On this page you'll find a collection of outdated material. It comes from some old books that I found and found interest in. If you wish to contribute and bring the page up to date, contact me and let me know and I'll give the credit. Otherwise, this contains some old zodiac research I found in a few places.

Betty Crocker Celebrate! Cookbook

Chinese Animal Zodiac

-1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1922, 2004 People born during the year of the monkey are clever and have a lot of common sense.

-1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005 People born during the year of the rooster are deep-thinkers and hard-workers.

-1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006 People born during the year of the dog are honest, very loyal and committed to justice for everyone.

-1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 People born during the year of the boar are courageous, tenacious and eager to learn new things.

-1936, 1948, 1960, 1984, 1996, 2008 People born during the year of the rat are thrifty, fun-loving and successful because they work hard.

-1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 People born during the year of the ox are patient and quiet but often stubborn.

-1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010 People born during the year of the tiger are deep-thinkers who quickly go to the aid of their friends.

-1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011 People born during the year of the rabbit are lucky, very talented and financially successful.

-1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012 People born during the year of the dragon are honest, trustworthy, healthy and full of energy.

-1941, 1953, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013 People born during the year of the snake are wise and successful in almost everything they do.

-1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014 People born during the year of the horse are very smart, extremely friendly and like to talk.

-1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015 People born during the year of the ram are artistic, gentle and compassionate.

Name Your Baby
By: Lareina Rule
Astrology and your baby

-The Aries Child

For those born in between March 21 and April 20.

The birthstone is the diamond
The flower is the daisy
The color is deep red

April was the second month of the old Roman calendar and was named for the Latin word “aperire” meaning “to open”, because it ushered in the astrological new year, since the zodiac commences with this sign.
The symbol of the sign is the Ram. The ruling planet of Aries is Mars.

Personality characteristics:

If your child was born under the sign of Aries, he was born with the qualities that make a leader. It is a positive sign, giving much force and active energy. Those born in Aries are the pioneer people of the zodiac and they adventure into many new enterprises. These people love to lead as well as to govern others. They are aggressive and enthusiastic, yet inclined to be impulsive and quick in action. The person born in this sign are extremely impatient and inclined to be very head strong and self-willed. Aries children attract many people and admirers. Aries children dislike to work for others, they have a great tendency to like changes in occupation, home location and friends. The changes, however, are from a desire to progress in life, as well as to eliminate monotony. This sign is one of great strength of character. When challenged, the Aries person is a formidable opponent, for he is bold and firm.
One of the lessons for the Aries child to learn is to curb his determination to have his own way. He must learn to yield to the inevitable and to give in, and to admit when he is wrong. He must learn that wanting to do a thing is not always the best for him. His pioneer instincts and attributes should not be discouraged. His dreams and plans for the future should be given attention and understanding. Physically this child has a strong constitution, with good recuperative powers. He suffers most when he is frustrated in obtaining his objectives.

Talents and attributes:

The Aries child is always thinking up new enterprises, new schemes and ideas. Some of his remarkable ideas are so far advanced over those of the ordinary individual that he is often misunderstood and laughed at. However, the Aries person is noted for his unusual ability to plan and map out the future. He works better in a position of authority, for he is not at his best with others over him. He can achieve great things if he can direct others to carry out his original ideas. In his life's work, he does best managing large enterprises, businesses, or corporations. He does well in exploring new or unknown fields.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The Aries child will usually find Sagittarius and Leo, and to a lesser degree Aquarius and Gemini people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Aries are:

-John Tyler, 10th US President, March 29.
-Thomas Jefferson, 3rd US President, April 2.
-Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, March 21.
-Henry Clay, American statesman, April 12.
-Roger Sherman, American statesman, April 19.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Aries are:

-General William C. Westmoreland, US Army, March 26.
-Booker T. Washington, educator, April 18.
-William Wordsworth, poet, April 7.
-Walter Winchell, columnist, April 7.
-Emile Zola, author, April 2.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Joan Crawford, March 23.
-Steve McQueen, March 24.
-Gregory Peck, April 3.
-William Holden, April 17.
-Warren Beatty, March 30.
-Herb Alpert, April 2.
-Jack Webb, April 2.
-Doris Day, April 3.
-Omar Sharif, April 9.
-Hari Rhodes, April 10.
-Pearl Bailey, March 29.

-The Taurus Child

For those born between April 21 and May 20

The birthstone is the emerald
The flower is the lily-of-the-valley
The color is deep yellow

May was the third month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was the Roman goddess Maia, the wife of Vulcan.
The symbol of the sign of Taurus which rules May is the Bull. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Taurus he is resolute, practical, mater-of-fact, obstinate, patient, and overly conservative. He is reliable and is careful in speech and action. The Taurus child has reserve energies and desires, often hidden in check until provocation of some sort releases them. Then the pent-up energy and emotion of Taurus erupts like water pouring over a broken dam. The child's apparently good nature loses its complacency and he is transfixed with rage. Then like a mad bull he is generally ungovernable while the anger lasts. The Taurus child can also be peaceful, forgiving and loving. Thought and feeling are very much interblended in this child. His desires are often hard to understand.
The Taurus children who are mentally and morally developed are sensitive, intuitive persons, seeking to control their wrong instincts and to better themselves. The unrestrained Taurus born who do not understand themselves or their desires cannot progress if they are not helped to control their emotional storms.
The Taurus child is a lover of beauty and harmony, and dislikes discord. He generally has a happy mien unless he becomes a martyr seeking sympathy. He is generous, kindhearted, and trustworthy, intensely strong-willed, dogmatic, and forceful. He can be molded by the one he loves. He is usually sensible and prudent until he is crossed. Taurus children have excellent memories, are well-informed, energetic, artistic, and musical. They are usually affable and pleasant but tend to be too fixed and opinionated without reason. Their strong likes, dislikes, and prejudices often offend others. These children will act from preconceived motives, either for good or selfish purposes. They are fond of luxury, never over expressive in speech.
Taurus children are usually strong and have great physical endurance, but they are liable to suffer from stubborn over exertion and over indulgence in physical pleasures such as eating. Ruled by Venus, they take great pride in their looks, body and general appearance and in their environment.
The Taurus child is inclined to fits of jealousy, envy, and hatred, and should be left alone at the time he makes a scene, then made to understand why he was doing wrong. This child should be given responsibility.

Talents and attributes:

This child's wish is for personal success and attainment and he will be gifted with many talents. He will be good in executive work where he has charge of others. Things to do with the earth, such as real estate, mining, and oil fields will be metier. He will be competent in positions where trust and confidence are placed in him. This child can qualify as a doctor, lawyer, electrician, or contractor. Many artists and designers are found in Taurus, working with colors, happy and satisfied with their beautiful creations. Even through this practical ability is there and can always be utilized, they can become the most eccentric of artists. The girl in this sign can become a nurse, interior decorator, model or actress. She personifies the Venus attributes. A Taurus man excels as a financier or directors of companies.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership, and business:

The Taurus will usually find Capricorn and Virgo, and to a lesser degree Pisces and Cancer people the most compatible.

Among the great political leaders born in the sign of Taurus:

-James Monroe, 5th US President, April 28.
-Queen Elizabeth II of England, April 21.
-Harry S. Truman, 33rd US President, May 8.
-Emperor Hirohito of Japan, April 29.
-James Buchanan, 15th US President, April 23.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Taurus are:

-William Shakespeare, April 23.
-Robert Browning, poet, May 7.
-Moshe Dayan, Israeli statesman and general, May 20.
-Willie Mays, baseball, May 6.
-Irving Berlin, composer, May 11.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Bing Crosby, May 2.
-Ella Fitzgerald, April 25.
-Fred Astaire, May 10.
-Duke Ellington, April 30.
-Eddie Albert, April 22.
-Carol Burnett, April 26.
-Barbra Streisand, April 24.
-Samantha Eggar, May 3.
-Shirley MacLaine, April 24.
-Fernandel, May 8.

-The Gemini Child

For those born between May 21 and June 20.

the birthstone is the pearl
the flower is the rose
the color is violet

June was the fourth month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was the Latin word Junius.
The symbol of the sign of Gemini which rules June is the twins.
The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Gemini he will be inclined toward intellectual pursuits. He will live more in the mental world of thoughts than in feelings, emotions, or the material. He will seldom finish one thing before commencing another, causing him to appear unreliable and indecisive. Actually it seems that his active mind and thoughts race along too fast for his body to keep up. He will be quick-witted, often very clever, expressing more in words than in emotions.
This child will be kind, willing, loving, and expressive in disposition. He will exhibit curiosity and a desire to learn about everything and everybody. His nature is sympathetic and sensitive as well as imaginative. He is very idealistic, fond of mental study and research. The Gemini child will enjoy adventure and travel. Although somewhat high-strung and excitable, he makes friends easily. He loves change and must keep continually busy to be happy.
The June child will stand and walk very erect, with quick, energetic, firm steps. Although he may not seem overly strong, he has much stamina and endurance unless he exhausts himself nervously.
The Gemini child's restlessness, high-strung, impatient, indecisive, nature must be stabilized and channeled into conclusive accomplishments. He will argue but needs to b convinced that there is a future state of existence. He needs to understand the order and harmony of the universe, and the relativity of all things. His indecision needs help to be overcome.

Talents and attributes:

Your Gemini child is inclined toward scientific, intellectual work as well as to education and national betterment. He will have many dual experiences, two courses of action or two subjects of study often entering his life, in which he will have to learn to make a choice. His whole life will advance through educational progression. The Gemini person's associates and friends must be his intellectual equals or he will be unhappy. He has inventive abilities that may be of great help to him. Those born in Gemini make fine bookkeepers, accountants, clerks, secretaries, editors, reporters, teachers, lawyers, translators, lecturers and foreign diplomats. They generally succeed by following more than one occupation. They possess literary ability. Educational work, however, one of their best outlets.

Type of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The Gemini child will usually find Aquarius, Libra, and to a lesser degree, Aries and Leo people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Gemini:

-Queen Victoria of England, May 24.
-John F. Kennedy, 35th US President, May 29.
-Tito, Yugoslavian statesman, May 25.
-Prince Philip of England, June 10.
-Hubert H. Humphrey, US Vice President, May 27.

Other internationally known person born in the sign of Gemini are:

-Richard Wagner, composer, May 22.
-Duchess of Windsor, June 19.
-Brigham Young, Mormon leader, June 1.
-Walt Whitman, poet, May 31.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson, poet, May 25.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Rosalind Russell, June 2.
-John Wayne, May 26.
-Dean Martin, June 7.
-Raymond Burr, May 21.
-Richard Benjamin, May 22.
-James Arness, May 26.
-Bob Hope, May 29.
-Andy Griffith, June 1.
-Maurice Evans, June 3.
-Jim Nabors, June 12.

-The Cancer Child

For those born between June 21 and July 22.

the birthstone is the ruby
the flower is the water lily
the color is light green

July was the fifth month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was Julius, used in honor of Julius Caesar who was born in this month.
The symbol of the sign of cancer is the crab. The ruling planet of cancer is the moon.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in cancer he has a sentimental and versatile nature and constructive imagination. He is sympathetic, talkative, loved home and family, and has a tenacious memory, especially for details and historical events. The cancer child appreciates praise and is encouraged by kindness. This child will delight in beautiful scenery, romantic settings, and new adventures. He is very conscientious but somewhat skeptical of new ideas until he understands them. However he can adapt himself to different people and environments easily.
Cancer children appear retiring, but are really positive an tenacious, and love to be noticed while appearing to be unassuming and not anxious to attain the limelight. They are not adverse to fame, should recognition come.
Your cancer child will be fond of older persons, ancient customs, and things connected with the past that have sentimental value. It seems that his fate is bound up with domestic ties and family interests, the home and home-improvement. The cancer individual has a tendency to have a bright, alert, oral or round face. He often worries over things others don't worry about and as a result may have slight indigestion or suffer from nervousness.
The cancer child must learn to think and say, “I can”, instead of “I can't”. He must recognize and control moodiness, wavering and inconsistency, and by no means should self-condemnation be tolerated. Your moon child may have a fear of ridicule and criticism and need help in being relaxed while meeting new people. He needs to be taught to avoid spending much time analyzing himself and worrying over what people thing of him. He can over stress the importance of people who do not agree with him. He should be encouraged to try for new horizons, leaving outmoded customs of the past behind.

Talents and attributes:

This imaginative, impressionable child may make many changes in his life until he finds the position or occupation where he feels self-assured, well integrated, and appreciated. This person can succeed as a manager of a large corporation, a manufacturer, a public employee, or utility worker, a job where there is much responsibility and a duty to perform. Women in this sign make good nurses and managers in business, but their greatest attribute is their love of home. They can turn a cave into a paradise. Men born in cancer like the sea, employment with shipping lines and sea travel.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The cancer child will usually find Pisces and Scorpio, and to a lesser degree Taurus and Virgo people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of cancer are:

-John Quincy Adams, 6th US President, July 11.
-Julius Caesar, Roman emperor, July 12.
-Calvin Coolidge, 30th US President, July 4.
-King Constantine II of Greece, July 2.
-Haile Selassie, Emperor of Ethiopia, July 17.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of cancer are:

-David Brinkley, commentator, July 10.
-Pearl Buck, author, July 26.
-Ronald Amundsen, explorer, July 16.
-John Paul Jones, US Navy hero, July 6.
-Helen Keller, blind educator, July 27.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Red Skelton, July 18.
-Art Linkletter, July 17.
-Martin Landau, June 30.
-Susan Hayward, June 30.
-Louis Armstrong, July 4.
-Vittorio De Sica, July 7.
-Ringo Star, July 7.
-Yul Brynner, July 11.
-Van Cliburn, July 12.
-Phyllis Diller, July 17.

-The Leo Child

For those born between July 23 and August 22.

the birthstone is the sardonyx
the flower is the gladiolus
the color is light orange

August was the sixth month of the old Roman calendar, and was formerly called “Sextilis”.
Its name source was the Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar.
The symbol of the sign of Leo is the lion. The ruling planet of Leo is the sun.

personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Leo he is usually a happy extrovert. He loves power, not as a leader of others, but as the one completely in charge of others. A child of the sun is sincere, honorable, and magnanimous, proud and impatient with those who would dare to question their intention or motives. As adults they are generally dignified and positive.
The Leo child is philosophical, forceful, and demonstrative. Because he is assured, he demonstrates faith, hope and fortitude. This child is apt to be overly energetic and lavish in expenditure of energy and money when his sympathy or interest is aroused. He is usually a popular person socially, even-tempered but quick to anger if his Leo pride is hurt. Ever facing the sun as he does, he is sometimes superoptimistic. The Leo person is powerful, commanding, and kinglike in his determination and ambitions. Although deeply emotional, he can triumph over his wrong desires. He trusts those who believe in him, until he is betrayed or deceived. He always aims for the stars and with his determination and self-confidence, the Leo child usually gets there. He is rarely, if ever deceptive or secretive.
Leo can resit illness and recuperate from fatigue quickly. They have a superabundance of vitality and wonderful physiques.
The Leo child is daring, unflinching, and unafraid, and must be taught to somewhat curb his exuberance. This child does tend to have too much false pride and may be boastful and snobbish. The Leo person needs direction and control as a child. Since he always wants to be at the head of things, he must be made to realize that others like to be leaders too.

Talents and attributes:

Leo's great organizing ability and commanding power usually brings success to those persons. They are charming and have the power to make people like them. Used beneficially this is a god-given gift, used selfishly it is disastrous, to them as well as to their victims. These individuals make good managers, organizers, and military leaders. They seem more adapted to a career or professional life before the public than anywhere else. They excel as artists, actors, and musicians, succeeding best where they have authority or where they hold a high, responsible and trusted position as executives.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership, and business:

The Leo child will usually find Sagittarius, Aries, and to a lesser degree Gemini and Libra people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Leo are:

-Simon Bolivar, South American liberator, July 24.
-Herbert Hoover, 31st US President, August 10.
-Napoleon I, Emperor of France, August 15.
-Benjamin Harrison, 23rd US President, August 20.
-Alexander the Great, Macedonian Greek World Conqueror, July 23.

Other internationally persons born in the sign of Leo are:

-St. Francis De Sales, August 21.
-Bernard Baruch, financier, August 18.
-Aldous Huxley, author, July 26.
-Princess Margart Rose of England, August 21.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Walter Brennan, July 25.
-Don Galloway, July 27.
-Shelly Winter, August 18.
-Peter O'Toole, August 2.
-Alfred Hitchcock, August 11.
-Lucille Ball, August 6.
-Andy Williams, August 9.
-Eddie Fisher, August 10.
-George Hamilton, August 12.
-Hayley Milts, August 18.

-The Virgo Child

For those born between August 23 and September 23

the birthstone is the Sapphire
the flower is the aster
the color is dark violet

September was the seventh month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was “Septem” meaning “seven”. The symbol of the sign of Virgo is the Virgin. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Virgo he is cautious, discreet, and not only contemplative but industrious. He will have ardor for the things money can buy and will gladly work for it. Self assured this child is, not easily content with the commonplace. He will learn to memorize quickly; he may worry and have an over anxiety to succeed. He will be sensitive to his surroundings, and have a thirst for knowledge. He will be very careful of details as he enters mental ventures. He can be impudent and very critical at times, leaving those he cares for astounded at his cruelty. This Virgo child is methodical and wastes no time speculating on the unknown.
Virgoans want facts for their everyday world; they are self-possessed and discreet. In business they work for greater improvements, unobserved and sometimes unappreciated. These individuals are greatly affected by marriage and expect purity and constancy in their mates.
The Virgo-born in preserving and ingenious, very intelligent, but rarely controls his own life or makes changes unaided. There is a tendency to let the less-developed mentally give them orders. They earn money but often spend it for pleasure and education instead of for material things. In emergencies, they may think of themselves before others.
The Virgo child can absorb and learn anything he is determined to learn. He must correct selfishness and the continual criticism he usually practices. He must learn that is over anxiety only dissipates his mental and physical energy.

Talents and attributes:

This aspirant can succeed in life as agent or intermediary for a large company, or can be trusted executive secretary for a public or political figure. He excels in general commercial lines, imports and exports to by land or air, and matters connected with the good earth and its products bring him success. Virgo persons generally rise in life through their own merits, but can fail if they use the wrong judgment of others. Writing, bookkeeping, record-keeping, research, and the instruction of others lure this person.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership, and business:

The Virgo child will usually find Taurus, Capricorn, and to a lesser degree Cancer and Scorpio people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Virgo are:

-William Howard Taft, 27th US President, September 15.
-Elizabeth 1, Queen of England, September 5.
-Lyndon B. Johnson, 36th US President, August 27.
-Marquis de La Fayette, French statesman, September 6.
-Nguyen Ky, South Vietnamese statesman, September 8.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Virgo are:

-Leonard Bernstein, composer, August 25.
-Upton Sinclair, author, September 20.
-Eugene Field, poet, September 2.
-O. Henry, writer, September 11.
-Jane Adams, social worker, September 6.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Maurice Chevalier, September 12.
-Sid Caesar, September 8.
-Fred MacMurray, August 30.
-Michael Rennie, August 25.
-Sean Connery, August 25.
-Ben Gazzara, August 28.
-Shirley Booth, August 30.
-Bob Newhart, September 5.
-Adam West, September 19.
-David McCallum, September 19.

-The Libra Child

For those born between September 24 and October 23.

the birthstone is the opal
the flower is the cosmos
the color is yellow

October was the eighth month of the Old Roman calendar. Its name source was “Octo” meaning “eight”.
The symbol of the sign of Libra is the Balances. The ruling planet of Libra is Venus.

Personalities and characteristics:

If your child is born in Libra he loves justice and hates injustice. He is an extremely sensitive individual and likes to be shielded from the unhappy side of life. He has a tendency to cling to his happy illusions, especially those about people he likes, usually to his detriment. Because he is a happy, sincere, honest child, it is difficult for him to believe that all others do not see life as he does. Your Libra child loves beauty, such as colors, music, and the artistic. If not talented in the arts, he will deeply appreciate them. His great sense of sympathy toward people whom he feels have been dealt with unkindly by fate often deludes him into mistaking sympathy for love.
Libra children often have difficulty in learning from others or in learning through logic and reason. They seem to learn from experience and intuition, which is amazingly developed.
These children are usually handsome or beautiful and well-formed. It is as if their innate soul beauty finds expression in the physical.
Be prepared to give your Libra child artistic surroundings and an education in the arts. Help him to face things as they are and to learn that the reality of things is often different from their appearance. He must learn the law of cause and effect, that all life has an interrelationship. This is the lesson of the balances, as symbolized by the sign of Libra. He must learn self-control and the uncontrolled emotions or rampart impulses can never exalt one's soul or mind. Libra children will need help in making everyday decisions. They must not be allowed to avoid responsibility by justifying their procrastination. They need to understand more about their vacillating nature.

Talents and attributes:

Libra's predominating talents are in the artistic and the beautiful. They may like work with beautiful fabrics, perfumes, clothing, jewelery designing, interior decorating, painting ceramics, stage designing, landscape architecture, drawing, cartooning, flower gardening, music, singing and acting. They can be successful leaders in any of these professions by cultivating their talents along these lines. They love peace and harmony and are often outspoken exponents of these virtues.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The Libra children will usually find Aquarius, Gemini, and to a lesser degree Aries and Leo people the most compatible.

Among greater political leaders born in the sign of Libra are:

-John Adams, 2nd US President, October 19.
-Pope Paul VI, September 26.
-Dwight D. Eisenhower, 34th US President, October 14.
-Mahatma Gandhi, leader in India, October 2.

Other internationally known person born in the sign of Libra are:

-Hiram L. Fong, senator, October 1.
-Truman Capote, author, September 30.
-Art Buchwald, columnist, October 20.
-Sam Yorty, mayor, October 1.
-Gore Vidal, author, October 23.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Julie London, September 26.
-Greg Morris, September 26.
-Johnny Mathis, September 30.
-John Lennon, October 9.
-Yves Montand, October 13.
-Angela Lansbury, October 16.
-Melina Mercouri, October 18.
-Diana Dors, October 23.
-Johnny Carson, October 23.
-Julie Andrews, October 1.

-The Scorpio Child

For those born between October 24 and November 22.

the birthstone is the topaz
the flower is the chrysanthemum
the color is red

November was the ninth month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was “Novem” meaning “nine”.
The symbol of the sign of Scorpio which rules November is the scorpion. The ruling planet of Scorpio is the fiery planet Mars.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Scorpio he likes truth and dislikes falsities. A Scorpio child likes to visualize the completion and realization of his mental and physical efforts. He has an inner vision of the soul that can see beyond illusion. He tends to be secretive. Parents must earn his trust. This child has a tendency to go to extremes. There is also a tendency to let himself be diverted from his goals. Scorpios do not easily comply with the wishes and dictates of others. If they do, it is often unwillingly. This child is the most magnetic of all the children of the zodiac, always attracting the admiration, attention, and often the jealousy of the opposite sex.
Scorpio children are noted for their effervescent humor and their attractiveness. Whether they are tall or short, dark or light, they still attract people. They are quick and restless, and tireless workers.
The Scorpio child, because of his great energy and force, should be taught the difference between constructive and destructive power. He should be taught self-mastery and be given careful direction so that his tremendous energy and drive is channeled into creative activity. This child should also be taught early in life that as he shows understanding, so will understanding and compassion be shown to him. The study of psychology will help him to better understand himself and others. Another important lesson for the Scorpio child to learn into curls his feelings of jealousy and envy. One of his weaknesses will be procrastination. The time to do his work is “now” and not tomorrow. Never listen to his many excuses for putting things off. Another lesson to be learned is the difference between impetuous, physical attraction and deep enduring affection. His outbreaks, moods and tempers should be trace to their motivating causes and these corrected. The Scorpio should always remember the Bible quotation, “to him that overcometh, will I give to eat of the hidden manna.”

Talents and attributes:

The Scorpio child's talents are many and varied. He is unusually talented in promotional activities. The boy will make a good engineer, electrician, contractor, surgeon, scientist, or chemist. The Scorpio daughter can write, design, and become a successful model or actress, but the role she will like to play best in life is that of a loving wife, for she wants love and be loved.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The Scorpio child will usually find Cancer, Pisces, and to a lesser degree Virgo and Capricorn people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of the Scorpio are:

-Theodore Roosevelt, 26th US President, October 22.
-Indira Gandhi, leader of India, November 19.
-Robert F. Kennedy, senator, November 20.
-Gen. Charles de Gaulle, French statesman, November 22.
-Warren O. Harding, 29th US President, November 2.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Scorpio are:

-Martin Luther, religious leader, November 10.
-Robert Louis Stevenson, author, November 13.
-Pablo Picasso, painter, October 25.
-Billy Graham, religious leader, November 1.
-Jim Bishop, columnist, November 21.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Rock Hudson, November 17.
-Mahalia Jackson, October 26.
-Burt Lancaster, November 2.
-Art Carney, November 4.
-Roy Rogers, November 5.
-Katharine Hepburn, November 8.
-Richard Burton, November 10.
-Brian Keith, November 14.
-Marcello Mastroianni, November 18.
-Dick Smothers, November 20.

-The Sagittarius Child

For those born between November 23 and December 22.

the birthstone is the turquoise
the flower is the narcissus
the color, light shades of purple

December was the tenth month of the old Roman calendar and is named from the Latin word “Decem” meaning “ten”.
The Symbol of the sign of the Sagittarius is the archer. The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Sagittarius he is intelligent, generous, and often possessive, especially of those he loves. A child with this sun sign is hopeful and impressionable. He is quick and enterprising, demonstrative in affection and loyal. This individual loves liberty and will lie with anyone to obtain it. Because of his firm belief in freedom of speech and expression, he is often opinionated and decidedly independent in his thinking and reasoning. If twenty-five people in a room agree on one point, the Sagittarius person would disagree and challenge them, and would express himself vehemently. These children are often rebellious against governmental restriction, with a tendency to be indifferent to law and order, especially if it affects their individual freedom. Their blunt characteristics often cause the people of this sign to lose friends. The Sagittarius child has a religious, philosophical and physiological outlook on life. He loves people and tries to understand them. His sympathetic and methodical nature is well developed. He is inquisitive, witty and has a penetrating mind.
Constitutionally this child is strong but when his health is afflicted it usually comes from over activity, excessive worry, and frustration over inability to solve problems. The Sagittarius child is a lover of beauty, but the beauty of knowledge predominate. These children take short cuts in almost everything they do. Often they get lost in petty details or the unimportant things of life, and forego the big things. This child is noble, sentimental, and impulsive, tactless and undiplomatic, but he loves deeply and is usually artistic and refined.
The Sagittarius child needs help in learning discrimination in choosing his friends, companions, and later his mate. He must learn to evaluate people and learn that all people are not honest or dishonest, and that they do not have the same motives and reactions. This child will have desire to help humanity, especially the ones he feels are unfortunate, but with his lack of discrimination he may find himself helping and sympathizing with those who seek only to take advantage of him. Sagittarians cannot judge people by themselves, for in them is no guile as a criterion. The Sagittarius child will love nature and the great outdoors. By understanding himself, his talents, weaknesses, and rebellions, his life can be do directed that he can accomplish anything that he wants to do, and emerge like Joseph in the bible, as the conqueror.

Talents and attributes:

Sagittarians' talents expand best where they come in contact with others, such as in instructing classes in art, education, dancing, and in the ministry. They may enter into large business deals, or be in any one of many professions such as the law.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Sagittarius are:

-Sir Winston Churchill, English statesman, November 30.
-Mary, Queen of Scots, December 7.
-Martin Van Burean, 8th US President, December 5.
-Zachary Taylor, 12th US President, November 24.
-Franklin Pierce, 14th US President, November 23.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Sagittarius are:

-Rudolph Friml, composer, December 7.
-Jane Austen, novelist, December 16.
-William F. Buckley, Jr., author, December 25.
-Drew Pearson, columnist, December 13.
-Eli Whitney, inventor, December 8.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Lynn Fontanne, December 6.
-Walt Disney, December 5.
-Robert Goulet, November 26.
-Andy Williams, December 3.
-Sammy Davis, Jr., December 8.
-Kirk Douglas, December 9.
-David Susskind, November 19.
-Jane Fonda, December 21.
-Marshall Thompson, December 26.

-The Capricorn Child

For those born between December23 and January 20.

the birthstone is the garnet which gives it wearer the virtue of constancy
the flower is the carnation
the color is deep blue

January was the eleventh month of the old Roman calendar. Its name comes from the ancient Roman deity Janus, the god of gates and doors, interpreted as the beginning of all things.
The symbol of the sign of the Capricorn is the goat. The ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Capricorn he will have a quiet, somber, meditative nature ruled by reason instead of impulse. Such children are thrifty, reserved, diplomatic, deep thinkers, and determined. They are painstaking; usually slow and cautious in what they do. They give the appearance of self-confidence, yet they are not really too independent of others. They are often cautious for their own rapid progression, often suspecting the innocent of ulterior motives in business dealings.

Capricornians are like the tortoise in the old fable, which kept plodding and persisting until belatedly he reached his desired goal. The Capricorn child is receptive to down-to-earth activities. His tendency is to receive, but not give, to utilize others' work, abilities, and learning to his own advantage.

A Capricorn child must be taught unselfishness and the joy of sharing and giving. The law is that he who gives not, receives not, and he who gives, receives. Capricorn children must learn to master trials and hardships and not blame others for their misfortunes. They must be helped to decide early in life that their achievements not only depend upon their faithful performance of duties, but upon their exchange of ideas and trust in others. This child must be taught that to carry out mental and creative work the body must have good food, necessary rest and exercise. This child may find himself too interested in mundane, earthly affairs, which is good if he does not forget the soul needs of beauty and spiritual things also. This child can be obstinate jealous, and inclined to envy. Often life has to deal severely with him before he realizes the lesson it is trying to teach. Children ruled by Capricorn limit themselves by their static nature and their reluctance to make changes or to transcend their self-imposed limitations.

Talents and attributes:

Capricorn girls are industrious and ambitious. They often love wealth for the power and prestige it brings them. The Capricorn child is talented in mechanics, engineering, and in politics. Literacy and religious things interest them. They like positions and occupations that influence and impress others. They make good executives and love power in any field they enter, whether scientific, artistic, or the world of law. They are good managers of large business and are excellent in real estate. A Capricorn person often delays marriage until late in life, vacillating in his choice of a mate. Once married however, they become faithful, devoted mates.

Types of person for whom your child will have an affinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business.

The Capricorn child will usually find Virgo and Taurus, and to a lesser degree Pisces and Scorpio people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Capricorn are:

-Woodrow Wilson, 28th US President, December 28.
-Benjamin Franklin, American diplomat, January 17.
-Richard M. Nixon, US statesman, January 9.
-General Robert E. Lee, January 19.
-Daniel Webster, American statesman, January 18.

Other internationally known persons born in the sign of Capricorn are:

-J. Edgar Hoover, head FBI, January 1.
-Sir Isac Newton, scientist, December 25.
-Louis Pasteur, chemist, December 27.
-Martin Luther King, Jr., January 15.
-Johannes Kepler, astronomer, December 27.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Marlene Dietrich, December 27.
-Richard Widmark, December 26.
-Tony Martin, December 25.
-Steve Allen, December 26.
-Elvis Presley, January 8.
-Ray Bolger, January 10.
-Cary Grant, January 18.
-Danny Kaye, January 18.
-Patricia Neal, January 20.
-Jose Ferrer, January 8.

-The Aquarius Child

For those born between January 21 and February 19.

the birth is the amethyst, which bequeaths its wearer the gift of sincerity
the flower is the violet
the color is light blue

February was the twelfth month of the old Roman calendar and was named from “Februa”, the Roman festival of purification.
The symbol of the sign of Aquarius is the water bearer or the sage. The ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born under the sign of Aquarius, he has a faithful and dependent nature and at times maybe difficult to understand. He is patient, unobtrusive, faithful, kind and inoffensive. The Aquarius child will not always defend himself against injustice. He is quiet when it would be better for him to speak up. Rather than argue with a person who is wrong, he is apt to say, “why should I argue or point out his errors? Let him find out his own mistakes.” Thus Aquarians are often guilty of the sin of omission. Many of this sign are interested in exploring the mysteries of nature. The Aquarian child is intuitive and honest. He is more mental than emotional. Love plays a part in his life, but love does not dominate it. He is too obsessed with learning, too curious about life and its mysteries to be possessed. The Aquarian child likes people and wants people to like him. He is attracted to persons of intelligence and refinement. He may be tempted at times to let his idealism and dreams interfere or make him dissatisfied with reality.
The Aquarian child must be taught early in life that his plans do not materialize objectives. Aquarians may want to start at the top instead of the bottom in anything that go into. The Aquarian child can learn and retain whatever knowledge he desires if he uses persistence and studies. He is capable of directing his interests to whatever he desires, and succeeding in it. He must learn the necessity of establishing a state of equilibrium between his higher consciousness and his lower self. When this is accomplished he becomes a guiding earth-angel or a sage that can help his fellow men to higher understanding.

Talents and attributes:

Aquarius' talents are numerous. He can succeed in scientific research or as an executive or writer. He can sell anything to anyone. Consequently he is at his best when associated with large corporations, large promotional progress and reform. He may also find himself interested in archeology, geology, physics, astronomy, or studies of the evolution of life.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Aquarius are:

-Abraham Lincoln, 16th US President, February 12.
-Dean Rust, US secretary of state, February 9.
-Franklin D. Roosevelt, 31st US President, January 30.
-William Henry Harrison, 9th US President, February 9.

Other internationally known person born in the sign of an Aquarius are:

-John D. Rockefeller, Jr., industrialist, January 29.
-Charles A. Lindbergh, pioneer, February 4.
-General Omar N. Bradley, US Army, February 12.
-Johnny Longden, jockey, February 14.
-Thomas A. Edison, inventor, February 11.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Dame Judith Anderson, February 9.
-Paul Newman, January 26.
-Vanessa Redgrave, January 30.
-Suzanne Pleshette, January 31.
-Tim Smothers, February 2.
-Jack Lemmon, February 8.
-Lee Marvin, February 19.
-Leontyne Price, February 10.
-Claire Bloom, February 15.
-Carol Channing, January 31.

-The Pisces child

For those born between February 20 and March 20

the birthstone is the bloodstone
the flower is the daffodil
the color is dark purple

March was the first month of the old Roman calendar. Its name source was Mars, the Roman god of war.
The symbol of the sign of Pisces is the fishes. The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune.

Personalities characteristics:

If your child is born in Pisces he is affectionate sympathetic, loyal, idealistic, kind, and forgiving, especially if he understands what the Great Teacher meant when he said, “love your enemies and do good to those who persecute you.” The Pisces child is the mystic and the seeker after the hidden truths of the zodiac. Pisces is considered a dual sign, one fish battling odds and swimming upstream, and the other fish being nonresistant and drifting along with the current.
The Pisces child loves peace, almost at any price. He cannot stand a discordant, inharmonious atmosphere. Loud noises, discordant voices, and arguments fill him with despair and make him very nervous. This child is sincere and truthful and because of those qualities he is not always about to see the “man behind the mask”, so he may cultivate many wrong friends.
The March child can enjoy a happy married life with conscious awareness of his martial partner. If he is not careful in choosing friends and the marriage partner, his life can become of sacrifice and service to those who are appreciative of him.
The Piscean child often devotes his life to the cause of truth and justice. This is good if its for a just cause and if he is not loyal to the wrong individual or cause. March children should cultivate the spiritual and beautiful part of their natures. They must learn to search for facts. They should be told to learn to make decisions and conclusions without help. They should guard against jealousy and possessiveness and not let them interfere with happiness and with friendship with others. They must learn to trust their hunches and premonition. Their lives should not be ruled by emotions and idealism.
It is important for the Pisces child to develop confidence and self-assurance. If he does he can attain his ultimate happiness. “For he who can master himself can master the world.”

Talents and attributes:

The sign claims writers, poets, idealists, religious leaders, doctors, nurses, lawyers, all with the divine motivation of helping humanity as their objective. Pisceans like lovely gowns, beautiful fabrics, poetry and music. Of they would materialize the beautiful dreams that they perceive in their minds and souls, they could bring about an earthly paradise.

Types of persons for whom your child will have an infinity in friendship, marriage, partnership and business:

The Pisces child will usually find Cancer and Scorpio, and to a lesser degree Capricorn and Taurus people the most compatible.

Among great political leaders born in the sign of Pisces are:

-George Washington, 1st US President, February 22.
-Jose de San Martin, South American liberator, February 25.
-Andrew Jackson, 7th US President, March 15.
-Grover Cleveland, 7th US President, March 18.
-Harold Wilson, British Prime Minister, March 11.

Other internationally known person born in the sign of Pisces are:

-Edna St. Vincent Millay, poet, February 22.
-Victor Hugo, novelist, February 26.
-Luther Burbank, agriculturist, March 7.
-Amerigo Vespucci, explorer, March 9.
-Johann Strauss, composer, March 14.

Outstanding entertainment personalities:

-Marian Anderson, February 20.
-Elizabeth Taylor, February 27.
-Sidney Poitier, February 20.
-Harry Belafonte, March 1.
-Jerry Louis, March 16.
-Rex Harrison, March 5.
-Ed McMahon, March 6.
-Lawrence Welk, March 11.
-Liza Minelli, March 12.
-Peter Graves, March 18.

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