100 Laws of Anime (from Deviantart)

1. There are no limits on hair.
2. Hair can defy gravity.
3. Gravity is optional.
4. There is always a character, generally male, that spends more time with his or her shirt off that with it on.
5. Objects can grow or shrink without regards to mass or density.
6. A full moon makes everything more dramatic.
7. The moon can vary in size depending on the intensity of the scene.
8. You can never accurately judge age based on appearance.
9. A character can eat many times his or her weight in food without gaining anything.
10. A character can take many bites from a food item without any of it disappearing.
11. A character can survive solely on cake.
12. Everything looks better with a sword.
13. The bigger the sword, the more powerful the character.
14. If a misunderstanding occurs any explanation offered by the male lead will make the situation much worse.
15. Everyone looks better with a tail and neko ears.
16. Halfbreeds are just better.
17. Even the most out of place characters can blend into society seemlessly.
18. The eyes must take up at least half of the face.
19. Noses are optional.
20. Demons are boss.
21. Gender is not definite.
22. The manliest characters are gay.
23. Male fan-service occurs most during fight scenes.
24. In battle, a female character will have less face time than her boobs and ass.
25. If a female transforms, she will usually be naked for a short period of time.
26. Characters can be clearly understood whether or not they have something in their mouth.
27. Lighting only half of a face intensifies the scene.
28. Once hurt, a character cuteness level rises by at least 50%.
29. There is always at least one character who is unaware of the battle happening right behind him.
30. Headless characters can still function.
31. Female characters have abnormal flexibility.
32. The main character is always an idiot.
33. There is always at least one background character with a strange face.
34. Characters will spontaneously combust when angered.
35. When two characters who loathe each other meet face to face, sparks literally fly.
36. Light bulbs will suddenly appear when the main character remembers or understands something.
37. You know a scene is serious when a character adjusts his glasses.
38. A new character introduced in episode 35 will die in episode 36.
39. For every scar, there is a long, angstry story behind it.
40. Mad scientists always wear glasses.
41. Short characters are automatically cute.
42. For every epic scene, there are at least three awkward transition faces.
43. Aliens can exist on Earth.
44. Extraterrestrials are generally humanoid.
45. Aliens and humans can mate without many genetic repercussions.
46. When females are angered, they become ore frightening than the villain.
47. If a female character smirks, she is pissed (hide under a desk and pray for your life).
48. The main character must wait until the villain is through monologuing to initiate his or her attack.
49. Bean sprout, shortstack, pipsqueak, and shortly are all appropriate nicknames for short characters.
. Short characters despise all of the names listed above.
51. The main character love interests) will not confess their love for each other until the last three episodes.
52. Fake characters death is a must for any popular anime.
53. Death is not always permanent.
54. Death can be an actual character.
55. Characters must watch their back whilst speaking of the seven deathly sins.
56. All popular animes must have at least five filler episodes.
57. There is no such thing as peace.
58. There is always a character placed in the anime just to be hated.
59. The comic relief character lead the strangest lives.
60. When genuinely hurt, the main character must retreat to the emo corner.
61. Certain characters can be paired with anyone or anything, including "themselves".
62. The character all the way to the left in scene three of episode seven is gay.
63. If the ending sucks the fans will fix it.
64. A fangirl will go through any means necessary to ensure their favorite character belongs to them.
65. Somebody will fill in those plot holes.
66. Energy balls can and will be used as a weapon.
67. The melancholy characters usually have the shortest and most boring life story.
68. There are more than twenty four hours in a day.
69. Characters can be immune to alcohol.
70. The dumb blonde can and will bypass the tightest security without even knowing it.
71. Objects can appear and/or disappear within seconds.
72. In animate objects have the best lines.
73. Two different people can survive in the same body at the same time.
74. A dramatic scene is always preceded by a violin.
75. The oldest character is the biggest pervert.
76. The character (usually female) with healing abilities is the most annoying character in the show.
77. The hottest girl is a lesbian.
78. Characters can take many times more damage than a real person.
79. Certain characters can insert themselves into scenes they don't belong in.
80. Humunculi are people too.
81. Background characters will consistently question how the main characters can break the laws of physics.
82. The main characters can be aware of their existence in an anime.
83. The main characters are always hungry.
84. A head of a character can become larger than the rest of their body for dramatic effect.
85. The rich guy's daughter is the embodiment of evil in a frilly dress.
86. Plushies make small characters cuter.
87. A thumbs-up looks much cooler in anime than it dos in real life.
88. Clothing does the impossible.
89. Clothing will cover, but not always what it should.
90. Never underestimate an exorcist.
91. Children can be many times stronger than an adult.
92. Unless it is beneficial to the plot, an anime character will never get sick.
93. The girls with the biggest boobs wear the laciest bra.
94. Nothing is impossible until the antagonist tries it.
95. Twincest is hot.
96. Female characters have impossible figure.
97. Drugs would be cheaper.
98. Green, blue, yellow and pink can be natural hair colors.
99. There is always one character that is afraid of everything.
100. An otaku will have read all 100 laws.

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