he destroys the mountain and the Ox-King’s home. On the flipside, Goku watches and instantly masters the Kamehameha wave, a technique that took Master Roshi over 50 years to perfect.
On the next log of their journey they rescue a small village from the Bunny Gang and send its leader and a few members to the moon. Finally Goku, Bulma, Oolong and the recent acquired companion of Yamcha and Puar, trek towards Lord Pilaf’s castle and final Dragon Ball. Along the wall all of their dragon balls are stolen except for Goku’s. They chase the robbers to Lord Pilaf’s castle upon entering they fall into a trap, and the final Dragon Ball is stolen from Goku. After an escape and another capture, Goku nearly has to watch as Lord Pilaf wishes for world domination, but Goku performs the Kamehameha to blast an escape hole in the wall. Puar (Yamcha’s shape-shifting talking female cat) and Oolong (can only shape-shift for five minutes because he cheated off of Puar in shape-shifting school) reaches Pilaf first and wishes for the most comfortable pair of underwear (and got female panties) before Pilaf could make his wish. Shenron leaves, the Dragon Balls scatter and Pilaf is ultra mad at Goku and gang. Pilaf eventually captures the whole gang and locks them in Steal-encased pit with an unbreakable glass top. He plans on letting them be fried by next morning’s sun, but Goku looks at the moon and turns into his Oozaru form. Goku loses all control. He tears down Pilaf’s castle and nearly kills his friends before they are able to cut off his tail by Puar turning into a pair of scissors. Oolong and Bulma return to the city with Yamcha and Puar (Yamcha lost his fear of girls and Bulma becomes his girlfriend) and Goku heads off into another direction on his flying Nimbus because he thought he needed more training.


1) Secret of the Dragon Balls
2) The Emperor’s Quest
3) The Nimbus Cloud of Roshi
4) Oolong the Terrible
5) Yamcha the Desert Bandit
6) Keep an eye on the Dragon Balls
7) The Ox-King on Fire Mountain
8) The Kamehameha wave
9) Boss Rabbit’s Magic Touch
10) The Dragon Balls are stolen!
11) The Penalty is Pin Ball
12) A wish to the Eternal Dragon
13) The Legend of Goku

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