Cherokee Culture

Blackberry—sooths stomach problems. Strong tea from roots is useful in reducing and soothing swollen tissues and joints. An infusion from the leaves is also used as a tonic for stimulating the entire system. A decoction from the roots, sweetened with sugar or honey, makes syrup used for an expectorant. Heals sore throats and gums. Leaves can be chewed to soothe bleeding gums. Use tea for a cure to diarrhea.

Hummingbird blossoms—makes a weak decoction of the roots for a diuretic that stimulates kidney function.

Cattail—not a healing agent, but is used for a preventive medicine. Easily digestible food helpful for recovering from illness as it is bland. Most all of the plant, except the mature leaves and the seed head are edible. Male plant provides pollen that is a wonderful source for protein.

Mint—stimulant for the stomach, aids in digestion. Crushed and bruised leaves can be used as a cold compress, made into a salve, added to bath water relieves itching. Using an infusion of the leaves and stems to lower high blood pressure.

Tobacco—like planet {mullin} inhaling the smoke from smoldering roots and leaves to soothe asthma attacks and chest congestion. Roots can be made into a warm decoction for soaking swollen feet or reducing swelling in joints. Reduces swelling from inflammation and sooths painful, irritated tissue. Tea from the flowers makes a mild sedative.

The legend of the Cherokee rose

No better symbol exists of the pain and suffering of the Trail Where They Cried than the Cherokee rose. The mothers of the tribes cried so much that the chiefs prayed for a sign to life the mother’s spirits and give them strength to care for their children. Their prayers were answered when a beautiful flower, a rose, grew wherever a mother’s tear fell to the ground. The rose is white, for the mother’s tear, it has a gold center, for the gold taken from the Cherokee lands and seven leaves on each stem that represents the seven Cherokee clans that made the journey. To this day, the Cherokee rose prospers along the route of the Trail of Tears. The Cherokee rose is now the official flower of the state of Georgia.

Moon Phases

WAXING MOON (From New to Full) When the Moon is waxing it is a time for beginnings, health & healing, psychic awareness, beauty, fertility & all positive magickal workings.

FULL MOON All positive magickal spells are performed beneath the potent glow of the Full Moon, including protection, love, healing, purification, psychic awareness, money & travel.

WANING MOON (From Full to New) this is the time for banishments of habits, addictions, disease & negative thoughts. Jealousy, guilt, & hurts are released under the waning Moon. The old is swept away to make room for the new.

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