Dragonball's Character List

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Dragon Ball

Dr. Gero—Goku almost single-handedly defeats the Red Ribbon Army. Except for one of the scientists of the army that Goku releases/lets go out of pity.

The Red Ribbon Army—the red ribbon army is another populace-terrorizing organization, set on finding the Dragon Balls so that the leader can make his wish (that he secretly wants to be taller) but tells his people that he was going to wish for world conquest. They play a major part in the series, as Goku single-handedly opposed them.

White Shogun—the head of muscle town, White Shogun terrorizes the North section of the world, focusing his efforts on Jingle Village, a nearby town.

Murasaki Socho—a ninja who is very fast and has lots of tricks up his sleeve. He serves as one of the top commandants of muscle town, second only to White Shogun.

Buuyon—well, not a real member of the Red Ribbon Army, Buuyon is a rubber-like monster who lives in Muscle Town. the guardian of the fifth floor of Muscle Tower. Buuyon is a blubbery create that can repel attacks by bouncing them back at its opponent. in order to destroy him, Goku punches a hole in the wall, which lets in freezing cold air from outside that freezes Buuyon solid.

Shenron—Earth’s dragon Shenron can be summoned by gathering all seven of the Dragon Balls. Shenron can bestow any wish as long as it does not exceed the person of its creator and as long as the creator still lives. Only one wish will be granted each time Shenron is summoned.

Turtle—Master Roshi’s friend and long-time companion, the good-natured Turtle lives in the Kame House with the elderly hermit. Turtle’s calming wisdom often serves to keep Master Roshi in line during his moments of weakness.

Goku—taught martial arts by his late adoptive grandfather, Gohan, who raised him out of the wilderness. Goku is extremely strong, agile, and virtually fearless. He’ll take on any fighter no matter what the odds are if he thinks that someone has been wrong. And he’ll usually win. That’s because Goku is not your typical eight-year old (12 year old?) he sports a tail, is able to fly short distances and carries a magic fighting stick (power pole) that stretches to incredible heights.

Oolong—Oolong becomes an integral member of the team of good guys. After a rocky beginning of terrorizing a small village, he joins the group on their quest for the Dragon Balls.

Ox-king—Ox-king is a huge, musclar hulk. He’s larger than Goku and all his friends put together. And his strength matches his incredible size and his daughter is Chi-Chi. He promises Goku that if he can put out the flames then he would give Chi-Chi her hand in marriage. Goku agrees because he does not know what marriage is and since he trained under Master Roshi with his Grandpa Gohan then he was more than happy to help.

Namek sei-jin no Waka Mono "Young Nishi Kaioushin "Kaioushin of the West"- The only female Kaioushin. She's killed by Buu millions of years before Dragon Ball begins.

Mutaito- Mutaito is Kame and Tsuru Sennins' teacher. He successfully seals Piccolo Daimaou in the Denshi Jar with his Mafuba technique, but in invoking the attack, he also kills himself. In the anime, Goku actually meets Mutaito and he's the first person in the series to teach Goku about controlling his "ki". In fact, he's the first person to even mention the word, which soon becomes the explanation for the incredible energy techniques used throughout Dragon Ball.

Murasaki Souchyou "Operative Purple"- The deadly ninja of a thousand techniques who works under the command of White Shogun in Muscle Tower. Goku’s fight with Murasaki is classic. It mixes classic ninja techniques, with Goku’s kooky style of repelling them, (such as pouring boiling water down a reed Murasaki uses to breathe with under-water). Murasaki is simply punched out by Goku in the manga, but in the anime, he gets blown up by the bomb from Artificial Human 8's body. Murasaki is 5' 7" tall and weighs 135 and 1/2 lbs.

Murasaki Souchyou no Kyodai "Operative Purple's Brothers"- Murasaki calls his four brothers into action to help him fight Goku. Each is armed with different a deadly weapon.

Megane Buta "Eyeglass Pig"- A near-sighted pig who acts as sort of a town crier for Penguin Village. He makes his announcements from atop a tree.

Mezu*- The red ogre who Goku plays tag with in order to find the secret path back to the Serpent Path.

Metarikku Gunsou "Sergeant Metallic"- A large android who Goku is forced to fight on the third floor of Muscle Tower. Metallic only goes down after Goku blasts his head off with a Kame Hame Ha, and even after that, he keeps attacking, but eventually he shuts down.

Mera*- A beautiful demon who helps Goku escape from the Underworld with Princess Miisa.

Yajirobe- Yajirobe is a sword-wielding, vagabond monk. He first meets Goku during the Piccolo Daimaou Saga and befriends him under an odd set of circumstances. While the two are talking, Piccolo Daimaou's child, Cymbal sneaks up on them. Both Goku and Yajirobe are eager to fight him, but Yajirobe wins a game of paper-scissors, so he gets to fight him. He slices the monster in half. Yajirobe is far from being the coward he's portrayed as in the English version. Granted he's not always running head-first into danger, but he's not a baby. Yajirobe later rescues Goku from his first encounter with Piccolo Daimaou and takes him to Karin to drink the Super God Water, (and get healed with a Senzu). Yajirobe takes a liking to Karin's abode, so he stays with him after the Piccolo Daimaou Saga ends. Yajirobe shows up a lot in Dragon Ball, up to the appearance of Frieza. After that, he shows up during the beginning of the Android Saga, but that's about it. Of course he makes a few more appearances in the manga, (and many more short ones in the anime), but he loses a lot of his importance, like many of the original Z Soldiers near the end of the series. Yajirobe is 5' 4" tall, (he's a little self conscious of his weight so he doesn't give it out).

Yamcha- Born in 733 AD, Yamcha began as a common thief. He stoles Capsules from wanderers who traveled through his desert with the help of his friend Puar. Yamcha originally wanted to make a wish with the Dragon Balls to do away with his horrible fear of women, but during the time that he shadows Bulma and the others, he learns to deal with females. He and Bulma get together after the whole ordeal with Emperor Pilaf, and become boyfriend and girlfriend. This carries on for a looking time. Yamcha plays a large part of most major events in Dragon Ball, and is usually around. After the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai, he trains with Krillin and Tien at Kame Sennin's and becomes a member of the Turtle School of Martial Arts, as depicted on his orange gi. Yamcha is killed by a Saibai Man during the Saiya-jin Saga, and Bulma realizes how much she loves him after she loses him, so she decides to go help the other search for the Dragon Balls on Namek. Yamcha then spends time training on Kaiou Samma's planet and is eventually tearfully reunited with Bulma later. However, his time with Bulma was short lived. Yamcha always had a problem with young girls chasing after him, and although he wasn't always interested in them, Bulma always discovered him in awkward situations which weren't his fault, so Bulma loses interest in him and heads over to Rancho Del Vegeta. Yamcha is not hit too hard by the turn of events, and still remains good friends with Bulma. His presence is zilch by the end of DBZ, and even when he's around, he doesn't do anything useful, this is partly due to the fact that after the Cell Saga, he loses interest in training and settles down. Yamcha is never seen with another woman. Yamcha is 6' tall and weighs 151 lbs.

Ranchi "Lunch" “Launch”- Ranchi is Kame Sennin's house maid retrieved by Goku and Krillin for the dirty old man as their first task. Ranchi happily carries out her work for Kame Sennin and never realizes that the ancient pervert is constantly trying to grab, poke, rub or catch of glimpse of her panties or bra. Most of the time, his schemes are foiled when Ranchi sneezes, causing her to change into an evil blonde haired Ranchi who robs banks for fun, and loves shoot outs, but when she sneezes again, she returns to her normal innocent self. Ranchi is in Dragon Ball quite a bit and develops a crush on Tien in early Dragon Ball Z episodes, but as with other side characters, she eventually tapers off to nothingness. She appears in the last episodes of DBZ and gives her energy to Goku for his Ultimate Genki Dama.

Ranfan- Ranfan is a competitor in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament who uses the fact that she's a "defenseless" woman as a weapon. For example, she shrieks when someone is about to hit her, causing them to pause, and in that time, she'll deliver a crushing punch or kick. If that technique fails, then she strips and tries to shock or embarrass her opponent. Am-- is only able to defeat her by closing his eyes and attacking her without, "looking upon her womanly flesh.". Ranfan was born in 726 AD. She's 5' 5" tall and weighs 111 lbs.

Redo Sousei "Red Leader"- The leader of the infamous Red Ribbon Army. He wishes to have the Dragon Balls to grant his greatest wish, and thousands upon thousands of men join his army when they produce images of world power and the such, however, in the last episodes of the Red Ribbon Saga, Red reveals to his servant, Black Hosa, that he was going to wish to be taller, (the guy's a midget). Black is stunned by the news and shoots Red in the forehead out of contempt, (if you found out you'd been working for a guy who was creating havoc across the world just to wish to be taller, you'd be a bit peeved yourself).

Redo no Kau Neko Mitaina Dobutsu "Red's Animal Cat"*- A vicious little creature who likes a cross between a cat and a Gremlin. It sits on Red's lap in the anime, and attacks anyone it feels needs a good thrashing. It even bites Red himself in the hand and draws blood.

Redo Ribbon Gun no Kapuseru Roboto "Red Ribbon Military Capsule Robot"- A robot stored in a Capsule that has all sorts of military actions programmed into it. Goku discovers one and asks it to fly a plane for him. The Robot has a snotty attitude, and crashes the plane just outside Jingle Village. Goku is rescued from the wreckage by Snow.

Remuria "Lemlia"*- The Princess of planet Arlia who was forced to leave her husband and marry the evil King Moai.

Rou Gakushya "Revered Scholar"*- A scholar who lives in a volcano researching the life of the Hikui bird.

Ounton Ou "King Wonton"- The king of a fairly large village who holds a martial arts tournament in his palace to decide who will be the village's head martial arts teacher.

Ookami "Wolf"*- Early on in the anime, Goku fights off a pack of hungry wolves to get himself some dinner.

Kaka*- An artist hired to paint a picture of Red Sousei. Red is extremely pleased with the picture because Kaka draws him as being very tall.

Kuresu Ou "King Kuresu"*- Princess Miisa's father. His kingdom is terrorized by demons every night, but Goku seals the demons in the Underworld and saves the town.

Gosoushya no Otoko Tachi "Men from the Orphanage"- A group of men who try to take the orphans, living in their old town destroyed by a tidal wave, to an orphanage. Every day, the orphans deter them by tiring them out, or hurling rocks at them.

Gora*- A tall ogre who guards the entrance to the Underworld with Mera.

Keikan A and B "Police Officers A and B"- Two police officers who chase after the Blonde-haired Ranchi. Goku and Krillin rescue her from them.

Kyo Jin "Big Person"- A huge muscular man who faces Krillin in the Elimination Round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. Krillin simply grabs him by the finger, and hurls him through a brick wall.

Saru no Oyako "Monkey Family"*- A monkey child and mother who befriend Goku when he saves them from the Red Ribbon Army.

Debu*- A fat drunk in a western bar where Ranchi makes her first appearance in the anime.

Chibi*- A short drunkard in the bar where Ranchi makes her first appearance in the anime.

Tori "Bird"- A white bird who has a Dragon Ball in its nest. It flies off with the Dragon Ball after being startled by gunshots, and gets eaten by a Pteradon, along with the Dragon Ball.

Doberuman "Dobermen"*- Shuu's squad of attack dogs who are sent to stop Yamcha, Goku and the others from escaping Emperor Pilaf's palace.

Chourou "Great Elder"*- A village elder of a small town holding a festival in honor of their Mountain God. Krillin, Tien, Chiaotzu and Yamcha stumble upon his village and rescue it from a volcanic eruption.

Chyuri no haha "Chyuri's Mama"*- The mother of a little girl who lives in the Goro Goro Mountains.

Noppo*- A tall drunk who's in the western type bar where Ranchi makes her first appearance in the anime.

Baatenda A "Bartender A"*- An old western-type bartender who serves Ranchi a drink when she saunters into a bar as her good-self.

Baatenda B "Bartender B"*- A young peppy bartender who serves Ranchi when she's depressed over Tien's death.

Paoru "Paul"*- The top fighter from a small village at the foot of a seemingly dormant volcano. He takes a liking to Krillin.

Taitanzu no Kantoku "The Titan's Manager"*- The manager of the major league baseball team Yamcha plays on.

Hi Ou "Queen Hi"*- The mother of Princess Miisa, and the wife of King Kuresu.

Heishi*- Sword carrying soldiers of the Underworld.

Hodouin Jyosei "Orphanage Woman"*- The head of the orphanage. She and her men try to round up the children remaining from a terrible tidal wave that destroyed an entire town. But she is always chased off by the kids. When Pigero leaves the children, she finally succeeds and moves them to the orphanage.

Minto "Mint"*- A little girl who lives in a village at the foot of a dormant volcano with her brother Paul. Krillin has a crush on her.

Monban*- Spear hurling soldiers of the Underworld.

Monsuta "Monster"*- A big dragon-type creature who Kame Sennin, Yamcha, and others battle to retrieve a Dragon Ball that it has. Kame Sennin defeats it by farting on it.

Mohikan "Mohichan"-One of Yamcha's opponents in the Elimination Round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He KO's him with a powerful elbow to the face.

Rikishi- A sumo wrestler beaten by Tien in the Elimination Round of the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Refurii "Referee"*- The vegetable theme referees for the Annoyoichi Budoukai.

Oguri "Ugly"- A nasty pitcher who enjoys walking his opponents by pitching fast balls at their kidneys. He despises Yamcha though, since he's the only person who's hit a home run from his pitches.

Buraku Hosa "Black Hosa"- Black Hosa is Red Sousei's servant. He obeys just about everything he's told to do, until he finds out Red's true ambition, at which point he shoots Red and takes over the Red Ribbon Army. He finds himself in a battle against Goku in the RR's top secret weapon, the Battle Jacket. Goku kills Black by propelling himself straight through the robotic armor, causing it to explode.

Furappe Hakase "Dr. Frappe"*- Plot hole city! In the anime, Dr. Frappe was said to be the creator of Artificial Human 8. Of course as we all know it was Dr. Gero, but Toriyama was still years and years away from that point in the story line, so the animators took it upon themselves to create Dr. Frappe. Frappe is a brilliant scientist who is forced to work for the RR Army to create Artificial Human 8. In the anime, Murasaki holds him hostage and threatens to kill him for making Artificial Human 8 a failure, but of course, Goku rescues the day and saves Frappe, Snow and Artificial Human 8. After that experience, Frappe removes the bomb from Artificial Human 8's body, allowing him to safely live with the townspeople of Jingle Village.

Pachinko Kozou "Pachinko Boy"- A brave little boy who fires a pachinko ball at Oolong from a sling-shot when he tries to intimidate Goku.

Hakkake Basan "Grandma Hakkake"*- An old woman who lives in a northern forest by herself. She teaches Chichi how to be a good wife for Goku, and she lets Goku and Chichi borrow the Basho Sen so they can put out the flames at Gyuu Maou's castle.

Hacchi*- A Chinese boy who lives with the orphans Gohan finds when he tries to escape his training.

Baioreto Taisa "Violet Taisa"- The only female high ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army. She's only seen briefly, and simply gives Red Sousei the 5 Star Dragon Ball which her team located.

Paozu Bachan "Grandma Paozu"- An old woman who lives in a village near Mount Paozu who gives Goku and Bulma the 6 Star Dragon Ball as a reward for rescuing the girls Oolong captured.

Bakuterian "Bacterian"- A huge filthy competitor in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai who washed or brushed his teeth since the day he was born. He uses his stench as a weapon since his opponents need to hold their noses closed, he can attack them better. All of his special attacks are disgusting and range from spitting on his victim, to touching them with sweat from his groin. Krillin almost loses to him, until Goku reminds Krillin that he's just imagining the smell because he doesn't have a nose. Which Krillin quickly remembers and beats Bacterian almost instantly. Bacterian is 6' 8" tall and weighs a whopping 435 and 1/2 lbs.

Pagosu*- A member of the buffoonish Penguin Village Police Force.

Hasukii "Husky"*- A master thief employed by the Red Ribbon Army to steal Goku’s Dragon Balls. While it's never clearly stated whether she is or isn't, it can be assumed that she's actually Ranchi's blonde haired alter-ego. Even though she tries many times, she not successful in getting Goku’s Dragon Ball, a task for which the Red Ribbon Army pays her 1,000,000 zeni to accomplish.

Senbe Norimaki- Senbe is a self-proclaimed genius, (even though his own son is much smarter than him). He creates Arale chan and many crazy inventions such as a Time Stop watch and all sorts of vehicles. He's not exactly attractive, but he's really a kind-hearted guy. He has the ability to hold a handsome pose for 3 minutes, then he turns back to normal. He eventually marries Midori Yamabuki and they have a son together. He was born in 722 AD.

Taabo Norimaki "Turbo Norimaki"- Senbe and Midori's son who is an incredible genius. He has the ability to memorize the blueprints of a machine simply by looking at it, and he can reconstruct things telepathically. He's the only other person in Dragon Ball who demonstrates the ability to build a Dragon Radar from scratch. he was born in 749 AD.

Midori Norimaki (Yamabuki is her maiden name)- Midori is Arale's beautiful teacher at school who Senbe has a crush on. Throughout the series, he's always trying to impress her, and eventually she marries him. The two live happily together and have a son named Turbo. She was born in the year 727 AD.

Tao Pai Pai- Tao Pai Pai is a world-renowned assassin employed by the Red Ribbon Army to take out Goku and locate several Dragon Balls. When he first meets him, Goku is without question a match for him. (The man kills Blue Shogun with merely his tongue for God's sakes!). They make him out to be quite a vile character since he kills Upa's father right in front of his eyes and commits various other cruel acts. He's eventually beaten by Goku, well sorta. The second time he faces off against Goku, he loses terribly, and in his frustration tries to utilize weapons. Eventually he throws a grenade at Goku, and Goku returns it to him. Boom! However, he's not dead yet. He later return as a Cyborg and faces of against Tien during the 23rd Tenkaichi Budoukai. He wants to settle a score with the "traitor". (You see, Tao Pai Pai is Tsurusennin's brother and Tien was Tsurusennin's former student). During the match Tao Pai Pai whips out a knife from his mechanical arm and slashes Tien across the chest, leaving him scarred for the rest of his life. Tien KO's with a swift powerful punch later in the match. Tao Pai Pai re-appears later in the anime during the Cell Saga. Tao Pai Pai is 5' 8" tall and weighs 155 and 1/2 lbs.

Son Gohan Ojisan "Grandpa Gohan"- Born in the year 658, Gohan was a martial arts master who basically lived a hermit's life in Mount Paozu. He was trained by the Master Roshi at the same time Gyuu Maou was also being trained by him. Gyuu and Gohan knew each other very well. Gohan was the man who wielded the legendary Nyoi Bo, a powerful extending staff. Gohan found the young Saiya-jin baby Kakarroto in the forest of Mount Paozu he named him Son Goku. He raised Goku and taught him martial arts, he and Goku lived happily together. However, one unfortunate evening, Goku looked up at the full moon and transformed into his Oosaru form. Gohan was no match for the beast and was unfortunately crushed by him. Goku gets to meet up with Gohan's spirit later in the series though. Gohan is actually the last competitor in Uranai Baba's line-up up foes who Goku faces off against. Goku doesn't even know that it's his grandfather's spirit, (because he's wearing a cat mask), until after the match. Goku meets up with his grandfather one last time in the anime at the end of Dragon Ball at the border between the underworld and the Earth.

Shyuu “Shu” “Shao”- Emperor Pilaf's ninja crone. He and Mai usually work together to carry out the work of their vertically challenged and short tempered Emperor. He's one of the first villains in the Dragon Ball series, but perhaps villain is too strong a word. He is a bumbling, furry ball of comic relief. He hasn’t carried out a successful mission yet, but Pilaf keeps him around so that he’s not surrounded by anyone too competent to overthrow him. A warrior and a thief by trade, he is boastful when on top and a chicken when at risk.

Pirafu "Pilaf"- The great and wonderful Emperor Pilaf! Pilaf is a monster midget who shows up from time to time in Dragon Ball and always stirs up trouble of some sort. His goal is to rule the world, (with the help of his loyal assistants Shyuu and Mai), and he comes close to realizing his dream several times, but his plans are ALWAYS thwarted by Goku at the last minute, (sometimes by mistake). He's a re-occurring character in Dragon Ball and shows up nearly twice as much in the anime. He weighs 71 lbs. and his height is.......well, he doesn't wish to disclose it. But outside of ambition, he has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. In fact, the only thing that can be said for him is that he’s a largely incompetent, yet somehow succeeds inspite of himself.

Pinfu*- A little baby who appears in the Dragon Ball anime.

Jackie Chun- Master Roshi’s alter-ego during the 21st and 22nd Martial Arts Tournament. He’s a mysterious fighter and he won the first and almost won the second when he went up against Tien. He made it to the eight finals and he entered this year to show his students (Goku and Krillin) that there is always going to be someone stronger then they are out there and they should never give up training.

"Shitate A" Tailor A- An unfortunate tailor who makes the mistake of asking Tao Pai Pai to pay for the clothes he fitted him with. Tao Pai Pai swiftly kills him for not recognizing him as a world renowned assassin.

"Shitate B" Tailor B- A tailor who fits Goku with some dress clothes after his old gi was a wreck because he had been wearing it since he competed in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai. But Goku doesn't like the clothes, so he strips naked in the middle of a street and changes into a new orange gi.

Shyaoron*- Tenron's little brother, (little only in name), who accuses Chinshyou of stealing his wallet, just so that he can pick a fight with the boy's father, Chindai.

Sanzoku Guma "Bear Thief"- Goku’s first "major" battle with an enemy takes place with this dude. He's a humorous sword-wielding bear with a taste for sea turtle. He threatens to eat Umigame, but Goku defends the tortoise and takes out the bear with his Jan Ken move.

CQV no Repota "CQV Reporter"- A reporter for station CQV who covers the crisis in Ginger Town where people are mysteriously disappearing.

Konkichi*- A little fox kid who Goku meets on the final stretch of his trip around the world. He's a thief, but he only steals to survive. He treats Goku like a king since he saved his life.

Daigorou Kurigashisa- One of the inhabitants of Penguin Village who pops up during the cross-over series. I don't know much about Dr. Slump so I don't have any background information on him.

Giran- One of the eight finalists in the world martial arts tournament, the monster beast Giran has a reputation as one of the more dangerous fighters in the world. Ruthless and hard-of-heart, Giran is always eager for a fight, and enjoys pounding anyone foolish enough to challenge him. This enormous dinosaur-like creature is able to fly using his powerful wings. He also spits out a strong gooey substance called his “merry-go-round gum”, which he uses to trap his opponents. Once an adversary is bound by this rubbery substance, he is unable to break free. When he’s not fighting, Giran has a voracious appetite, and enjoys washing down his considerable meals with a few cold glasses of milk.

Kurikinton Soramame- A barber in Penguin Village.

Giran Ichizoku "Giran's Townspeople"*.- In the anime, Goku visits Giran's village and meets a bunch of Pteradon creatures like him.

Kinkaku*- A thug who Goku meets when he makes his trip around the world. He and his brother Ginkaku terrorize the people of a small mountain village and force them to present them with food once a month. Kinkaku wields a man-eating gourd that sucks people in if they do not respond when their name is called. Once inside the gourd, the victim is dissolved and becomes sake.

Ginkaku*- Ginkaku is Kinkaku's smaller brother. He and his brother are beaten by Goku and forced to work for the people of the village.

Kingu Kyasuru Eihei "The King's Castle Guard"- A huge guard who tries to stop Piccolo Daimaou from getting to the King, but Daimaou kills him by putting his fist through the guard's chest.

Aoi Kimidori- This is Akane's older sister. She runs the Coffee Pot cafe in Penguin Village.

Kanemochi Fuufu- A rich couple that pays to have their fortune told by Uranai Baba.

Kami Samma "God"- Born in the year 250 AD. on the planet Namek, he was the son of Katastu and sent to Earth for fear that the planet would be destroyed by violent storms. He grew up alone on Earth, and eventually, (this part is never explained), felt the ambition to be Kami. So he trained under the current Kami and in 431 AD. he ascended to the throne. He ruled until 767 AD. when he rejoined with Piccolo to grant him more power and knowledge.

Kame Sennin/Master Roshi "Turtle Elder AKA Master Roshi"- Born in the year 430 AD., Master Roshi became the strongest man in the world after his sensei was killed by invoking the Mafuba technique on Piccolo Daimaou. He participated in many Tenkaichi Budoukai's and won every one he participated in, up to the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai. Then, in 749 AD., he met Son Goku. In September of that year, he began training Goku and Krillin. After that the rest was history. He is later surpassed by all of the Z-Soldiers but never loses his fighting spirit. He is a pervert who owns the world's largest collection of porn magazines. He is 5' 4" tall and weighs 97 lbs. His home address is NBI8250012B. An ancient and wise master of martial arts, Master Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge. He is very old, completely bald, has a long, white beard and hermit like tendencies.

Korin- Korin is the 800 year old white cat who lives at the top of Korin Tower. He is a deity just below the rank of Kami. He plays a large role in Dragon Ball when he trains Goku ,(although Goku doesn't know it at the time). He also gives Goku the Super God Water which gives him the power to defeat Piccolo Daimaou. In addition to that, Korin is the only one who grows the Senzu beans which heal wounds and are equivalent to eating 10 days worth of food. In DBZ he shows up from time to time, but not too often. Yajirobe ends up living with him in the tower.

Kappa Shogun "Copper Shogun"- This member of the Red Ribbon Army is mentioned, but never actually seen.

Gaikotsu Eihei "Skeleton Guard"- A decayed soldier that keeps a silent vigil at Uranai Baba's battle grounds.

Kaizoku Robo "Pirate Robot"- A giant robot built by ancient pirates to guard their treasure. He's one nasty sucker too. He wiped out by Goku and team in the manga fairly quickly, but it takes them more than an episode to deal with him in the anime. He has a limitless amount of ammo is a arm-mounted machine gun, as well as flame thrower.

Obo Chyaman- One of the many inhabitants of Penguin Village, (the main town in Akira Toriyama's other manga Dr. Slump). A lot of the old characters show up in a short series of installments where Goku and Blue Shogun end up in Penguin Village by mistake. This particular fellow was made to mock the famous Astro Boy character from a VERY old anime and manga.

Omawari san "Police Officer"- The friendly police officer in the West Capital who helps Goku locate Bulma's house.

Kinoni Sarada- One of the wacky inhabitants of Penguin Village. Kinoni is little kid that rides around on a tricycle.

Oodako "Great Octopus"- A gigantic octopus Goku does battle with. He beats it with the Kame Hame Ha and eats some of it afterward. Cooked octopus is a delicacy in Japan.

Oorinji no Senpai Tachi "Elders of the Many Tree Temple"- Krillin's elders that beat him up for fun when he was in the Orinji Temple.

Uranai Baba "Fortune Telling Granny"- This old witch is Kame Sennin's sister who has the unique ability to see the future in her crystal ball. She's about 500 years old and her home address is FS199644CC. She'd be more than happy to tell you your future. All you have to do is pay her 10 billion Zeni, or defeat her five "other-worldly" martial arts experts.

Earobi no Onna no Hito- "Aerobics Woman" This is the woman who teaches the aerobics classes on TV that Kame Sennin always drools over.

Eihei Taichyou "Head Guard"- The King's personal bodyguard. Piccolo Daimaou kills him dropping him out of the King's private escape jet.

Oolong no Neratsuta Musume "Oolong's Planned Servant Girl"- The little Indian girl Oolong wanted to capture from a village and make his wife and servant.

Ueburi- One of the young competitors in the Children's Division of the 25th Tenkaichi Budoukai. He loses because he throws a crying fit.

Uketsuke no Oyaji "Receptionist Man"- The man who registers fighters in the Tenkaichi Budoukai.

Usagi Dan Danin "Rabbit Gang Members"- The two machine-gun toting members of the Rabbit Gang who terrorize a town.

Upa- The little Indian who accompanies Goku for a short time in order to recover all of the Dragon Balls so he can wish his father, Bora, back to life. Upa a member of the Indian tribe who serve as the guardians of Karin Tower. His father is the chief, however, the rest of the tribe is not seen until the end of the manga. He participates in the fight against Uranai Baba's thugs and manages to defeat the Vampire with garlic breath.

Iiero Taisa no Buka "Yellow Taisa's Junior Officer"- One of Yellow's subordinates killed by Bora.

Ieroo Taisa "Yellow Taisa"- One of the high ranking members of the Red Ribbon Army. He's one of the many Animal Person characters and he happens to be a tiger. He's killed by Goku who punches him out of his own plane.

Krillin- Everyone's favorite monk! Krillin is a member of the Orinji Temple, a sect of monks. The six dots on his head are scars which are burned into the forehead of each member. Contrary to popular belief he is NOT bald. He shaves his head so that an opponent cannot grab his hair in a fight. He is a young boy, like Goku, who comes into the action when he arrives to study martial arts under Master Roshi.

Akuman "Devil Man"- One of Uranai Baba's nastiest fighters. He gave Goku a run for his money and tried to explode his heart by expanding the evil inside it, but unfortunately for him, he didn't know that Goku had a pure heart.

Inoshikachyou*- A very large (and odd-looking) wild boar which Tien and Chiaotzu use as part of their con act. They tell the creature to destroy a town, so it does. Tien and Chiaotzu then step forward and offer to kill the beast for money. Obviously they pretend to kill it, and they get the townspeople's money. They go from town to town doing the same thing, until Goku messes up their evil plans.

Iruka "Dolphin"- A friendly dolphin that gives Goku and Chichi directions to Kame Sennin's house.

NBS no Anaunsa "NBS's Announcer"- The announcer for channel NBS. He covers the story of Piccolo Daimaou.

Kenpau Ka- A street fighter who offers people 100,000 zeni if they can beat him. He fights "a little kid" named Goku and loses pathetically. Goku uses the money he wins to locate Bulma’s house.

Goremu*- I have no clue who this is, but they only appear in the anime, and they're probably a character in Dragon Ball, which I haven't seen all of yet.

Ko Gamera "Kid Gamera"- If you fall into one of two categories, then you'll get this joke. Either A. A MST3K freak or B. A Japanese monster movie freak. Gamera is a giant turtle from outer space with two rockets coming out of his butt that he uses to fly around with. Think Godzilla with a shell. Obviously, Akira Toriyama is a bit of a fan. Since Master Roshi doesn't fly, lost the Kintoun to Goku, (which he couldn't ride anyway) and sometimes needs to get places fast, he calls in Kid Gamera. It's a little mini version of Gamera that Master Roshi can fly around on. Now, the thing about Gamera is that when he flies, he spins around in circles, so does kid Gamera. So when Master Roshi utilizes this mode of transportation, whenever he gets off, he immediately vomits. Obviously, it's not a very popular way of getting around.

Koku Ou "King of the World"- The little dog/man ruler of the world. He pops up from time to time during times of crisis. He played a fairly large role in Dragon Ball when Daimaou lead an assault on his castle and claimed it as his own. He's one of the few people who knows that Goku is actually a hero.

Kon Doru no Shyonen "Dirty Boy"*- A dirty little thief (figuratively and literally) who steals Goku’s clothes and his Dragon Radar while he bathes. Goku finds him by his scent.

Saade*- One of the competitors in the Annoyoichi Budoukai. He was born in the year 3500 BC.

Shura*- A god of demons who dwells in the underworld. His legion of demons terrorize a kingdom, but Goku beats the demon god in a fighting tournament and ceases his attacks on the village.

Shiruba Taisa "Silver Taisa"- The first member of the Red Ribbon Army that Goku encounters and battles. By normal means he's a good fighter, but Goku takes him out in no time. He isn't killed by Goku though, only KO'ed.

Jinku*- One of the orphans Gohan meets when he escapes from Piccolo's training in the wilderness. He looks like a fox.

Jinguru ora no Sonchyou "The Mayor of Jingle Village"- The mayor of Jingle Village who was kidnapped by the Red Ribbon Army and held for ransom in Muscle Tower to make the townspeople work for them.

Jinzouningen Hachi Gou "Artificial Human Number 8" AKA Hachan- Dr. Gero's first "successful" creation, (although there was a BIG plot hole in the anime that said Dr. Frappe invented him, but I won't touch on that here). While Number 8 was magnificently powerful, he was built too well and possessed the ability to think for himself, and he decided that he didn't want to do evil things for the Red Ribbon Army. He befriends Goku and helps him on his trip up Muscle Tower. Hachan was much stronger than Goku at that particular time, but he was a pacifist, and didn't like to fight. He had a bomb inside his body which could be activated with an Emergency Stop Controller. Murasaki was going to kill Hachan by activating the bomb since he was defective, but Goku saved him by destroying the controller. Hachan can also be seen near the end of DBZ and also in the Dragon Ball 10th Anniversary Special.

Shinbaru "Cymbal"- Piccolo Daimaou's third son. Cymbal resembles....well actually I don't know, but he looks sort of like a Dragon with a plump human-esque body. He's killed by Yajirobe who slices him in half, then roasts him over a fire and eats him. Cymbal is 5' 9" tall and weighs 255 and a half lbs. He was born and killed in the year 753.

Suke san "Mr. Invisible"- An invisible man who Yamcha faces off against. He's one of Uranai Baba's fighters whom she lets people battle. If the people beat all of her monsters, then they can have their fortune told for free. Mr. Invisible is defeated by hysterical but ridiculous means. Goku nabs Bulma and Master Roshi, then he has Krillin swipe off Bulma’s top, thus exposing what she was graciously endowed with. Seeing this, Master Roshi suffers from his biggest nose bleed ever and covers the invisible man in blood making him possible to see and thus tangible.

Supa Man "Super Man"- One of the inhabitants of Penguin Village and ironically, one of the few characters I actually know something about. I could go on for paragraphs on this character's side-splitting antics, but since he's mainly a Dr. Slump character, I'll just stick to his role in Dragon Ball and since I like him so much, I'll summarize the whole scene. He's a short pudgy Clark Kent look-alike who changes into his alter-ego "Supa Man" by running into a telephone and putting on classic Super Man garb. If you understand Japanese his outfit is even funnier because he has the kana "Tsu" on his chest in place of the "S". He's actually just a typical average Joe, who's no different from you or me, but he claims to have super power which he gains by eating pickled plums, (yum yum). He meets up with Blue Shogun who orders him to get out of his car and let him commandeer it. He refuses and runs into a nearby telephone booth and changes into "Supa Man". He declares that he will not give up his car to any source of evil. Blue Shogun calmly walks over to the telephone booth, picks it up, and crushes it. After that "Supa Man" gladly gives his car over to Blue and gives him directions to the nearest airport. As Blue drives away, "Supa Man" stand triumphant and declares that he has made the particular place of ground that he's standing on a safer place.

Suno "Snow"- A little 9 year old girl that lives in Jingle Village. She rescues Goku from the freezing weather which he isn't accustomed to when his plane crashes in the cold northern region.

Suno no chichi "Snow's Daddy"- Snow's father who is forced to work for the Red Ribbon Army and search for a Dragon Ball.

Suno no haha "Snow's Mommy"- Snow's mother who takes care of Goku and provides him with appropriate snow gear for his assault on Muscle Tower.

Seiretsu Shiji Obake "Ghost Usher"- Uranai Baba's little servant ghost who directs people from place to place at Uranai Baba's home.

Tapika*- A competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who can move with incredible speed. The only problem is, he tires out WAY too quickly and has to forfeit the match before his opponent even tries to attack.

Tanbarin "Tamborine"- The vilest and most hated of Piccolo Daimaou's spawn. Tamborine was given the assignment from his father to kill all finalists who participated in previous Tenkaichi Budoukai's and to pick up any Dragon Balls he finds along the way. Tamborine basically goes from place to place killing people and looking for Dragon Balls. His first victim is Krillin, (whom he killed simply for his Dragon Ball, he hadn't been given his assignment to kill former competitors yet). This was the first time Krillin had been killed and Goku was livid with Tamborine. The first time Goku faces Tamborine, he's KO'ed. However, the second time, he manages to kill Tamborine with a Kame Hame Ha. Tamborine is 6' 1" tall and weighs 164 lbs.

Tanmen*- A little girl Goku meets on his trip around the world.

Chyunshi*- Boy do I wish I knew who this was. There isn't even a picture of them, so I'm assuming they were a character who was only mentioned in the anime.

Chyao*- A little girl Goku meets during his trip around the world in the anime. She's saved by Goku in the mountains near her village and she begs him to help save her village from Ginkaku and Kinkaku.

Chiaotzu- Chiaotzu is Tien's pint-sized telepathic pal. Tien and Chiaotzu's past is never completely revealed but it's known for sure that Tien will protect Chiaotzu no matter what. Chiaotzu is classified as being an Earthling, so if he belongs to some different race, it isn't known. He stands 4' 5" tall and weighs 73 lbs. Chiaotzu can fight very well, but most of his special abilities revolve around telepathy. He can cease a person's movement if he's able to keep his concentration and can talk to Tien by telepathy.

Chyuri*- A little girl Goku meets in the Goro Goro mountains while performing his training for Kami. He helps her find her pet bird Pi Pi.

Chinshyou Ken*- Chinshyou is the son of the martial arts teacher, Chindai. He's very proud of his power, and doesn't have much faith in Goku’s strength. He tries to prevent Goku from participating in a martial arts tournament by putting a laxative in Goku’s Miso soup.

Chindai Ken*- Chindai is the owner of a martial arts school in a rural village. He is a master of the Seikyokuryuken fighting style, but unfortunately, he suffers from a debilitating disease that tires him quickly.

Tsuru Sennin "Crane Elder"- Tsuru Sennin trained alongside Kame Sennin under Mutaito's martial arts school. The two were almost always rivals, and it carries through to Tsuru Sennin's pupils Tien and Chiaotzu. His younger brother is the world famous assassin, Tao Pai Pai.

Tsukutsun Tsun- A member of Penguin Village who very much reminds me of Yamcha in both his action and his appearance. From what I've seen of the series, I believe that he likes Akane, and in a series of manga even rescues her from a mad scientist. He's two years older than his sister Tsururin and was born in the year 732 AD.

Tsururin Tsun- Tsukutsun's little sister born in the year 730 AD. She's seen riding around with Tarou when she makes her appearance in the DB manga.

Tsutsutsunodano Teiyuugoutsururin- Bleck, what a mouthful, and I don't think I put it together correctly either, but oh well. Anyway, this lady is Tsukutsun's mom.

Teouno o Motsuta Oyaji "Hand Axe Wielding Man"- The guy who smashes an axe over Goku’s head when he busts into his house in the beginning of Dragon Ball.

Terebi Anaunsa "Television Announcer"- A television.....announcer for station CQV who tells the world of the horrific events which occur at Ginger Town.

Tenkaichi Budoukai Anaunsa "Tenkaichi Budoukai Announcer"- The blonde haired quick witted announcer for every Tenkaichi Budoukai in Dragon Ball. It may seem like a small role, but he develops a personality during the series, and after a while, you actually get to like him almost as a main character. Whenever Goku and the rest participate in the tournament, some problem always seems to come up, and he'll cover it to and make it seem like part of the action, (well except for when Piccolo reveals his true identity in the 23rd Budoukai). He's also one of the few normal people in the world who doesn't believe that Mr. Satan really defeated Cell.

Tien- Tien is the walking mountain of muscle who resembles Sagat, (but with two more eyes than Sagat has). I'm going to start off by saying that Tien is classified as being a human. Yes, it's weird that he has three eyes, but isn't it also odd that Krillin doesn't have a nose? Tien’s past is never fully revealed, but somehow in life he became best friends with Chiaotzu. He treats Chiaotzu like a son, and if you really want to tick this guy off, then you only need to badmouth his little buddy, since he defends him fiercely. Tien’s martial arts teacher was Tsuru Sennin, whom he abandons after he finds out that Tsuru Sennin is using Tien as an instrument of revenge against Kame Sennin's students by trying to make them cheat to win. When Tien finds out that Tsuru was forcing Chiaotzu to telepathically hold Goku in place, he tells Chiaotzu to stop. Tsuru Sennin then holds up Chiaotzu and threatens to hurt him if he doesn't hold Goku down, but then he's blasted away by a Kame Hame Ha from Kame Sennin. After that display, Tien loses all respect for his former master and trains himself from there forward. Contrary to popular belief, Tien is the strongest human Z Soldier. he is far stronger than Krillin, he just normally doesn't get a chance to show it. As the series progresses, less and less of him and Chiaotzu is seen, but they pop up from time to time. They are always training together in a wilderness area. Tien is 6' 1" tall and is the second tallest Z Soldier. He weighs 166 lbs.

Tenron*- The head master of a martial arts school in the same town as Chendai. He is a master of the Hyoga style of martial arts and intends to kill Chendai at the village's martial arts tournament, so that he can become the head martial arts teacher.

Toninjinka “Monster Carrot”- The boss of a small group gangsters that terrorize a small town. The ironic thing, is that he's a giant rabbit and his gang members wear fake rabbit ears. Fruity? Yes. However, the reason Monster Carrot is feared so much is because he has the ability to turn people into carrots, just by touching them. He's sent to the moon by Goku where he's forced to make rabbit shaped treats for kids, (it's a play on an old Japanese folk-tale which says that rabbits live on the moon and make treats for children, which is also why Sailor Moon's name is Usagi, because Usagi means rabbit in Japanese). Monster Carrot is 5' 2" tall and weighs 135 and 1/2 lbs.

Dorakyu Man "Dracula Man"- One of Uranai Baba's ghostly fighters. He fights using typical vampire techniques (like sucking blood out of his opponents). He beats Krillin, but he loses against Puar and Upa. They use a combination of Garlic Breath and Puar's changing ability beat him.

Doramu "Drum"- The last and shortest lived of Piccolo Daimaou's evil spawn. Daimaou spits him out when Tien arrives to try and seal Daimaou in he Denshi Jar. Drum beats the heck out of Tien, but when Goku arrives on the scene, he knocks Drum's eyes out with a single kick.

Akira Toriyama- Toriyama shows up in Dragon Ball (drawn in his robot form) from time to time as a joke. He was born in 1955 and worked on Dragon Ball from 1984 to 1995.

Nam- An competitor in the 21st Martial Arts Tournament who looks like he's from Indian. He comes from a small village, and he's participating in the Tournament to gain money necessary to buy several months supply of water since his village is suffering from a terrible drought. He loses to Goku, but Roshi sees the man's sorrowful situation and supplies him with a capsule large enough to store water to give to his villagers and the crop because Roshi pointed out that the water in the area they were at was plenty and not guarded at all. In the anime, Goku pays a visit to Nam's village and helps him solve the drought problem. Am is 5' 9" tall and weighs 151 lbs. Nam is a brave and honorable warrior, and although he is well versed in the fighting art, it is against his personal code to cause harm to any living though without cause. But should that cause arise, the most fearsome of which is his aerial attack.

Niko chan Daiou "High King Niko chan"- An alien from who is stranded in Penguin Village, along with his servant. He resembles a butt with a face and antenna. And I commonly refer to him as, "The butt monster from Uranus". He's always trying to conquer the Earth, either that or just build himself a spaceship so that he can get home. He's a complete moron and his servant is actually very bright. (Reminds me of Emperor Pilaf). He pops up for and second in the DB manga and gives a "peace" sign.

Princess Miisa*- "Miisa likes you okyday?". Sorry, bad joke. Miisa is the daughter of King Kuresu whose kingdom is being sacked by demons every night. She's kidnapped and Goku offers to rescue her, (which of course he does).

Miira kun "Little Mummy"- He may sound cute, but he sure ain't! Little Mummy is 5' 8" tall and weighs 228 lbs of pure muscle. He's third to last of Uranai Baba's fighters. Goku KO's him.

Migoren*- A human-like dog competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai who died 7,000 years ago.

Mizugame no Monsuta "Freshwater Turtle Monster"*- Not exactly sure what it is, but from what I'm able to read, it lives around the water near Karin Tower.

Nishi no Miyakono no Jyosei "Western Capitol Woman"- A woman who Goku asks for directions to Bulma’s house. She doesn't know who Bulma is, but she directs him to a police officer who might help him. Goku gives her 100,000 zeni he won in a street fight as thanks. (Expressing the fact that Goku has very little if any concept of money).

Nishi no Miyako no Chinpira "Western Capitol Punk"- A thief who tries to steal Goku’s 100,000 zeni, but ends up getting beat up by him. He and his partner play a MUCH larger role in the anime.

Ningyo "Mermaid"- A beautiful mermaid who Goku tries to bring to Master Roshi as a house-maid. (One can only begin to imagine what else Master Roshi also intends her to be).

Panda no Oyako "The panda parent and child"- A family of pandas who watch in horror as Tamborine kills Giran.

Panputto- A young cocky competitor in the 22nd Tenkaichi Budoukai who is easily defeated by Goku with a single punch.

Piano- The longest living member of Piccolo Daimaou's mutant spawn. He's a pterodactyl humanoid figure, and is very bright. He's killed by his own father's crushing weight when Goku kicks Daimaou into him.

Hikui Tori "Hikui Bird"*- A rare near-extinct bird that dwells in volcanoes, whose feathers must be used to create a Basho Sen.

Pigero*- A fifteen year-old boy who defends the orphans, living in the remains of their town which was devastated by a tsunami, from the members of an orphanage that wants to take in the orphans and provide proper care for them. At the end of the episode, Pigero realizes that it would be better if the children went to the orphanage and lets them be taken away for their own good, even though it's a very difficult decision for him.

Piccolo Daimaou "Piccolo the Great Demon King"- Piccolo Daimaou is the incarnation of evil. When the original Piccolo became God, his soul needed to be cleansed of all evil. The evil side of him was removed and became Piccolo Daimaou. Daimaou wreaked havoc all over the Earth. The problem was, that he and Kami were still the same person and if one was killed, the other would die also. Master Roshi's teacher, Mutaito, stood up to Daimaou and induced the suicidal Mafuba. Mutaito's attack succeeded in sealing Daimaou inside the Denshi Jar in the year 461 AD, but of course he also died as a result. However, in 753 AD, Pilaf frees Daimaou from the Denshi Jar, and he works towards world conquest again. He almost succeeds too, but he's stopped by the combined efforts of Tien and Goku. Goku propels himself through Daimaou's chest, leaving a hole in him the size of a beach ball. But before he dies, he spits out an egg containing.........

Puar- Puar is Yamcha's shape-shifting friend born in the year 740 AD. He and Yamcha met in the year 747 AD. and became inseparable. They worked as a team to rob people who came through their desert. Puar has the ability to change his shape into any form and he can hold that form as long as he likes, but his strength is not increased and he can't turn into something that can get used up, (like food). He shows up quite a bit in the beginning, but he becomes less of a presence as the series progresses.

Butsumetsu no Youna Gyaru "Large Complaining Girl"- A girl who Goku tries to bring to Master Roshi to be his "pretty house maid" but she's actually VERY large, ugly and irritable.

Puteranodon "Pteradon"- The large Pteradon who kidnaps Bulma in the first issue of Dragon Ball so that he can eat her. Goku smacks it over the head with his Nyoi Bo and kills it.

Budouji no Kanchyou "Tournament Chairman"- The organizer of the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai who is actually a dog.

Budouji no Soryo Dai Hyou "Tournament Priest Charter"- The old priest who lists the competitors on the main board and charts their progression.

Buru Shogun "Blue Shogun"- The incredibly powerful, handsome, and very gay top ranking officer in the Red Ribbon Army. Blue is a vicious SOB who HATES women and is deathly afraid of mice. He proves to be a tenacious adversary who follows Goku through the Pirate's cave, then tails him to the Kame House where he ties everyone up and sets a time-bomb next to them (they're saved by Ranchi). Finally, Goku follows after him and they have an aerial battle which ends with Blue crash landing in the mountains near Pennguin Village. Blue is eventually beat up by Arale chan and after returning to Red Ribbon Headquarters, he's killed by Tao Pai Pai. Blue was born in 722 AD. and joined the RR Army in 750 AD. He's 5' 9" tall and weighs 153 lbs.

Buru Tai Taiin "Blue's Group Leader"- One of Blue's top officers who picks his nose and gets executed for it.

Bloomer "Bulma"- A teenager who is the first person from outside Mount Paozu to meet Goku. She befriends Goku and has him tag along as a bodyguard. She's the daughter of Dr. Briefs and is a genius. She invents the Dragon Radar, the Micro Band, and Fighting Jackets, just to name a few things. In Dragon Ball and the first half of DBZ, she's smitten by Yamcha, but she eventually loses interest in him because he's too fickle. Bulma is one of the most independent and determined teenagers around. She’ll do whatever it takes to get what she wants and she won’t let anything stand in her way-Not mountains, not monsters, not even pride.

Chi-Chi—Chi-Chi is a cute little girl. The only one with a heart pure enough to ride the Nimbus with Goku and she also has a crush on Goku and thinks that Goku has a crush on her as well.

Hejji, Hogu and Rii- Three girls that Oolong kidnaps to be his servants, but instead, they ignore him completely and become snobs living the good life in his luxurious home.

Maaraikoo*- A large dinosaur-like competitor in the Annoyoichi Budoukai.

Bora- The powerful Indian who lives at the base of Karin Tower with his son Upa. Bora is just like his name sounds. He's muscular, tall and a man of few words. He fends off Yellow Taisa's men by himself, but he's later speared by Tao Pai Pai and killed. When Shenron is summoned next, Goku’s wish is that Bora be brought back to life. Bora is seen with his son in the last couple episodes of Dragon Ball Z when he gives energy to Goku for his Genki Dama. Bora is also in the third Dragon Ball Movie.

Mai- Mai is Emperor Pilaf’s only competent follower. She always works with Shuu and although she's pretty bright, they both always manage to screw stuff up. Why someone like her is so loyal to a nimrod like Pilaf is beyond me.

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