4 roles of the aura

Predictive- ability to pick up problems or oppunitives

Adaptive- note what affects us and helps us make the needed changes

Responsive- located and deals with problems, any believes and feelings or sin

Protective- better care of oneself.

Aura Colours

Red—life, passion, energy, motivation, linked to provide basic needs for self or others.

Orange—creativity, feelings attracted to that which is newly emerging.

Yellow—intellectual, mental, indicated, organizational skills, categorical management skills.

Green—healing skills, like to see people moving from point A to point B

Blue—compassion, understanding, communicable, likes learning and understanding

Purple—deeply intuitive, humanly spiritual, colour of transformation

White—related to principle concepts and purpose

Silver—transmission of data from one point to another

Gold—universal love

Pink—human love, combines white of spirit and purpose with red, which protects provides life

Dull yellow—selfish


Pale yellow—intelligent

Black—hate and malice

Emerald green—deceit

Deep red—anger

Blue green—compassionate


Dark blue—religious

Fiery red—sensuality

Light blue—higher spiritual ideals

Crimson—selfish love

Gray brown—selfish love

Lilac blue—highly spiritual

Pink—universal love

Red brown—avarice

Violet—psychic development

Green brown—jealously


Purple—spiritual devotion

Dull gray—fear


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