∑ Changing Costumes:
In the episode where Frieza transforms, he and Vegeta are facing off. Vegeta is wearing his black uniform without shoulder pads. Suddenly, in a shot of Vegeta seen over Frieza's shoulder, he is wearing his blue uniform with pads. When the shot goes back to Vegeta in close-up, his uniform is black again!
submitted by: Chris Hateley
∑ Rhetorical Question:
In a episode where the Ginyu Force arrived, Guldo was in deep thought and then Recoome said, "Hey, Earth to Guldo." How would he have know what that meant?
submitted by: Beulah Allen
Another English dub mistake, in the original Japanese version of that episode
Recoome just tells Guldo to pay attention or something like that. - Taiyo
∑ Frieza:
In the Frieza saga, Frieza was talking to Goku, when he said "Your race (Saiyan) will go the way of the Dodo," Not only has Frieza never been to Earth, but Iím sure he didn't spend any time studying up on Earth's extinct birds.
submitted by: Danks14
Sorry, but that was just a line from the English dub. In the original Japanese version Frieza never says anything like that. - Taiyo
∑ Bad Flash Back:
In a flash back of Guldo's, he remembers a quarrel with Vegeta. This was way before Vegeta went to Earth, but in the flashback, Vegeta didn't have his tail when he should've.
submitted by: Danks14
∑ Mysterious Death:
Yamcha was one of Goku's first enemies that was shown in Dragon Ball. Goku and Yamcha fought in two episodes, and Goku finally defeated (killed) Yamcha. And now Yamcha still exists and is fighting for the Z warriors. And the episode where it was supposed to show Goku killing Yamcha was never shown. Instead of Yamcha's death, the episode shows Goku being friends with Yamcha. And the guy that talks about the next episode says that Yamcha is now dead but the next episode just shows Goku and Yamcha become friends.
submitted by: Rolly Agsalo
About Goku killing Yamcha, he doesn't. Goku just wounds Yamcha and so Yamcha decides to follow Goku so that he can get all the Dragon Balls. - Mr. Bagel
∑ Magical Fish:
In the episode when it's Gohan's birthday; Goku, Krillin, and Gohan go to Goku's favorite apple tree. Goku just caught a big fish, but he doesn't bring it to the tree. Then, when they're about to go back to their home, Goku is then carrying the fish on his back.
submitted by: Rolly Agsalog
∑ Bad Dream:
(During the Cell Saga) In the time chamber Goku is trying to get Gohan to reach super Saiyan level. He tells Gohan to picture Cell killing all his friends. Gohan tells him he has never seen Cell. How come while still in the time chamber Gohan has a nightmare that perfect Cell is beating up all his friends. Goku couldn't have told Gohan how he looked because Cell became complete after Goku and Gohan went in to the time chamber.
submitted by: Greg Debbie Quick
∑ Disappearing Act:
In the episode when Kami finally decides to fuse with Piccolo - Kami tells Piccolo to put his hand on Kami's chest. Piccolo places his hand on Kami's chest and then the next screen shot shows Piccolo with his hand by his side, when they are talking to Mr. Popo, and once again, in the NEXT screen shot the hand is back on Kami's chest!
submitted by: Josh Jaxon
When Piccolo fuses with Kami, his left hand is placed on Kami, and the entire time during the fusion, Mr.Popo is on Piccolo's right hand side, so when they show Mr. Popo it is Piccolo's right hand being shown by his side. No blooper there. - Ryan Richard
∑ Dancing Teeth:
When Radditz arrived on earth and showed up on Master Roshi's Island, Radditz smacked Krillin with his tail and in the one scene he was missing a tooth - but, in the very next scene, you saw that all his teeth were there and also in future drawings.
submitted by: Kaz
∑ Fast-Changer:
In the Frieza Saga, when Vegeta or Piccolo (I forget easily) was fighting Frieza, Krillin flies off but just before that he is wearing his red karate suit. In the next shot he is wearing his armour.
submitted by: AJ2K
∑ Paranoid Android:
When Goku is sick with heart disease, he has a dream in which Androids 17 and 18 kill his friends and family. But Goku was out before the two androids were activated, so how could he know what they looked like?
submitted by: tommanr
I don't think that was really a blooper. He probably had a vision. A vision about how strong they were, a vision about his friends getting beaten up, and that's why I call it a vision, not a blooper. - Samantha VW
In the paranoid android thing, Goku claimed he was able to see them because of his dreams. It was sort of a telepathic connection, and he could see every battle take place while he was sick. Thank you for your time. - Matthew Sycker
∑ Juicy Fruit:
During the Frieza saga Vegeta killed Jeice outside of Frieza's ship but when Trunks first appears Jeice is one of the people Trunks kills.
submitted by: Cstadelsol
Well, if this were true, I would feel sorry for Jeice's race. If he was the only one of his kind, that species didn't last too long. I think that
there would be more than one of Jeice's kind in the universe. - Jeff Pred
∑ Time Flaw:
When King Kai and Kami were trying to figure out how to get everyone off the exploding Namack. King Kai says to have Shenlong to wish everyone that Frieza killed back to life. Then Kami says they have to have died with in a year. But when Goku die in the fight against his brother they wished him back after a year has past.
submitted by: Xiaowei Sun
More than one person was revived on namek that is why it could only be one year but Goku is able to because he is only one person sorry xiaowei sun. - Munch
∑ Magic Crater:
In the beginning of DBZ, the farmer sees Radditz's pod and drives to a huge crater where it landed, but after a close up of the pod opening, the crater is much smaller!
submitted by: VegettoKing
∑ Driving:
When Goku and Piccolo are learning to drive and Goku challenges Piccolo to a race, Piccolo's car is red but when he drives after Goku and it shows the back of his car, it's yellow. Then when it does a close up its red again.
submitted by: Jon Beck
∑ King Vegeta II:
We heard that Vegeta's father has died because Frieza has blown up planet Vegeta. That would automatically make Vegeta the King of the Saiyans because his father was the King, and we all know that he died when the planet exploded. So that would make the episode "Bow to the Prince" and others wrong.
submitted by: Conway
This isn't a blooper because Vegeta doesn't want to believe that his father is dead. - Nash
Vegeta never got a ceremony to signify that he was king of the Saiyans. So he is still prince. - AllGreg
∑ Thinking of You:
In the episode where Trunks and Cell explain about the timeline they came from, there is this one scene where trunks thinks of cell. It's just a shadow of Cell, but it was definitely the perfect Cell. If Cell never absorbed the androids in Trunks' timeline, how could he have been perfect?
submitted by: Haey Young Yoon
∑ Strength Training:
Remember when Imperfect Cell first faced Piccolo he was weaker than him. And remember how strong the farmer with the gun was when Radditz came to Earth and the farmer's power level was 5. When Imperfect Cell faced Piccolo and the Androids on that island he was much stronger than them. That means he had to absorb millions of people to do that, but he only went to small towns not cities and Piccolo and Android 17 could not put a scratch on him - it makes no sense.
submitted by: Eddie
The blooper Strength Trainer is not true. Cell had all the cells of the Z fighters, so that makes him strong, real strong. But the cells were collected when the Z fighters were a lot weaker than they are now. For example, Goku's cells were collected before he was a super Saiyan. Therefore Cell needed to get stronger by collecting people's energy. - Sassy
∑ Faulty Inspiration:
The spaceship Goku uses to fly to Planet Namek in was based on the design of a Saiyan space pod, right? Well, that is not possible, due to the fact that all of the Saiyan space pods on earth were destroyed or used. Radditz's pod was destroyed when Gohan busted out of it to save his father from Radditz, Goku's pod was destroyed by Piccolo because Gohan saw the full moon projected by it, transforming him into Oozaru. So Piccolo used his "Special Beam Cannon" to destroy it. Vegeta's pod wasn't destroyed, he escaped in it, and Nappa's pod was destroyed when Bulma accidentally made it self destruct.
submitted by: Twisted Joe
The space pod was a replicated pod it was true that there were none on earth but there was Goku to remember the pods. Sorry Twisted Joe. - Munch
∑ Medicine Shifting:
When Goku was sick at his house with Yamcha and Chi-Chi, his medicine was first liquid then Goku started to scream and Chi-Chi gave Goku the medicine and all of a sudden it was in pill form. Remember in the Trunks Saga when Trunks first gave Goku the medicine, Goku said, "Cool I bet its grape flavored." The medicine was liquid, so how did it magically turn to pills?
submitted by: Tommy Alford
The meds were always pills. - Munch
∑ Breathing in Space:
In the beginning of the Vegeta Saga, Vegeta and Nappa stopped at a planet (Arilia) before they arrive at earth. After a fight, which they won, with the strongest warriors of this planet they leave. When they are out of the planet's atmosphere they got out of their space pods and destroyed the planet. This isn't possible because Saiyans can't breathe in outer space!! I saw this in the "Trouble on Arlia" episode of Dragonball Z.
submitted by: Ralphies Peelen
Planet Vegeta might have had a bigger atmosphere than normal planets because you could see that Kakarotís father was still IN the atmosphere. And if you look closely you see that when Vegeta is training that there is an atmosphere between the 2 planets. - Kasper
∑ Breathing in Space 2:
During the Frieza saga, Frieza blows up Namek in hopes of killing Goku. Frieza says that even if he Survives the explosion, he would die because he is in space, with no air. Also, at the end of the Frieza saga, Goku is Rushing around trying to Get off the planet, in a spaceship. But he didn't need to, Because Saiyans can breath in Space!!! When all the remaining Saiyans are Battling Frieza in that Flashback, (When Frieza kills King Vegeta) They are in space, breathing fine. And how does Vegeta get from planet to planet when he is training? He flies through space, with no worries. So therefore, at the end of the Frieza saga, Goku could of just flown to earth, or somewhere else. This is a serious plot hole, methinks.
submitted by: Toberry 2001
If you look harder, Bardock and the other Saiyans are wearing a helmet connected to an oxygen tank on their backs. And about Vegeta training from planet to planet, he had a Capsule Corp. pod to fly from place to place. - SSJ Jose
∑ Super Spirit Bomb:
In the episode where Goku creates a spirit bomb against Frieza, how could the spirit bomb have been so strong? All the living things that Goku has borrowed the energy from could only have been as strong as Goku in the beginning of Dragonball Z, if it were put together. Those were just tiny little insects, frogs, and plants and other stuff.
submitted by: Haey Young Yoon
Goku gathered the energy not just from Namek but from many other planets as well. And the other planets did have large life forms. Like those funny looking aliens that looked like frogs or something. And there were at least 5 planets. - Nasty Ming
∑ Floor It:
During the Cell Saga, Cell created a floor arena to fight in for the cell games. He created the arena in this green grassy-like environment also the floor arena was next to a mini city. But when it comes to the beginning of Cell's and Gohan's brawl, the green-like environment and mini city had disappeared. Only brown/tannish colored earth was shown. The city and green grass could not have been blown away because there were no big explosions caused before the fight between Gohan and Cell. Since the (loser) earthlings could not produce any energy waves and Goku only aiming his blasts into the air (not the ground), there is no possible way the grass and mini city could have been destroyed before cell and Gohanís battle.
submitted by: CheddarFoo
Cell destroyed all the land where he was building his ring. This included the town, the store, and mountains. - Cynthia
∑ Cell's missing Cell(s):
In the Imperfect Cell saga, when they (I forget who exactly does) explain how Cell was created, they said that the same insect-like droid that followed Goku around since he was a child and studied his and his enemies fighting techniques also took cell samples from them. However, the droid did not follow Goku to Namek, so how did Dr. Gero get Friezaís cells?
submitted by: EnterSandman
Dr. Gero got cells from Frieza for Cell when Frieza came to Earth and got beaten by Trunks. Imperfect Cell explains the whole darn thing when he is fighting Piccolo. - Haey Young Yoon
∑ Imperfect Cell?:
In the Super Android 17 saga, when Goku is trapped in hell with Cell and Frieza, Cell's tail grows out and he tries to absorb Goku. If Cell is Perfect, why would he still have a tail to absorb things?
submitted by: EnterSandman
∑ Vegeta Powering:
In Movie #8, when Brolly powers up to his strongest, Vegeta is seen floating overhead in SSJ1 mode, then he is seen landing, and he powers down from SSJ1 to normal, almost right after that he is seen actually touching foot on the ground, and he is in SSJ1 and powers down, despite the fact that he just did that.
submitted by: EnterSandman
∑ Brolly's Spacepod:
In the very beginning of Movie #10, when they show Brolly's thoughts and his recalling of how he was beaten by Goku in movie #8, when the planet is exploding, it shows him escaping in a space pod, despite the fact that the only space pod left on the planet was destroyed by Brolly in movie #8, also, when he is shown in the crater in the beginning of Movie #10, there is no sign anywhere around him of any space pod.
submitted by: EnterSandman
∑ What You Wish For:
Near to the end of the "Frieza Saga" Shen Long grants a wish allowing all those killed by Frieza to return to life. Goku goes Super Saiyan after Frieza kills Krillin. After it's all over and they're back on Earth, they have to wish Krillin back with Poragona (planet Namek's dragon). So why wasn't Krillin brought back to life with the first wish? Also the hole in the Saiyan armor is gone.
submitted by: brownhurst
Krillin couldn't be brought back to life because he was already restored to life once. Not too sure in which saga, but I remember them talking about it. And since they used Shen-long to revive the people killed by Frieza, he wasn't restored. They had to use Poragona to bring him back since Poragona can bring people back more than once. - Michael K.
∑ Rogaine:
In one of the episodes after Trunks comes out of the time chamber, his hair is down to about his shoulders. Bulma notices this and offers to give him a haircut. A little later, Trunks' hair is back to being short, but then while they are fighting Cell, it's long again! Does Trunks have a secret supply of Rogaine or something?
submitted by: DragonNoah
Bulma does give Trunks a hair cut. This is just before they hear about the Cell games and decide to re-enter the time chamber. Trunks goes in again (so do Piccolo and Vegeta), and comes out with long hair because he was in there for almost another year. - B.D.M.
Actually DragonNoah is right. I've been watching the shows lately for any mistakes and I saw this one. After Trunks gets his bull cut he goes to Kami's Tower. There he trains but does not go in the Time and Spirit Room because Vegeta wants to go alone. Before Vegeta was Piccolo. You can only go in there for four years so Trunks went already. See it goes like this. Trunks and Vegeta went for a year then Goku and Gohan for a year, then Piccolo for a year, then last Vegeta who wanted to go alone. That's four years. Mr. Popo explains it all. So that is a real blooper. - Kamayopwr
∑ Three Time Lines:
In the Cell Saga, Trunks says that you can change only one reality, which means that they can only have two timelines. But in the Dragonball z series, there are three timelines. The timeline we see as the cartoon goes on from the Cell saga, the timeline of where future Trunks comes from (where he kills android 18, 17, and cell), and there's the timeline of where Cell comes from (after he kills Trunks). Then I guess the Cell saga is pretty messed up.
submitted by: Haey Young Yoon
∑ Seen What?:
In the episode where Cell tries to convince Vegeta to let him get to his perfect form by absorbing Android 18, Trunks keeps refusing to let Cell do it. Then Vegeta asks Trunks "Donít you want to see this power he keeps talking about?" Trunks replies and says "No I have already seen it" How could have seen it whereas, in Trunks' time Cell never got to his perfect form?
submitted by: Little Red Man
Trunks is not talking about Cell he's talking about the Androids he says "I have felt power just like that all of my life." So I'm sorry Little Red Man. -Cool Kirk
∑ Hat Head:
When Piccolo and Goku learn to drive, Piccolo's driving instructor drives so fast that Piccolo's hat flies off. Then, later in the episode, you see Piccolo with his hat back on. Did his hat instant transmit to Piccolo's head?
submitted by: QBurgos
∑ Proportions:
I was watching the episode where Trunks killed King Cold and it was the part where Trunks handed his sword over to him. Well, King Cold attacks with it, Trunks catches it, and we all know the story. Well, when Trunks has his sword, it is a normal sword size, but when King Cold holds it, it magically turns twice the size of his head! That's if the sword was on one of its edges. And the handle just extends (like that stupid stick of Gokuís) so that Cold can hold it. I don't know if he holds it with one or two hands, but if it were two, that would just support this observation even further. And Cold could pop Trunk's head with one hand if he was strong enough. I just don't get it. Let's keep proportions in mind when drawing!
submitted by: Jeff Pred
∑ 7 = 8:
Before Gohan transforms into super Saiyan 2, Cell spat out 7 junior cells from his tail. After the junior cells beat up their friends and after Android 16 got crushed, Gohan transforms into super Saiyan 2 and starts to kill the junior cells one by one. In total, Gohan killed 8 junior cells. How is that possible if cell only spat out 7 junior cells?
submitted by: SSJ Trunks
∑ T-Shirt Fun:
During the Cell Saga Imperfect Cell is blowing up many islands because he's searching for #18 to become complete. And on one off those islands is a man with a t-shirt where "The Super Saiyen" is written. How does he know what a super saiyan is? Because not any normal guy knows it!
submitted by: Mark from Holland
∑ Incorrect Data:
When Bulma and Dr. Briefs are working on android 16 before the tournament, Bulma says she's download his memory. On the computer screen it shows pictures of Goku in various scenes. They then show a picture of Goku as a super Saiyan, when they claimed( when they first me Android 19 and Gero) that Dr. Gero did not cover the battles they had encountered in space. So how could they have data on Goku as a Super Saiyan?
submitted by: Majin Popo
∑ Exception:
In the Cell Games, Goku does a combined Kamehameha and a Instant Transmission. But when he does Instant Transmission, he doesn't put his two fingers to his forehead. I'm not sure if he HAS to put the fingers up, but if he doesn't, then why does he any other time?
submitted by: SAL
∑ I'm Melting!!!:
When Goku does the combined Kamehameha and a Instant Transmission, he blasts Cell, and his head and arms are missing. But in the next episode, Cell is missing his whole upper body.
submitted by: SAL
∑ Forgetful Dragon Balls:
you know how cell killed 16, well the dragon balls were supposed to bring back everyone that cell killed and when the dragon balls brought everyone back to life they forgot to bring 16 back to life!
submitted by: S007


This is a list of bloopers found in DBZ
(American Version, some Bloopers may be Funimations fault, such as # 11)
1) OK, this is the best one so far. Kami separated with his evil half to make Piccolo Diamoho. If Piccolo dies then so does Kami, because Piccolo is Kami's other half in the show. Piccolo is not Kami's other half, Piccolo Diamoho is, so why can Piccolo Diamoho die and Kami live, but if Piccolo dies so does Kami? If Piccolo was Kami's other half then he too would be PURE evil, meaning he can never become good. Piccolo becoming good would cause kami to become evil due to the fact that they are half and half. Therefore Piccolo is not Kami's other half simply because he was able to become good without changing Kami! ~ Stop saying that Piccolo is Piccolo Daimoho, he is not, he was created with his memories and cells, but not the evil heart that made Piccolo Daimoho who is was!!!
2) In Dragon Ball, Master Roshi Blows up the moon, so Goku can never transform again, however Piccolo destroyed the moon in Dragon Ball Z so Gohan wouldn't transform.
3) Piccolo completely destroyed Goku's ship that he came to Earth in. But when Goku has to go to Namek it say that Dr. Briefs re-built it only using the main parts. How could he have used any parts, they were all destroyed?
4) When Piccolo fuses with Nail Piccolo's power doubles. When your are almost dead however your power level drops to around 1, so if piccolo fused with an almost dead Nail, how could his Power Level double?
5) If only one Super Saiyan is born every 1000 years, why does Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunk, and Goten go Super Saiyan. Vegeta is the only one with the power to go Super Saiyan because he is of royal blood!
6) In the Vegeta Series Goku was shown next to his space ship when Gohan found him. In Bardockís Story it shows Goku being found by himself in the forest with his ship behind him. The Vegeta Series also shows that Piccolo finds Goku's ship in the wild, away from where Gohan found Goku, when he's training Gohan. Strange how he was found in 2 different places, and how his ship went into the wild!
7) Not much of a blooper but Vegeta calls Goku, Goku instead of Kakarotto when Goku is in the rejuvenation tank! {Thanks to Nicole}
8) Vegeta doesnít have a tail in the flash backs while on Namek, it shows several flashbacks of his childhood, but no tail was shown! {Thanks to Nicole}
9) When the guys wish Piccolo to Namek, he was placed somewhere away from them because they weren't specific on where on Namek he should be placed. When they wished the other Z fighters to Earth, they were placed right in front of them, except for Yamcha, but he was still placed in the vicinity of where they were. (Thanks to Namekiangirl14)
10) When Goku is killed and travels to King Kia's, he had to run back down snakeway to Earths cheek-in station before he could be wished back. Piccolo, Yamcha, Tien, and Chaiotzu were all wished to life from King Kia's. (Thanks to Namekiangirl14)
11) When Bulma, Krillin, and Gohan went to Namek, and they landed on the mirrored ship, Krillin fixed his Kame hat so it was straight, and when they went into the room with all the food his hat was gone. (Thanks to SS Gogeta)
12) Frieza says to Goku that Saiyans cant breath in outer space, so he trys to blow up the planet so Goku will suffocate in space. However during the flashback of Saiyans trying to over-throw Frieza, all the Saiyans were in outer space, and when Nappa and Vegeta was coming to Earth they destroyed a planet, while outside of their space ships. (Thanks to Me, and AXT_Corporal)
13) Why would Piccolo complain about having fish every night for dinner while training for the Androids...Does Piccolo not like fish? Wait a second, Nameks donít eat, hmmmm, I wonder why Piccolo has been having dinner every night, he never need dinner, only a glass of water! (Thanks to me, and AXT_Corporal)
14) There were six sensu beans, Krillin had 2, piccolo had two and Tien had two...after being attacked by #20, while #20 was fleeing into his lab, Krillin ate a bean...for you math wizards, there are 5 left. However after everyone is beat up by #18, except Krillin, there were 6 beans left...someone canít count!
15) Yamcha gave Goku a pill for his disease, strait from the bottle, latter it showed the bottle...just it was filled with liquid, and another time Chi-chi poured the medicine in his mouth, so is it a pill, or a liquid? The world may never know!
16) When Mr. Shoe was calling Goku a brute, and Gohan got up to attack Mr. Shoe. Then Mr. Shoe said " You Wouldn't" and Gohan said "Defend my bet I would" Well as Gohan was saying that Gohan grabbed the whip (as Mr. shoe swung it at him) and shattered it in his hand, a moment later when Chi-chi came in Mr. Shoe whipped Gohan again, and the whip wasn't damaged at all.
17) When Gohan is in the Hyperbolic time chamber trying to go Super Saiyan for the first time, Goku tells him to imagine Cell killing all of his friends, but Gohan says heís never seen Cell. That would have been a blooper if he had imaged that but instead Goku told him to imagine all his friends being killed by Frieza. So Gohan did, while doing this he saw images of what happened on Namek AFTER he left that he could NOT have ever seen...hmmmm I thought they caught themselves with that at first...
18) Cell shot a blast through Trunks and his armor. a little later while everyone was fighting it showed trunks, just laying there, and the hole in his armor...wasnít there...Great armor if it can restore itself!
19) One time in DBZ, while Kakarot (Goku) is about to duel with Frieza, Piccolo gets a sense from Kakarot that he wants the 3 of them to leave the battle field, so Piccolo yells to Krillin and Gohan "Gohan! Krillin lets go now! Your distracting him!" and then flies off. When the Z guys got 7 Namekian Dragon Balls, Vegeta gave Gohan and Krillin Saiyan Armor each. On the Battle Field Krillin is still wearing his, but when he flies up following Piccolo and then stops to get Gohan outta there, he is in his orange uniform he always wears. Boy some people sure know how to change clothes fast when they just come outta thin air huh? (Thanks to DragonSoul)
20) When Gohan is in the Hyperbolic time chamber trying to go Super Saiyan for the first time, Goku tells him to imagine Cell killing all of his friends, but Gohan says heís never seen Cell. However, a few episodes later, while he's still in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber he has a he has a nightmare with Cell in it! (Thanks to Adam Lozeau)


The First-Year Aging Problem
The first year of the series. Goku is 12 and Bulma is 16 at the start of the series, and a year after the Dragon Balls are used and they revive, Goku is still 12 and Bulma is still 16 when they are asked.

Any One Wish?
When Goku asks Shen-long if he can revive Bora, he says "There is no wish I cannot grant." We see time and time again in DBZ when Shen-long can't grant a wish asked of him.

Do Nameks eat?
When Mr.Popo recounts Kami's story of how he came to earth, we see Kami in Yunzabitt Heights, where he landed there was no "suitable food." However, when Bulma, Gohan, and Krillin go to Namek, Dende says that Nameks don't eat, but only drink water. Then how would it matter to Kami if there was no food at all in Yunzabitt Height?

Trunks can't count!
When Trunks first appears from the future, he warns Goku about the two Artificial humans that terrorize the future, he says they are #19 and #20. However, when he returns to the future and sees #19 and #20, he has no idea who they are. He then tells Z warriors, the ones that were really terrorizing the future are #17 and #18 and not #19 and #20.

The Nameks aging paradox..
When Piccolo (Jr.) was first born it took 3 years for him to mature to nearly his full growth. But it took Dende 20 years to mature to a fully grown Namekian. One would wonder why there would be such a difference in the time it takes for a Namekians to age!

The Lump in Cell's Head..
After Cell comes back after blowing himself up, he says that there is a lump in his head that allows him to regenerate as long as it is undamaged. This seems contrary to the fact that Goku blew off Cell's head and shoulders with a Kamehameha only an hour or so earlier.

The Dragon Radars
During the Buu saga, Bulma tells Goku that the Dragon Radars are made with special parts that cannot be replaced if destroyed. However, way back during Goku's run-in with Blue in Penguin Village, Turbo made a Dragon Radar out of parts from an ordinary airplane.

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