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As you can tell this page will contain information about contacting me. I will provide only an email, but I do wish that you could keep it civil. Such as, the information which appears on this site, try not to be mean or a trickster. I felt it was possibly time to open up a contact page, this way, people can send me things, give me ideas on what to research, updates or changes and so forth. Don't fret, when it comes to someone sending me something I sort of don't be all mean and cruel and be a glory hog, I give credit where credit is due. I also research sources too, so just dropping off something doesn't always mean it might appear, I do post funny things, but this site contains truth not lies and I do research to prove/deny. I also have a blog, where, if I don't feel fit to making a page I'll drop it off there. Done that in the past and still doing it, so check out the blog as well.

So if you wish to contact me here's my email as some don't care for that mail to coding and some prefer to use this client or another, just simply copy/paste it and there you go. However if you prefer here's the coding all the same so you can use email client of choice Email Me.

So, please, don't be afraid to email me, and it can be anything that might be of interest located on my page such as: anime, occult, paranormal, supernatural and so forth. Even spells, oils, magic, updates or even changes. Trust me, changes do happen, as I have been doing a website since 1997 there is a trail of websites in the past, but this one is the current one I'm working with. So feel free to contact me and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

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