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Dragon Ball: Shenron no Himitsu
The Secret of Shenlon
Shenron no Densetsu
The Legend of Shenlon
Shenron no Himitsu is probably a misprint in the Anime Data Diary. The JAC book reprinted in January 1995 gives the title as "Shenron no Densetsu." Either way, the above two titles probably refer to the same movie.
This is a retelling of how Gokuu began his adventures; from the first encounters with Buruma, Oolong, Puuaru, and Yamcha, up to his learning Kamehama-ha just by watching Kamesennin using the technique. This time, Gokuu's origins are tied in with the evil Emperor Gurumesu, who wants the Dragon Balls to wish for delicious food, and the Emperor's minions, Pasta and Bongo (these two are using the quest for the Dragon Balls to cover the fact that they are greedily raping the countryside to gather up valuable Richi Stones.) Buruma still wants to wish for a nice boyfriend (Yamcha wants the Dragon Balls to wish for a woman he can marry), and ends up summoning Shenlon before Gurumesu can, but the daughter of the local mayor, Pansy, shouts out her wish first -- for the countryside to be restored to its original state prior to the discovery of Richi Stones. Shenlon does this, and causes the stones to disappear. Gurumesu becomes a normal deformed human that likes to eat apples, and Gokuu zips off to find the #4 Ball again.
[Gurumesu -- A gluttonous monster that NEEDS to eat delicious new food. ]
[ Becomes a normal person eventually. ]
[Pansy -- A young girl that searches for Kamesennin to ask him to help ]
[ her village. Disappears from sight after this movie. ]
[Pasta -- A greedy blond woman that co-heads Gurumesu's army. ]
[Bongo -- A huge, mean man that works closely with Pasta. Both Bongo ]
[ and Pasta disappear from sight after this movie. ]
[Richi Stone -- "Rich Stone". The most valuable gem on Earth. ]

Dragon Ball: Majinjou no Nemuri Hime
The Sleeping Princess of Demon Castle

Young Gokuu seeks out Kamesennin to ask to be accepted as a student, while the little runt priest, Kuririn, arrives for the same reason (and uses a sukebe magazine as a bribe.) Kamesennin sends them on a quest far to the east, where "five mountains stand, called the 'Devil's Hand'." In a castle there, is the legendary, and pretty, "Sleeping Princess." Whoever brings back the Sleeping Princess will become the old pervert's student. The two boys set out, and Kuririn uses all the standard tricks to trip up Gokuu.
A little later, Buruma, Oolong, Yamcha, and Puuaru -- who are on summer vacation -- arrive at Kame House to find Gokuu. Kamesennin says that the two boys have gone far to the east for training, so the friends fly in Buruma's Capsule jet to the Devil's Hand. When they near the castle, the jet is attacked by demons, and Buruma is taken to the Castle. The owner of the castle, Lucifer, pretends to treat her as a guest, until it becomes time to awake the Sleeping Princess. In the meantime, Gokuu and Kuririn are fighting monsters, and they drop in on Buruma just before Shitsuji can drain Buruma of her blood through a giant syringe (Buruma's blood is to be used to toast the awakening of the Sleeping Princess.) Then, Ranchi arrives to steal the Sleeping Princess -- which is really a giant jewel. Everyone is captured and encased in a wall of rock.
It is the night of a full moon, and the moonlight is used to power the jewel. The moonlight also turns Gokuu into a were-ape, and everyone escapes. They fight Lucifer, and Gokuu uses Kamehame-ha to destroy Lucifer's Princess-powered laser cannon (the full-moon-light is to be used to destroy the sun, and begin the Reign of Darkness), and kills Lucifer. The heroes escape, and Kuririn acts contrite, but doesn't actually apologize to Gokuu for his behavior. The two boys return to Kame House with Kushami, and Kamesennin takes them both on as students. Then, Kushami sneezes, turns into Ranchi, and shoots Kamesennin full of holes.
[Lucifer -- A typical handsome demon who likes drinking blood, and killing ]
[ people. Killed by Gokuu. ]
[Shitsuji -- Lucifer's Igor-style henchman. Short, buckteeth, and one eye ]
[ bigger than the other. Carries a syringe around a lot. ]
[ Probably killed by Gokuu. ]
[Sleeping Princess -- A huge, priceless gem that is "awakened" by the light ]
[ of the Full Moon, and can be used as a power source for a ]
[ laser cannon. ]

Dragon Ball: Maka Fushigi Daiboken
Mysterious "Maka" Adventure
Another retelling of the Dragon Ball story. This time, young Gokuu and young Kuririn are training for a Budoukai to be held in the country of Miifan. The Emperor of Miifan, Chau-zu, is trying to find his lost "Ran Ran." "Duke" Tsuru-sennin stole a Dragon Radar from Pilaf, and is using it to locate the Dragon Balls. Duke Tsuru-sennin and Tao Pie Pie claim that they'll use the wish from Shenlon to locate Ran Ran, but are actually planning, with Tenshinhan's help, to kill Chau-zu and take over the country. Blue Commander announced that Ran Ran was being held in Tsuru-sennin's room, and was killed by Tao Pie Pie for it. Bora and Upa have located the final Dragon Ball and they take it to Miifan to use it to demand that Miifan's soldiers be forced to leave the land near Karin Tower.
Bora is tricked into entering the Budoukai (the winner of the Budoukai will be granted one wish by Chau-zu), and is then killed by Tao Pie Pie. Buruma, Oolong, and Ranchi are looking for the other 6 Balls, so Buruma can wish for a boyfriend. But, when the Balls are located, they're accidently dropped to the bottom of the moat surrounding Chau-zu's castle. Tenshinhan realizes that he likes Chau-zu too much, and doesn't kill his friend; instead, Ten-chan blows away Tsuru-sennin. (The story of Blue and Gokuu entering Penguin village is included, but this time it is Tao Pie Pie and Gokuu that meet Arale-chan, and Gokuu kills Tao Pie Pie with Arale's help.)
Gokuu throws the final Ball into the moat, and asks Shenlon to resurrect Bora.
[No new characters. Nearly everybody from the first series shows up here.]
[Ran Ran is the name of Chau-zu's favorite doll. ]

Dragonball 10 Year Anniversary
(DB Movie 4/DBZ Movie 14)
The Way to Become the Strongest (Might be don't know for sure)
The movie begins with a beautiful view of Mt. Paozu. The narrator explains that many magnificent things have begun on this mountain. A huge fish is in the water, and sees a brown tail. "Is it a cougar or a monkey?" he wonders. "It's time to eat!". The first jumps out of the water, and is kicked in and caught by a boy with a tail. That boy's name is Son Goku.
Goku is walking along a dirt road with his fish. But a girl is driving (rather poorly, almost crashing into every tree and rock on the way) along the same road. She sees Goku, and stops the car just in time to not hit him. Goku thinks she's a monster who wants to steal his fish. He throws the car into the air. Bulma comes out of the car, very angry, and pulls out a handgun. She shoots Goku in the head, but he gets back up. He says that it hurts. She's shocked that the boy is alive. She tells Goku that she's not a monster, but a human. Goku says that she isn't human because she looks different. Bulma says that's because she's a girl. Goku remembers that his Grandpa said that he should be nice to girls.
So, Goku takes Bulma back to his little house to eat lunch with him. When they get inside his house, he sits down and prays while talking to his Grandpa. But there isn't anyone else there. Goku is talking to an orange ball with 4 stars inside of it. Bulma is shocked at seeing the ball. Goku tells her that his Grandpa gave it to him, and that even girls can't touch it. Bulma pulls 2 more of the balls out, one with 2 stars in it and another with 5 stars. She tells Goku that she found them in her garage, and no one knew what they were. She found an old legend that explained what they were.
Scattered across the Earth are 7 golden balls. Each star has a number of stars inside of it, 1-7. When a person gathers all 7 balls, Shenron, the Dragon God appears and grants them a wish. Bulma thought she should wish for an endless supply of strawberries, but instead wants to wish for a handsome boyfriend. She asks Goku to give her the ball, but he says no. She comments on how quickly he's grown up, and shows Goku her panties! She says he can touch her, if he wants. Goku says he doesn't want to touch her dirty but. Bulma says that he'll get experience if he comes with her, and that his Grandpa DID say Goku should be nice to girls. Goku agrees, but he'll hold onto his 4 star ball.
Bulma pulls a small capsule out her pocket, and throws it on the ground. There's a loud explosion, and a bike appears. Goku hits it with his Nyoi-bo, another momento from Grandpa, and gets in.
The screen switches to the face of a mysterious man with an eyepatch. He's rolling the 6-star ball around. "Get me the other balls!" he yells.
Back to Goku and Bulma. They're in the desert. Puar, a little blue cat, runs off to tell Yamcha that people are in the desert. Goku and Bulma are stopped by a huge green Ox in the road. Goku says the ox looks weak, and it changes into a big robot with a bowl of soup in its hand. The robot threatens to eat Goku with the soup. Goku taunts the robot, and the robot sticks his finger in the soup and burns himself. Goku shows the monster that he's strong, and picks up a bolder and breaks it with his index finger. The robot turns into a bat and flies into the air. But a few feet in the air, there is a "pop", and the bat turns into a humanoid Pig. The Pig's name is Oolong, and he explains that he can only change his form for 5 minutes. Oolong says that he wants to follow Bulma because she's pretty and he can puff-puff with her big breasts.
Just then, a missile comes and blows up Bulma's bike. Bulma is unconscious. The ones who blew up the bike were a bandit named Yamcha, and Puar. They threaten Goku, and ask for money or hoipoi capsules. Oolong recognizes Puar and calls him "Crying Puar!" Puar tells Yamcha that Oolong and Puar went to monster kindergarten together, and that he tortured Puar. Oolong was kicked out because he stole a teacher's panties.
Goku and Yamcha start to fight. He uses his Wolf Wind Punch and smack Goku through some pillars. Goku's Nyoi-bo extends, and he gets back. Bulma wakes up now and looks at Yamcha. Yamcha, who's very girl shy, is paralyzed with fear. Puar and Yamcha run away. Bulma wonders who the hot guy was.
Then, Bulma, Oolong, and Goku are in a field of flowers. Goku finds the 1-star ball. Now they only need 3 more. Oolong is driving Bulma and Goku around in a motor home. They're in a snowy mountainous area. An army, called the Red Ribbon, begins shooting at Bulma and co. They are greeted by the General over a loudspeaker, saying they are at Muscle Tower. They know that they have a Dragonball, and want to get it. Goku beats up the army, and gets inside.
Goku enters Muscle Tower, and a HUGE black man is inside. Goku is only the size of his head! They fight, and Goku uses his Jan ken pon attack and punches his head off! The man was only a robot. The General says that Goku should come to the top floor if he can kill all the robots. Just as he finishes his sentence, Goku jumps through the floor and says Hi to the general. The general realizes he's screwed, so he uses his final weapon. A giant robot who looks like Frankenstein, Android 8, is switched on and attacks. There are no pupils in the android's eyes. He beats Goku up, but stops when he's told to kill him. Android 8's pupils come back, and he says that he hates doing bad things. The General says he'll blow 8 up with a bomb inside of him unless he kills Goku. 8 doesn't care. Goku knocks the remote away from the General, and smashes into his head. This causes the General's neck to break. The remote explodes, and 8 is alive.
They go outside, and Goku tells 8 his name. 8 says he has no name, but is only called Android 8. Goku calls him 8-chan because that name is easier to say. They have a snowball fight and Goku invites 8-chan to come with him. He declines, saying he needs to bring the Red Ribbon people to the police and clean up Muscle Tower. Goku takes the 7 star ball, and Goku and co. leave.
Next, Oolong is driving in the mountains. A sea turtle is in the road, and Oolong skids to a halt. The turtle went out to the mountains with his friends to get some mushrooms, but he was separated from his friends and has been lost for a year. Goku wants to take him to the sea, so Bulma and Oolong reluctantly agree.
We see the evil man from before, playing pinball. His name is Red, the leader of the Red Ribbon army. He's talking to Black, his right hand man. He tells Black not to stand next to him, as it makes Red look short. Red is a midget.
They've reached the beach, and the turtle, Umigame, says he'll repay them. He goes into the ocean, and promises to be back by morning. Goku wakes up at sunrise, and walks up into Bulma's room while she's asleep. He sees she's wearing a nightgown and panties. It reminds Goku of when he slept on his Grandpa's "pillow of balls". He lies down on Bulma's panties, and says it's different. He takes the panties off, and looks. He lets out a scream. "Your balls are gone!". Bulma wakes up and runs over to her bag. The Dragonballs are still there. She's awake now, so they go for a walk outside.
Umigame is back with an old man on his back. The old man is named Kame Sen'nin, but some people call him Master Roshi. He notices the staff on Goku, and asks if his Grandpa was Son Gohan. Roshi is the man who trained Gohan. To reward them, he calls for a Phoenix. Umigame reminds him the Phoenix died from food poisoning. So, he calls for the Kinto'un. Kinto'un is a yellow cloud that people with pure hearts can fly on. Roshi, Bulma, and Oolong can't ride it, but Goku can.
Bulma notices that Roshi has the 3 star ball on his necklace. She explains the legend to Roshi, and Puar and Yamcha overheard. Yamcha wants to wish for his fear of women to go away so he can get married. Puar is surprised that he likes women. Roshi will let Bulma have the ball on once condition; Bulma shows him her panties. She lifts up her nightgown, but she's completely naked (Goku took her panties off, remember). She gets the ball, and goes inside to change. She realizes her panties were off, and is about to kill Goku.
Missiles begin to shoot from the sea, and the car is blown up. The Dragon Radar is buried in the sand. Their being shot at by the Red Ribbon army's navy! Leading the navy is Captain Blue. Master Roshi and everyone hide behind a rock. He says that he'll stop the navy. He takes off his shirt and walks out into the open. His muscles triple in size. Yamcha says he's going to use his ki to attack. Roshi yells Kamehameha, and a blue beam fires from his hands and destroys all of the ships of the Red Ribbon. But, they weren't finished. A group of submarines appear from underwater. Everyone but Goku runs away. Goku yells Kamehameha, and destroys all of the subs. Everyone is dumbfounded. It took Roshi 50 years to learn that attack, but it took Goku 50 seconds!
Another set of missiles are shot at Goku and everyone. Now, helicopters (with Captain Blue) are attacking. Goku is knocked unconscious and buried by the sand. Bulma is put at gunpoint, and gives Blue the balls. Yamcha is about to hit Blue from behind, but Bulma screams "HI!", and Yamcha looks at her. While paralyzed with fear, he and Puar are captured. That night, the beeping of the Dragon Radar woke Goku up. He gets on his Kinto'un with the Dragon Radar.
Back at the Red Ribbon HQ, Blue enters the chambers of Leader Red. Black tells Red what happened. Blue gives him the 5 balls he got. But Red points out that Blue forgot a Dragonball that was near that area (The one Goku has). "And what happens to people who make mistakes, Black?" Red muses. "Execution." Blue pleads for his life, and is shot.
Goku is flying across the world trying to find Bulma and everyone by using the Dragon Radar. The scenes between this and Bulma and everyone in the jail cell. Goku flies around dodging and defeating all of the troops of the Red Ribbon.
In the jail cell, Bulma tells Oolong to transform into a key. Yamcha says it's a great idea, and he stares at Bulma for a while. Kagi is Japanese for Key. Oolong turns into a crab (Kani), paper (kami), and pretty much everything else that starts with "ka". Finally he turns into a key and they get out of the cell. At the same time, Goku makes it to the island where the Red Ribbon HQ is. Goku's fight with the troops destroys a lot of the island. Red gathers the Dragonballs and leaves with Black to get to shelter.
Bulma, Roshi, Umigamre, Oolong, Puar, and Yamcha meet up with Goku outside. They see Red and Black with the Dragonballs run inside of a pillar. Inside the pillar, Red says that he's mad because he'll never be tall. Black asks if that's why he wanted the Dragonballs. He says yes. Black thought that it was because the Red Ribbon would rule the world. Black shot Red, and the Dragonballs fell outside. Black flew across the island and got inside a Giant robot. Black said that he was the new Leader, and that he would destroy the Red Ribbon Army and create the Black Ribbon Army. The robot attacked Goku and destroyed a lot of the island. The robot that Black was in beat Goku up.
When Goku was unconscious and about to be killed, 8-chan flew onto the scene. He punched the robot and it was stuck on the ground. He tried to wake Goku up. The robot got back up rather quickly. 8-chan said that he would fight anyone who hurt Goku. He hurts Black's robot, but is crushed between the robot's hands. His arms are broken, and gears are popping out of his chest. Goku wakes up and sees what 8-chan is doing. Black yells "DIE!" and squishes 8-chan between the hands of the robot. The mangled remains of 8-chan fall next to Goku. He asks if Goku is all right. Goku says he is. "Good" says 8-chan. Then he dies.
Goku cries, and a blue pillar of light appears around him. Black says that it's about time that the stupid monster(8-chan) was dead." Goku, still in tears, says that Black is the only stupid monster and unleashes a huge Kamehameha. Black laughs at first, but then realizes that he's lost. The robot explodes, and Black dies. "Come out, Shenron!" Bulma calls for Shenron, and he appears. Bulma and Yamcha don't want their original wishes. Shenron wonders if no one has a wish. Goku wishes 8-chan back to life, but without the bomb in him. "It shall be done!"


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