Bebi Saga (Baby Saga) episodes 1-40

This, by the desire of Pilaf, Goku is converted to a child with a tail again because Pilaf had made a wish to the evil Shenron by using the Black Star Dragon Balls. Around that time Trunks (now teen) with Gohan and Goten was heading out to space to help Goku and while they were pre-launching Goten (teen) was suppose to be guarding the ship but is distracted by one of his girlfriends leaving Pan to sneak aboard the ship. She arrives where her grandpa Goku was and the search for the Black Star dragon ball (that they have to be found over the galaxy and not just the planet and if they are not found within a year, the planet that the balls are on will blow up).
Our heroes (after the others catch up with Pan, Trunks and now young Goku) land on the planet that Dr. Myuu was on (an inventor, who already created some cyborgs and robots i.e. Gill and creation). Thus Trunks gets kidnapped and Pan comes to the rescue but they run into Ruudo, a robot of Dr. Myuu, and they fight. Ruudo dies and Gill helps the others in search of the balls.
One of Dr. Myuu’s projects Bebi (Baby) is the only survivor of the Tsufuru jinarts. Its home planet plant of the Saiyans when operated by Frieza was destroyed. The only survivor is Baby who can naturally reachon itself. Baby has the special ability/gift to slip into the body of any person and take control/take it over…
Goku, Trunks and Pan return to earth with the 7 Black Star dragon balls and passes all seven balls to Popo so that they can be removed for all time. But with many body hoppings Baby finally lands/appears on earth and he takes over Goten and with a massive battle Baby sees Gohan has more power and takes over Gohan next. He runs across Vegeta, who can see who and what he is and challenges him and Baby sees Vegeta has more power and he over takes Vegeta and posses him (another food for thought that each body Baby leaves for another an egg is planting making that person Baby’s unconditional servant. Eventually everyone becomes Baby’s servant except Hercule, Pan, Buu Ubuu and Goku). Popo now being a victim he releases the 7 Black Star dragon balls again for Baby’s planet.
Ubuu fights Baby Vegeta first and is easily defeated. Buu, now also good appears and Ubuu and Buu uses fusion technique and merge together. Despite this mixture of power he is still no match for Baby Vegeta.
Goku meets up with Baby Vegeta next and he is defeated easily. Goku then goes Super Saiyan Level 3 and he is easily defeated again and Baby Vegeta goes Super Saiyan level 3 when he sees Goku use this technique. Then the Grand Kai moves Goku away so he can receive special training permitting Goku to regenerate his tail. The training is a success and his tail regenerates.
Goku goes back to earth and goes against Baby Vegeta and loses once again. But Goku, really mad, achieves his Oozaru (monster ape). Goku is stronger but he cannot control the Oozaru transformation. By the assistance of Pan, which tells him about all the good times they had and the Oozaru cries that creates Goku to obtain control over the form and achieves a higher level, which is beyond the Oozaru stage and thus he goes to Super Saiyan Level 4. Goku fights Baby Vegeta and it seems that Baby Vegeta was losing Bulma, still under the control of Baby Vegeta, invents a special magnifying glass, used to increase Baby Vegeta’s power so he can become that as Goku. And again Goku is defeated.
Meanwhile the Other World began their quest to have a remedy for the victims controlled by Baby and upon finding one they use it and turn everyone to normal that was controlled by Baby.
The battle between Goku and Baby Vegeta begins again. But this time Gohan, Goten, Trunks and Pan are there to show support and give them energy. Goku hurls an enormous HameKameHa at Baby Vegeta and defeats Baby Vegeta. Baby leaves Vegeta’s body and flies off into a capsule but Goku blows up his spaceship.
Because the 7 Black Star dragon balls could not be brought together within a year the earth explodes and everyone except Piccolo flees thus Piccolo dies. They arrive on Namek to wish the earth and the people back alive but Piccolo is still dead.


1. The mysterious Dragon balls appear!! Goku becomes a child!?
2. I am the Leader! Pan Flies into Space!!
3. The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet of Merchants
4. Wanted!! Goku is a criminal!?
5. See, the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik
6. It hurts, eh!? Goku the dentist
7. Beloved Honey!? The Betrothed is Trunks
8. Goku also Thunders!! The Whiskers' Power is at Full
9. Damn!! Goku Leaps into the Trap Planet!?
10. Dance Attack!? Boom-shakalaka!!
11. The Curse of Ruudo!? Pan turns into a Doll
12. The Oracle of God is REALLY Troublesome!! Soldier Ruudo
13. This is Father and Son? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu
14. Can We Get the Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Ruudo!!
15. "I Can't Take Anymore!!" Pan Runs Away!?
16. Machine Planet M2... Gill the Backstabber!?
17. Waiting for Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Goku!!
18. Yo, Some Data is Missing!! Goku's Ultimate True Determination
19. Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo
20. Surprise!! Goku's Attacked By a Metal Storm
21. What is this!! Goku is Turned to Metal
22. Violent Ambition!! Birth of the Evil 'Baby'
23. A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked and Mysterious Boy
24. Bebi's Counterattack!! Target the Saiya-jin!!
25. Oh no!! Bebi Has Appeared on Earth
26. Gohan and Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spat!?
27. Ambition Achieved!? Vegeta Possessed
28. Goku Returns... "All of Earth is My Enemy!?"
29. This is Really Bad!? Super Saiya-jin 3 Fails!!
30. Goku Has Passed On!? "I'm Dead."
31. What the...!? The Sky of Suguro-ku Studio is Collapsing
32. Goku Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu
33. Eat This, Bebi! New Uubu's Killing Light Ray!!
34. The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Goku's Rampage!
35. Final Strength! Goku Becomes Super Goku 4!!
36. Immortal Monster!? Atrocious Giant Monkey Baby
37. Bebi and Goku -- Double KO!!
38. From Everyone's Power... The Revival of Super Goku 4
39. This is How it Ends! At Last, Bebi's Extinction
40. Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Serious Determination

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