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Megami Kouhosei aka Goddess Cadets, Candidate for Goddess, Pilot Candidate



Pilot Name: Teela Zain Elmes
Age: 15
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: N/A
Ingrid: Ernn Laties
Seiyuu: Yuri Amano 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1

Teela is the youngest of the pilots and the only female, but also the most skilled. The other pilots sometimes call her "First", and she flies the white Ingrid that Zero dreams about. Very little can be said about Teela's personality and her role in the story; she is a very mysterious character and to indicate more might reveal some vital spoilers. One thing is for sure; her purpose in the scheme is quite significant

Pilot Name: Gareas Elidd
Age: 17
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Leena Fujimura
Ingrid: Eeva Leena
Seiyuu: Wataru Takagi 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1

Loud, rash and emotional, Gareas sometimes seems like an older, scarier version of Zero. Gareas is the act before you think type, always ready to leap into any confrontation. His will is very strong in protecting the last planet, but the question is whether it's his protectiveness or his desire to be the hero that motivates him. He seems to interact best with Rioroute and Ernest, and of course his repairer, Leena. Gareas is a strong fighter, but he lacks control over his emotions, and in turn, his emotions often seem to take control over him.

Pilot Name: Rioroute Vilgyna
Age: 16
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Phil Phleira Deed
Ingrid: Agui Keameia
Seiyuu: ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1

Rioroute is one of the younger, and more immature pilots. His behavior is much like a child's, always teasing and always hungry, though he takes his duty as a pilot seriously. His normal outward behavior is to joke around and act silly. However, he's often very depressed. He is very fond of his partner, Phil, and upsets easily when she is mad with him. He also thinks deeply on his future as a pilot. His normally carefree personality covers up his worrisome nature.

Pilot Name: Yu Hikura
Age: 16
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Kazuhi Hikura
Ingrid: Tellia Kallisto
Seiyuu: Akira Ishida 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
Hikura is quiet and mild-natured. He doesn't talk often; in fact, in both the manga and anime, we very rarely see him speak. Because of the lack of dialogue, it is hard to place his personality. However, it seems that he has a traditional Japanese background. His sister is also his technician, who shares his quiet nature.

Pilot Name: Ernest Cuore
Age: 17
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Tune Youg
Ingrid: Luhma Klein
Seiyuu: Tsutomu ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
Ernest is soft-spoken, just like his partner. He is proper and considerate of others, although sometimes he seems withdrawn from the world. Having a protective nature, he is selfless and helps others when he can. He also has a close bond with Gareas, and is watchful over him during battles. His younger brother is Erts, one of the top candidates in the Academy, who shares his EX ability of telepathy.

Pilot Technicians

Repairer Name: Leena Fujimura
Age: 18
Bloodtype: AA
Partner: Gareas Elidd
Seiyuu: Yumi Kakazu 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 01: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
Leena is the oldest of the Ingrid technicians and Gareas' girlfriend. She also shares the name of her Ingrid, Eeva Leena, and takes good care of it. She is very openly kind and good-natured, and seems to get along well with the other pilots and technicians. Leena is the first of the older group to be introduced to Zero, when he falls into Eeva Leena in the middle of her repairs.

Repairer Name: Phil Phleira Deed
Age: 15
Bloodtype: OX
Partner: Rioroute Vilgyna
Seiyuu: ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 03: Here I Am
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #01, ep. 2
Phil is responsible and a dedicated technician. She doesn't take a prominent role in the story, but from what we see she is more hotheaded and outspoken than either Tune or Kazuhi. She cares a great deal for Rioroute, and becomes upset when he is hurt in battle.

Repairer Name: Kazuhi Hikura
Age: 15
Bloodtype: OX
Partner: Yu Hikura
Seiyuu: Ayako Kawasumi 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 03: Here I Am
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #01, ep. 2
Kazuhi is very quiet, just like her brother. Both in the manga and in the anime, she says very little. She seems to be modeled after the traditional Japanese woman stereotype, her main role being to support her older brother much like a wife supports her husband. Yu is also very protective of her

Repairer Name: Tune Youg
Age: 16
Bloodtype: AB
Partner: Ernest Cuore
Seiyuu: Yuri Shiratori 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 03: Here I Am
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #01, ep. 2
Tune seems more of the shy and quiet type. She is soft-spoken(her voice is very high and gentle in the anime), which gives her more of a delicate, docile personality. She's sensitive and isn't very open with her feelings. However, Tune is responsible and dedicated to her position as a repairer for Ernest's Ingrid, the Luhma Klein. She also has a rather cute attachment to her partner.

GOA Serial Number: 01
Age: unknown (presumably 18-19)
Bloodtype: EO
"One of the Top Candidates for Goddess. His number is 01. He is only Number 2 in ability, however, and he hates having lost to Erts in that when Erts is so young. He is the type who takes things to heart and remembers grudges for a long time (with deep-rooted emotions), and he likes to flaunt his position as a Senior."

GOA Serial Number: 02
Age: unknown (presumably 18-19)
Bloodtype: EO
"One of the Top Candidates for Goddess. His number is 02. He is one of the Top Candidates, but compared to the others he seems very laid-back and settled. His demeanor is calm, and he doesn't get angry often. So even when he has a reason to fight, he is quick to lose motivation, and once his will to battle his partner is gone, it doesn't take much to convince him to stop."

GOA Serial Number: 03
Age: unknown (presumably 18-19)
Bloodtype: EO
"One of the Top Candidates for Goddess. His number is 03. He moves at his own pace and tends to be a very capricious character. Although he doesn't speak very often, when he does get talking he winds up saying things he might regret. Being an elegant person, his special feature is an attack style that wastes no movement."

GOA Serial Number: 04
Age: unknown (presumably 18-19)
Bloodtype: EO

Candidate #05 Name: Erts Virny Cocteau
Age: 14
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Rome Lotte
Seiyuu: ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 2, Myth 08: There's No Limit
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #05, ep. 6

Candidate #85 Name: Roose Sawamura
Age: 14
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Wrecka Toesing
Seiyuu: Yoshimichi Ohmoto 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 2, Myth 05: #88
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #04, ep. 3
Roose is very sensitive and a worrier. When the story starts out, he is a rather large boy, but Wrecka "helps" him lose the weight needed to qualify as a candidate. He isn't a very good candidate and he has a tendency to cry when things get difficult, but he tries nonetheless. He stays very close to Yamagi.

Candidate #86 Name: Yamagi Kushida
Age: 15
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Tukasa Kuscha
Seiyuu: Akio Suyama 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 2, Myth 05: #88
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #04, ep. 3
Yamagi has a chip on his shoulder and a strong determination to prove his worth. Part of the reason for his bitterness is his height; he's the shortest of the candidates, and his repairer is at least a head taller than him. He wants to be Zero's rival, although Hiead takes the position of Zero's chief competition. Yamagi is pretty tough and defensive, although no one bothers to brawl with him. The only one that seems to pay him much attention is Roose, who often clings to Yamagi's side.

Candidate #87 Name: Hiead Gner
Age: 15
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Ikhny Allecto
Seiyuu: Susumu Chiba 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
This is the dark, brooding character of the anime. Hiead is cold and quiet, he never goes out of his way to make conversation. Even when he does speak, he has nothing friendly to say. He tends to ignore everyone except his rival, Zero. They are endlessly fighting, and seem to match in ability. He isn't very open to his repairer, Ikhny, and at first is very dominating over her. Like Yamagi and Zero, Hiead is out to prove himself, but he isn't as enthusiastic about it. Hiead also seems to have a troubling past; no one knows of or understands his situation.

Candidate #88 Name: Zero Enna
Age: 15
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Kizna Towryk
Seiyuu: Yukimasa Obi 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
Zero is spirited and determined, everything a leading role should be. However, he isn't the brightest crayon in the box. He's naive and hotheaded, always saying or doing something to get him into trouble with everyone at GOA. He brawls with Hiead constantly, Instructor Azuma is always reprimanding him, Kizna never runs out of reasons for slapping and kicking him. However, it's his innocent and determined nature that act as his wings to fly, and makes him so admirable among the students at the academy. Indeed, there is something about Zero that impresses Erts, one of the top candidates in GOA, and even Instructor Azuma. His EX ability is powerful; he has the ability to disappear and reappear in another location, though he still has yet to learn to control it. However, he becomes ill in zero-gravity conditions. Kizna has to help him with this condition or else he'll be kicked out of the academy. Zero has a magnificent past, just like Hiead. However, in the anime, we are shown a clearer view of Zero's history. We see a little of his mother, and we learn that Zero was not always his name. Events that took place in the past fuel his ambitions to become a Goddess pilot, and his ultimate goal of flying the white Goddess.

Candidate #89 Name: Clay Cliff Fortran
Age: 15
Bloodtype: EO
Partner: Saki Mimori
Seiyuu: Hiroyuki Yoshino 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 00: Chance
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #00, ep. 1
Clay is the curious, thinking type. He doesn't seem suited for piloting, preferring to learn from observation than to fight. Along with that, he is a very bad fighter. He is well read on details concerning GOA and the VICTIMs, and acts as an encyclopedia for the other candidates. He tends to talk a lot about what he knows and his theories. His catch phrase is "interesting," and he says this very often.

Candidate Repairers

GOA Serial Number: 01
Age: unknown (presumably 16-18)
"Her partner is Force Wartilliam." Personality: Carres is a very take-charge girl. She, like her partner Force, has a strong sense of competition with the other Candidates and Seniors. What little we see of her in both the anime and manga seems to suggest that she's very cool and confident -- almost abrasively so -- and prone to believing that she and Force are unstoppable, the best of the best. While a bit arrogant and superior, she has a very good relationship with Force because of their mutual self-interest.

GOA Serial Number: 02
Age: unknown (presumably 16-18)
"Her partner is Sure La Card." Personality: Directly contrary to almost all the others, Bellarcha is very quiet and unassuming. She tends to stay to the back of any situation and keep herself unnoticed. Her rare appearances are characterized by an almost total lack of emotion: even in her character sketches, which are supposed to cover all of a person's emotions, only show her in three states -- blank, curious, and sullen. She takes her job as a Repairer quite seriously, but her relationship with Sure is unknown.

GOA Serial Number: 03
Age: unknown (presumably 16-18)
"Her partner is Yoshino Sakaragi." Personality: Una is definitely a lovable character. While she has no role at all in the anime, and barely more of a role in the manga, she's energetic, playful, and likes to have fun. In every character sketch, she's either laughing, smiling, or looking just a bit airheaded... But overall she seems like fun. How she gets along with the rather solemnly proud Yoshino is unknown.

GOA Serial Number: 04
Age: unknown (presumably 16-18)
"Her partner is Aracd Narocke." Personality: Rather controlling, Kyoko is perhaps the most aggressive of all the Senior Repairers. She seems to get actually physically violent when things don't go the way she hopes, and she's eager to find someone to blame under such a situation. Quick-tempered and ambitious, Kyoko wants Aracd to win almost more than he does, and is furious at him whenever he loses.

Repair # 85
Age: 14-16 years (assumed)
Bloodtype: unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
"A Repairer Candidate. Her partner is Erts Virny Cocteau. Her tone and manner are always soft, giving the impression that she is gentle; concealed inside she possesses a powerful will and is determined to make Erts a Goddess Pilot. Her body is not very strong, but she compensates for it with emotional tenacity."

Repairer #86 Name: Tukasa Kuscha
Age: N/A
Bloodtype: N/A
Partner: Yamagi Kushida
Seiyuu: ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): ???
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #02, ep. 3

Repairer #87 Name: Ikhny Allecto
Age: 15
Bloodtype: N/A
Partner: Hiead Gner
Seiyuu: N/A 1st Appearance (Manga): ???
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #2, ep. 3

Repairer #88 Name: Kizna Towryk
Age: 15
Bloodtype: OX
Partner: Zero Enna
Seiyuu: Miki Nagasawa 1st Appearance (Manga): Vol. 1, Myth 04: Battle
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #02, ep. 3
Kizna is one of the spunkier girls in the story. Overall, she is a very nice, considerate, and responsible person. She does a good job of following the rules, except for the few times which... she... doesn't. However, she takes her punishments responsibly. Despite this, she doesn't let herself be pushed around. She has a strong and proud nature. She doesn't take teasing and embarrassment from anyone, especially Zero. They argue a lot, but their cooperation with each other is just as plentiful as their disagreements. Kizna's ability to support and understand Zero make them one of the most effective teams among the candidates. When she was younger, Kizna had an accident which destroyed the hearing ability in her ears. She has a second pair of animal-like ears which enable her to hear normally.

Repairer #89 Name: Saki Mimori
Age: ???
Bloodtype: ???
Partner: Clay Cliff Fortran
Seiyuu: ??? 1st Appearance (Manga): ???
1st Appearance (Anime): Curriculum #2, ep. 3


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Megami Kouhosei OVA
"Special Curriculum"
Curriculum 12- "Nakama"
(Companion, Comrade, Partner etc)

The Terms Of Megami Kouhosei
AHW --Humanoid Weapon. Refers to any mecha that a human can enter and pilot from within. Pro-Ings and Ingrids are both AHWs.

Automic--"Fixes" for the physical imperfections in the human body. Every human has flaws from birth, and an automic or two will fix those right up. Automics are also used to patch significant injuries, or even to replace limbs.

Cueval--Where the Candidates practice simulated battle; their abilities and reactions are measured and ranked appropriately as they fight. (Initially -- and in the English version -- spelled "Quarble", this was fixed in later versions.)

EO Blood Type--Probably derivative of regular O type blood -- which now appears to be called "OX type" -- and marks the young men with EX potential.

EX--Translation of the full term being, according to Animerica, "Exacts Ability". Refers to the psychic ability required for admittance into GOA as a Candidate, allowing the Candidate to "synch" with his Pro-Ing, and later, hopefully, an Ingrid. Manifests in different ways depending on the person.

Goddess--Colloquial term for the Ingrids.

Ingrid--Mystery mecha constructed for the purpose of defending Zion from the Victim. Each possesses a sort of sentience of her own, and usually requires both a Pilot and a Repairer to tend her.

Pro-Ing--A lesser version of the Ingrids, more common but terribly expensive to construct and assigned to the Candidates attending GOA to build defense.

Scanner--"The machine which grasps the brainwaves of the Pilot, allowing him to connect directly to the Ingrid. They function almost as another brain, recording the physical reactions and emotional responses of the Pilot. They hover mainly at about 2 cm between the Pilot's ears and temples, and function even if there is an obstacle blocking them. They can turn and move freely around the head."

Suit--"A personal uniform designed for the Pilot of an Ingrid. The exact make varies, but the basic form is the same for everyone. Although a bodysuit underneath makes it warm enough, a large amount of skin is exposed. That is because the Pilot's motions are easier without the hindrance of excess clothing. Both bodysuit and suit are made of a strong, yet soft, material."

Zenoah--A human who possesses no automics; a human with a perfect body, without flaw, unable to be improved upon. Exactly what this does for a person is unknown, although probably it means a far stronger EX.

Zeta Skin*coming soon*

Zion--"Zion is the last star of hope left to us. It is our fervent wish that someday we will go down to live on this planet. The government carefully manages all information about Zion, so the details of that homeland are still relatively obscure. But most likely, it is the only "promised land" remaining to the human race."

ZL/ZM/ZML--God and Bunny-sensei only know; they're not talking.


The White Goddess
Ernn Laties, the White Goddess Information: "She is the Ingrid called the Top of the five Goddesses, and from the fact that the other four Goddesses were developed based on her schematics, she is called the 'Goddess within the Goddesses'. Like the others she was first acknowledged in Star Calendar Year 4098, but since her body was the basis for the other four, it is thought that she was already in existence in Star Calendar Year 4088, or so they say. In addition, her performance and armaments are not known in great detail, and no Repairer has checked it either (the government has refused to disclose detailed information on military secrets, for safe-guarding). This Ingrid has many mysteries." Basic Statistics:
Please note that height and weight are measured in very strange units. It would seem that MK's system of measurements are nothing like real world measurements. If you can figure out a reasonable system to transfer these into real-world statistics, you're more than welcome to.
Call-name -- Zenoah C-R-Ernn-Laties
Version -- unknown
Height -- 18,300 IITO
Weight -- 264 RAAJI
Capacity -- 1 person
Pilot -- Teela Zain Elmes
Repairer -- unknown
Secret Name -- unknown
The undisputed leader of the Goddesses, Ernn Laties has the speed, the power, and the defense to make her the perfect opponent for the Victim. She very rarely attacks directly, although she appears to have a sword made for close-range fighting; she seems to rely mostly on the offensive EX of her Pilot and the Goddess Judgement.

The gunner.
Eeva Leena, the Blue Goddess Information: "Noah-Z-M-Eeva-Leena is the No. 2 Ingrid and specializes in attack, and her strength is equal to that of the Top Goddess, Ernn Laties. As the ultimate battle machine opposing Victim, her development started immediately after the Planetary System Crisis (Lost Property) in Star Calendar Year 4088 based on the model of Ernn Laties, and while the solar system was still lost in chaos after the crisis and there was an extreme shortage of materials, by 4098 all testing and experiments were completed and she was declared ready for battle. Although she has no permanent armaments, she is capable of using powerful firearms (she has a private launcher, among others) and can attack at a wide range no matter the distance. Certain qualities (top speed, battle ability, etc) can vary in efficiency to extremes depending on the physical and emotional state of the Pilot. Furthermore, while NOAH is the regulation name assigned by her producers, and ZM expresses the quality of the material, 'Eeva' was the choice of the Repairer, and the Pilot chose to nickname her 'Leena' (thus creating 'Eeva Leena'). Furthermore, as for the version M-A-4098-L-F, it is named so for its release year of Star Calendar Year 4098, and the Repairer's name (in this case her initials 'LF') are expressed at the end." Basic Statistics:
Please note that height and weight are measured in very strange units. It would seem that MK's system of measurements are nothing like real world measurements. If you can figure out a reasonable system to transfer these into real-world statistics, you're more than welcome to.
Call-name -- Noah Z-M-Eeva-Leena
Version -- M-A 4098-L-F
Height -- 17,800 IITO
Weight -- 292 RAAJI
Capacity -- 1 person
Pilot -- Gareas Elidd
Repairer -- Leena Fujimura
Secret Name -- Eriya
The most powerful of the Ingrids, Eeva Leena is primarily an attack mecha. She has several powerful guns, including one termed "the Altege". She is heavily-armored and designed for strength more than speed.

The samurai.
Tellia Kallisto, the Black Goddess Information: "Noah-Z-M-Tellia-Kallisto is another of the 5 Goddesses specializing in attack, especially excelling in direct attack. *She has more than one weapon for close combat (one closely resembling the weapon called a katana) and they must be used in a specific manner. *She can be proud of her ability to wield overwhelming strength in close quarters (but her current Pilot seems unsuitable for that). *Her manner of fighting centers on the sword, and the strange paint on her body (in an old-fashioned camouflage pattern) lends an almost samurai (an ancient warrior) atmosphere to this mecha. Her alignment levels with her Pilot are rather high, so she is a Goddess who is very well balanced." Basic Statistics:
Please note that height and weight are measured in very strange units. It would seem that MK's system of measurements are nothing like real world measurements. If you can figure out a reasonable system to transfer these into real-world statistics, you're more than welcome to.
Call-name -- Noah Z-M-Tellia-Kallisto
Version -- M-A 4098-K-H
Height -- 18,000 IITO
Weight -- 286 RAAJI
Capacity -- 1 person
Pilot -- Yu Hikura
Repairer -- Kazuhi Hikura
Secret Name -- unknown
Tellia-Kallisto is a powerful mecha, but relies mostly on hit-and-run attacks and single blows to incapacitate; despite her strong armor, she is inadequate for lengthy exchanges in battle. She is usually the striker in traps or handles finishing moves, wielding a katana with deadly precision. She places emphasis on speed and subtle power, much as with her Pilot.

The phalanx.
Agui Keimeia, the Red Goddess Information: "Noah-Z-M-Agui-Keimeia is the Ingrid that specializes in defending the Five Goddesses with her in-built shield generation system, which can establish a powerful and far-reaching protective barrier. The shields change according to the enemy's attack, neutralizing and extinguishing their energy, and the shields can attack in this way as well. However, since the shield system takes up a great deal of the Ingrid's body, her actual armor is light-weight, and only the minimum necessary weapons have been equipped (in order to align her movements with Luhma Klein's and to operate exact control over the shield, she very rarely actively participates in battle). Like Luhma Klein, she is largely unsuitable for real fighting." Basic Statistics:
Please note that height and weight are measured in very strange units. It would seem that MK's system of measurements are nothing like real world measurements. If you can figure out a reasonable system to transfer these into real-world statistics, you're more than welcome to.
Call-name -- Noah Z-M-Agui-Keimeia
Version -- M-A 4098-P-D
Height -- 17,500 IITO
Weight -- 296 RAAJI
Capacity -- 1 person
Pilot -- Rioroute Vilgyna
Repairer -- Phil Phleira Deed
Secret Name -- unknown
Built like a tank, Agui Keimeia's main focus is defense and protection. This Ingrid's outer shell is nearly impenetrable after her remodeling, and she has detachable magnetic shields that can be manipulated and recalled at will once they're released, essentially enabling her to aid everyone on the battlefield, allowing them to focus on the attack while she takes care of the defense.

The scout
Luhma Klein, the Green Goddess Information: "Noah-Z-M-Luhma-Klein is the Ingrid specializing in detection/analysis of the enemy, and of the Five Goddesses as well. The powerful radar and various sensors load information in the computers, allowing her to search/warn and detect/analyze simultaneously, and then transmit the data to the other Ingrids in realtime. In addition, she controls the communication of the Five Goddesses. Because this mecha is such a complex data-processing unit, it requires a very specific kind of EX (telepathy) in its Pilot. Because during battle she devotes herself to data acquisition and communication, she does not typically participate in the attack. Of course, because her armor is scanty and endurance is frail, she isn't suitable for intense battle anyway." Basic Statistics:
Please note that height and weight are measured in very strange units. It would seem that MK's system of measurements are nothing like real world measurements. If you can figure out a reasonable system to transfer these into real-world statistics, you're more than welcome to.
Call-name -- Noah Z-M-Luhma-Klein
Version -- M-A 4098-T-Y
Height -- 17,600 IITO
Weight -- 251 RAAJI
Capacity -- 1 person
Pilot -- Ernest Cuore
Repairer -- Tune Youg
Secret Name -- Heltage
Luhma Klein, unlike the others, is built for neither defense nor offense. Light and quick, she is focused more on scouting and emphasizing her Pilot's specialty than she is for battle; she rarely gets into the middle of a fight. Her armor is weak compared to the others, and she has no discernible weapons: her entire focus is on her sensors and her communications.



GOA Rank: Observer
Age: sixties?
Summary accompanying Dr. Kuro Rivould’s Visual book sketch:
"GOA's headmaster, to whom the training of the Candidates is entrusted, he is someone that Goddess Pilot Teela will speak intimately with. It seems like this man has some sort of important secret!" Personality: Kuro seems to be a sage and commanding figure. He can be determined and forceful, or insightful and analytical, and other times he comes off as being very gentle and understanding. The man is almost entirely a mystery -- the only thing known for certain about him is that he is very high up in the chain of command in the Pilot system, and that he is probably the only one besides Teela who understands everything going on around here. But while totally devoted to protecting Zion, he is also not brutal or ruthless: merely a man doing what he has to do. Relationships: Kuro's relationship to Zero's "mother" Kozue is unknown, but she appears to have worked at a research facility of some sort alongside him until the day when she stole Zero away, and he allowed it to happen. The only person Kuro really interacts much with is Teela -- and he interacts with her all the time. Any moment when you encounter Teela outside of battle or its immediate aftermath/prelude, you are almost guaranteed that Kuro is with her or nearby. Kuro seems to regard Teela with great affection, and heaven knows that she's even more affectionate right back (sometimes physically) because he is the only one who "remembers her as she truly is". Note: "Kuro" is probably not the real spelling of his name. However, that name is still unknown -- unlike just about every other name in Megami Kouhosei, Bunny-sensei has not yet printed his name in English characters, so we don't know what it will look like romanized. All we know is that in the katakana, it's printed "Ku-ro-u", with the "u" being a long "o" sound (don't try to understand, just accept it; it's a Japanese thing). His name may be "C", or "Crow", or "Clow", or "Culo", or anything in between. (It could also wind up with a "K" spelling, but I'm pretty sure it will be "K".) Kuro is the only name that can really be said to be accurate so far, however, and this is the name I choose to stick with until a better one comes to light.

GOA Rank: Instructor First Class
GOA Number: 09
Age: early to mid-thirties?
Bloodtype: EO
A First-Class Instructor of GOA (the Top of the Instructors), his job is to help guide the Goddess Candidates (especially the new entries). In his private life, he isn't really such a big smoker. He was a Goddess Pilot himself once. Personality: Azuma can be a harsh taskmaster to the Candidates he mentors. He doesn't hesitate to yell or get violent with those in his care: it's his opinion that in wartime they can't afford to goof off, and he'll teach that lesson to them no matter what. While Azuma comes off very gruff and merciless, he's actually very fond of his students and regrets it when they leave his care, no matter whether it's as a result of battle or promotion. Relationships: Rill was once Azuma's Repairer, and is still the person he's closest to -- they're "steady" according to Rill's profile. Theirs is a very casual relationship, but love nevertheless; they seem to be independent, but won't hesitate to rely on each other for support when necessary. Azuma is also very close to his Candidates, and seemed to be distraught when Erts was promoted, out of his realm, to a place not suited for Erts' temperament. Perhaps Azuma is most fond of Zero, who reminds him a great deal of himself when he was a Candidate -- but subsequently, of all the Candidates, he is most harsh on Zero, because he knows that Zero will make a Pilot some day, and will make sure that Zero reaches his potential... if he has to kill Zero to make it happen!

GOA Rank: Doctor
GOA Number: ??
Age: early to mid-thirties?
A female doctor on GOA. She has two attendant nurses, and her job is to look after the health of the Candidates for Goddess, and take care of whatever wounds may be acquired during the course of their training. She and Azuma Hijikata, First-Class Instructor, are in a steady relationship. Personality: Rill is rather cool, if pleasant, to most of the people she meets, who come to her maybe once or twice because of injury or illness under formal situations. She, like Azuma, is rather gruff and harsh to those around her even when she really cares about them. But in more personal situations she's far relaxed from that, becoming quite pleasant, and is totally in her element when it comes to her job. But she's quite touchy... say just the wrong thing, and she may explode! Relationships: As said above, she and Azuma are "steady". A bit of a bizarre concept at their age, but appropriate for a relationship as full of arguing and sarcasm as theirs. (As opposed to something just as obvious but less fitting, like "together".) They fit together well -- just enough cynicism to match! Mitche and Yukine are rather like her sidekicks, and she seems rather fond of them both despite their silly behavior sometimes.

GOA Rank: Nurses
GOA Number: ??
Age: late-teens? early twenties?
One of the nurses working under Doctor Rill Croford. From helping in operations to checking the health of the Candidates, when it comes to medicine she is an energetic nurse who can handle anything.
Together with Mitche, Yukine is one of the nurses who work under Doctor Rill Croford. Yukine is Mitche's best friend: wherever they go, the two of them are together! Personality: They both seem to be bright and friendly. Mitche (with the curled hair) seems sweet and positive; Yukine seems a bit less outgoing but equally gentle in nature. These two are very rarely seen -- truth told, I still wouldn't know if they had names or not if not for other websites. Their primary purpose is to serve as assistants to Rill, as well as moral support when the doctor herself is feeling tired. Relationships: They certainly get along best with each other! They're always together, laughing or giggling over something. Their character sketch has a chibi picture of the two of them dancing hand-in-hand; the text underneath reads "absolutely the best of friends". They're also very close to Rill, naturally, because they work in constant tandem with each other


Seiyuu is the Japanese word for "voice actor." A person who lends his or her voice for the role of an animated character. Megami Kouhosei makes use of several talented seiyuu to make characters such as Zero and Kizna come alive; to give them thoughts and emotions. To learn about the seiyuu involved in Megami Kouhosei, examine the links below.
Zero Enna - Yukimasa Obi (debut)
Kizna Towryk - Miki Nagasawa
Hiead Gner - Susumu Chiba
Clay Cliff Fortran - Hiroyuki Yoshino
Roose Sawamura - Yoshimichi Ohmoto
Yamagi Kushida - Akio Suyama
Teela Zain Elmes - Yuri Amano
Gareas Elidd - Wataru Takagi
Ernest Cuore - Tsutomu (surname)
Yu Hikura - Akira Ishida
Leena Fujimura - Yumi Kakazu
Kazuhi Hikura - Ayako Kawasumi
Tune Youg - Yuri Shiratori
Azuma Hijikata - Hiroshi Osamu Fujiwara
Rill Croford - Ai Orikasa
Rome Lotte - Maria Kawamura
Narrator - Mami Koyama

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