This page, as the other character lists does not have the simple thing called pictures. But I am certain that with some time I might be able to find more info to go on this page.

Dragon Ball Movies/Specials

Gajira Norimaki AKA Gatcchan- A pair of flying angels who speak a strange language that only Arale understands. They're just as silly as Arale, and because of that, they're probably Arale's best friends.

Arale Norimaki- The main character of Dr. Slump, Arale is a little robot built by Senbe who is hyper-active and fun-loving. Even though she's just a little kid, (she was born in the year 745 AD), she's brilliant and is already in High School. Goku meets up with her in the manga, and she travels around with him for a bit on the Kintoun. Later on she rescues Goku by beating up Blue Shogun.

Suaza*- The leader of Koola's special forces team in DBZ Movie 5 "Battle of the Strongest". He's killed by Piccolo in the end of the movie by everyone's favorite attack, Makkankosappou.

Saiku Oni*- The lazy punk-rock ogre from DBZ Movie 12. He's known as the Tank Boy whose job it is to change the tanks on the washing machine that evil people's souls go through when they go to Hell in the afterlife. But, he forgets about his job and the evil energy in the tank overflows and explodes. The evil energy swarms around the ogre and goes into him, changing him into the evil demon Janenba. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

Amondo "Almond"*- That big sucker that looks like an Indian in DBZ Movie 3, "The Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth". Or, in America, Tree of Might. He's killed by Goku.

Angira*- A pretty-boy villain from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku". He was almost certainly modeled after Zarbon in his mannerisms. He looks like a Greek God with horns sticking out of his head. He's killed by getting his head blown off. He swallows his own ki attack when Goku deflects it back at him.

Ebifuriya*- The villain from DBZ Movie 2, "The World's Strongest Man", who can freeze victims with a blast from his hand.

Sentou Roboto "Battle Robot"*- Very cool mechanical fighting robots that serve as drones for the Big Ghetto Star in DBZ Movie 6. In order to be destroyed, they must be attacked, full power, at their individual weak points.

Tarou Soramame- Kurikinton's first son, and a bit of a rebel. He's a high school drop-out who's been smoking since he was young. However, he becomes a cop near the end of Dr. Slump.

Ookane Mani "Ookane Money"*- The wife of the richest man in the world. She plays a ridiculously small part in DBZ Movie 9.

Kakao*- The android member of Taurus' team in DBZ Movie 3 "Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth". Killed by Goku.

Kakujya*- One of Slug's scientists from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku".

Taresu "Taurus"*- The main villain from DBZ Movie 3, "The Ultimate Decisive Battle for Earth". Whether Taurus is related to Goku, or whether he's a clone is never revealed, and it doesn't really matter anyway since it's a movie that doesnít happen anyway. He comes to Earth to plant the Shinseju Tree and eat the God's Fruit which grows in the tree by absorbing the energy of an entire planet. He's killed by Gokuís Genki Dama.

Daizu "Soybean"*- The short-haired necklace-wearing minion of Taurus in DBZ Movie 3. He's killed by Goku.

Gasuteru "Ghastel"*- A giant cloud-riding, ribbon attacking red demon from DB Movie 2 "The Dreaming Princess in Devil's Castle".

Kanassa Sei-jin "Kanaasians"*- People of the planet Kanassa that have the power of telepathy caused by a mineral that grows on the planet. Bardock's team wipes out the people of this planet in the opening scenes of the first DBZ TV Special.

Kishiime*- The villain that looked like a cross between a catfish and an eel in DBZ Movie 2 "The World's Strongest Man". He can shock victims with his electric tentacles.

Akane Kimidori- This is one of the main characters from Dr. Slump. She's one of Arale chan's best friends, and she's a bit of a tomboy. Her older sister is Aoi.

Gyosan Mane "Gyosan Money"*- A very rich individual who schedules the Martial Arts Tournament in DBZ Movie 9, "The Galaxy's in Danger!! The Super Awesome Guy!", as a birthday present for his son, Dollar.

Gyoshyu*- A little alien scientist that works for Slug in DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku". He's killed when he tells Slug it will take ten days to re-align the Earth's orbit. As you can guess, Slug is pretty impatient.

Gurumesu Ou "King Gurumesu"*- The unwilling villain from Dragon Ball Movie 1, "The Legend of Shenron". He is a normal person who became corrupt when he discovered special rubies that made him have a ceaseless hunger.

Gureto Saiyaman 2 Gou "Great Saiyaman Number 2"*- In the anime and DBZ Movie 13, "Dragon Fist Assault!! If Goku Can't do it, Who Can??", Videl teams up with Gohan on his crusade of justice. She wears an outfit similar to his, but it's definitely got a woman's touch. She's barely in the anime at all, so it's a wonder that she plays a pretty large role in Movie 13 as her "alter-ego".

Gokuya- The machine gun/sword wielding villain from Movie 9, who is taken out by his own boss Bojack.

Gojita*- The washboard stomached result of Fusion by Goku and Vegeta. Gojita only appears in DBZ Movie 12, "Rebirth of Fusion! Goku and Vegeta!!", and in Dragon Ball GT. Gojita is fantastically powerful and takes out Janenba effortlessly in Movie 12, and would probably have done the same thing to Ii Shenron if he weren't so cocky, (a side-effect of Fusion).

Kori Hakase "Dr. Kori"*- A scientist from DBZ Movie 11 who assists in the creation of Bio Brolly.

Zangya*- Bojack's vexing female underling. She's quite a powerful fighter and ironically takes on Krillin, (who under estimates her). Near the end of the movie she's killed by Bojack himself because she shows signs of fear.

Sanshyo*- Garlic Junior's enormous muscle-bound crony from DBZ Movie 1, "Return My Gohan!". He's killed by Piccolo who takes revenge on him for attacking him in the wilderness.

Jyaga Bandadanshyakku*- A "villain" from DBZ Movie 11 who wants revenge on his old class-mate Mr. Satan for beating him in martial arts when he was a kid. He funds experiments that create Bio Warriors, including Bio Brolly.

Janenba*- Without a doubt Janenba is the second coolest villain in all of the Dragon Ball Z movies. Janenba was basically a demon crime lord in Hell, before he was banished. However, when the Evil Soul Washing Machine overflows and explodes, spewing out pure evil, he's reborn in the body of a young ogre. While Janenba may be evil, he certainly doesn't look it. He looks like the Stay-Puft Mashmallow Man, (minus the hat and scarf), who went to an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord, (and then grew horns, a tail and turned yellow). He has basically no brain and loves to "play" Play meaning maming, killing, suffocating, tormenting and of course the whole, destroy-the-universe bit. As a movie villain, he probably holds the record for the widest variety of moves. He has a LOT of them. And then, just when you think Goku finally kills him, he turns into a new type a villain. He's still Janenba, but you'd never know it by looking at him. He resembles the devil, and has a serious attitude. While original Janenba just liked wreaking havoc as a plaything, this guy takes deep pleasure in it, which is evident by his menacing facial expressions. His death is also one of the coolest as well. Gojita takes him out with a small attack of condensed energy that dissolves him from the inside out. Very cool.

Shyamo*- An adorable little alien from DBZ Movie 8, enslaved by Paragus and his men to complete the construction of a new planet Vegeta. Gohan be friends him. He's named after his planet.

Jinjyaa "Ginger"*- Garlic Junior's right hand man and leader of the Ginger Three in DBZ Movie 1, "Return My Gohan!". He's killed by Gokuís Kame Hame Ha.

Jinzouningen Juusan Gou "Artificial Human Number 13"*- The tall hickish leader of the Androids and main villain in DBZ Movie 7, "The Three Super Saiya-jin", whom I nick-named "Farmer John". He looks like he should be plowing fields, not mowing down Goku and Co. He's basically a rip-off of Cell. By himself he's fairly powerful, but when he absorbs two components from Artificial Humans 14 and 15, he turns into a BIG SOB who I must admit is really quite cool. Everyone works together to take him down. And Goku finishes him with a Genki Dama....well, sorta. He creates a Genki Dama, and then instead of using it as a weapon, he absorbs the energy, and well, his ki gets about as big as the Empire State Building.

Jinzouningen Juuyon Gou "Artificial Human Number 14"*- A big blue sucker who looks like he came from a Conan the Barbarian movie. He's the "strongman" of the three Androids in DBZ Movie 7 and eventually faces off one on one against Trunks. His death is fantastic, but not the best of the three.

Jinzouningen Juugo Gou "Artificial Human Number 15"*- My personal favorite of the three villains in DBZ Movie 7. He's an alcoholic who takes a swig from his whiskey can every few minutes and dresses similar to Boy George. He's also very tiny and several jokes about his height come up during the movie, (like his entire body falling straight down into three feet of snow). He's killed by Vegeta and in my opinion has the funniest death.

Suragu "Slug"*- Ah yes, the incredibly lame villain from the even lamer DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku". I really hated this movie but that's besides the point. Slug is a mutant Nameckian who doesn't even know that he was originally from the planet Namek. He's the Emperor of a frozen, sun-less mobile planet. Unfortunately at the beginning of the movie, Slug's planet nearly collides with Earth, and to save the Earth, they destroy their planet. The price for such a "noble" cause isn't all that easy to swallow though. Slug wants to make Earth his new planet. Near the middle of the movie, his men manage to collect all 7 Dragon Balls and Slug makes a wish to gain his youth back, (he's pretty old). With that accomplished, he continues his conquest of Earth, unfortunately he picked a planet with Piccolo and Goku on it. In the end of the movie he's finally killed by the Genki Dama.

Zeeun*- One of Slug's subordinates in DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku", whom Slug kills for mistakenly calling him old.

Seripa*- One of the only female Saiya-jin who was a member of Bardock's team in the first DBZ TV Special. Not much is known about her, however, she's known Bardock since she was a child, and is a good friend of his. She's killed by Dodoria and his crew of fighters.

Tapion*- The Legendary Brave soldier from the planet Konatsu who is basically the hero in DBZ Movie 13, "Dragon Fist Assault!! If Goku Can't do it, Who Can!?". He wields the Holy Sword and a Holy Ocarina which he uses to keep the top half of a terrible monster named Hildegarn sealed inside of him. He has a younger brother named Minoshia who has the bottom half of Hildegarn sealed inside of him.

Tsuruten Tsun- Tsukutsun's father I don't know much about him, but he shows up from time to time in Dr. Slump.

Tooma*- A tall masculine member of Bardock's team. He's the only person Bardock gets a chance to talk to when he finds his group slaughtered by Dodoria and some of Friezaís underlings. The blood-stained headband that Bardock wears was worn by Tooma as an armband when he was still alive. Bardock removed it from him after his death and wore it honoring his team.

Dore*- One of the member's of Koola's Special Forces in DBZ Movie 6 "Battle of the Strongest". I think he's pretty lame as a villain he looks....stupid. Literally and figuratively. Piccolo takes him out.

Tooro*- The last surviving Kanassan, (a race which Bardock's team wipes out at the beginning of the Bardock TV Special), who curses Bardock with the ability to see the future, (meaning, the complete destruction of planet Vegeta and the importance of his "worthless" son's future).

Dokuta Uiro "Dr. Willow"*- The main villain in DBZ Movie 2, "The World's Strongest Man". He was a scientist who worked on evil experiments with his assistant/creation Dr. Koochin. However, 50 years before the start of Dragon Ball, horrible weather said to be sent from the gods sealed him in his laboratory in the Tsurumaitsuburi Mountains. However, his brain was transplanted into a large mechanical device that would keep him alive until the day when he could find the world's strongest man and take control of their body. Goku takes him out with the Genki Dama.

Dokuta Koochin "Dr. Koochin"*- Dr. Willow's android assistant who gathers the Dragon Balls and frees Dr. Willow from his laboratory. He is well equipped for fighting even though he appears old and harmless. His hand can transform into a chain gun and his staff can hurl energy blasts.

Dokuta Raichi "Dr. Raichi"*- I dunno why they included this guy in the Daizenshyu, but oh well. Dr. Raichi was a villain who appeared in two Dragon Ball Z home videos which were actually animated guides to two video games for a video game system that never even came out in America called the Playdia. The two games were pretty terrible, (as most DB related video games are), but the cool part were the two home movies that played out as a normal story of DBZ, but actually were guiding you through the game. Anyway, Dr. Raichi is the villain of the game. He was formerly a member of the Tsufuru-jin race which the Saiya-jin wiped out, but he returns to get revenge on the Saiya-jin. He's defeated easily by Goku and gang since the only thing he has going for him is a force-field which Goku and the others figure out how to get around, (by shooting a blast into the forcefield with him). But his ultimate creation is really cool. I don't believe it was given a name, but he's a big red sucker with blue orbs on his body. He's very strong, (and cool).

Toteppo*- A squat masculine member of Bardock's team who is apparently the strong man of the group. His skin is darker than the others, and he has what appear to be scars on his forehead.

Dorodabo*- A fat flying villain from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku". His design and personality was definitely inspired by Dodoria. He's killed by Piccolo. (He blasts his head off).

Metade ora no Kitoushi "Metade the Priest"*- A fanatical priest from DBZ Movie 10 who believes that human sacrifice is necessary to ward off an evil monster. But Goten, Trunks and Videl make a fool out of him when they prove him wrong, and defeat the monster, (a dinosaur), by themselves. The priest later supplies Jyaga, (the "villain" from DBZ Movie 11), with the blood of Brolly, (in order to make a clone of him), so he can get revenge on the kids.

Nikki*- Garlic Junior's fruity servant from DBZ Movie 1 who has quite a taste for alcoholic apples. Despite his feminine voice and mannerisms, he's a pretty powerful fighter. He's killed by Gokuís Kame Hame Ha, along with Ginger.

Neizu*- One of Koola's Special Forces members from DBZ Movie 5, "Battle of the Strongest". He looks like a human frog and can pull his head in like a turtle, (which saves his butt a few times), but alas, he's killed by Piccolo. Death by electrocution.

Bardock- Bardock is Gokuís father and the only Saiya-jin who knew what was going to become of his planet, and people. He was cursed with the ability to see the future, and saw glimpses of his planet being destroyed, as well as images of his son's life on Earth. He makes a last stand against Frieza and tries to kill him, but of course his attempt is fruitless and he's killed by the biggest Death Ball Frieza ever created. But as he's dying he finally realizes that it's not him who was destined to defeat Frieza, it was his son. He talks to his son from the after-life while little Kakarotto is on his way to Earth and charges him with the task of killing Frieza to avenge his father, and the Saiya-jin.

Baio Senshi tachi "Bio Warriors"*- A group of odd looking biological warriors in DBZ Movie 11 created by Jyaga's scientists. The Bio Warriors are strong by human standards, but nothing compared to Number 18, Trunks and Goten. They're all beaten effortlessly.

Baio Burori "Bio Brolly"- Bio Brolly wins my vote for the lamest movie villain ever in DBZ Movie 11. He looks EXACTLY like the Swamp Thing with pieces of corn sticking out of his head. Which is really a shame considering the animators could have made him look really cool. Anyway, let me explain why he looks so weird. Jyaga made a clone of Brolly, WHICH LOOKED PERFECTLY FINE, but when Bio Brolly awakens, the scientists try to contain him with a type of flesh-eating sludge. Well, it turns out, the stuff has absolutely no effect on Brolly. It just melts his skin, and turns green when it solidifies on him, making him look retarded. So anyway Goten, Trunks, Number 18 and Krillin fight him for a bit, and the movie could have been saved if he had a cool death....but of course he didn't. He's stopped by.....rain. Which to everyone's surprise magically solidifies the sludge. Sigh. That's what happens when people try to milk something for too long. The Brolly movies should have ended with DBZ Movie 10.

Baio Man "Bio Man"*- You've heard of Saibai Man? Well this is the Bio Man. The Bio Men are little copies off of Saibai Men who appear in DBZ Movie 2, "The World's Strongest Man". They're pretty weak by themselves, but when they attack in groups, they can overcome someone easily.

Paikuhan "Pikehan"*- I dunno, I don't normally like anime-only characters, but I like Pikehan. His personality during the Annoyoichi Budoukai mimics Piccolo's in that he's very quiet and reserved, (even Goku says there's a similarity between the two). But you would never know that if you saw him in DBZ Movie 12, where he acts very boastful and loud. He fights Goku in the final round of the Annoyoichi Budoukai in the anime AND DBZ Movie 12.

Pasuta "Pasta"- A vexing red-head female villain from DB Movie 1, "The Legend of Shenron". She's a vicious killer who works for King Gurumesu.

Haiya Dragon "Haiyla Dragon"*- Gohan's Dragon friend from DBZ Movies 3, 4 and 5. He's a young Dragon who befriends Gohan after he rescues him from a burning forest. The Haiyla Dragon also shows up in several episodes of Dragon Ball Z.

Paragasu "Paragus"*- Paragus is the father of Brolly who is seen in DBZ Movie 10. While he still lived on planet Vegeta, he was punished by King Vegeta for being the father of Brolly with death. He was thrown away like trash along-side his son, and left to die. However, Brolly's power was so strong, it kept Paragus alive, and helped him and his father survive in space when Frieza blew up planet Vegeta. When he and his son safely landed on a planet, he made a full recovery and plotted his revenge. He would kill the son of King Vegeta by controlling Brolly's incredible power with a device worn on his hand and on Brolly's head. At the end of the movie, Paragus is crushed to death by his own son, and then incinerated in a comet.

Panji "Pansy"*- The little girl from Dragon Ball Movie 1, "The Legend of Shenron", who is rescued from the clutches of Oolong by Goku. She befriends the group and tells them about a great martial arts master who can save her town from Gurumesu's army. His name is Master Roshi.

Panji no chichi "Pansy's dad"*- A large kind-hearted man who tries to defend the people of his town from the harsh punishment dealt by Gurumesu's men, but he gets beaten up by Bongo for standing up to them.

Panji no haha "Pansy's mom"*- Pansy's mom from Dragon Ball Movie 1, "The Legend of Shenron".

Panbukin*- The fat quick tempered member of Bardock's team. He gets injured while in Oosaru form during a battle and retaliates by crushing the poor alien that hit him. His name is a play on the word "pumpkin".

Bigu Gete Suta "Big Ghetto Star"*- A planet sized space ship which is actually a planet-devouring mass of intelligent machinery from DBZ Movie 6. At the core of the Big Ghetto Star is Koola's brain which survived his trip through the sun. Koola basically has complete control of the ship and can make thousands upon thousands of mechanical replicas of himself. The Big Ghetto Star gets blown up due to Koola's stupidity. He captures Goku and Vegeta and starts to drain their energy to power the Big Ghetto Star. Being polite, Goku and Vegeta decide to turn SSJ and give him all the energy he wants. The Big Ghetto Star becomes over-loaded with their energy and explodes.

Bido*- A tall muscular crony of Bojack from DBZ Movie 9. He looks like a rip-off of Android 13 from DBZ Movie 7 with facial hair.

Hirudegaan "Hildegarn"*- Hildegarn is the enormous monster in DBZ Movie 13, created by a group of black magicians who cast a spell of negative energy on a menacing statue and brought it to life over 1,000 years ago on the planet Konatsu. Hildegarn normally looks like......well actually, I can't explain it. But he's a very large lumbering creature with a tail that can clean out an entire city block. He is able to undergo a metamorphosis of sorts, and emerge a more powerful creature with the ability to fly. (His second form resembles Lavos from Chrono Trigger to a degree). Hildegarn is only tangible when he's attacking, otherwise, he can instantly teleport away. Goku defeats him with quite possibly his most powerful physical move in the anime story-line, Dragon Fist.

Buujin*- The turban wearing midget member of Bojack's team in DBZ Movie 9. Even though he's small compared to his buddies, he's surprisingly strong and has incredible physic powers.

Burori "Brolly"- Brolly, in my opinion, is God of the movie villains. He is, without a doubt, the meanest of all time. Brolly is the Legendary Super Saiya-jin in the movie story-line only. On the day of his birth he had a power level of 10,000, and his power would only increase with age. He is killed by order of King Vegeta as he would be a threat to the King's power, not to mention the fact that he would outshine Prince Vegeta. But before Brolly is killed, he undergoes a traumatic experience. In the crib next to him is another Saiya-jin born on the same day as him. The baby is a low-level warrior with a pathetic power level, however, the baby has a strong will and begins to cry and thrash about in his crib. His tantrum is so violent that it frightens Brolly and he cries in fear. When two Saiya-jin are born on the same day, and one dominates the other, it's said that the baby forced to cry will harbor an immense hatred towards the baby who scared it. For Brolly, the child who made him cry was named Kakarotto.

Brolly is the main villain in DBZ Movies 8, 10 and 11, (but 11's so horrible I don't even count it). In the movie story-line, Brolly is the strongest Saiya-jin of all time. It's next to impossible to beat him one on one. In my personal opinion, only someone as powerful as Super Vegeto would have been able to take Brolly on by themselves, and that's saying a lot. Brolly is capable of being controlled by his father's mind-altering device, but when he sees Goku, a huge rage overcomes Brolly and he breaks free of his father's device. His ultimate purpose is simply to kill Goku. His insane rage eventually only enables him to say, "Kakarotto", in Movie 10. In Movie 8 he seems to be at least somewhat in control of his actions and he comes out with some REALLY cool lines. For instance, Goku fires a huge Kame Hame Ha at Brolly from point blank range, (literally a foot from him). When the blast clears, Brolly is still standing un-phased, he laughs and says, "What the Hell was that supposed to be?". In Movie 8, Brolly is killed by Goku after he absorbs all of the energy from Piccolo, Trunks, Gohan and Vegeta. In Movie 10, it takes the Perfect Kame Hame Ha to beat him, (which is Goten, Gohan and Goku all performing a Kame Hame Ha at once), including help from Trunks. In Movie 11 he uh.......gets solidified by rain........

Bekou "Vekou"*- Vekou is the character who is a result of the failed Fusion of Goku and Vegeta in DBZ Movie 12 due to the fact that Vegeta didn't extend his index finger. He's fat and pretty disgusting. His only attack appears to be a barrage of farts which seem to slip out whenever he's punched. Vekou is only around for 30 minutes because that's the length of Fusion, but his actions are hysterical. He wobbles like a punching bag when Janenba whallops him, and when he trips, in one scene, he skids for about 100 feet. Vekou "de-Fuses" just in the nick of time before getting speared by Janenba.

Hoi*- The little black magician who is over 1,000 years old in DBZ Movie 13, who cons Goku and the rest into helping him open the Oracle containing Tapion so that he can assemble the monster Hildegarn. He's squished in the end of the movie by his own creation.

Bojyakku "Bojack"- The main villain from DBZ Movie 9. I think he's pretty lame because there's barely any plot development for the guy at all, and I think he has like 5 lines in the whole movie. He looks like a giant blue pirate. Gohan kills him and his minions by becoming Super Saiya-jin 2.

Bongo*- The massive Terminator-esque member of Gurumesu's army in Dragon Ball Movie 1. He can smash through brick walls without feeling a thing, and will do whatever his king tells him to do, no matter how horrible or difficult it is. Goku KO's him in a final battle with him in Gurumesu's castle after an exciting aerial battle.

Minkattsun*- The large blubbery android built by Doctor Koachin in DBZ Movie 2. Goku defeats him by blasting through his rubber-like stomach, thus deflating him.

Minoshiya*- Minoshiya is Tapion's younger brother, killed by Hildegarn in the beginning of DBZ Movie 13. Tapion later takes Bulmaís Time Machine into the past, and rescues his brother, (although we don't get to see it).

Meda Muchya*- The insane frog-like bodyguard of Slug from DBZ Movie 4, "Super Saiya-jin Son Goku". He can make little clones of himself that distract his opponent allowing him to attack. Goku kills him.

Metaru Kuura "Metal Koola"*- A villain from DBZ Movie 6, Metal Koola is a creation of the Big Ghetto Star. He's amazingly powerful, and since he's entirely mechanical, he can regenerate body parts from internal wires and metal reserves. Goku and Vegeta both rush him at full power and manage to completely destroy him, only to then be faced with thousands of copies of him manufactured by the Big Ghetto Star. They are defeated by the Metal Koola's and hooked up to the core of the Big Ghetto Star, where Koola's brain resides.

Menmen*- Jyaga's nephew who carries out messages for his uncle in DBZ Movie 11.

Yuudou Roboto "Guidance Robot"*- A comical robot from DBZ Movie 6 who is only funny in the fashion which he happily presents horrific news to his captives. Example, "Hello hello, welcome everyone. Okay, please settle down. Allright, now I'm going to kill all of you and give your energy to the Big Ghetto Star.". He's remarkably powerful for his size and serves as the executioner and warden of the ship. He blows up when Goku and Vegeta overload the Big Ghetto Star.

Rakasei*- One of the tiny purple twins in DBZ Movie 3 who worked for Taurus.

Rushifyaru "Lucifer"*- The villain from DB Movie 2 who is a blood-eating demon. His goal is to destroy the sun and create eternal darkness with the help of an enormous laser cannon. Unfortunately, the focusing crystal needs to be "awake" or energized in order for it to work. He "awakens" the crystal, (known as the Sleeping Princess), and places it in the cannon, but the cannon's barrel is set off course by Gokuís Kame Hame Ha, and it fires directly at Lucifer, annihilating him.

Rushifyaru no Shitsuji "Lucifer's Servant"*- Lucifer's Igor-esque servant who has a vast, and creepy, knowledge of blood.

Rezun "Raisin"*- One of the two purple twins in DBZ Movie 3 who work for Taurus. They attack together at the same time, thus overwhelming their opponent.

Kuura "Koola"*- Koola is Friezaís brother. He is the villain in DBZ Movies 5 and 6. Movie 5 actually takes place in the anime time-line, however, 6 doesn't. Koola has the unique ability to transform to increase his power beyond that of his brother's and thus transform into a fifth form. He's pretty cool as a villain, and shares Friezaís polite mannerisms. In the first few minutes of the movie, it's very clear that he doesn't care about his brother very much, and just stays out of his way because he doesn't want to bother with him. (A mistake that eventually ends up costing him his life). In Movie 5, Goku blasts him and his Death Ball through the sun with a Kame Hame Ha.

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