Dragon Ball GT Character List

Leon Gigantic-lion-like monster, Leon was mutchy-motchys pet and would destroy anything if mutchy couldn't take care of the problem himself. It was easily beaten when Goku fired a ki blast into the wall, causing a huge boulder to crush Leon.

Lude Monster-the creation of Dr. Myuu, the monster, was the idol that was said to be god. In order for it to receive full power, energy from people needed to be absorbed. It had 3 stages of power and was revived at stage 2 due to Goku and Trunks defeating Mutchy. In order to reach level 3 to beat Goku and Trunks, Lude changed Doll-Tucky into a doll and threw him and Pan into the monster for it to gain the energy required. He was finally defeated when Goku and Pan hit it's heart at the same time, freeing all who were absorbed.

Lenne-Forced to marry Zunama, Lenne wore a dragon ball in her hair, and in exchange for taking care of Zunama for her, Goku and the others would receive the dragon ball. Trying to trick Zunama, Trunks dressed up like Lenne to infitrate Zunama's lair, where he would cut off his antennas.

Paris-one of Goten's girlfriends.

Domma-Lenne's betrothed, joins Goku and the others when they face Zunama, despite thinking that he didn't stand a change of returning alive.

EC3-this robot from planet M-2 faces off with Goku after he and Trunks escape from the Scanner. He has abilities like most of the robots of M-2, which include sinking into walls and floors. When Goku blasts them all with ki attacks they combine and form the Mega Cannon. After Goku learned the Mega Cannon's techniques, he becomes bored with it and destroys it with a kamehameha.

EC4-another robot from planet M-2, EC4, is sent to take care of Pan after learning her fighting techniques from Gill's data. Unfortunately even Gill didn't know Pan's true powers, upon learning what Gill had done, Pan cries and releases her anger on EC4, destroying him.

Ebichiyu-A contender in the GT Tournament and makes it to the semi-finals.

Kid Katsu-Contender in the GT Tournament and makes it to the semi-finals.

Nok-a participant in the 28th Tournament, he unsuccessfully fought Vegeta. After feeling how strong his opponent was, Nok quit.

Otoko Sukii-he was delighted to see that pretty boy trunks was his opponent in the 28th tournament. It's assumed Trunks won.

Papaya man-identy taken by Uubu during the GT tournament, the disguise doesn't fool Goku. After his final match in the semi-finals, Goku screams out that papaya man is actually Uubu. After this, Uubu removes the costume and faces Mr. Satan as himself.

Super Mega Cannon Sigma-he was an extremely powerful combination of the EC3. he has the data of Goku's movements and techniques courtesy of Gill. But after Goku learned it's movements, sigma was easily destroyed by a kamehameha.

Super One-made it to the semi-finals of the GT tournament.

Moukeko- The burly foul-mouthed Mongolian who Pan faces in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He makes fun of her and torments her in the anime. She beats him with just a slap and a kick. He's 7' 5".

Bura "Bra"- Bra is Vegeta and Bulma's second child. She's born in 778 AD. Unlike Pan who seems tom-boyish, Bra seems pretty feminine and sticks around her mom. She doesn't appear to be forced to fight by her father, but she apparently loves him a lot and has a lot of pride in him. She is Trunks younger sister and daughter of Bulma. She looks like a carbon copy of Bulma when we first see Bulma way back in Dragon Ball, only much smaller. Like Pan, she only appears in the last two installments of DBZ and only speaks a single line.

Kyaputen Chikin "Captain Chicken"- One of the many goofy, (yet muscle-bound), competitors in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's a man in a chicken suit.

Otoko Suki "I Like Men"- An outrageously gay competitor in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He's even dressed in black leather, but he's built like an ox.

Uubu "Uub" "Ubuu's the good hearted human reincarnation of Majin Buu. He inherits Hercules's title World Greatest Figher, and faces Goku at the 28th World Tournament. Goku takes Uub back to his island to train him. He helps the Z warriors out in battle throughout the series.

Uh Shenron-dragon of the five black star dragon ball. The negative power that created him is the same that was used to revive Goku, before fighting against Vegeta and Nappa. This is an electric dragon, his height is less than 1 meter, but when absorbing electricity he becomes very tall.

Vegeta-lived in peace and has a daughter named Bra, son named Trunks and wife named Bulma. Everything was normal until Vegeta's body is taken over by Baby. Baby Vegeta reached the Golden Oozaru form and is beaten by Goku. Vegeta's next battle was with # 17. Vegeta proved to be no match for # 17. Later on in the series Vegeta used Bulma's Brute Wave to reach SSJ 4. he fused with SSJ 4 Goku and they both fought Li Shenron.

Vegeta Jr.-fights against Goku Jr. in the very last world tournament shown in the series. He can go SSJ like any other Saiyan descendent. His abilities are shown mildly so it appears as though he has very little abilities to use. He is the son of one of Bulma's descendents, she is shown cheering for him in the crowd in the stadium.

Yajirobe-clings to his never ending supply of food supply while living with Korin on Korin's Tower and is seen delivering senzu beans to the Z warriors.

Korin-Lives on Korin's Tower and is seen giving and growing senzu beans to the Z warriors.

Yamcha-after the fighting with Cell he doesn't fight much but he remains a capable fighter.

Zod-a boy who lives in a village that is under attack by Ryuu Shenron. The other villagers saw Ryuu Shenron as a God, but Zod saw through the fake appearance. He was disturbed by the fact sea gulls were suffering due to Ryuu Shenron's hurricanes. He notifies Pan and Goku, thanks to a sea gull, Pan is able to find Ryuu Shenron's weakness and defeats the dragon.

Zunama-a giant eel-like alien, he has the ability to cause earthquakes whenever he moves his antennas. He threatens the people of a small village by telling them that if they don't do as he commands he will create earthquakes. As a plan to cut off his antennas in folds, it turns out that he could only predict earthquakes with them. Now, he uses this talent to help the people of the village.

Afterlife # 17-created by Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu that obeyed them both and could absorb energy. Was able to escape from hell, with a little help from those down in hell. His goal was to fuse with # 17 and destroy Goku.

Baby Vegeta-Possessed Vegeta who was content on bringing his world back. Made a wish with the black star dragon balls and even though earth was destroyed (any wish made with the balls that planet was destroyed) Baby had his planet. Goku was able to defeat him after many countless battle times and attempts. Every power up Goku did, Baby Vegeta was able to do also.

Don Kiaa (Don Kea)-is a dictator on a planet called Imegga. He loves money, so he forces his folks to pay absurd prices for their houses. He doesn't seem to have any attack power himself. Therefore he has some bodyguards in his service to protect him from rebels.

Geal and Kiru-the two minions of Don Kea. They aren't very strong and are easily defeated by Goku.

Rejiku-the very strong bodyguard of Don Kea. During the fight against Goku, he used a magical set of swords. He didn't do much until Goku went SSJ and defeated him with a kame hame ha.

The Parapara Brothers-these aliens are to steal the dragon balls from the heroes. They use a special dance technique which forced the heroes to dance with them. The heroes, losing the control over their bodies are then easily beaten up by the Parapara brothers. They have also the ability to do telepathy, which helped the heroes. Consisting of Bon Para, Son Para and Ron Para.

Mochimochi-this priest using a whip as a weapon is also working for Dr. Myuu with his whip he can turn people into dolls which are then sacrificed to Ruudo. He would terrorize anyone who failed him and hid god. He hired the Para brothers to obtain the dragon balls for him so they could resurrect their god. He was defeated when his pet Leon was defeated and blew up.

Doru-Takki-working for Dr. Myuu, has the job to find worshipers for the statue Ruudo. He likes playing with dolls very much especially playing with Pan after she was turned into a doll. He is killed by Rirudo because of his failure to capture the heroes.A reclusive prophet of Lude.

Muchi-is the whip Mochimochi was using. He turned out to be a strong enemy and caused the heroes a lot of troubles. With his whip-arms he could control the lifeless things in the surroundings. Trunks eventually kills him.

Energy Cannon 4-4 robots who can transform into one big robot. The EC 4 has all the fighters data from the heroes and think they can easily beat the heroes. But Goku is simply too strong for them. In the end they are absorbed by Rirudo and become a part of his body.

Piccolo-assists Goku in hell (after being bad on Grand Kai's plant) to get Goku out of hell and remains. Is killed when earth blows up because Baby makes a wish with the Black Star dragon balls to have Planet Plant back and is sent to be on Grand Kai's planet.

Bari Kaan "Barry Kahn"- A handsome teen super star who Buu tries to impersonate, (in order to make a girl not repulsed by him), by reshaping his rubbery face.

Pan- Pan is Gohan and Videl's daughter, (thus Goku's grand daughter), born in the year 779 AD. And she is an important character in the GT series. She is also the strongest female fighter in the series and very adventurous. Pan joins Chibi (young) Goku and now Teenaged Trunks in their search for the black star dragon balls that Kami made when he was still fused with his evil self Piccolo. Pan took control of Goku's mind while he was a Golden Oozaru (giant ape form) and caused him to transform to SSJ 4.

Gill-a small robot. He is found by Chibi Goku, Pan and Trunks on a planet. He ends up eating the dragon radar for energy to survive. Come to find out he becomes a walking talking dragon radar.

Android # 18-the wife of Krillin and mother to Marron. She helps Goku defeat Super # 17.

Videl-is married to Gohan and the mother of Pan. Her father is the great Mr. Satan. She is very strong for a human.

Mr. Satan (Hercule)-the father of Videl and grandfather to the strong and powerful Pan. He is still friends with his dog Bee and takes great care of his granddaughter.

Mr. Briefs-normally appearing as a comic relief.

Mrs. Briefs-still plays a small amount in the storyline and is nice to everyone as always.

Nappa-was the fellow warrior and Saiyan with Vegeta. He is seen very mildly in this series when Hell opens up he escapes along with other dead warriors. Vegeta meets up with him and kills him again.

Oolong-not much as a fighter, he mostly hangs out at Master Roshi's home.

Ox-King-Chi-Chi's father and he often hangs out with Chi-Chi and enjoys eating meatloaf.

Ryan Shenron-dragon of the 2 black star dragon ball. The negative energy that created him is the same that was used to revive Bora, Upa's father. This dragon got his power from a marsh.

Ryuu Shenron-dragon of the 6 black star dragon ball. The negative energy that created him is the same that was used when Oolong wished for a pair of women's panties. This is a female dragon and is able to create big and strong whirl winds.

San Shenron-dragon of the three black star dragon ball. This is the Ice Dragon and Suh�s brother.

Shenron-appears to explain to Goku about the evil dragons and in the end forms with Goku.

Shu-he helps Pilaf to gather the dragon balls to wish Goku to a child.

Suh Shenron-dragon of the four black star dragon ball. The negative energy that created him is the same that was used to make Piccolo's father young again. This is the sun dragon, his temperature can arrive at 6,000 degrees Celsius . After Goku turns into SSJ 4, Suh changed his aspect becoming bigger and golden yellow.

Super Hellfighter # 17-the fusion between # 17 and Hell # 17. he is extremely strong and manages to defeat all of the Z warriors. He also betrays Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu. He faces SSJ 4 Goku and seems to have the battle won. Thanks to 3 18's distraction, Goku is able to do his Dragon Fist Attack, thus breaking his power absorption. He then fires a kame hame ha to finally kill # 17.

Tien-is Chiaotzu's chief bodyguard. He makes few appearances later on, but still plays a decent roll.

Trunks-he becomes the CEO of Capsule Corporation, but doesn't like the pressures of an office job so he often runs off flying through the air. When Goku is turned into a child, Vegeta makes him accompany Goku and Pan to search the galaxy for the Black Star dragon balls. After all his space adventures, Trunks turns out to be a responsible young man.

Turtle-on Master Roshi's island and helps Roshi with his moments of weakness.

Chi-Chi-the wife of Goku. She has two sons known as Gohan and Goten and very stubborn. She is the strongest woman alive and daughter of the Ox-king.

Babi (Baby)-is the last of his species. The Saiyans had killed them all. He creates Dr. Myuu to help him reach his full power. He ends up possessing Vegeta to destroy Goku.

Frieza-makes one more appearance in hell. Goku ends up in hell and it is Frieza�s job to keep him there. Although he cannot die he give an all out attack on Chibi Goku but in the end he are frozen by a machine in the other world.

Cell-makes one more appearance in hell. Goku ends up in hell and it is Cell�s job to keep him there. Although he cannot die he give an all out attack on Chibi Goku but in the end he are frozen by a machine in the other world.

Dr. Myuu (My)-was created by Baby. When Dr. Myuu finish what he was created to do was destroyed by Baby and sent to hell where he meets Dr. Gero. Together they create a full android that is fully under their control. # 17.

Android # 17-after the fight with Cell, lost and separation with Cell, he goes to live in the wilderness when the Android Gero and Dr. Myuu creates locates him, defeats him and a total and permanent fusion takes place to form Super Hellfighter # 17, an android that can absorb energy.

General Rirudo-was sent on a mission to find Goku and steal the dragon balls from him. Goku was betrayed by Gill who took the dragon balls and delievers them to Rirudo. Goku kills Rirudo after a strenuous battle. His unique talent was to turn things into metal. He is later seen in hell when hell opens and all the villains come back. He comes back from hell and is later killed by Trunks and Goten. After partially turning Goku into metal he is killed by Goten and Trunks.

Dende-Guardian of earth with the ability to heal people at any cost and from any point to almost death.

Puar-Yamcha's trusted female cat companion with royalty towards Yamcha and the ability to shape shift.

Gogeta-the fusion dance of Vegeta and Goku where Goku is the main. These two fuse to fight Li Shenron and would have succeeded if they had not ran out of power as they did.

Black Star Shenron-after the death of Super 17, Goku and his friends put together the 7 dragon balls. Instead of Sheron appears a black dragon that represents the negative energy accumulated for many years (because the dragon balls use positive energy). This dragon is then divided into 7 evil Shenrons, each for every dragonball.

Chii Shenron-dragon of the 7 black star dragon ball. The negative energy created him is the same that was used to revive all the people killed by Majin Vegeta. The dragon first appears as a big mole that creates earthquakes. He then shows his real aspect, a big dragon with two tails.

Bulma-the mother of Trunks and Bra and wife of Vegeta. She has no fighting skills but she is a genius with all sorts of electronics alien and domestic. She and Vegeta start to show more affection for each other after he is possessed by Baby. Her invention is the main thing that gets Vegeta to his new found power, SSJ 4.

Emperor Pilaf-with the help of Mai and Shu, he gets the black star dragon balls to wish Goku back to his child form by accident, Pilaf had wanted world domination as usual but instead the dragon heard his wish and he granted it.

Gohan-husband of Videl, son of Goku and father to Pan. He has given up fighting by now and is pretty much focused on school. He is a scholar, he may not fight much but when the need arrives he does.

Goku-is turned into a child thanks to a wish made by Emperor Pilaf. Trunks, Pan and Goku go on their first adventure to retrieve the dragon balls. While they were gone, Baby has been causing chaos on earth. Goku ends up reaching his ultimate form SSJ 4 and defeats Baby. After he killed Baby, he is reunited with some old enemies, Dr. Gero and # 17 along with Dr. Myuu. Together they had created Super HellFighter # 17 which is killed by Goku using his Dragon Fist attack. After this battle 7 Shenrons come out of the cracking dragon balls, Goku and the Z warriors fight off the evil Shenron. After defeating them all, Goku absorbs the dragon balls and flies off on the eternal dragon.

Goku Jr.-is seen in the last episode of GT and the GT Special. In the series he is fighting in a World Tournmant against Vegeta Jr. Goku Jr. is one-sixteenth and fifteen sixteenths human. Pan is the grandmother of Goku Jr.

Goten-is now a grown up teenager. He is always trying to impress this girl he has a crush on. He is still the same eating crazed kid as before but can really get serious in a fight. While fighting Baby he gets a cut, which in turn is the reason why Baby possessed him. He doesn't play a big role in the series but is seem when trying to be the hero.

Li Shenron-dragon of the one black star dragon ball. The negative energy that created him is the same that was used to restore earth after the battle with Majin Buu. This is an electric dragon and the last on GT. This dragon fuses with the seven black star dragon balls, increasing his power.

King Kai-seen mostly givin advice to Goku from the other dimension.

Krillin-he is husband of # 18 and father of Marron. Now he just drives around with his wife and daughter buying stuff in shopping malls.

Lauch-shown normally with Tien and Chiaotzu. Our favorite bi-polar female who falls in love with Tien and Tien and Chiaotzu deals with her personality disorder that happens when she sneezes.

Ledgic-is the personal body guard of Don Kea, the ruler of Planet Imegga. This is the first planet where Chibi Goku, Pan and Trunks land on to search for the dragon balls. He is pretty strong opponent, and was able to take Goku down once Goku goes Super Saiyan the table turns, as is easily defeated.

Mai-Emperor Pilaf's right hand woman and the only one who he really trusts to carry out his bidding. She helps Pilaf get the black star dragon balls to wish Goku back to his child form.

Marron-is the now grown up daughter of Krillin and # 18. not a major character in the series and is seen very little. The times she is seen are with Krillin and # 18 shopping in some mall. Named after Maron, Krillin's first girl friend.

Kirano- A handsome male competitor in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He faces off against Captain Chicken.

Nokku- A testosterone filled youth who competes in the 28th Tenkaichi Budoukai. His opponent is Vegeta and before the competition even begins, he goes up to Vegeta calling him and old man. When Vegeta doesn't reply Nokku laughs and tells him to, "Die! Hahaha!". Vegeta raises his fist without even turning around and smashes the kid about 20 feet away into a brick wall.

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