Cowboy Bebop the Anime

Cowboy Bebop Time and as Spike and Vicious and the End Theme are my favs guess what ;) But Here's the info from the anime

Bebop Ships

HAMMERHEAD An large rugged bulky fisher. Armed with a harpoon, this craft is not intended for serious combat with other fighters. Rotating thrusters allow it to quickly go forward and reverse. Jet's vehicle of choice. Often used as a sort of battering ram.
BEBOP An old fishing ship Jet bought after he left the ISSP. The cozy home of the bounty hunters. A real piece of junk. The ship is admittedly not fully explored by Spike and Jet.
RED TAIL A smooth zip craft with remote control functions, twin missile launchers and machine guns. Faye could have somehow managed to purchase it even with her debts. It is likelier that Faye stole the ship.
SWORDFISH II An old mono racer modified to be a swift fighter. Spike's vehicle of choice. The Swordfish II sports folding wings for easy storage, a powerful laser cannon and twin machine guns attached to each wing. Originally owned by a man named Doohan.


Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Appears In: SESSIONS 5, 12, 13, 25 & 26
Julia is a woman on the run from her past. She is the reason Spike and Vicious are bitter rivals. She is the first to know of Gren's personal connection to Vicious. In the past, Julia was involved with Vicious intimately but ultimately she fell in love with Spike. Envious Vicious forced her to choose between killing her lover or death. Instead, Julia chose to flee. Spike secretly searches for her.

Gender: Male
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Light Brown
1st Appearance: SESSION 2
Ein is no ordinary Welsh Corgi. He is a mysterious data dog developed at an illegal research lab. What a data dog is, no one knows for sure. Signs of Ein's true intelligence are demonstrated constantly but most of his human companions do not seem to notice. He seems to be able to drive, answer the phone, activate machines, speak (although only in a session preview!) and even hack into computer systems. Spike and Faye think Ein is an obnoxious pest. Jet and Ed, on the other hand, love the brainy pooch. Ein has a genuine attachment to the crew of "Bebop" but he seems to have a deeper connection with the wild Ed.

Gender: Male
Eyes: Black
Hair: Gray
Appears In: SESSIONS 5, 12, 13, 25 & 26
Vicious is a violent, cold-hearted man who prefers to work in solitude. Wielding a long sword with a black bird on his shoulder, he mercilessly carries out the will of the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate although his loyalty is questionable . He sees the Van as a bunch of incompetent corpses that have lost their edge. In their eyes, Vicious is a mere snake. Once, Vicious was Spike's comrade. Now they are at each other's throats because of a woman named Julia, the woman he loved, the woman who fell in love with Spike.

Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
AKA: Radical Edward
Gender: Female
Eyes: Yellow
Hair: Orange
1st Appearance: SESSION 9
Ed is a genius hacker from Earth. She is an incredibly odd child who acts like a ferocious wild animal when provoked. A long time fan of the "Bebop," she managed to follow their exploits with her computer. She has pictures of the ship at her home and a homemade miniature remote control model constructed from a Styrofoam cup and some cardboard flaps. Ed adores her comrades... but that isn't necessarily true the other way around... She has a great relationship with Ein in particular. Few people know that Ed's true name is Françoise. Her father, a rowdy and optimistic mapmaker named Appledelhi, left her in a day care center many years ago and forgot about her.

Faye Valentine
AKA: Poker Alice
Gender: Female
Eyes: Green
Hair: Purple
1st Appearance: SESSION 3
Faye is a tricky gambler, sometimes associated with the ancient legendary Poker Alice. But her slick skills couldn't save her from a massive debt. She cheats at casinos and acts brashly in most situations. Faye is now a bounty hunter on board "Bebop." She can hardly stand the comrades that she had chosen herself. Three years ago, amnesiac Faye awoke from cryogenic sleep to a huge hospital bill and a pile of other bills that belonged to a conman named Witney. The only record of her previous life is an ancient videotape depicting a young Faye from ages ago.

Jet Black
AKA: Black Dog
Gender: Male
Eyes: Blue
Hair: None
1st Appearance: SESSION 1
Jet is Spike's bounty hunting partner. Most of the time, Jet is level-headed. He even claims to be a master of decryption. Jet is like a father or brother to Spike, always looking out for him, but Spike never listens. He acts as if he dislikes Faye due to his macho attitude.
Jet was once called the "Black Dog" because of his reputation to "bite" wanted criminals and never let go. A bionic arm and a scar on his right eye are mementos from the danger he lived as a member of the ISSP. He quit the force because the incident that cost him his arm and a woman named Alisa.

Spike Spiegel
Gender: Male
Eyes: Dark Brown & Light Brown
Hair: Dark Green
1st Appearance: SESSION 1
Spike is (in one word) cool. He is an easy-going, martial artist bounty hunter who follows the philosophies of martial arts legend Bruce Lee. Along with his partner and best friend, Jet, they gain a meager living chasing bounty heads. The problem is they are less than successful due to their awful luck (or Spike's temper). Spike gets along with Jet quite well even though they go through some rough times. Note that Spike has problems with animals, kids and women with attitude. Spike possesses a dark past which he chooses not to talk about. Ghosts of his past include a dangerous man named Vicious, the "Red Dragon" Crime Syndicate and a woman of mystery named Julia. Spike seems to be searching for Julia throughout the solar system.

SENILE OLD MEN (ANTONIO, CARLOS & JOBIN)Appear In: SESSIONS 1, 3, 7, 12, 14, 17, 22 & 23
Old men who worked on the Gates sometime in their lives. They hang around in many interesting places.

Appears In: SESSION 1
Asimov's girlfriend. After a fateful encounter with Spike, Katerina begins to question the path she had taken in life.

Appears In: SESSIONS 1, 12, 13 & 26
A spiritual shaman. Spike visits him for guidance once in awhile.

Appear In: SESSIONS 2, 3, 9, 12, 14, 17, 22, 23 & 25
Hosts of "Big Shot," a tip show for bounty hunters. Unfortunately, they never seem to have useful information.

Appears In: SESSION 2 & 25
An old doctor. From time to time, he helps out Spike and Jet.

Appear In: SESSION 2
Two collaborating thieves who reside on Mars.

Appear In: SESSION 2
A group of illegal scientists who are after the lab animal captured by Abdul Hakim

Appears In: SESSION 2
Turtle on head, she owns a pet shop called "Animal Treasure" on Mars and loves all of her "sensitive babies."

Appears In: SESSION 2
An old fortune teller with his gifted blue bird, Peeko.

Appears In: SESSION 3
The owner of "Spiders From Mars," a roulette-shaped casino spinning in Mars space. He cracks a shady deal with Faye.

Appears In: SESSION 3
Does Spike look like this guy? Faye thought so...

Appear In: SESSION 4
A group of Eco-terrorists who have a thing for Ganymede sea rats. They plan to release a virus called "Monkey Business" upon the people of Ganymede as a form of divine retribution.

Appears In: SESSION 4
A "Space Warrior" who did something bad enough to anger "mom."

Appears In: SESSION 4
An ISSP undercover agent who escapes the "Space Warriors" with a sample of their new virus.

Appears In: SESSION 4
He desperately tries to negotiate with the "Space Warriors" as they threaten to release a virus on the citizens of Ganymede if they do not pass a law to prohibit the fishing of sea rats.

Appears In: SESSIONS 4, 20 & 25
A Ganymede policeman who was once one of Jet's comrades. He gives Jet inside information once in awhile.

Appears In: SESSION 5
A crime syndicate leader who is eliminated by Vicious moments after he signs a treaty with Mao Yenrai.

Appears In: SESSIONS 5 & 26
A face from Spike's past. She owns a convenient store and is a close friend of Mao Yenrai.

Appears In: SESSION 6
An old master of the blues harp. He stopped aging when a hyperspace gate blew up near Earth. He is now a cold hearted monster, bitter with the world.

Appears In: SESSION 6
Zebra was one of Giraffe's friends from the "Self Defense Volunteer Squad." He mysteriously disappeared ten years ago, rumored to have betrayed Giraffe. He suddenly reappears with Wen.

Appears In: SESSION 6
One of Jet's friends. A bounty hunter who enjoys scarfing down pastries.

Appears In: SESSION 7
Known as the "Heavy Metal Queen." A famous trucker known for her hasty deliveries told through "wild stories," Her full name is so elusive that people gamble over it. Her late husband was the legendary bounty hunter, Ural Terpsichore. She quickly befriends Spike.

Appears In: SESSION 7
VT's cat. Quickly befriends Spike, too.

Appears In: SESSION 7
A trucker and one of VT's friends. He had a rough encounter with Decker.

Appears In: SESSION 7
Is this guy Decker? Faye thought so...

Appears In: SESSION 7
A waitress at Mac's Diner.

Appear In: SESSION 7
Three perverted poncho wearing bounty hunting scoundrels. They get the snot beaten out of them for during an unlucky encounter with Spike.

Appears In: SESSION 8
Roco's younger sister. She is blind from "Venus Sickness." She believes that both Spike and her brother have something special inside them.

Appears In: SESSION 10
A veteran policeman on Ganymede. One of Jet's old friends.

Appears In: SESSION 10
Jet's former girlfriend who mysteriously abandoned him long ago.

Appears In: SESSION 11
What is this mysterious creature?

Appears In: SESSIONS 12 & 13
A drag queen on the streets of Blue Crow where there are no women.

Appears In: SESSIONS 12 & 13
A specter from Spike's past. He is completely loyal to "Red Dragon." He will protect Vicious for the honor of the syndicate.

Appears In: SESSIONS 12 & 13
This guy liked to round up his lackies and mug rich tourists... until both Spike and Gren beat the crap out of him on two separate occasions.

Appears In: SESSION 14
A bounty hunter with a score to settle with Hex. He was a victim of Hex's credit theft revenge scheme.

Appear In: SESSION 14
The people who run the hyperspace gates. They put out a large bounty on the Chess master Hex, an old man who is presumed to be behind cases of credit theft involving their toll gates.

Appears In: SESSION 15
The doctor who thawed out Faye. He is also Witney's uncle, apparently.

Appears In: SESSION 15
Baccus' solemn and helpful assistant.

Appears In: SESSION 16
A syndicate assassin Jet chased years ago. Jet thought he was the one who responsible for his lost arm.

Appears In: SESSION 16
A young inmate on-board the hijacked prison ship who tries to befriend Udai.

Appears In: SESSION 16
Jet's partner and friend from the ISSP. He is the one who is truly responsible for Jet's arm.

Appears In: SESSION 17
A guy selling watermelons in a truck on Io.

Appears In: SESSION 17
A female bounty hunter who is after Domino's bounty.

Appears In: SESSION 17
His brother was killed by Domino's mushrooms. With vengeance in mind, he carries a grenade launcher and a coffin for Domino.

Appears In: SESSION 18
A nerd who is obsessed with video cassettes from the past. He has many VCRs and watches old soaps all day.

Appears In: SESSIONS 18 & 24
One of Faye's high school classmates from the past. She appears in a mysterious beta cassette.

Appears In: SESSION 19
A gruff old aviation junkie who built Swordfish II. A good friend of Spike.

Appears In: SESSION 19
Doohan's young assistant. A Blue Sox fan who talks too much.

Appears In: SESSION 20
An abandoned ISSP experiment who escaped. He is a psychotic state of the art assassin trained with a child's mind.

Appears In: SESSION 21
One of Jet's acquaintances. A Feng-shui master who worked for a crime syndicate.

Appears In: SESSION 21
The daughter of Pao Pu-zi who also has the talent of applying Feng-shui. She develops a close (sibling-like) relationship with Jet.

Appear In: SESSION 21
Members of the "Blue Snake" Crime Syndicate who are after Pao Pu-zi.

Appears In: SESSION 22
Son of the wealthy owner of the Oniyate Ranch. An egotistical, incompetent bounty hunter that works with stupid gimmicks. Spike despises him deeply (because the two have more than a few things in common).

Appears In: SESSION 23
A comatose fifteen year old boy. Doctor Londes, the cult leader, is a projection from his mind.

Appears In: SESSION 24
Appledelhi's assistant in map-making. His boss could never seem to remember his name.

Appears In: SESSION 24
The kind caretaker of an orphanage on Earth that Ed frequently visits like a cat. Her methods are a bit unorthodox.

Appears In: SESSIONS 25 & 26
Lin's brother. He secretly tries to help Spike and Julia escape. He hopes that Spike would lead the "Red Dragon."


Appears In: SESSION 1
Worth: 2.5 Million Woolongs
Part of a crime syndicate until he stole a large cache of "Red Eye" and fled with his girlfriend. Asimov became an eye spray addict himself.

Appears In: SESSION 2
Worth: 8 Million Woolongs
A serial pet thief and a surprisingly good fighter. Not a stranger to plastic surgery, he changes his face to avoid authorities.

Appears In: SESSION 4
Worth: 8 Million Woolongs
A corpulent and unscrupulous felon.

Appears In: SESSION 4
Worth: 25 Million Woolongs
The maniacal leader of an Eco-terrorist group called the "Space Warriors." She believes that she is fighting to save universal nature...

Appears In: SESSION 5
Worth: 28 Million Woolongs
A major player of the "Red Dragon" crime syndicate. A phantom from Spike's past.

Appears In: SESSION 6
Worth: 3 Million Woolongs
A former leader of the "Self Defense Volunteer Squad."

Appears In: SESSION 7
Worth: 12 Million Woolongs
A dangerous trucker, hauling heavy explosives. He sports a gaudy dragon tattoo and an even sleazier truck.

Appear In: SESSION 8
Worth: 1.5 Million Woolongs
A band of space shuttle hijackers.

Appears In: SESSION 8
Worth: 1.1 Million Woolongs
Cruel leader and five other lackeys. A gang of small fry no good scum.

Appears In: SESSION 8
Worth: 100 Thousand Woolongs
A spirited young man who admires Spike's skills and wishes to be his student. He works for Piccaro to provide for his blind sister, Stella.

Appears In: SESSION 9
Worth: 8 Million Woolongs
The satellite control program on the D-135 artificial satellite, AKA MPU (cleverly named by Ed). Orbiting Earth, it draws strange figures and shapes on the face of the planet with burning lasers.

Appears In: SESSION 10
Worth: 800 Thousand Woolongs
A petty bank robber.

Appears In: SESSION 10
Worth: 1.8 Million Woolongs
Alisa's new boyfriend. A dark and moody character...

Appears In: SESSIONS 12 & 13
Worth: 5 Million Woolongs
Veteran of the war on Titan where he once fought alongside Vicious. There is a large bounty on his head but his criminal record is about to expire.

Appears In: SESSION 14
Worth: 12 Million Woolongs
A chess playing genius who had a grudge against the Gate Corporation because of his doubts on the stability of the hyperspace gates. He spends the rest of his days playing internet chess.

Appears In: SESSION 15
Worth: 1980 Woolongs
A lying lowlife conman who targets vulnerable (gullible) women. Faye was once a victim of his deception.

Appears In: SESSION 17
Worth: 1.2 Million Woolongs
A sneaky illegal mushroom dealer.

Appear In: SESSION 19
Worth: 5 Million Woolongs
A crafty group of pirates who transfer computer viruses to ships via harpoon.

Appears In: SESSION 22
Worth: 3 Million Woolongs
A serial bomber who uses explosive teddy bears. He bombs for a cause that no one seems to care about...

Appears In: SESSION 23
Worth: 38 Million Woolongs
The leader of SCRATCH, a religious cult that believes in immortal life through uploading souls into cyberspace. He is the creation of Ronny Spanngen.

Appears In: SESSION 24
Worth: 50.000000 Woolongs
Ed's long lost father. He continually works to map the newly formed Earth. Unfortunately, his job will never end due to the meteor showers that constantly change the geography.

Movie Characters

Worth: 300 Million Woolongs
A man who cannot tell if his life has become a dream he cannot wake up from or if it is real. He decides that the only way to find out is by ending it.

ELECTRA OVILO A military officer who has past ties with Vincent. She still loves him and wishes to save him.

RASHEED (DOCTOR MENDEL) A man who dwells on Moroccan Street. In reality, he is Doctor Mendel, the man who created the nano-machine virus for the military. Disgusted with his accomplishment, he chose to leave behind his past and the military.

Worth: 5 Million Woolongs
A credit card number thief and a skilled hacker who sees life as a big video game. He helps Vincent just to see what it is like to be a terrorist.

A police chief and his bumbling lieutenant. They attempt to figure out the entire situation.

They try desperately to contain the situation, knowing the dark secrets behind it.

Worth: 500 Thousand Woolongs
Losers who attempt to rob a convenience store.

A worker for Cherious Medical who has a crush on Electra.

An old man who rents out airplanes, new and old. Whether they function or not is another story entirely.


Session 01: "Asteroid Blues"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Air date : 10/23/98

Summary :

Bounty hunters Spike and Jet chase drug addict Asimov Solensan on the asteroid, Tijuana. Asimov plans to sell a large amount of "Red Eye" and escape to Mars with his girlfriend, Katerina. The drug enhances the sense of vision in addition to causing outbursts of berserker rage. Spike casually encounters Katerina and reveals himself to be a bounty hunter. Asimov ambushes Spike and chokes him out of consciousness. Spike awakens to find Jet and continues to pursue the couple. The chase ends in space where Katerina and Asimov are surrounded by the police. Realizing her boyfriend has become a monster and that there is no escape, Katerina kills him moments before their ship is blown to pieces. All Spike can do is helplessly watch.

Session 02: "Stray Dog Strut"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 04/03/98

Summary :

On Mars, a valuable lab specimen, developed illegally, is stolen by serial pet thief, Abdul Hakim. Not only are Spike and Jet after Hakim, the research scientists behind the animal also pursue him to retrieve their precious experiment. To Spike's disbelief, the beast appears to be a worthless Welsh Corgi puppy. After a brief battle with Hakim, Spike is stuck with the mutt. In a trap gone awry, Spike manages to lose the dog to Hakim. An intense chase on the highway ends as the dog comes tumbling out of Hakim's possession and into Spike's. Hakim and the scientists conveniently tumble into a police station. The bounty hunters gain a companion.

Session 03: "Honky Tonk Women"

Written By : Ryota Yamaguchi
& Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 04/10/98

Summary :

Faye Valentine has a gargantuan debt to pay and Gordon, the owner of a large casino, promises to clear this debt if she helps him collect a certain casino chip. Unfortunately, Faye mistakes Spike for the holder of the chip and coincidentally the chip falls into Spike's hands. The holder is murdered after failing to give the chip to Gordon. Jet and Spike capture Faye. "Big Shot" reports that a bounty has been put on Faye. Jet discovers a microchip inside the casino chip, the key to unlocking a powerful decryption program which Gordon wants in his grubby hands. Gordon is willing to pay a hefty thirty million Woolongs in exchange for the chip but predictably, he attempts to kill Spike during the trade before he receives the money. Spike manages to survive but Faye escapes with the money promised to bounty hunters.

Session 04: "Gateway Shuffle"

Written By : Sadayuki Murai

1st Airdate : 11/13/98

Summary :

Just outside of Ganymede, Spike and Jet capture Twinkle Maria Murdock, leader of the notorious "Space Warriors" after they kill the thug they were originally after. However, Jet soon discovers that the bounty on Murdock is mysteriously canceled. Immediately afterwards, they happen upon Faye floating in orbit and out of fuel. Faye admits to have gambled away all the money from their first encounter. Jet learns that they must hand Murdock over to the "Warriors" due to "negotiations" between the terrorists and the authorities of Ganymede. The "Warriors" threaten to unleash a virus that turns humans into apes onto the civilians of that moon. But returning Murdock to the "Warriors" does more harm than good. Due to the chief's failure to fulfill her demands, Murdock launches a biological warhead into a Ganymede gate anyway. With the bounty on Murdock renewed, Spike and Faye rush into the gate to capture her and save Ganymede. In an unexpected turn of events, the government of Ganymede closes the gate. The bounty hunters narrowly escape being enclosed in hyperspace. Faye decides to join the bounty hunters.

Session 05: "Ballad of Fallen Angels"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 11/20/98

Summary :

Specters of the past come back to haunt Spike when a 28 Million-Woolong reward in put on a former comrade, Mao Yenrai. Spike gathers more information from Annie, a trusted friend and learns that Mao is dead. Meanwhile, Faye blindly pursues the target and is captured by the murderer, a man named Vicious. Faye calls the Bebop begging for rescue. Against Jet's will, Spike goes to confront Vicious, and manages to rescue Faye although she is really his last priority. After a violent duel, Spike manages to escape albeit seriously injured.

Session 06: "Sympathy for the Devil"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 11/27/98

Summary :

Jet and Spike's next target, Giraffe pursues Zebra, a man with a harmonica playing child named Wen. Crashing out of a hotel window at the end of the chase, Giraffe's dying wish is for Spike to help Zebra, giving Spike a glimmering stone. Spike discovers that Wen is not what he appears to be. Wen reveals to Spike that he is older than the colonies. The explosion of a hyperspace gate near Earth many years ago caused a mutation in his body which prevents aging and causes wounds to heals rapidly. Spike rescues Zebra but Wen escapes. The bounty hunters read Zebra's brain waves with the "Alfa Catch" and discover the gem is the key to killing Wen. Unsure of what the results may be, Spike confronts Wen and fires the gem in the form of a bullet into his head, causing Wen to age to death in a matter of seconds.

Session 07: "Heavy Metal Queen"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 04/17/98

Summary :

While looking for "exclusive information" on the whereabouts of the next target, Decker, Spike finds himself in the midst of a bar fight. While beating the crap out of a trio of dirt bag bounty hunters, Spike makes friends with a trucker named VT, the legendary "Heavy Metal Queen." Faye, on the other hand, encounters Decker but fails completely in capturing him. One of VT's friends is hit by Decker giving VT a lead on the low-life's whereabouts. As she chases Decker, VT shares the info with Spike. Spike realizes that VT is in great danger as Decker is hauling heavy explosives into the Linus Mines, an asteroid with unstable reactors. Spike and Faye fly into the collapsing mines and find that their bounty head is dead. VT and the bounty hunters narrowly escape the exploding mess.

Session 08: "Waltz for Venus"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 04/24/98

Summary :

After witnessing Spike beat up a group of hijackers on board a space shuttle heading for Venus, Roco Bonnaro approaches Spike in the spaceport, begging for martial arts lessons. But after he spots a few gangsters, Roco gives Spike a sack he was carrying and flees. Roco is one of the next targets according to Jet, inside the sack is a rare plant in a glass shell, the loot stolen by the group of thugs Roco is part of. Spike heads into the desert to Roco's home to find a girl pointing a gun at him instead of Roco. The girl is Roco's sister, Stella and welcomes Spike when he mentions her brother's name. She is blind from "Venus Sickness" caused by the plants used to terraform the planet. Roco steals to support her. In secret, Spike meets Roco again and reveals that he is a bounty hunter. Roco tells Spike to run, their meeting is a trap for Spike. The gangsters fire. Roco utilizes what he learned from Spike and tosses one of the men. In seconds, he is shot in the back.

Session 09: "Jamming With Edward"

Written By : Dai Sato

1st Airdate : 05/01/98

Summary :

Earth space. A satellite draws strange images on the surface of the planet. Jet and Faye search for "Radical Edward," the hacker presumed to be responsible for the satellite's wild behavior. On Earth, Ed makes first contact the satellite in an unorthodox way. Ed hacks into the Bebop's computer to inform the bounty hunters that the real target is her new friend, the AI of the satellite. Spike and Faye fly to the satellite and download the AI, a perilous task due to their inability to use computer navigation to avoid the satellite's sensors. They hand over the real culprit to authorities but they get no award. Bounty hunting laws specify that bounty heads must have physical bodies. To the bounty hunters' dismay, Ed forces her way onto the Bebop.

Session 10: "Ganymede Elegy"

Written By : Akihiko Inari

1st Airdate : 05/08/98

Summary :

Jet lands on Ganymede to hand over a bounty head. There, he is given the opportunity to confront his ex-girlfriend, Alisa, to try to understand why she left him so many years ago. A bar owner, she has been having a few financial problems with paying the rent recently. Meanwhile, Spike receives word that their next target is Alisa's new boyfriend, Rhint. Rhint killed a loan shark in a moment of desperation to protect Alisa. After learning that fact, Jet chases down Alisa and Rhint in Hammerhead. Cornered, Alisa points a gun at Jet. She reveals that she left him because Jet restricts her ability to make choices and takes away her independence. Jet hands Rhint over to authorities.

Session 11: "Toys in the Attic"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 05/15/98

Summary :

An elusive monster is loose on board the Bebop. Jet is bitten and loses his strength. Spike struggles to identify the poison the creature carries. Faye is ambushed. It is up to Spike, Ed and Ein to hunt the creature down before they fall prey to its venom. In the bowels of the ship, Ein is attacked and slips away from consciousness. Ed is missing. Spike, the only one left standing, decides to face the monster and annihilate it. Cornering the monster, Spike blasts it with a flame thrower. Smelling a familiar stench, he remembers a lobster he hid in the back of an old fridge in the cargo hold... it had been there for over a year, mutating into something unspeakable... He jettisons fridge into deep space.

Session 12: "Jupiter Jazz (1)"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 05/22/98

Summary :

Faye empties out the safe and leaves the Bebop without warning. When Ed is asked to find her on the SSW, one name comes up: Julia, coming from the Blue Crow on Callisto. Against Jet's protest, Spike brashly leaves to seek Julia. Jet is left alone in search of Faye. At a bar, Faye meets a man with a saxophone named Gren. They quickly become acquainted. In his search for Julia, Spike encounters gangsters who assume that Spike is Vicious. Enraged, Spike pulverizes the group. It seems that Gren is selling a cache of "red eye" to Vicious under Julia's name. Jet catches a "Big Shot" report on Gren, apparently a wanted war criminal. The group of thugs Spike beat up attempt to mug Faye. Gren saves her and they return to his apartment. There, while Gren showers, Faye discovers Gren's involvement with Vicious. Faye opens Gren's shower curtain to find that there is more to Gren than meets the eye... Spike finds Vicious and Lin, a former comrade. Protecting Vicious, Lin shoots Spike. Spike falls...

Session 13: "Jupiter Jazz (2)"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 05/29/98

Summary :

Gren tells Faye about his part in the war on Titan three years ago. His attachment to Vicious which grew while the two fought side by side. Vicious is rumored to have betrayed him, putting him behind bars. Gren was addicted to a drug which altered his body chemistry and caused him to grow breasts. He want the truth directly from Vicious. Faye tries to stop him but she is overpowered. Spike awakens to find that he was merely shot with a tranquilizer and continues his hunt for Vicious. Jet finds Faye handcuffed in Gren's apartment and returns her to the Bebop. Jet offers Spike a chance to return to the Bebop if he can capture Gren. Gren, Vicious and Spike are entrenched in an aerial battle. Gren's ship is shot down and Vicious escapes. Spike tries to save Gren but he is already dying from internal injuries. Spike helps Gren's fulfill his last request.

Session 14: "Bohemian Rhapsody"

Written By : Dai Sato

1st Airdate : 06/05/98

Summary :

The bounty hunters capture twenty vandals with only one thing in common: toll gate credit theft. Unfortunately, a bounty is unavailable due to the missing mastermind. The only clues are chess pieces the vandals left behind used to play Internet chess. Jet goes to the Gate Corporation Headquarters, who originally posted the bounty and discovers Chess master Hex is the one responsible for the theft while secretly eavesdropping on a conversation between executives. While Ed plays an Internet chess game with the chess master, Jet uses the connection to track his whereabouts, pinpointing a lawless scrap yard. Spike and Faye storm into the floating mess, to find the former genius, now a senile old man spending his final days playing chess. The chess master planned fifty years in advance for his plan trigger now so that he would be too senile to be charged for such crime, a plot for revenge when the corporation fired him when he had doubts about the unstable gates.

Session 15: "My Funny Valentine"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 06/12/98

Summary :

Faye reminisces the time three years ago when she awakened from cryogenic sleep with her memory missing and a large hospital bill to pay. A man named Witney sacrificed himself to save Faye from debt collectors. All of his assets were transferred to Faye... all of his debts. Faye doesn't mind the slight increase to the amount she already owes because of Witney's noble sacrifice. In the present, Jet returns to the Bebop with a new bounty head, a conman who deceives women out of their money, Witney Hagas Matsumoto! Witney has surgically changed his identity with fat implants but Faye still recognizes him. Faye tries to squeeze out of him the truth about her past but he truly knows nothing. Faye may never learn about her past but Spike encourages her to look forward to the future.

Session 16: "Black Dog Serenade"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 02/12/98

Summary :

Udai, a deadly assassin and Jet's nemesis from the past, takes control of a prisoner transport ship. When the police fail to capture him, Jet teams up with Fad, his former partner from ISSP, to hunt the criminal down for good. Jet storms the prison shuttle and confronts Udai. Unexpectedly, Udai reveals that Fad, bribed by a criminal syndicate, is the man who took away Jet's arm. Fad kills Udai in front of Jet's eyes, confirming Udai's claims. As Fad pulls the trigger on Jet, Jet shoots Fad. Fad falls and Jet discovers that Fad had loaded his gun with only one bullet. It was Fad's way of apologizing to Jet, redeeming himself.

Session 17: "Mushroom Samba"

Written By : Michiko Yokote
& Shinichiro Watanabe

1st Airdate : 02/19/99

Summary :

The bounty hunters are out of food and stranded in a desert on Io after a "hit and run" incident. Ed and Ein head to town to find food. The duo get mixed up with an illegal mushroom dealer named Domino, and his enemies. In a hasty escape, Domino drops a dozen mushrooms. Ravenous Ein eats one and begins to squeak uncontrollably... Ed and Ein return to the Bebop with the mushrooms. To test the safety of the strange fungi, Ed tricks the bounty hunters into eating one. They begin to hallucinate... "Big Shot" reports that Domino has a bounty on his head. Ed and Ein go to town to hunt him. After a messy chase, Domino gives Ed a stash of "valuable" mushrooms in exchange for freedom. The bounty hunters encounter a policeman who discovers that the mushrooms are just plain harmless shitake mushrooms. LIFE IS BUT A DREAM...

Session 18: "Speak Like a Child"

Written By : Akihiko Inari

Co-Written By : Shoji Kawamori
& Aya Yoshinaga

1st Airdate : 06/19/98

Summary :

A package arrives on the Bebop and Faye flees, fearing it might be a threat from debt collectors. Spike hastily opens the package to find a black box identified by Ed as a video tape. Spike and Jet visit a video expert to sell the tape. The fanatic immediately pops the tape in. Noisy images appear. Unaccustomed to old fashion analog video tracking, Spike kicks the VCR to fix it... until it falls apart! Fueled by undying curiosity, Jet decides to search for an alternate method to view the tape which leads him and Spike to an underground museum located on Earth. Unfortunately, after the perilous journey, they discover they had taken a VHS VCR while the tape is in BETA format, incompatible with VHS! Just as the two give up, another package arrives containing a BETA VCR. Faye returns to the Bebop, while the others view the tape, a time capsule created by a group of schoolgirls ages ago. A teenage Faye appears on the screen.

Session 19: "Wild Horses"

Written By : Akihiko Inari

Co-Written By : Kimitoshi Yamane

1st Airdate : 03/05/99

Summary :

The bounty hunters go after a band of "Starship Pirates" and fail miserably. The pirates scramble Red Tail and the Bebop by uploading a computer virus via harpoon. Meanwhile, Spike takes Swordfish to Earth to have it overhauled by Doohan. Spike receives a lead during his visit. It is up to him to get the pirates. Spike confronts the pirates with a radio guidance system instead of a computer. He ends up fighting a losing battle and drifts into the Earth's atmosphere, pulled in by the gravitational field. The pirates lose control themselves and are annihilated by Earth orbit debris. Doohan and his assistant overhear radio communication between Spike and Jet. They launch an antique space shuttle to rescue Spike.

Session 20: "Pierrot Le Fou"

Written By : Sadayuki Murai

1st Airdate : 03/12/99

Summary :

One bad luck night, Spike runs into a psychotic killing machine and barely escapes, badly injured. Bob tells Jet that the killer, known as Tongpu or Mad Pierrot, has been brutally murdering top ISSP members and anyone in his way. Ed receives an e-mail, an invitation for Spike to go to a theme park on Mars. Predictably, Spike goes there to meet the lunatic. After a destructive battle, interrupted briefly by Faye, Spike barely defeats Tongpu with a quick surprise attack.

Session 21: "Boogie Woogie Feng Shui"

Written By : Sadayuki Murai
& Shinichiro Watanabe

1st Airdate : 03/19/99

Summary :

A mysterious e-mail from Geomancer Pao leads Jet to Pao's daughter, Meifa and a group of mobsters. Her father disappeared after a gate fluctuation, presumed dead. Jet shows Meifa the e-mail making Meifa believe that her father is still alive. Utilizing clues from the message, the two embark on a quest to find a sun stone, perhaps the key to finding Pao. Jet and Meifa find the stone and after chemical analysis, the stone is revealed to be a powerful piece of Earth's moon blown into orbit during the gate incident. Placing it next to Meifa's luo-pan, the compass points into the gate where Pao disappeared. Meifa questions the continuation of her quest, upset because she did not receive the message Pao left for Jet. Jet convinces Meifa that Pao's failure to contact her was probably due to concern for her safety. After a short dogfight with robotic syndicate ships in hyperspace, the stone is ejected and blasted with Swordfish's laser cannon, unleashing a force that opens the portion of unstable space where Pao's ship is trapped.

Session 22: "Cowboy Funk"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 03/26/99

Summary :

While hunting for a serial bomber, Spike meets a "true" cowboy, Andy Von De Oniyate. Mistaking Spike for the bomber, Spike is lassoed and trampled. The bomber strikes again at a masquerade and Andy makes another appearance, mass destruction ensues. Fed up, Spike pursues the serial bomber with Andy's arrival in mind, planning to settle their rivalry once and for all. Andy inevitably arrives and the two mix it up, ignoring the bomber. The two end up trapped in an elevator heading for a mass of bombs and miraculously survive the explosion. On the roof of the building, Andy and Spike sling guns and fists. When all is said and done, Andy ends up handing over his cowboy hat to Spike. The rich boy remains a bounty hunter, now donning the guise of a samurai and calling himself Musashi...


Session 23: "Brain Scratch"

Written By : Dai Sato

1st Airdate : 04/02/99

Summary :

SCRATCH is a cult that believes that the soul should abandon the physical body to reside in cyberspace. A massive bounty in place on the leader, Doctor Londes, when followers commit suicide. The bounty hunters search for Londes but find no trace of him in the physical world or cyberspace. The only clue is a virtual reality video game console, "Brain Dream," which can be used to "join" SCRATCH. Faye secretly infiltrates the cult but fails to capture Londes. She makes an ominous call to the Bebop and passes out. Jet purchases a "Brain Dream" to try to hack into SCRATCH. Immediately, he is hypnotized during his first attempt. Luckily, Ein's bite saves him at the last minute. Ein insists on trying the SCRATCH program and miraculously hacks into the connection to find Londes' location, a hospice. At SCRATCH headquarters, Spike finds Faye unconscious on the floor in a room with a tower of monitors. Londes appears on the screens and challenges Spike. Jet and Ed head to the hospice and discover a comatose boy named Ronny Spanngen. Londes is a projection from the boy's mind. They disconnect Ronny from his computer, sealing Londes from physical world.

Session 24: "Hard Luck Woman"

Written By : Michiko Yokote

1st Airdate : 04/09/99

Summary :

In an attempt to rediscover her past, Faye lands the Bebop on Earth... without Jet's permission... Ed visits Sister Clara at an orphanage where Ed once resided. She gives Ed a holographic projection of her father. Utilizing clues on the old beta cassette, Faye discovers her past and faces it in the form of Sally Yung. On the Bebop, Faye's memory suddenly returns to her. She decides to rediscover her home and leaves the Bebop. The bounty hunters go to confront their newest bounty only to find that he is Ed's father. Ed had sneakily entered phony bounty data into the Bebop's computer in order to find him. Ed decides to leave the bounty hunters once and for all. Ein lets go of his attachment to the Bebop and follows her. The men are finally alone again.

Session 25: "The Real Folk Blues (1)"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 04/16/99 Summary :

Vicious attempts to bring down Van but fails and is thrown into custody. Van decides to rid the people who have any connection with Vicious. Spike and Jet are suddenly attacked by Red Dragon gangsters. Jet is shot in the leg but luckily Shin come to help the two escape. Meanwhile, Faye meets Julia in a chance situation. Julia asks Faye to tell Spike to meet her. Faye returns to the Bebop and relays the message to Spike. Suddenly, the ship is attacked by Red Dragon fighter planes. Spike and Faye struggle to defend the Bebop. After a devastating aerial battle, Jet encourages Spike to do what he must. At the Red Dragon headquarters, Vicious manages to escape execution. He violently retaliates, killing his superiors and seizing leadership of the Red Dragon. At a cemetery, Spike finds Julia.

Session 26: "The Real Folk Blues (2)"

Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Airdate : 04/23/99

Summary :

Julia finally meets Spike after three long years. She explains the situation Vicious had put her through. Now, she has returned to run away with Spike. The two lovers head to Annie's store to try to rescue her from the Red Dragons, but are too late. The mobsters arrive and Spike fails to protect Julia. On the Bebop Spike has one last meal with Jet. As he leaves, Faye confronts him and he explains that he's not going to die but rather to see if he is alive. Spike ends his quarrel with Vicious once and for all. Both Spike and Vicious fall in the final battle. The burden finally lifts from Spike's shoulders.



Written By : Keiko Nobumoto

1st Released : 09/01/01

CURRENT U.S. RELEASE STATUS American Distributor: Columbia/TriStar Films Tentative Release Date: Early 2003 English Dub: The Original Television Dub Cast

Our favorite bounty hunters take on their most dangerous bounty head ever... and he has been planning the party to end all parties... The events of this 120-minute motion picture take place between Session #22 & Session #23. The life of carefree Spike is changed forever, arguably influencing his choices at the end of the television series.

Summary :

While attempting to capture a petty hacker, Faye chases a tanker into the middle of a highway in a city on Mars. A man in black walks out and tanker explodes killing dozens. Those who survive the explosion die moments later, apparently from a virus stemming from the explosion. The government puts a massive bounty on the culprit and Faye is the only one who knows what he looks like. Spike tries to investigate on his own, leading him to Moroccan Street where he meets Rasheed, a crafty man who gives him an important clue. Spike also runs into a mysterious woman under a veil. Jet learns from Bob that a shady medical company may be involved in the incident but the ISSP is to keep quiet. Back on the Bebop, Ed analyzes the clue and finds artificial Lymphocytes that multiply and self-destruct, a nano-machine virus. Spike infiltrates the medical company and meets the woman from Moroccan Street. In a short scuffle, he places a tracer on her. Faye finally catches up with the bounty, an ethereal man named Vincent Volaju, but finds herself in an uncomfortable situation, unable to escape. On a train, Spike catches up with Vincent thanks to the tracer on the woman. Vincent soundly defeats him and Spike survives within an inch of his life. Vincent destroys the train and kills all of the passengers with a grenade containing the nano-machine virus, witnessing all of this, the woman from the medical company. She miraculously survives. Spike wakes up, finding himself saved by Laughing Bull. Jet attempts to lecture him and ends up taking him back to the Bebop. Electra decides to give her blood to Steve to test it because of her miraculous survival from the train incident. The company finds counter-nano-machines in her blood. Vincent reveals to Faye the truth about his life on Titan three years ago. His unit was subjected to the testing of counter-nano-machines against to combat virus. He was the only one who survived, leaving Titan with no memory or comprehension of his mortal state, whether he was dreaming in death or living in the real world. To find out, he plans to destroy the world with the virus in Aruba City on Halloween. At the same time, Rasheed, the man who created the virus as it turns out, explains the situation to Spike. The military moves in to arrest Spike and Electra. Together, Spike and Electra escape captivity and retrieve her blood. Faye manages to escape Vincent as he leaves on his final mission. She contacts the Bebop. On board Bebop, Spike, Jet and Electra devise a plan to save the city. Spike takes off in Swordfish to confront Vincent and orders Faye to infiltrate Weather Control and make it rain. Jet hires a crop-dusters in ancient, rickety airplanes to spread the counter-nano-machines throughout the city. In the middle of the city, atop a radio tower, Spike and Vincent engage in a bloody duel ending in Vincent releasing the virus. Spike is defeated but just before he could kill him, Electra catches up and proposes to die together with Vincent. She shoots but he doesn't pull the trigger, remembering the love he once had with her. It rains, spreading the counter-nano-machines in the air faster than the virus, saving the city.


Character Actor Episode
"misc" David Lucas DVD trailers talks about the movies
(MGS2) It was actually done by David Hater, not Lu David Lucas All
Additional Voices Lia Sargent
Big Shot Blonde Bimbo Reba West
Bowhead and Pinky Sandy Fox
Creep Kid with Father Mona Marshall Don't remember what Episode
Edward Melissa Charles
Edward Aoi Tada Regular
Faye Valentine Megumi Hayashibara Regular
Faye Valentine Wendee Lee All
Gren Mike D'Guard Jupiter Jazz Part 1 & 2
Jeffery the cop Steve Cannon III one episode
Jet Unsho Ishizuka Regular
Jet Black John Billingslea
Jet Black David Lucas All
Judy (of Big Shot) Lia Sargent
Julia Melissa Williamson various
Misc Steve Cannon Ganymede Elegy Session #10
Misc Tom Charles ?
misc Jack Hamer Ep 1, bartender
misc Ian Hawk Session-2
MISC Ruby Marlowe Waltz For Venus
narrator David Lucas DVD trailers talks about the movies
News Reporter Robert Wicks Episode 9, Jamming With Edward
Rhint Steve Cannon III one episode
Spike Steve Blum
Spike David Lucas All
Spike Koichi Yamadera All
Spike Spiegel David Hayter ALL English Versions
the boyfriend of the bar owner Kappei Yamaguchi episode 10
Tongpu (or Mad Pierrot Sparky Thornton Session 20: Pierrot Le Fou
Vicious George C. Cole all (it is NOT Richard Hayworth!!!)
Vicious Richard Hayworth Episode 5
Wen Toumi Yumi 6
Young Faye Sherry Lynn Session #18: Speak Like a Child


(1998, Bandai Visual/Sunrise)
26 30-minute episodes
Created by Yutaka Nanten
Writers: Yutaka Nanten, Akihiko Inari, Sadayuki Murai , Keiko Nobumoto, Dai Sato, Shinichiro Watanabe, Ryota Yamaguchi, Michiko Yokote
Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe
Japanese Version
Starring the voices of Kôichi Yamadera as SPIKE SPIEGEL
Unshô Ishizuka as JET BLACK
and Megumi Hayashibara as Faye Valentine
Also starring Aoi Tada, Gara Takashima, Norio Wakamoto, Miki Nagasawa , Tsutomu Taruki, Takehiro Koyama , Hitoshi Hirao, Nakajima Akihiko, Hiroshi Naka

Dubbed English Version
Writers: Marc Handler
Starring the voices of David Lucas as SPIKE SPIEGEL
Beau Billingslea as JET BLACK
and Wendee Lee as Faye Valentine
Also starring Melissa Charles, George C. Cole,Mona Marshall, Jonathan C. Osborne, Lia Sargent , Melissa Williamson

· Original U.S. Broadcast Dates
· "Asteroid Blues" (September 2, 2001)
· "Stray Dog Strut" (September 2, 2001)
· "Honky Tonk Women" (September 9, 2001)
· "Gateway Shuffle" (September 9, 2001)
· "Ballad of Fallen Angels" (September 23, 2001)
· "Heavy Metal Queen" (September 23, 2001)
· "Jamming with Edward" (September 30, 2001)
· "Ganymede Elegy" (September 30, 2001)
· "Toys in the Attic" (October 7, 2001)
· "Jupiter Jazz" (Part 1) (October 7, 2001)
· "Jupiter Jazz" (Part 2) (October 14, 2001)
· "Bohemian Rhapsody" (October 14, 2001)
· "My Funny Valentine" (October 21, 2001)
· "Black Dog Serenade" (October 21, 2001)
· "Mushroom Samba" (October 28, 2001)
· "Speak Like a Child" (October 28, 2001)
· Wild Horses" (November 4, 2001)
· "Pierrot Le Fou" (November 4, 2001)
· "Boogie Woogie Feng Shui" (November 11, 2001)
· "Brain Scratch" (November 11, 2001)
· "Hard Luck Woman" (November 18, 2001)
· "The Real Folk Blues" (Part 1) (November 18, 2001)
· "The Real Folk Blues" (Part 2) (November 25, 2001)
· "Sympathy for the Devil" (December 16, 2001)
· "Waltz for Venus" (December 23, 2001)
· "Cowboy Funk" (February 15, 2002)


(2001, Columbia)
120 minutes
Screenplay by Keiko Nobumoto
Directed by Shinichiro Watanabe
Original music by Yôko Kanno
Starring Kôichi Yamadera as SPIKE SPIEGEL
Unshô Ishizuka as JET BLACK
and Megumi Hayashibara as Faye Valentine
Also starring Aoi Tada, Nakajima Akihiko, Mickey Curtis, Hitoshi Hirao, Renji Ishibashi, Tsutomu Isobe, Ai Kobayashi, Miki Nagasawa, Hiroshi Naka, Tsutomu Taruki

Dubbed English Version
DUBBED TITLE: Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Starring Beau Billingslea as JET BLACK
David Lucus as SPIKE SPIEGEL
and Wendee Lee as Faye Valentine
Also starring Melissa Charles

· Cowboy Bebop #1 (2002; by Yutaka Nanten, Hajime Yatate, et al)...
· Cowboy Bebop #2 (2002; by Yutaka Nanten, Hajime Yatate, et al)...
· Cowboy Bebop #3 (2002; by Yutaka Nanten, et al)...
· Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide Volume 1 (2002, by Newtype)...
· Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide Volume 2 (2002, by Newtype)...
· Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide Volume 3 (2002, by Newtype)...
· Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide Volume 4 (2002; by Newtype)...
· Cowboy Bebop Complete Anime Guide Volume 5 (2002; by Robert Coyner)...

· Cowboy Bebop - Session 1...
· Cowboy Bebop - Session 2...
· Cowboy Bebop - Session 3...
· Cowboy Bebop - Session 4...
· Cowboy Bebop - Session 5...
· Cowboy Bebop - Session 6...

DVDs contain 4 or 5 or so episodes, and are bilingual (Japanese/English)
· Cowboy Bebop - The Perfect Sessions...
Limited edition boxed set contains complete series, original soundtrack CD, interviews with cast and creators, trailers, etc. 7 CDs.

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