Piccolo Saga Episodes 99-152

After the fight, Tien, still exhausted from the battle, decides to invite his new friends to dinner. Krillin goes to get Goku's things and loud cries issue from within the hall. Everyone rushes in to see Krillin was killed by a monster. Goku takes up pursuit despite Roshi's idea that it wasn't wise. Roshi senses that it's Piccolo and his evil posse and the whole world is in trouble Goku hops on flying Nimbus and heads off to locate Piccolo, the monster Timburin attacks and flying Nimbus is pushed out of the way. Meanwhile, Roshi, Chiaotzu, Yamcha and Bulma discusses Piccolo and Roshi tells them that he was told about a mysterious technique, which Mafuba that one catch Piccolo (also Roshi's master sacrificed himself to catch Piccolo). In the meantime Goku has his first encounter with Yarijobe. Yarijobe feeds Goku and Goku learns that (and told that) Yarijobe can eat more food than Goku and they become friends. Pilaf in the plane, in route to where Piccolo was (and released Piccolo) and an older Piccolo, that created a second monster (all the evil that this person held was discarded into this person). The evil Piccolo kills some good fighters, as Gilian and Nam find out then Goku and Yarijobe, the monster is defeated and flees. Piccolo feels sorry for Timburin (first monster that killed Krillin) to the combat place. Goku does not detect the monster and the monster uses this against Goku and attacks with full strength.
Evil Piccolo, having learned all his henchmen had been destroyed files off in the plane with Pilaf where Goku and Yarijobe were. Piccolo desires the dragon balls so he could have eternal youth. Piccolo fights with Goku and almost kills Goku. Piccolo takes off again on the plane to locate the dragon balls. Goku is hurt seriously and asks Yarijobe if he would go to Quittenturm and bring the senzu beans to him.
Roshi, Tien and Chiaotzu are on a quest for the remaining dragon balls so Piccolo could not get them. About that time Piccolo appears and all the fighters are rigid with fear. Roshi goes to fight alone and not making the Mafuba function properly and dies. Tien and Chiaotzu goes and hides themselves and the dragon balls so Piccolo cannot get them. But Piccolo finds the dragon balls and calls Shenron. Piccolo is challenged by Chiaotzu and fails to stop/defeat Piccolo. The wish is granted and Shenron turns to stone.
Tien is speechless and rage fills him as the monster destroyed his friend. Piccolo flies back to Pilaf on the ship, elimates Pilaf and is aids and flies back to the capital. Meanwhile Tien must train the Mafuba and fast but Piccolo had already defeated the guards and the king and force the world to be a newly appointed leader.
Meanwhile Yarijobe and the severely wounded Goku head off to Quittenturm. Arriving, Goku receives a magic bean (senzu bean) and his strength and health returns and wants to train with Master Korin immediately. Goku is denied because Korin tells Goku that he is already far stronger than him. Goku is told much pain comes from drinking the water but Goku drinks it anyway.
Tien learned the Mafuba and flies to the capital and challenges Piccolo. Tien does not want to apply the Mafuba because the pot has a hole in it and does not function properly. Piccolo creates a Daemonen against Tien and Tien is powerless.
Goku survives drinking the water and flying on his new flying Nimbus that he goes from Master Korin to the combat place between Tien and the Daemonen. Once there Goku defeats the Daemonen with only one kick. Tien is surprised over Goku's new strength and he watches as the fight between Goku and Piccolo begins.
Piccolo destroys the whole city after he could not defeat Goku but before Goku could be destroyed Tien saves him by taking flight. The fight continues but with his new found strength Goku was able to defeat Piccolo, but before he dies Piccolo spits out an egg to a far off place to hatch and return again.
But Goku is saddened that he cannot revive his friends because Shenron is dead. But Master Korin tells of Kami, the guardian/creator of the dragon balls and Shenron, and explains to Goku and he must use the monk's staff over to the palace for Kami to arrive. By the assistance of Baba they locate the monk�s staff. Thus Kami appears. Goku becomes acquainted with Mr. Popo, Kami's assistant and must defeat him in order to see Kami. Goku is frightened at first because Kai looks exactly like Piccolo. But Kami explains that he and Piccolo were once a person and in order for him to become the guardian he had to release all the negative in his heart, this Piccolo was formed. Goku watches as the new Shenron is formed/born (all because Kami saw the good intentions in Goku's heart).
Shenron grants all his (Goku) friends to live again but Goku must stay with Kami and train. Piccolo's son grows up and is seen later in the beginning of DBZ.
The next tournament comes around and he runs into Chi-Chi that is furious that he does not remember her. They fight and later that night they were married (all because Goku thought it was some sort of food). Goku wins the battle and then they move away and that is the end of Dragon Ball.


As before these are Japanese versions as soon as I know the American versions name I will update this list

99. Live or Die! The Final Tactic.
100. The End of the Tournament! and...?
101. Krillian's Death. The Frightening Hatred.
102. The Terror of Demon Lord Piccolo.
103. Come Back to Life, Songoku!
104. Yajirobei, A Jolly Good Fellow.
105. Demonical Beast. The Coming of Tambarin.
106. Goku's Fury Explodes.
107. Demon Lord Piccolo Lands.
108. Songoku vs. Demon Lord Piccolo.
109. Go Songoku!
110. The Turtle Elder's Final Demon Incarcerator.
111. Will Demon Lord Piccolo Attain Youth?
112. King Castle's Defenses.
113. Lord Karin's Dilemma and Goku's Request!
114. The Water of the Gods.
115. The Turtle Elder Lives!?
116. Songoku Reborn!
117. Ten Shin Han's Resolution!!
118. Will the Legendary 'Demon Incarcerator' Work?
119. Goku's Fury at Full Power!
120. Songoku's Ultimate Challenge.
121. The Final Attempt.
122. The Secret of the Magic Staff.
123. The Holy Temple in the Clouds.
124. God Appears.
125. Shenlon Returns.
126. Faster than Lightning.
127. Quiet as the Sky.
128. Goku, the Time Traveler.
129. Goku's Opponent is ... Goku!?
130. Each on His Own Path.
131. Hotter than Magma.
132. Reunion Before the Storm.
133. The Stormy World Championship Martial Arts Tournament.
134. The Chosen Eight.
135. Taopaipai's Counterattack.
136. Songoku's Marriage.
137. The Mystery Man, Shen.
138. Goku vs. Ten Shin Han -- The Rematch.
139. True Strength.
140. Four Ten Shin Hans.
141. Who is Stronger? God vs. Demon Lord Piccolo.
142. With the Future of the World at Stake.
143. The Ultimate Kamehameha is Unleashed.
144. Demon Lord Piccolo's Super Size Technique.
145. Songoku's Trick.
146. All Comes to an End.
147. He did it! He's the World's Strongest Fighter.
148. A Wedding Dress in the Flames.
149. The Phantom Cassowary Bird.
150. Thanks to Chichi's Pre-Marriage Training.
151. Hurry Goku! The Mystery of Mt. Gogyo.
152. Mt. Frying Pan Burns: A Life and Death Decision.

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