Cannibalism of the World

Cannibal—1) a person who eats the flesh of other human beings. 2) An animal that feeds on others of it’s own kind.

Human flesh does not taste like chicken, beef or other type, it tastes like pork, just thought that I would toss that out to you. Cannibalism—eating of human flesh by human beings. The term cannibalism is derived from canibales, the Spanish name for the reputedly man-eating Carib Native Americans who lived in the West Indies when Christopher Columbus arrived. The practice of cannibalism has been reported in many parts of the world. Some indications point to its practice as early as Neolithic Times. The Greek historian Herodotus and other ancient writers describe various cannibalistic people. In Medieval time Venetian traveler Marco Polo reported that tribes from Tibet to Sumatra practiced cannibalism. It was practiced among many Native Americans, especially the tribes of the western coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Until recent times cannibalism was believed to prevail in central and Western Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Sumatra, New Guinea, Polynesia and remote parts of South America.
Several motives have been proposed for the practice of cannibalism. In some cultures, it was believed that the person who ate the dead body of another would acquire the desired qualities of the person eaten, particularly of a brave enemy. In a few instances, cannibalism might have been dictated by no other motive then revenge. It was even believed that an enemy’s spirit would be utterly destroyed if the body were eaten, thus leaving nothing in which the ghost could live. Cannibalism was sometimes part of a religious practice. The Binderwurs pf central India ate their sick and aged in the belief that the act was pleasing to their goddess, Kali. In Mexico, the Aztecs to their deities sacrificed thousands of human victims annually. After the ceremony of sacrifice, the priest and the populace ate the bodies of the victims, believing that this would bring them closer to their gods. Among western people cannibalism is rare, although starvation has sometimes driven humans to eat the flesh of other humans. One instance in America involved members of the ill-fated Donner Party {a group of American migrants heading to California in 1846-47. 47 of them were eventually brought to California out of the 87 that started out to get trap in the snows and eat those dead, sick or dying until they were rescued} in the Sierra Nevada in California. Another occurred in Chile in 1972, when 16 members of a Uruguayan soccer team survived for 70 days after their airliner crashed in the Andes Mountains.
Carib—tribe of Native Americans of the Cariban Linguistic Stock, occupying various regions of South and Central America. The Caribbean Sea is named after them. The Carib, who probably originated in the valley of the Orinoco River, were noted for their ferocity. During the late 15th century, the Carib inhabited most of what is now Venezuela, territories from which they had expelled the Arawak people. They had no chief, like other Native American Tribes as fought as individual warriors and raided other people. Male captives were tortured and eaten; female captives became slaves-wives.
In the 17th century, when several European countries struggled for control of the Lesser Antilles, the Carib were all but eliminated.

Cree—another Native American tribe of the Algonquian {most populous and widely distributed of the Native North American linguistic stocks, originally compressing of several hundred tribes who spoke nearly 50 related languages} language family and of the Subarctic culture area. They were originally a forest people, hunting rabbit, deer, beaver, caribou, moose and bear in the Manitoba forests. In times of game shortages and ensuing famine they practiced cannibalism.

Fiji Islands—officially the Republic of the Fiji Islands or just Fiji that is inhabited mostly of Polynesians then Melanesian {settlers from at least 3,500 years ago} chiefs were complicated and warfare, including cannibalism was common as leaders competed for control of the island.

Polynesians—people inhabiting a widely scattered group of islands, collectively known as Polynesia {one of the three major divisions, Melanesia and Micronesia of the Pacific Islands, encompassing islands in the central and southern Pacific Ocean} they speak Polynesian languages or Austronesian Languages {also called Malay-Polynesian language, one of the world’s largest language family}.
The religion of the Polynesians, still practiced, is a form of animism—worship of animals and natural objects believed to possess supernatural powers. A supreme deity, Io, is also revered. The practice of religion as a moral code is largely conditioned by the system of taboo. Cannibalism was once almost universal as a ceremonial rite. In areas where the original social structure is maintained, organization is on the basis of the family, with an active head chosen by the elders through a system of mixed heredity and adoption.

Egypt—Some parts of this country a rite is practiced of people eating the dead ones. The family member that dies then that person is cooked and the older people of the family is given the brain and the heart. This rite is believed to open people to the next world and gain the knowledge of the person. The remaining of the family got the rest of the body. This rite was supposedly stopped when the Queen Akasha came to be ruler. She forced the people to eat grains and other meatless meals.

Kuru, disease causes cannibalism—Kuru, a fatal brain disease among aboriginal people in New Guinea, was caused by an infectious agent. This discovery has relevance to a group of diseases known as neurodegenerative diseases in which nerve tissue is destroyed, now collectively known as transmissible spongiform encephalopathies {TSEs}.
A mutated protein within the brain cells causes a person to behave or act like that of a cannibal then eventually death follows. TSE is bovine spongiform encephalopathy {BSE} more popularly known as the mad cow disease. BSE made headlines in 1996 when about a million cattle in the UK became infected with the disease. The cows contracted the disease when they ate feed made from the processed animal parts of sheep, pigs and chickens that were infected with the disease. Ingestion of the infected cow meat caused 20 people in Britain to develop an usual form of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease {or infection of the brain that infects mostly people in the ages of 50-65, 90 percent die within a year, sometimes within a month-symptoms include; loss of speech, difficult swallowing, rigid limbs, contractions of the facial muscles with death following because of this disease. The remaining 10 percent develop dementia and may slowly decline over several years. No known record of any recovering; no known cure.}

Favorite Quotes of Cannibals

I hate to use labels that are psychological or psychiatric because there are no stereotypes and when you start to use those labels, you stop looking at the facts. –Ted Bundy

I think in someway I wanted it to end, even if it meant my own destruction. –Jeffrey Dahmer

Favorite Cannibals

Elisabeth Countess Bathory—killed and bathed in over 600 girl’s body’s blood and believed she to be a vampyre and immortal. She slapped a servant once because she got bored a lot and this was after her husband had died. She saw the young girl’s blood on her hand and she started bathing in the blood. She was later killed after she was deprived of blood after being locked into a room of her house with slits big enough for food and air to pass through at the age of 55.
Fritz Haarmann teamed with Hans Grans in 1918-24 who between the two had killed and sold the meat to stores of over 27 people.
Jeffrey Dahmer-The Milwaukee Cannibal- had killed and eaten/stored/chopped up to 17 boys.
Ted Bundy-unknown exactly to how many had been killed, only figures of left over body parts of 23 women, some suggest between 30 or 40. Bundy himself told the police that it ran into double figures.
Albert Fish-at the age of 58 got into cannibalism, also known as the Brooklyn Vampire. Tried to claim insanity for using his victim for cannibalistic acts and the jury did not believe him. He was executed twice, once it short-circuited from all the needles he stuck into his genital area sexual pleasures for the hundreds of sexual assaults and 16 or more murders.

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