Dragonball GT Episode Summary

1 - The Secret Dragon balls are found!! Son Goku become a child!?
As a mysterious stranger nears Godís Palace it shows Son Goku and Uubu (older then before) having a high-powered spar. The room blows up due to the big powers. The mysterious visitor now lands at the palace. He appears to be looking for something. The attacker is Lord Pilaf who was the villain from the original Dragon Ball series. He is accompanied by two of his servants. Pilaf is looking for the Ultimate Dragon Balls so he can finally make his wish to be immortal. Son Goku and Uubu finish their spar and collapse from the lack of energy. Dende heals them. Uubu goes back to his village to visit family. Son Goku and Uubu promise that they will fight some more in a year. Pilaf finds the Ultimate Dragon Balls and summons the dragon. Son Goku notices the sky is turning dark and goes to check it out. Son Goku confronts Pilaf and the two recognize each other. Pilaf is mad that Son Goku is so big now and probably much stronger. He wishes Son Goku was small again to himself. The dragon hears this and thinks itís the wish and so he grants it. Son Goku turns into a little kid. Dende says that after a wish the Ultimate Dragon Balls are scattered around the universe. Little Son Goku goes to the city to get some food. There we see Pan who is now a teenager and on a date. There is a bank robbery and Pan foils it, scaring her boyfriend off. Master Roshi shows up and thinks this little boy is weird. Pan, Son Goku and Roshi go to Son Gokuís house and discuss the matter. Kai tells them that the Ultimate Balls put stress on the Earth and only they can return Son Goku to normal. If they arenít gathered in one year the Earth will explode. Chi-Chi is very sad that Son Goku is small (I wonder why?) ;)

2 - Iím Part of the Main cast! Pan goes into space!
Trunks is now the president of Capsule Corp and looks all mature and cool. All the workers are sucking up to Trunks and he is sick of it. So Trunks flies away via the office window. Son Goten is setting up a date on the phone and Pan just says he will break another heart. Son Goku has to go into space to track down the Ultimate Dragon Balls. Son Gohan says he's going to accompany Son Goku to space and help him look. Pan wants to go to but they wonít let her. Pan is bored so she decides to pay a visit to the Mr. Satan karate school. She easily defeats like 50 men. Son Goku is kidnapped by some bad guys and held for ransom. The bad guys think he is Bulma's grandson. Of course neither Bulma nor Vegeta (who is now sporting a new hair style and facial hair) care. The bad guys want to make one more ransom call. Son Goku flies up and brings them a pay phone (funny). They are scared off. Vegeta gets both Son Goten and Trunks and tells them they need training. He forces them to go with Son Gohan and Son Goku into space. Pan sneaks onto the ship and starts it. Son Gohan and Son Goten still arenít on the ship so they are left behind as Trunks, Pan and Son Goku fly off into space.

3 - So Cheap!! Planet of Business, Amiga
Itís been a week since the ship went off into space. Pan wonít give the control key to Trunks because she thinks he will head back to Earth. The ship starts to act up and it looks like itís going to explode. Trunks gets ready to land on the nearest planet. They land on a trade planet called Amiga, its like a big flea market. They buy some things and eat and get ripped off. They go to the hotel and get a free room, a really big room. Everything costs money in this room which is why itís free. The bed, shower, fridge, phone so they leave and stand out in the rain. A family that explains that the king of this work charges money for everything takes them in. The family's home is taken and they are left in the rain. As they are returning to the ship, they see it being towed away. A little robot also comes out and takes their Dragon Radar, but they manage to catch the robot.

4 - Wanted!! Son Goku is a criminal!?
Pan stuffs the robot that has the Dragon Radar inside her backpack. They are about to go after the thing that has taken their ship but Son Goku says they should teleport. That doesnít work due to Son Gokuís small body. The king of the planet Don Kea is told about the weird spaceship taken in. At night the gang breaks into the place where the ship is held. They locate it and fight it out with some robots. They easily escape with the ship after confronting a weird looking villain guy. Don Kea is yelling at Redgicy (the weird guy) for letting them get away. The next day after fixing the ship a little they go get some food. They discover that they have wanted posters of themselves on walls. The police comes but what good is the police against these strong kids. They get away, back by the ship the little robot that has the radar inside him starts beeping. This means there is a dragon ball in the area. They go look and get trapped by the police in a poor area of the city.

5 - I found a Strong guy! Redgicy the Bodyguard!
The gang shows themselves and starts running away. They have a lot of police chasing them but they are managing to get away. While jumping from building to building they fall into one of the houses. The elderly couple in the house knows they are wanted but they calm down and let them stay for dinner. Pan gets mad and they come up with a plan. They walk outside and surrender to the police so that they could be taken to Don Kea's lair. Once there they attack the guards and get into Don Keaís room where his bodyguard Redgicy is. Trunks is defeated by Redgicy easily due to the fast Trunks hasnít been training. Son Goku starts fighting and is doing sorta bad since he is in a little body. After a while he defeats him with a Kamehameha. Don Kea promises that he wonít charge taxes anymore and he will be good. The people are happy that they wonít have to pay rent anymore. The three warriors return to the ship along with their Dragon Radar in a little robot and take off in search for the closest Dragon Ball.

6 - It may hurt a little! Son Goku the dentist!
Son Goku asks the Radar robot itís name and gets back a serial number. The robot announces there is a Dragon Ball on the planet below them, so they land on it. The landing is a little rough and Trunks says sorry. They land on what appears to be a giant turtle type dinosaur. Everything on this weird planet is huge. The insects are bigger then Trunks and Son Goku and Pan goof around a little. Pan makes herself a little butterfly costume and Son Goku rides around on a bugs back. While Son Goku happily eats a giant apple, Trunks spots the Dragon Ball. A bird swoops by and grabs the Dragon Ball and flyís away. The bird them lands on the shoulder of a giant human and drop the Dragon Ball into a huge sack along with the apple Son Goku was munching on. Meanwhile Pan is kidnapped by Bees and taken to their hive. Son Goku and Trunks rescue her and they go find the giant. They see him eating a giant fish by a fire. The giant pops in the apple and the Dragon Ball and chews. The Dragon Ball gets stuck in his tooth but Son Goku flies in and gets it. They return to the ship and admire the ball. The robot recharges and Son Goku decides to call it Gill since it always says the word "Giro".

7 - My Sweet Honey! Trunks is the bride!
Pan ties up Gill (the radar robot) after he chews up some wires. Son Goku just says that Gill most of been hungry. Gill says that he has located the next Dragon Ball. They land on the very nice fertile planet somewhat like Earth. They locate a village and see the villagers crowded around something. Gill sees the Dragon Ball woven into a girlís hair. They learn that the village is being attacked by a big catfish like monster named Zuunama and they give it food to please it. Now Zuunama demands a bride and the girl with the Dragon Ball in her hair is the one chosen. Zuunama says he will return the next day and it wants the bride to be all dressed up and looking pretty for the wedding. They get a idea, Trunks will dress up as the bride and be the decoy. So Trunks puts on the dress, makeup, and a wig to make the plan work. The monster comes back for his bride and Trunks gets ready to act. The reward is the 6 star Dragon Ball.

8 - Son Goku is Erupting too! The Power Explodes!
Trunks has to get closer to Zuunama so the monster can see how pretty "she" is. Zuunama likes what he sees and he takes Trunks and heads for its mountain. Pan and Son Goku are closely following the monster and Trunks. Zuunama and Trunks eat dinner and the monster still thinks Trunks is a girl. Suddenly Pan and Son Goku bust into the cave and Zuunama gets pissed. Son Goku manages to defeat the monster easily (why couldnít he do that in the first place?) and they escape. They are awarded the Dragon Ball, but suddenly the ball floats up into the hand of a villager. The villager is really a alien in a costume, the alien escapes with the ball.

9 - Oh No! Son Goku falls into the Planet of Traps!
Trunks, Son Goku, and Pan get into their spaceship and go after the alien who took the Dragon Ball. They aliens try to lose them in their ship but Trunks manages to pilot the ship well. He stays on their tail. The aliens decide to make it look like they are landing on a planet called Beehei where they think the "humans" chasing them will be killed (its a dangerous planet). So they manage to lose them on the way into the planet which is called Lude. Trunks lands the ship thinking the aliens landed too. Back on the aliens home planet the aliens hand in the Dragon Ball to their high priest MutchiMutchi, the priest is angry that they didnít get the other one. The aliens get ready to go to Beehei to confront the "humans" and get the other Dragon Ball. Back on Beehei the gang gets attacked by giant worms, while fighting the worms the aliens get the idea to sneak onto their ship and steal the ball.

10 - Dancing Attack! Don Pap Pah!!
The aliens continue searching inside Trunks' ship for the Dragon Ball. They canít find it so they conclude that they must have it in on them. Back outside the fight with the really strong worms goes on. Finally the Z-gang kills the worms and they confront the aliens. The aliens do some lame magic that forces the Z-gang to dance. A few of the worms get back up and attack the aliens breaking the spell. The Z-gang takes care of the aliens but their ship flies back to Lude on auto-pilot while Pan and Gill are inside it. They leave Son Goku and Trunks shocked.

11 - The Curse of Ruudo!? Pan gets turned into a Doll
The aliens ship lands on Lude, back on Beehei the aliens wonít give Trunks and Son Goku any information on where the planet is. Gill detects a Dragon Ball on this planet (the one that the aliens stole from the gang) so Pan being curious and all goes off to look for it. Gill heads back to where Son Goku and Trunks are and tells them Pan is in danger. Meanwhile in the temple on planet Ruudo Pan is wreaking havoc on the guards. Pan gets the Dragon Ball and starts running. They use magic to turn her into a doll before she can escape. Trunks and Son Goku show up and confront the priest. They have with them the aliens that they defeated. The priest shows no mercy and turns them into dolls and sacrifices them to his God. He starts attacking Son Goku with his whip. Then the priest calls forth a big lion but Son Goku simply blasts it. Suddenly another priest appears, he kills MutchiMutchin and says his name is Mutchi. Trunks senses a great power in him.

12 - God's Annoying Prophet! Lude is Revived!
Mutchi is very strong and he starts fighting Son Goku and Trunks. Trunks is really no match for Mutchi and he gets defeated. Trunks knows he can't win due to his lack of training. Son Goku is losing to Mutchi too, but he isnít even SSJ yet. So he goes Super Saiyan and knocks down Mutchi. Meanwhile the blond haired man who has been watching and holding the Pan Doll speaks. He says he will revive Lude now. He tells the worshipers to gather around and he turns them all into dolls and gives them to the Lude statue. It still isnít enough energy though, but he says it will be enough to defeat those kids. Now the blond haired guy is playing with the Pan doll he really like dolls. He wants to change Pans outfit and he takes off her shirt (o well she doesnít have very big breasts anyway). Son Goku defeats Mutchi and they reclaim the Dragon Ball. The blond haired man says his name is DollTuckey and he tells Son Goku to put down the Dragon Ball or he will hurt the Pan doll.

13 - This is Father and Son? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu
Lude is set free and he looks like a big goofy looking doll. Trunks senses his great power though. DollTuckey goes back to dressing and playing with Pan doll. Son Goku makes fun of Lude's look a little, he also attacks him but it doesnít hurt Lude. While DollTuckey is doing Pans hair the scientist who created Lude messages him. Myuu says he wants the Dragon Balls collected so he can make his wish. DollTucky says that Lude is fighting the intruders at non full power, but it should be enough. Trunks and Son Goku go SSJ causing Lude to fall back. Myuu gets pissed at DollTucky because he didnít wait till Lude was at full power before setting him free. Myuu turns DollTucky into a doll and throws both him and Pan into Lude's urn greatly increasing Lude's power.

14 - Can We Get the Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Lude!
Lude is now fighting at full power and winning. Inside Lude's stomach are Pan, DollTucky, those aliens from earlier and the worshipers. The aliens use their lame dance magic to make DollTucky reveal Lude's weakness which is its heart. Pan fires an energy ball from the inside at Lude's heart stunning him and making him let go of Son Goku. Pan makes the 3 aliens use their telepathy magic to tell Son Goku to aim for the heart. Both Son Goku and Pan fire at the heart and they kill Lude. Everyone is returned to normal and the Z-gang now has the 6 star ball (again). They know they will see the scientist Myuu again.

15 Ė ďI Can't Take Anymore!!" Pan Runs Away!?
They are back in the space ship flying looking for more Dragon balls. Pan hears Trunks saying that it would of been better if Goten came along instead of her. She becomes sad and runs upstairs in tears. Gill detects another Dragon Ball and they land on a new hot dry planet. Pan is still angry and she packs up some water and leaves the ship by herself. Gill being the only one to see this goes after Pan. He encounters a big sand worm but avoids it. Pan collapses from the heat just as a big sand worm appears. DollTucky goes to Dr. Myuu's planet to look for him, but he is not there, however one of Myuu's servants knows that Myuu wants Dolltucky dead so he kill him. This monster is called Gilldo, he contacts Dr.Myuu and learns that his next mission is to capture Trunks and Son Goku. Back at the ship they finally notice Pan is missing . Pan is about to be killed by a sand work when Gill shows up and rams the worm away. Not only did Gill find more water for Pan, he found another Dragon Ball too (what a amazing robot). Trunks and Son Goku show up, and apologize and get back to the ship.

16 - Machine Planet M2... Gill the Backstabber!?
Pan and Gill are playing a video game against each other. Gill is winning badly and Pan is a sore loser. Son Goku wants them to stop so he can sleep. After the game Gill looks out the window and sees a planet, he calls it his home. Pan insists they stop on the planet to check it out. Meanwhile on the planet of M2 (the place where they are landing) Gilldo is already waiting for them. Gilldo comments that Gill done a good job. When the gang lands on the planet they head for the nearest town. Once they enter it they are met by dozens of robots that look like Gill. One of the robots welcome Gill back home. After wandering off for a while Gill comes back and leads the gang deeper into the city. Once deep into the city they get ambushed by 4 very strong robots. The robots trap Trunks and Son Goku but Pan manages to run away, Gill remains with the other robots.

17 - Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Goku!!
Trunks and Son Goku have been captured and are sleeping in the cell of Gilldo's palace. Meanwhile, Pan makes her way inside to try to rescue them. Pan has to navigate her way through lots of small robots. She sneaks around and eventually finds the place where they put the robots together. She makes herself a quick robot costume and can now walk around normally looking like a little purple robot. Pan stumbles across a meeting with Gilldo and Dr. Myuu, they are giving Gill a metal for leading the gang and the Dragon Balls to them. Gill shows the bad guys Son Gokuís fighting pattern from all the fights he had recorded. Gill is rewarded some more. Pan (still in her robot costume) is declared to be broken and she is thrown into a room with other broken robots. She takes of the top part of her costume and blasts out of the room. Gilldo is now aware of Pan's presence and sends the smallest of the 4 strong robots to capture her. Pan easily destroys the small robot and breaks into Son Gokuís room. Son Goku and Trunks wake up and get ready to escape.

18 - Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Gokuís Ultimate True Determination!
Pan and Trunks escape while the leader of the robots starts fighting Son Goku. The robot is winning since he knows Son Goku fighting pattern thanks to Gill. Son Goku fires an energy blast but the robot dodges it by melting into the floor, Son Goku likes this cool trick. He then fires many energy balls and blasts the robot. Trunks and Pan return to their ship only to discover that their Dragon Balls are gone. The leader robot and the other 2 merge into one bigger stronger robot and Son Goku is amused. Son Goku manages to destroy the new robot anyway. Gilldo gets mad and gets ready to fight Son Goku himself.

19 - Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Gilldo
Trunks and Pan feel the great ki of Gilldo. Gilldo meets up with Son Goku, but Son Goku doesn't seem too scared of the mutant. Trunks and Pan show up on the scene and Pan attacks Gilldo and actually connects. The mutant is stunned but ok. Gilldo shoots a beam at Pan but Trunks jumps and blocks it. Trunks is suddenly trapped in a barrier and he is teleported away. Pan goes to look for Trunks while Son Goku and Gilldo continue to fight. Trunks has been teleported to Myuu's planet and is going to be experimented on. Back at the fight Gillo absorbs what is left of the robots that Son Goku fought earlier and he says that he is now at full power.

20 - Surprise!! Son Goku 's Attacked By a Metal Storm
Gilldo attacks Son Goku with a metal drill thing and the two warriors exchange blows. Pan is still trying to save Trunks, not knowing he has been teleported off the planet. Pan fins out that Trunks has been teleported to Myuu's planet from one of the robots. Pan confront Gill and manages to get the Dragon Balls before Gill escapes.

21- What is this!! Goku is Turned to Metal
Son Goku is running away from Gilldo while he tries to blast Son Goku. Pan shows up with the Dragon Balls and Gilldo turns her and the balls into a big metal tablet. Gilldo then catches Son Goku off guard and turns him into a metal tablet too. The metal tablets are then teleported to Dr. Myuu. Myuu is very happy since he now has the three warriors and the Dragon Balls. They are about to be operated on when Gill suddenly transports to their location. Gill starts attacking Myuu and his lab. Gill frees Son Goku and Pan from their tablets while Myuu wonders if all this has been a plan. Myuu's robots break the Trunks tablet but it was a fake anyway, the real Trunks shows up and everyone is shocked and wondering what is going on. Trunks explains this was all setup by him and Gill. Trunks shows them one of Myuu's weird projects.

22 - The Design is revealed! The evil life form "Baby"!
The room in which this project named Baby is huge. Trunks says that this one is really strong and he canít be allowed to hatch. This is why Trunks has yanked the power from Baby, hopefully destroying it. Trunks then explains what happened with Gill. He says that Gill realized that the Z-gang were his real friends. So Gill teleported to Myuu's planet at night and he released Trunks from the tablet and then brought in a fake one (quite a smart little robot). They then discovered Baby and Gill told Trunks about what it was. Myuu is really sad but suddenly Baby wakes up and starts hatching, Trunks is shocked, he thought he took care of Baby. Baby breaks out of his container and Son Goku now knows how strong he is. The 3 good guys shoot fireballs at the still small Baby and blow him to bits. Myuu is shocked and he runs into his spaceship, not knowing a little bit of Baby has attached itself to his leg. The gang lets Myuu run knowing that with his lab destroyed he is no longer a threat. On Myuu's ship the little Baby blob takes over Myuu's body killing him, Baby swears he will get revenge. The 1 star ball is located on Myuu's ship.

23 - A Hidden Crisis!? A Space wrecked and Mysterious Boy
The gang locates their ship, they try to take off but canít. They forgot all about Gilldo who is still fully powered up and alive. Gilldo is holding onto the ship not letting it fly away. The 3 get pissed and blast Gilldo and get away. After a little flying they locate the next Dragon Ball. Itís on a space wrecked ship trapped in a gravity field. The gang puts on some gravity suits and gets into the ship. They easily find the 1 star ball. Trunks hints that this all seems too easy to be true. Pan says she feels a ki so she wanders off by herself. Gills says that they only have a few minutes to get off the ship. Pan finds a small boy on the ship, he is barely alive. So the gang takes the boy with them just as the ship falls into a star. They locate a hospital on a friendly Earth like planet, so they land on it. The weird boy is in the ER for a while and seems to be ok. When he wakes up the nurse goes to check on him, he opens his eyes and he does this evil look. Suddenly there is a explosion coming from the boys room.

24 - Baby's Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!!
The people donít know that Baby caused that explosion. Baby has hidden himself in the boy and is happy that he thought of a good trap. The gang goes out to catch fish, Pan wanders off alone and the boy (baby) confronts her. Just as Baby is going to suck out Panís energy, Trunks and Son Goku return. The nurse comes back and tells Baby he shouldnít be walking yet, so Baby is wheeled away back to the hospital. Baby now switches from the boy to the nurse. He posses the nurse and the boy is barely alive but still ok. After stuffing themselves with fish the nurse comes outside and asks Trunks if he would like a tour of the hospital, Trunks goes along. Once in a empty lab, Baby reveals himself. Just as he is about to drain Trunks, Son Goku shows up with Pan. They say that they sensed Baby back in the abandoned spaceship and they knew all along who he has possessed. They fight for a while, and Trunks get a gash in his arm, so Baby enters Trunks body. Trunks attacks Son Goku, and Pan says for Son Goku not to hurt Trunks. Trunks goes SSJ and manages to get Baby out of his body. Baby runs away. Later on Baby boards a commercial spaceship and absorbs everyone on it, and he heads for Earth.

25 - Oh no!! Baby Has Appeared on Earth
On Earth we see Chichi and Bulma chatting, Vegeta shaving his facial hair and Son Goten setting up a date. Son Goten leaves for his date, and the girls tease Vegeta a little. Back in space the gang has found another Dragon Ball and now just need two more. Some strong blond guy is wreaking havoc in the city asking people where the Saiyans are (probably Baby). Mr. Satan shows up (balder, stupider and older then ever). He demands that the blond guy stops breaking stuff. The blond guy blasts him and Satan barely dodges. Son Goten spots Satan, but doesn't really want to fight since he is on a date. Son Gotenís date is just about to be blasted by the blond guy (obviously Baby) but Son Goten saves her. Mr. Satan now says he will let his student take care of this. Everyone clears out of the way and Baby realizes that Son Goten is Son Goku child. The two get ready to fight.

26 - Son Gohan and Son Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spat!?
Son Goten and Baby start fighting, it looks like Son Goten is much stronger. Son Goten knocks Baby around a bit and even talks on his cell phone with his girlfriend while fighting. Goten then goes SSJ and blows Baby away, Baby is happy he gets to see the boys power. Baby then enters Son Goten through a small wound and reads his mind. Goten (Baby) now heads for Vegeta since he now knows that he is the strongest Saiyan. In space the gang has gotten another Dragon Ball and now got one more to go. Goten goes to Bulma's house looking for Vegeta but finds out that Vegeta went out somewhere. Son Gohan and Videlís house and Son Goten goes outside where Baby tells Son Gohan that he has posed his brother. The two starts fighting, while fighting a little Baby makes the switch into Son Gohanís body. Piccolo shows up and picks up the fainted Son Goten, Baby ignore the weak Namek and blows him away.

27 - Ambition Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed!!
Vegeta and Bra are coming back from the mall. Two thugs make the mistake of trying to pick Bra up and calling Vegeta an old man. Vegeta breaks their car and sends them driving off a cliff. Son Gohan and the fainted Son Goten are at Bulma's place, suddenly Son Gohan (Baby) feels Vegeta's ki so he very rudely leaves. Back in space Gill has located the last Dragon Ball on a very cold planet and they going to get it. Son Gohan confronts Vegeta and Bra in their car and blows it up. Vegeta knows something is wrong with Son Gohan. The two warriors fight quite a bit and Vegeta is quite scraped up, when the time is right Baby possesses Vegeta. Son Goten is still possessed by Baby because Baby left an egg in him, as in Son Goten. The gang in space has found the last Dragon Ball and are on their way home to meet Baby-Vegeta.

28 - Goku Returns... All of Earth is My Enemy!?
The gang from space returns to Earth. They stop at Godís place first and debate on what to wish for first. They then hand the balls over and go to meet their loved ones. Gill goes with Trunks and Pan and Son Goku return to the country. Meanwhile it stops with Dende has been possessed and he is going to give the balls to Baby. Mr. Satan still not possessed is hiding inside fat Buu's stomach (good hiding place eh). Back at Son Gokuís home and at Trunksí house everyone is acting weird (they are all possessed). Trunks goes inside and Baby reveals himself, he is still inside Vegeta. Gill shoots some missiles at Baby Vegeta but they do nothing and Gill is blown against the wall. Trunks has a egg inside him as well from when he was posed back in space. The egg is activated and Trunks is now also possessed. Back at Son Gokuís house, Son Gohan and Son Goten drop by and they start fighting Pan and Son Goku. Just as Son Goku is about to fire a Kamehameha Satan and Buu show up and explain to Son Goku whatís going on. Baby Vegeta also shows up, a huge battle is brewing.

29 - This is Really Bad!? Supper Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!
Baby Vegeta says how he will turn the whole world into his slaves. Mr. Satan says that he cannot posses fat Buu since Buu regenerates any wounds he has right away. Son Goku tells Buu to protect Pan. So Buu turns Satan and Pan into cookies and eats them both (he can spit them out later). Trunks and Pan both possessed show up, everyone is getting ready to attack Son Goku but Baby Vegeta wants it to be 1-1. Baby Vegeta powers up and Son Goku goes ssj3 (remember Son Goku still has a kids body). They fight and Baby Vegeta easily keeps up with SSJ3 Son Goku. Soon Son Goku goes out of SSj3 due to the fact that his little body cannot keep in that much power. Baby Vegeta asks all the people possessed to give him their power. Baby Vegeta goes to his ultimate form and looks really cool. He makes a black energy ball and hits Son Goku with it. Son Gokuís ki has disappeared and he appears to be dead.

30 - Goku Has Passed On!? I'm Dead
Buu spits out Pan and Satan, Pan starts crying over Son Gokuís death. Meanwhile, Baby Vegeta gets the Dragon Balls from Dende and he summons Shenron. He wishes for a planet just like Plant to be placed next to the Earth. Shenron grants this wish. It turns out that Kaio-bit tried to rescue Son Goku by teleporting him out, but he was too late and Son Goku isnít really dead but he is caught in a dimension where he has to win a game to get his life back (sorta hard to explain). Baby Vegeta and his followers gather and Bulma shows off her new ship thatís supposed to take the followers to the Planet Plant which is now next to the Earth.

31 - What the...!? The Sky of Suguro-ku Studio is Collapsing
Son Goku is in the weird dimension playing some lame games to try to get his life back. Back on Earth, Baby's slaves are getting in the huge ship, Mr. Satan gets mad when he sees Videl is possessed too. Pan finds Gill, all broken and takes his parts into her backpack to repair later. King Kai tells Son Goku, whatís going on back on Earth and Son Goku wants to train. Buu (with Pan and Satan inside him) gets on to the ship going to the new planet Plant. The ship arrives at Plant and Pan goes to try to save her parents, she gets captured. Just as Son Gohan is about to kill Pan, Uubu shows up. Son Goku trains at the other dimension.

32 - Son Goku Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu
Baby-Vegeta confronts Uubu, and they start to fight. Uubu explains that he knows whatís been going on and has been waiting for the right time to strike. Uubu surprises Baby and knocks him into a wall, just as he is about to attack, Trunks, Son Gohan and Son Goten save Baby. Baby gets pissed that he is losing and that he needed to be saved. He knocks the possessed Z-gang away. Back at the dimension Son Goku is told that he will be powered up, they get some pliers and Son Goku is informed that they are going to yank out his tail. Since Saiyans are much stronger with their tails. Uubu is losing to Baby now and is knocked into the ground, Pan gets mad and she gets beat up a little. Buu takes both Mr. Satan and Pan to safety, and returns to get Uubu just as he is about to be killed. Buu has a link to Uubu since Uubu is the reincarnation of the evil Buu. Buu tells Uubu that they are from the same family and they merge, into an Ultimate Buu form. Ultimate Buu goes to challenge Baby again. Meanwhile Son Goku is getting his tail pulled out.

33 - Eat This, Bebi! New Uubu's Killing Light Ray!!
They tie Son Goku to a big rock and continue trying to get his tail to come out. Ultimate Buu and Baby are fighting again, Ultimate Uubu seems to be winning, he even tries to turn Baby into chocolate, but fails. Son Goku gets a good idea, and he manages to get his new tail out. He happily waves it around to show it off. He is teleported to Plant to locate Baby. Back at the fight, one of Uubu's "turn chocolate" beams are reflected back at him. Ultimate Uubu is turned to chocolate and Baby eats him just as Son Goku returns. He goes SSJ3 and starts fighting Baby, not really winning. Son Goku gets knocked away and goes back to his normal form. Son Goku is sad and he looks at the bright Earth, from the planet Plant. He starts transforming into his giant monkey (oozaru) form. The Oozaru's fur is however gold now, instead of brown.

34 - The Transformation Fails!? Son Gokuís Rampage!
Son Goku in his Oozaru form starts beating on Baby, he whoops him till he passes out. Then the giant Oozaru smashes Baby into some buildings and destroys lots of things. Itís obvious Son Goku canít control himself much in Oozaru form. Pan tries to stop Son Goku, but he tosses her away. Baby gets back up and goes after the crazy Oozaru. Pan tries to get Son Goku to stop, she shows him a picture taken when she was still a baby. Son Goku recognizes this, he turns little again, he now has lots of muscles and black hair, is this the SSJ4 form? Baby feels a huge increase in Son Gokuís power.

35 - Final Strength! Son Goku Becomes Super Saiya-jin 4
Son Goku finishes changing into SSJ4, he is no longer in a child's body and he is now much stronger. He sort of looks like a monkey still but a lot smaller and he can control himself and talk. Mr. Satan takes care of Pan while Son Goku goes after Baby. Baby is wondering why he isnít turning into an Oozaru while looking at the Earth. The possessed Bulma comments that he needs a tail. Son Goku busts in and starts fighting with Baby. Son Goku is letting himself get beat up for fun. Son Goku stops playing around and pounds Baby, easily winning. Son Goku is about to kill Baby with a Kamehameha when suddenly Bulma shows up and uses a weird gadget. This machine multiplies the light of the Earth causing Baby to turn into an Oozaru with golden fur and a tail. Baby Oozaru is much stronger then SSJ4 Son Goku.

36 - Immortal Monster!? Atrocious Giant Monkey Baby
Baby Oozaru is gloating and destroying his own planet. Son Goku tries to teleport him and Baby to DaKaioshins planet (where they fought Buu) but it doesnít work. Baby says that it was Vegeta that turned into the Oozaru form, but Baby still controls him. Baby Oozaru is about to kill Chichi and Videl but Son Goku saves them and puts them where Pan and Satan are. Baby Oozaru fires a blast at the Earth, killing all the people in Satan City. Son Goku gets pissed but he gets attacked after he tries a 10x Kamehameha, Son Goku is down and planet Plant is in a wreck.

37 - Baby and Son Goku -- Double KO!!
Son Goku slowly gets back up, Baby is gloating and all happy. Suddenly Baby starts shaking and he feels the delayed effect of the 10x Kamehameha Son Goku fired earlier. They are now both injured and they fight some more and they knock each other out at the same time. Kaiou-bit gets an idea and he transports to Godís palace on Earth. He gets some magic water from the palace thatís supposed to get rid of the evil in people. He uses it on Dende and Mr. Popo and they are free from possession. He teleports back with some more water and uses it on the still possessed Trunks. Bulma users her gadget to revive the fainted Baby Oozaru, and she accidentally revives SSJ4 Son Goku as well. Son Gohan is given some of the water and he is returned to normal. Son Goku barely has any power left, while Baby Oozaru is almost at his full power.

38 - From Everyone's Power... The Revival of Super Saiya-jin 4
Son Goku is getting badly beat up by Baby Oozaru. Pan tries to reason with Baby but this doesn't work. Son Goku is about to be attacked some more when suddenly Trunks attacks Baby, of course this attack does nothing and Trunks is swatted away. Son Gohan and Son Goten now cleansed catch Trunks. Trunks and Son Goten want to turn into Gotenks but Son Goku says that that wouldnít be enough. Baby Oozaru is now preparing to attack them all. Son Goku says that if he can get energy from Trunks, Pan and his sons he can defeat Baby. Baby hears this and decides not to let it happen. Baby is delayed by Uubu who is causing havoc in Baby's stomach. Son Goku is getting energy from everyone now. He is now pretty much at full power and he gets ready to fight again.

39 - This is How it Ends! At Last, Baby's Extinction.
They continue to fight, Baby is showing signs of fatigue. Son Goku makes fun of Baby, and gets him to waste more of his power by firing easy to dodge energy blasts. Baby tires his ultimate attack, a big fireball. Son Goku manages to avoid it. Baby is now very tired, so Son Goku prepares to fire a Kamehameha, it works and Baby is knocked into the ground. He still has a heartbeat but he is down. Son Goku doesn't want to kill him, since Vegeta will be killed also. Son Goku chops off Baby Oozaru's tail, causing him to turn back into Baby Vegeta. Baby now knows he doesn't need Vegeta's body anymore, he oozes out and turns into his true form and runs away in the spaceship. Son Goku just smiles and blasts the ship, killing baby easily. They return to Earth with everyone. Once Son Goku gets out of SSJ4 form he is once again in a childís body. This reminds him that the Earth is still set to blow up in a while since Dende gave and wasted the Ultimate balls by giving them to Baby while possessed.

40 - Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Serious Determination
The Earth starts to fall apart and everyone panics. The gang is about to go look for the Balls again. Vegeta (now healed and ok) suggests that they teleport everyone on Earth (who has no been healed by the magic water) to Plant. No one would want to move, they then remember that Mr. Satan is with them. Mr. Satan tells everyone on Earth what is going on and that they are to be teleported somewhere safe. So people gather together all around and Son Goku and the other get them off the Earth. Most everyone is now at Plant or heading there. Son Goku and Piccolo have to find and save a few stranded people on Earth, but they manage. Piccolo stays behind on Earth, saying that if he does the Black Star Ultimate Balls wonít be used again. Piccolo dies when the Earth explodes. A few weeks later everyone on Plant is teleported back to Earth once it is wished back by using the regular Dragon Balls. So everything is back to normal again.

41 - Tenkaichi Budoukai. Who Will Be Satan's Successor?
Another Martial Arts tournament has been started up. Son Goku has to fight in the childrenís division for obvious reasons. Mr. Satan announces that the winner will get control of Satan City. Pan could of easily won the tourney, but she didnít want to be Mr.Satan's successor so she simply gave up. A weird fighter named Papaya man has gotten to the final and is about to fight Mr. Satan. Papaya man takes off his costume revealing that he is in fact Uubu. Fat Buu having fused with Uubu earlier in the series tells Uubu he must lose, so he does so. Mr. Satan is still the champion of the Earth (even though is a old Grandpa). Everyone heads home.

42 - Die, Goku!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell
In Hell, Dr.Myuu meets up with Dr. Gero and the 2 agree to work together to kill Son Goku. Bra and Bulma are at Son Gokuís house for dinner, they are expecting Trunks. Trunks come in and collapses, muttering #17's name. They go outside and notice a big black hole in the sky, Son Goku comments that he feels evil. We see #17 standing on a cliff, he is told that there is a new #17 in hell waiting for him. Once the two #17's merge they will create the ultimate fighter. Trunks later wakes up and tells everyone that #17 had attacked him and told him that a dimension had been opened from Hell to Earth. Son Goku must travel to hell and defeat #17. Meanwhile in Satan City all the old enemies from the past are attacking. Goten is holding them off. Son Goku goes through the portal into hell, it was a trap. The new #17 and Myuu and Gero escape Hell and close the portal behind them, leaving our hero trapped. Its not all bad, at least Son Goku gets to fight Frieza and Cell in hell.

43 - Hell's Devil Fighters!! The Revival of Cell and Freeza
Cell and Frieza face off with Son Goku, they gloat that they got new upgrades. Son Goku isnít scared, since he is much stronger now. On Earth, little saibamen (from like episode 30) are attacking the city. Uubu shows up and blasts at them. All over the city, other villains are wreaking havoc. Son Goku is playing with Cell and Freeza, and eventually they both are killed (again) easily. Nappa is attacking the city, Vegeta shows up, exchanges a few words and kills him (again). New #17 shows up and gets ready to fight Vegeta. Cell and Frieza are still alive, they say they are zombies, and they canít be killed in Hell. Son Goku gets absorbed by Cell, but he simply comes back out the tail (very funny). Cell and Frieza are shocked, they do some weird attack that makes Son Goku get swallowed up into the ground. In another level of hell Son Goku is being played with by some old demon lady. Back on Earth New 17 and Vegeta fight. Old 17 is making his way over to fuse, when he spots #18. Her eyes flash red and she turns evil.

44 - The Ultimate Android! The Two #17s Unite
#18 walks forward to meet #17. They are going to merge with the other #17 who was made in hell. Krillin shouts for #18 to stop. #17 gets pissed at Krillin and kills him easily. #18 gets mad at #17 and she starts pounding him, for killing her husband. #17 shouts at #18 and tries to kill Marron, #18 tells Marron to run, and #18 gets hit with a blast. She dies by Krillin. In hell, Son Goku freezes Frieza and Cell, turning them into ice with a machine and then shattering them. Back on Earth, Vegeta and the new 17 are taking a break from fighting. Old 17 shows up, as does Uubu and the rest of the Z-gang.

45 - Hurry, Goku!! The Plan to Escape From Hell
Son Goku meets up with the dead Piccolo in hell. Piccolo says that he and Dende can open up a portal to Earth if they can perform a sequence correctly. On Earth the #17's have merged. Son Goku eats some food in hell to recharge himself while Piccolo tries to get the portal working. Back in hell Piccolo and Dende get the portal up and Son Goku returns to Earth, saying goodbye to Piccolo. Super 17 is about to kill Vegeta, Pan has a great idea. She grabs Dr. Gero and Gill points a lil gun at him. Pan tells Gero to order 17 to let Vegeta go. Gero does this, 17 doesnít respond, he instead fires at Gero and kills him (again) just as Pan and Gill get out of the way. Myuu chimes in that he made it so that 17 ONLY listens to him. Super 17 is just about to blast Vegeta when Son Goku shows up, Vegeta swears at Son Goku before passing out. Son Goku goes SSJ and the battle begins.

46 - Crash!! SSJ4 vs Super #17
Son Goku and Super 17 start fighting. They attack each other back and forth. Super 17 absorbs Son Gokuís energy attacks, so thatís no good. Myuu demands that Son Goku goes all out. Son Goku says ok and he goes into SSJ4 form. Myuu and Super 17 are surprised at this. Son Goku fires more energy blasts and even a 10x Kamehameha, but itís all absorbed and Super 17 is gaining more power. Super 17 is now powered up a lot and he is beating up Son Goku. He knocks him to the ground and prepares to finish him off. Chi-Chi and the other girls head to help Son Goku.

47 - The Big Reversal! Son Gokuís and #18's 2-Step Attack Explosion
Son Goku teleports behind Super 17 and he grabs him from behind. He cannot do any attacks since he is so low on energy and he plans on self-destructing. Son Goku explodes and reverts back to his child form and he collapses. Of course Super 17 isnít even hurt, 17 is about to kill Son Goku but 18 comes back, she didnít really die before. Number 18 thinks she can trigger the self destruct device that the androids got inside them. Number 18's self destruct device has been taken out a while ago, but 17 still has his. Number 17 gets pissed at Myuu and he kills him (what a surprise) 18 blasts 17 with energy blasts and stalls him. Son Goku sneaks up and uses this attack which shows a dragon coming out of Son Goku. The dragon kills Super 17. Super 17 is now dead and the gang gathers up the Dragon balls to wish everyone back. The balls were cracked during this whole fight, but Shenron is still summoned. Something however it wrong, Son Goku feels evil coming from Shenron.

48 - This is a Surprise! Shenron is the Enemy?!
The dragon that shows up is an evil version of Shenron. He is rude and he lights up a cigar and smokes it. Evil Shenron picks up the Dragon Balls, he turns them into 7 smaller evil looking Dragons that scatter off in different directions. He then disappears. The Z-gang learns that every time they made a wish with the Balls, the dark energy in them has been building up. Finally the balls cracked and the evil showed up. Son Goku goes off to defeat the 7 evil dragons. Son Goku has forgotten the Dragon radar, Pan suddenly shows up with Gill (aka Dragon Radar) and they all head to find the first Dragon together. They find the first dragon that is called Ryan Shenron, and they get ready to fight.

49 - The Strongest Enemy!? The Fear of the Underhanded-Trick Using Dragon
Son Goku and Pan confront the dragon Ryan. It tells them to run away now because it will kill them. The dragon powers up a little and Pan attacks it, Son Goku comments that it is no stronger then Mr. Satan. Pan beats up on the dragon some more. Son Goku tells Pan to finish it. Pan tries to but the dragon picks her up and beats her up. He also picks up Son Goku and beats them both up. The dragon now says he was just joking around before. Ryan says he wants to eat Pan. Son Goku tires to go SSJ but he canít due to the negative energy around them. The dragon tosses them into the now polluted by the negative energy water. Gill gets Pan and Son Goku back to safety. They both get out and attack Ryan Shenron with twin blasts. It is killed and the #2 ball goes back to normal. They now have 6 more to get.

50 - Saiya Power Dies in Honorable Defeat!? Electrical Fighter Uu Shenron
Son Goku is drinking some water from the now clean lake. Pan thinks getting the rest of the balls will be easy, and says she can go alone. Gill says he has located the next Dragon Ball in an abandoned town. They go to it and see that there is weird ooze all over the place. They find the next dragon who is called Uu Shenron, he looks sorta like a bird and is very short. Uu says that Ryan was the weakest of the 7 dragons. Uu controls the slime all around them. The slime covers Son Goku and Pan but they easily free themselves. The slime then covers Uu making a sort of armor for him. He is now in a big slime suit thing and is much taller. Uu shoots lighting attacks and blasts both Pan and Son Goku. Son Goku goes SSJ4 but Uu isnít scared. SSJ4 Son Goku fires a 10x Kamehameha, the rubber simply bounces it back at Son Goku forcing him and Pan to dodge it. Son Goku reverts back to his normal form. It starts to rain and Uu is shortened out since water doesnít get along well with electricity. His ooze is destroyed and he is weakened and finished off by a Kamehameha. They get the #5 ball back to normal.

51 - Ryuu Shenron! Looking for the Big Tornado Attack's Weak Point
Son Goku and Pan reach a small fishing town. Gill says that the next Dragon Ball is somewhere here. One of the people in the village tells them that they get lots of free fish easily from their princess. Many adults in this village have turned into alcoholics since they donít need to work hard anymore. The princess of the village shows up and Son Goku senses evil from her. Gill sense the Dragon Ball. The princess reveals her real form. It is another dragon. Ryuu Shenron gets attacked by some blasts but they are deflected away. Ryuu uses wind tornado attacks. Son Goku discovers its weak spot is the center of the tornado it turns into. Pan flyís to above the tornado and fires an energy ball right into the center. Son Goku then finishes it off using a Kamehameha and they get the #6 ball.

52 - Pan, Look Out! To be Possessed by Chii-Shenlon!!
While flying through the sky Gill says that there is a Dragon Ball below them. They come down to look for it and Gill says its underground. All of a sudden there is an earthquake. They see a weird looking mole and they assume itís another dragon. They are right, this is Chii Shenron and he is making earthquakes. Chii doesnít want to fight and he goes back to making his quakes. Chii is getting close to a desert city, and Son Goku has to protect it. An earthquake hits the city and Son Goku and Pan have to save some people from being killed. Chii surfaces and is mad that Son Goku has spoiled its fun. After some pointless quake attacks Chii sorta faints. They think that itís dead. The #7 ball is found, but the crack in it isnít dialed up, Pan is sucked into the ball. Chii gets back up and says that they fell for its trap. Chii has possessed a mole before and now is in his true form. He has Pan captured and says that the real battle will begin now.

53 - Pan Dies!? The Tears of 10x's Kamehameha
Chii attacks Son Goku but he dodges. Chii can use the possessed Panís attacks. Chii blows up most of the city with a Kamehameha. Son Goku doesnít know what to do. Son Goku decides to go SSJ4, he does and is much stronger then Chii now. Though Chii is still very cocky. Son Goku hurts both Chii and Pan with his attacks, so he canít really kill Chii, since Pan would die too. Chii urges Son Goku to use his 10x Kamehameha. Pan also wants Son Goku to do it. Son Goku understand and he charges up and gets ready to fire. Pan starts crying and says goodbye. Son Goku has fired the Kamehameha but pulled it away at the last second. Chii is still injured but not dead, neither is Pan. Chii now beats up Son Goku a little since he is tired from using the 10x. Chii lets Pan stick out her head so that Son Goku can see her cry. Son Goku acts like he is passed out and he grabs Pan and pulls her out. Chii is mad that he messed up and he is killed after a little taunting. They now got the #7 ball, only 3 more left.

54 - 6000 Degree Celsius Power! The Fighter of the Sun
The gang arrives at the next town. Pan complains that itís really hot. The sun is looking much bigger then usually. A dragon appears and reveals that itís Suu Shenron. Like always Pan thinks that the dragon is weak and thinks she can kill it herself. Pan is quickly knocked out by Suu. Son Goku and Suu square off. Suu says his body can reach the temperature of 6000 degrees. Son Goku has trouble punching the dragon due to the heat. Suu chases after Son Goku and Son Goku tires to hide. Son Goku tries a Kamehameha but that doesnít work and Suu shoots tons of fireballs. Son Goku learns that Suu's power comes from the sun. He goes SSJ4 and the dragon laughs.

55 - Bulma Begins Working on Vegeta's Makeover Plan!
SSJ4 Son Goku and Suu both power up. Back at Capsule Corp Vegeta wants to go join the fight. Bulma however stops him and Vegeta has a flash back. He remembers when he was training in the gravity room and when he was beaten by Son Goku for the first time. He remembers some more things that has happened in DBZ. Bulma is working on her computer and Vegeta remembers more battles and when he realized Son Goku was stronger then him. Bulma tells Vegeta that she has made a machine that can help Vegeta go SSJ4. Vegeta is shocked since he canít even go SSJ3. Bulma explains some stuff to him and Vegeta is happy.

56 - After the Sun, Comes the Freeze! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers
Son Goku and Suu get ready to fight and they start punching each other with Son Goku losing a little. Son Goku claims that he is faster the Suu and he attacks him and prepares to fire 10x Kamehameha. Suu however stops him before its ready to fire. Suu says that attack is too slow. They are about to exchange blasts again when suddenly Son Gokuís hand gets frozen by an ice blast. Suu turns around and sees his brother ice dragon San Shenron who has the #3 ball. San has the fainted Panís backpack with all the other Dragon Balls. Suu tells San not to interfere in his fight. San however is bored so he starts freezing Son Goku till his whole body is frozen. Suu is mad and frees Son Goku from the fire. San is shocked, Son Goku challenged San to a fight.

57 - The Overwhelmingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon
The city is now frozen thanks to San. San tells Son Goku he will give him 5 seconds for free shots. Son Goku pummels San a little. San isnít hurt and he throws Pan at Son Goku. Son Goku catches Pan. Suu gets hit into a building as soon as Son Goku puts Pan somewhere safe. San freeze Son Goku again, and gets his Ice Cannon ready. Son Goku breaks free and destroys the Ice Cannon. San now knows he canít win. San says he will hand over the #3 ball but of course he is lying. He tries to cut Son Goku with ice claws. This doesnít really work and Son Goku kills San and the #3 ball returns back to normal. Suu gives Son Goku some time to recover. Suu is really fair and wants to kill him honorably. Just then another dragon shows up, his name is Ii Shenron and he is the #1 dragon. Ii fires a blast to kill Son Goku but Suu gets in the way and takes the blast and dies protecting Son Goku. The #4 ball returns to normal. Son Goku gets pissed and prepares to fight Ii. Ii starts attacking and it looks like he is much stronger. Pan gets back up and starts looking for Son Goku. Son Goku tries a 10x Kamehameha but it does nothing to the dragon. Pan pleads for help.

58 - Counterattack Returned! SSJ4 is Surpassed
Son Goku reverts back to his normal body. Son Goku is about to be impaled on a large statue when Uubu shows up and blows it up. Trunks and Goten and the others also show up saying they can give Son Goku their power. Vegeta and Bulma are not there. While Son Goku is getting energy from everyone. Uubu is trying to keep Ii busy. Ii tries to blast everyone but Son Goku teleports them to safety and continues to get power. Uubu tries his luck against Ii but its not enough. He canít do anything to hurt the dragon. Son Goku is now overloaded with power and he goes SSJ4. He is at his strongest stage and at full power. Son Goku beats Ii around and finishes him off with a Kamehameha. Ii looks to be dead but he isnít. Ii gets all the Dragon Balls and they attach to his stomach, he powers up a lot and his look changes a bit. He claims he is now at full power.

59 - Friend? Foe?... Were-monkey Vegeta on the Rampage
Ii beats up on Son Goku now that he is at full power. Ii has lots of new powers now that he has all the Dragon Balls. Son Goku tries to fire a Kamehameha and a Dragon fist but they donít work. Vegeta and Bulma show up, Bulma has a machine that lets Vegeta go SSJ4. She uses it on him and he turns into an Oozaru, however Vegeta is out of control. Vegeta destroys lots of things and he grabs Son Goku and tries to break him. Later on though he gets a hold of himself and goes SSJ4 for the first time. Him and Son Goku are now both SSJ4 and ready to fight.

60 - Fusion!! The Ultimate Super Gogeta
The 2 SSJ4 fighters think about fusion. Ii gets bored and goes to attack them, Trunks stops Ii. Ii wants to kill Trunks but Bulma zaps Ii with the ray, Ii destroys Bulma's ray. The Z fighters try to stop Ii and give Son Goku and Vegeta time to fuse. Pan demands to know what fusion is. Son Goku and Vegeta do the fusion dance and they begin to fuse. Gogeta shows up and looks really cool and strong. Everyone is impressed. Gogeta moves and attacks so fast Ii canít even see himself get beat. Gogeta is so strong that he is just playing with Ii. Ii gets smashed into a building and Gogeta says he will show off his skills now. He splits into 5 Gogeta's. He says he will fire 5 Kamehameha's Ii is scared but Gogeta says he was just kidding. Gogeta goes back to his real form and starts laughing really hard. Ii says he will attack now with a negative energy ball. He fires a huge ball, which is simply deflected by Gogeta. Gogeta uses Vegeta's big band attack and blows up Ii. 6 of the Dragon Balls fall from Ii's chest, they are collected. Ii still is alive and he still has the #1 ball. Suddenly the fusion wears off it was only 20 minutes since they were in SSJ4. So they only got around 10 minutes left in SSJ4 forms. Ii starts trying to gather the 6 other Dragon Balls back. Son Goku grabs the #4 ball.

61 - I Will Win!! Son Goku Swallows the #4 Dragon Ball
Vegeta blames Son Goku for messing up. They want to fuse again but Ii attacks before they can. Ii knocks the #4 ball away from Son Goku, he wants to power back up and use the negative energy ball again. Son Goku gets the #4 ball back and he swallows it to everyoneís surprise. Son Goku and Vegeta try to fuse, they almost do it but Ii stops them. They try to attack but get beat up some more. They trick Ii and try to fuse, one of them screws up the dance and it doesnít work. Ii lets them try again, but it doesnít work and Son Gokuís goes back to normal form.

62 - To the Rescue!! Son Gokuís Final Assistant Appears
They notice that the #4 is sorta sticking out of Son Gokuís forehead. Son Goku panics, the #4 ball comes out of his body. Suu the fire dragon appears, he had recovered from the blast and says he wants to kill Son Goku. Ii lets Suu have a turn. Vegeta tries to attack Suu but he gets beat. Ii says that Suu is under his control. Vegeta tells Trunks that Suu is pulling his punches and not really trying. Suu wasnít really under Ii's control. Suu grabs Ii and engulfs them both within a big fireball. The ball explodes, Ii's body gets blown up but Suu isnít hurt from his own attack. They then discover Ii has possessed Suu and is really in him. He also has all the Dragon Balls back and is at full power. Son Goku is punched away and Vegeta's SSJ4 fades away.

63 - The Miracle Turn around Victory!! Son Goku Pleads with the Galaxy for Help!
Ii asks Son Goku and Vegeta who they want to be killed first. Vegeta wants to fuse but they can't due to their size difference (remember Son Goku is still in a childís body). Ii slaps them both around and makes a big energy ball to blow up the Earth. He launches the big ball, Son Goku steps up and tries to block it. Ii keeps making the ball bigger and then it blows up making a huge crater. Son Goku appears to have been killed in the blast but the Earth is still intact. Vegeta is now super pissed, since he cares about the Earth. He tells everyone to get to safety. Vegeta gets ready to attack. There are tornados and all sorts of disasters around the Earth. Gohan, Trunks and Goten go back to help Vegeta who is losing badly. The 3 of them go SSJ. In the crater Son Goku is barely alive and he pleads everyone to give him some power for a Genki Dama. He gathers every for it while everyone else gets beat up. Vegeta knows what is going on and he starts laughing. Vegeta passes out and Ii turns around and notices Son Gokuís huge Genki Dama. Ii tries to attack Son Goku with blasts but they donít work. Son Goku communicated with Kaio and tells him it isnít enough, Kaio uses telepathy to let Son Goku tell everyone in the universe to help him. We can now see different people Son Goku had met in his quest to find the Ultimate Balls earlier in the series and everyone of his friends give him power. Son Goku fires and kills Ii for good. Son Goku passes out and suddenly Shenron shows up.

64 - Goodbye Son Goku ... Till the Day We Meet Again!
Shenron restores Son Goku and tells him that the Z-Fighters cannot use the Dragon Balls again. Son Goku asks for one last wish, for everyone innocent killed to be restroyed. Even Gill is restored for some reason. Shenron tells Son Goku to get on its back, Son Goku says he will return soon. Shenron flies away with Son Goku along with the 7 Dragon Balls. Son Goku asks to see some old friends first. He sees Tien and Chiaotzu, Yamcha and Puar. He stops by the Kame House and visits Krillin, they spar one last time for fun. Son Goku then goes to visit Piccolo who is stuck in hell, they shake hands and Son Goku disappears. Chi hi and the boys go back home to cook a meal. Vegeta hints that Son Goku isnít coming back. Son Goku falls "asleep" on Shenronís back and all 7 Dragon Balls enter his body. Now a 100 years in the future we see a Martial Arts Tournament taking place. We see two statues, one of Mr. Satan and one of Son Goku. We see little kids that resemble little Son Goku and little Vegeta. These are probably the relatives of the two great fighters. The little kids are fighting in a fun way and they both go SSJ and are amazed they can both "make their hair turn yellow". So ends DBGT.

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